I'm pretending that Halloween is not on a Monday this year. Don't attack me, it just works better. Sorry if no one else is in a Halloween mood. I'm just getting so annoyed with summer. And, this will have some actual horror in it, so it's not just Halloween themed. (And, of course, romance!) I own nothing!

Little House of Horrors

Chapter 1

Halloween With Yami

Crisp leaves, the colors of yellow, brown, and red, fluttered to the ground after dancing in the cool breeze. All around Domino City, autumn and Halloween decorations were appearing in shop windows and in home yards. Excitement buzzed in the air as the citizens were more out and about, enjoying the refreshing change of season. Shorts began to be replaced by longer pants and jeans.

This enjoyment was also among a certain group of friends. A group of four teenagers and one elder man were in the down stairs area of a game shop and house combination. The teenagers were helping the aged man put up his shop decorations. Posters of some of the scarier Duel Monsters replaced the more appealing looking ones. Cobwebs and flickering orange lights were hung in the windows.

Mutou Yuugi glanced up at his lifelong friend, Mazaki Anzu, as the taller girl began to hook the last of the lights to the window top as he held the looped strand. Her chocolate hair fell from its place behind her ear, covering her face, and his hand itched to reach up and brush the silky strands back into place.

"Anzu, what are your plans for Halloween?" He asked her, mostly to distract himself.

Anzu finished hooking the strand and turned to face him, she smiled sweetly as she pushed her hair back behind her ear. "I'm going to work at the Haunted House. It's for charity and I'd get community service. Plus, it's run by my dance instructor and she wants us to be there. What about you?" She took the looped strands from Yuugi and began to finish wrapping them around the window.

Yuugi watched her as she worked. "I was going to help Grandpa pass out candy here like I usually do. But, working at a Haunted House sounds like fun. And…" He glanced at where the others were joking happily and leaned closer to her. She sensed his seriousness and leaned closer too, her hands stilling on the lights.

"This is Yami's first Halloween and if he's going to be around for awhile, I want him to know about this time's traditions. I'm afraid that he might sense the darkness of the season. But, if you're around he might not become so over whelmed by it. Do you think he could work the Haunted House with you?"

Anzu blinked in astonishment. Yuugi was asking her to work with Yami? "Uh…sure, Yuugi. I don't mind and I had fun with him the last time we hung out." She blushed, realizing that she probably should not have said that.

Yuugi smiled brightly. "Great! Thanks, Anzu! But, just try to keep Yami from doing anything too dark at the house."

Anzu shrugged. "No problem, Yuugi. Suzuki-sensei just wants us dancers to help set up and work outside so that we're seen. Some kinda marketing thing. Yami can collect tickets with me."

"When does he need to meet you?" He asked as they returned to setting up the lights.

"Well, we start decorating tomorrow. So I'll meet him here and take him to the house. We'll spend tomorrow decorating and then we open next weekend for the Halloween weekend. We'll do Friday and Saturday nights. Saturday we'll be packed because it's Halloween." Anzu strung the last of the lights and the two teens smiled at their work.

Yuugi flipped the switch that would turn the display on and blinking orange lights winked at them. They high-fived and turned to look at Jonouchi and Honda's window and groaned. It…was a total wreck. They sighed and moved to their window and began to correct the feeble attempt at decorating.


Yami waited in the shop for Anzu to show up. His bare arms were folded over his chest and he continuously glanced at the clock ticking on the wall.

'Calm down, Yami. Anzu'll be here soon.'

Yami frowned. 'I am calm. I just don't like surprises, Yuugi.'

He heard Yuugi chuckle. 'You'll like this one. It'll be fun.'

Before Yami could ask another question, he felt Yuugi fade away to his mind room and close the door. Yami was in complete control. He sighed and glanced once more at the clock that had barely moved from when he had last looked.

His crimson eyes cut to the front door when he heard it open and bells chime, announcing someone's arrival. Anzu stood in the doorway, a bright, cheerful smile on her face. She wore a pair of dark skinny jeans and a tight fitting pink tank top. Yami blushed lightly once he realized he liked the way it hugged her womanly curves just right and the way the low neck scooped down and allowed for an inch or so of her supple cleavage to be seen.

Yami shook his head to clear his thoughts. Anzu was his friend. He could not think about her that way.

"Hey, Yami! Did Yuugi tell you where we're going?" She asked, stepping into the game shop.

Yami gazed intently into her sapphire eyes. "He hasn't told me anything. However, I figure it has something to do with all these gaudy decorations I keep seeing everywhere." He nodded his head to where a fuzzy, stuffed spider hung in the corner, something Jonouchi had put up the day before.

Anzu laughed. "Yeah, some of the decorations are gaudy. But, that's just part of the fun. It's called Halloween."

Yami raised an ebony brow. "Halloween?" He tasted the new word.

Anzu glanced at the clock. "Oh, shoot. We're running late. Come on, I'll explain on the way."

Yami nodded and followed after her as she left the shop, heading away from downtown. As he joined her by her side, she began talking again. "Originally, Halloween was called All Hallows Eve. Ancient cultures and religions thought that it was the one day that the spirits of the dead could cross over. But now, it's just a harmless night of haunted houses, dressing up, and getting candy."

Yami glanced around him as the houses became farther apart, larger, and older looking. "And what does this have to do with me?" He asked, realizing too late how sharp he sounded. He felt a pang when he saw Anzu wince lightly.

"Yuugi just wanted me to tell you about it. And I'm working at a haunted house this year and Yuugi thought it would be fun for you if you helped me. But…you don't have to if you don't want to." Yami could see the pain she hid in her eyes.

"I want to." And he wasn't lying. Helping her could be…fun, as she had said. And he enjoyed spending time with her.

Anzu smiled brightly at the former Pharaoh. He returned her smile faintly. "So, what does one do at a haunted house?"

Anzu pursed her lips and thought for a moment, wondering how to explain. "Well, people go through it and get scared. But we won't be going through. We'll just help decorate and then collect tickets at the door. And if you want, you can put on a costume."

Yami raised a confused brow. "People go through the house to be scared? Why would they want to do that?"

"It's part of the holiday. And it's not real monsters or anything. Just guys in suits."

"And what is a costume?" Yami continued.

"Uh…Dressing up like a character or something. Like a ghost or zombie," She smirked and elbowed him lightly. "A mummy."

"Ha ha." Yami laughed dryly.

"But the thing now is to dress up like Duel Monsters. Like the Dark Magician."

"And people wish to do this because…?"

She shrugged and laughed. "It's fun."

"Will you be wearing a…costume?" He asked.

She grinned. "I started on it last night."

"What are you costuming as?"

Anzu smirked. "It's a surprise."

Yami inwardly groaned. He was growing to hate that word. Why was everything a surprise?

They continued on quietly. Soon, they could see a large four-story mansion. It had clearly seen better days. The graying, once white paint was peeling, windows were shattered, and the lawn was unkempt. A dilapidated fence, the same color as the house, bordered the yard. Groups of teenagers and young adults were clustered in the messy lawn.

As they grew closer, Anzu groaned and smacked her head. "Great."

Yami moved closer to her. "Is something the matter, Anzu?"

Anzu's gaze slid from a group of three teenaged boys to Yami. "Not really. I just don't like those guys too much. They're perverts and I'm kinda surprised that Suzuki-sensei allowed them to help."

His crimson eyes narrowed. "Will they serve as a problem?"

Fearing the look in his eyes, Anzu held up her hands. "No, no. With so many adults here, they wouldn't risk anything."

"If you say so." Yami replied quietly as he followed Anzu across the yard and then up the creaking steps of the spacious porch. He kept his hand close to her back, fearing she would fall on the aged stairs.

On the porch, a woman in her early thirties was examining a piece of paper on a clipboard. Her black hair was in a tight bun and she wore jeans and a black shirt. She was surprisingly slender and toned for a woman of her age. She glanced up when Anzu stepped on a plank that squeaked loudly. She smiled broadly at them.

"Anzu-chan! So wonderful of you to come! And you brought help. I don't think we've met." Her kind brown eyes slid from Anzu to Yami.

"Oh! This is my dance sensei, Suzuki-sensei. Sensei, this is my friend…Mutou Yuugi." She glanced at Yami, begging him to understand.

Yami understood fully why he had to use Yuugi's name. Most of the people here knew Yuugi already and they could not explain why he wasn't really Yuugi. "Hello." Yami murmured.

"Nice to meet you, Yuugi-kun." She nodded and then turned back to Anzu. "Anzu-chan, since you're in my advanced class, I'm going to give you and your friend here first pick of what project you would like to do tonight."

"Okay. What are our options?" Anzu asked, glancing at Yami. "There isn't a Duel Monsters room is there?" She asked, wanting to find a room that Yami would like.

Suzuki-sensei looked back at her clipboard with a quizzically raised brow. " No. Just horror themed rooms. Alien room, zombie room, mummy room, mirror room-"

Anzu clapped her hands together. "Oh! Can we do the mummy room?"

Yami rolled his eyes. "I sense a reoccurring theme."

Suzuki scribbled something on her clipboard. "Okay. You two are signed up for the mummy room. Now, I'm going to explain everything to the group. You two can wait here until I finish and then go on up to your room. It's on the third floor, second room."

They nodded and moved to the side, allowing Suzuki to move over to the top step. She clapped her hands together three times and miraculously everyone stopped talking and turned to face her.

"Hello, everyone. Welcome to Domino City's Annual Haunted House. Most of you I know, others I don't. So let's get to the chase and then get to work.

"First of all, no horse play. Some of the props can be dangerous if used foolishly and we don't want any real blood.

"Second, we will not touch any guest unless they touch us. Also, if someone gets scared, one person in each room will be assigned to escort them out through the actors' and stagehands' walkways.

"There are three levels of this house we will be using. The attic is off limits. Each floor has two rooms. Six rooms in all. Unless you have already been assigned a position, all rooms are first come, first served. My dancer girls know their positions already."

She turned to look at Anzu and Yami and nodded, telling them to head inside. They nodded in return and headed into the house.

"Now, I'll start assigning rooms. First room is the mirror room…"

Suzuki's voice faded away as the door squeaked closed behind Yami and Anzu. Anzu jumped lightly at the silence that followed. They were in a room full of nothing but circus mirrors. The lights were dimly lit and they could see decorations that needed to be set up scattered around. Anzu glanced at herself in a mirror. It made her look tall and skinny. She stuck her tongue out.

"I know that tubby dancers never make it, but I don't want to look that skinny." She inclined her head towards her image.

Yami glanced at it before looking up at her. "You're not fat, Anzu. You're perfect just the way you are."

Anzu blushed and looked away. Silently, they went up the staircase and walked through the alien, monster, and clown rooms before arriving in the mummy room. Three alters were set up. A mummy rested on the two end ones, while the middle one was empty. Fog and flasher machines stood in the corner next to a box of Egyptian themed decorations.

"Well, not exactly home sweet home." Anzu joked lightly.

Yami walked towards one of the mummies laying on what was supposed to be a golden offering table, but was really a gold painted box made of plywood with Egyptian looking scribbles painted on it. With two fingers, he lifted the fake mummy's arm and released it, watching it flop back to its side. He peered over at Anzu.

"They did it wrong."

Anzu laughed. "Come on, give them a break."

Yami reached again for the arms of the mummy and folded them over its chest, making an 'x.' His crimson eyes then flickered to the marking on the alter. "And these marking are all wrong."

Anzu went to his side and placed a hand on his shoulder. He turned to look at her, faintly surprised at how close her face was. "Yami, they're just human. Maybe you could work on them and it might help you remember something. That's partially why I choose this room when Suzuki-sensei said it."

Yami's eyes widened. "You were…thinking of me?"

She nodded. "Yeah. This way I can teach you about Halloween and help you with your past."

Crimson eyes searched her face. Never had Yami met anyone so thoughtful and caring like Anzu. "Thank you, Anzu-chan."

She smiled, a small lifting of the corners of her mouth. "Think nothing of it. Did you think I was just playing a joke on you when I choose this room?"

Yami looked away, embarrassed. "Sort of."

Anzu laughed. "Maybe if I was Jonouchi or Honda. It's a good thing you've learned to be weary of the things your friends do. Like this one time, Jonouchi had a yo-yo-"

Yami lifted a finger to her lips to silence her. Her eyes widened and she peered down at his finger before looking back into his eyes. "Yet, I should not. You all are my friends and I should learn to trust you."

Anzu blushed, a faint pink color darkening her cheeks and nose. "Uh…Just wait 'till April Fools." She murmured, her lips moving over his finger, sending chills down Yami's spine.

His hand moved to cup her cheek and Anzu leaned towards his touch. Her eyes drooped as he moved closer to her. Their lips were but a hair's breath away when the door behind them banged open and they jumped apart, their faces burning.

The three boys that entered looked around them room, smirking with meanness burning in their eyes. When they're eyes rested on Anzu, grins spread across their faces. Anzu groaned and moved closer to Yami. Yami, sensing her apprehension, moved slightly ahead of her. He remembered them being the boys that she had pointed out outside.

The first boy had perfectly styled black hair and was dressed in the latest fall clothing from a designer clothing line. His eyes were blacker than his hair and gave away his dark soul. "Why, if it isn't little Anzu. How lucky we are."

The other two boys laughed. They were clearly just his followers as their clothes were not as nice as the first, but they still clearly came from the higher end of the economic ladder. There was nothing attractive about any of them. They were all nondescript, but the first boy gave off such an air of smugness and confidence that one would at first glance mistake him for being handsome.

Anzu folded her arms over her chest tightly, suddenly wishing she had worn another top. She inwardly sighed when she realized that Yami was not wearing his jacket. She turned her gaze from Yami's small, yet toned shoulders to the boys before them.

"What are you doing here, Ichiro, Hibiki, and Goro?" She asked, annoyance coloring her tone. She said their names so that Yami would know them, too.

The first one, Ichiro, moved further into the small room. Yami took a step back, moving closer to Anzu. He sensed darkness coming off of him in waves that beat against him like the summer sun. He narrowed his crimson eyes at him in warning.

"We just wanted to help the haunted house. And, besides, we needed the hours."

Anzu had a feeling that they needed the hours for their juvenile records that their parents' money kept them out of trouble from, not because they wanted them to graduate with honors.

Anzu rolled her eyes. "Fine. Just don't try anything funny."

They stepped farther into the room. One of them, Goro, moved towards the mummy to the right of the room, the one Yami had just corrected the pose of. Goro lifted the manikin's arm and dropped it back. It fell back to the mummy's side. "How stupid and fake looking. The Egyptians were so stupid in their stupid beliefs about the dead coming back."

Anzu placed a restraining hand on Yami's shoulder when he tensed and growled. "You would be wise to watch your tongue. Egyptians do not take too kindly to those that insult them. In Ancient Egypt, one could loose one's tongue for that."

Goro sneered and moved closer to Yami. He was a good head taller than him. "Is that a threat, pipsqueak?" Ichiro and Hibiki moved to Goro's flanks.

Anzu yanked Yami back, silencing him from making another remark. "No, no! No threats here! Yuugi's just part Egyptian and he doesn't like to hear people belittling his culture."

The boys laughed. "Did Goro touch a nerve?" Ichiro asked nastily.

Anzu pulled Yami away from them, leading him towards a prop box in the corner. She had promised Yuugi that she would keep Yami away from the darkness of the season. And that included Mind Crushing people.

As Anzu dug through the box, Yami kneeled beside her. She could feel his gaze on her as she dug through the box. He waited until Ichiro-tachi went to the prop box in the other corner, roughly digging through it.

"I offer you my thanks and apologies." Yami spoke quietly.

Anzu paused, holding a plastic canopic jar in one hand and a stuffed black cat in the other. She blinked in confusion before she understood. "Oh. Don't worry about it. I would have said the same thing."

Yami shook his head. "I do not think you would have, Anzu. Your soul is too light and pure."

She chewed her lip in embarrassment before holding the canopic jar towards him. "Here you go, Pharaoh. Time to teach us present days humans how to mummify. The right way."

Yami smirked lightly and took the jar from her, his fingers brushing against hers, causing a spark to travel through them.

"It would be my honor, Anzu-chan."