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The sound of footsteps were heard down a damp, dark hallway, along with the sound of heavy metal footsteps. The source of those sounds are two boys named Edward Elric, and Alphonse Elric.

The two boys sneaked into an underground laboratory where they had leads to believe to find the Philosopher's Stone. The brothers slowly walked down the dark hallway with barely lit lanterns hanging on the hallway. They have been going deeper underground trying to find at least a door to end their walk.

"Damn. How long is this stupid hallway?" Edward growled. "Where the hell are we going anyway?"

"It's like we're going through a maze." Alphonse replied.

They walked a few more yards up ahead until they saw glowing light not to far from them. "Hey, what's that light?" Alphonse asked, pointing at it. Edward smirked. "Finally we're getting somewhere!"

The brothers walked on until they got to the glowing light. Edward squinted his eyes trying to block out the brightness. When the brightness passed, the Elric brothers looked at their surroundings.

"What is this place?" The younger brother asked.

"It looks like...an ordinary science lab?" Edward was confused about his surroundings. It looked like any ordinary research lab.

"Hold on brother, is that a transmutation circle?" Edward walked over to his brother and looked down at the floor. Indeed there was a transmutation circle. It wasn't big, but it wasn't small either. It's as if someone was using alchemy for their research. Edward didn't find it suspicious.

"It just looks like a regular transmutation circle."

"But Ed, what would a transmutation circle be doing here?" Alphonse questioned.

"C'mon Al, I'm sure lots of scientists use alchemy to research, um, whatever it is they're looking for." Edward reasoned. He was usually the paranoid and suspicious one, not the other way around. The tall suit of armor didn't believe him.

"I don't know brother, something doesn't feel right."

"Don't be paranoid Al. C'mon let's go, there's another door over there." Edward said, pointing to the door across the room. The blonde male began walking over the transmutation circle, not giving a damn.

"Wait! Brother!" Alphonse was now worried. Edward stopped his walking, he was little ways from the center of the Circle."What's the matter Al?"

Alphonse didn't respond right away, he feared something was going to happen. But nothing did. Alphonse relaxed, but only a little; he was sure something was still going to happen. "Um, uh never mind." Edward looked at his little brother strangely, but simply shrugged his shoulders and resumed his walk.

Alphonse didn't move yet, his fear was increasing. Just then, when Edward stepped onto the center of the transmutation circle, a green glowing light started emerging from the circle.

"What the-"

"BROTHER!" Alphonse screamed. The green light began to get brighter, too bright that Alphonse had to look away from the blinding glow. While looking away from the light, Alphonse heard the sound of metal hitting the ground. 'Oh no! Did the automail shatter?' Alphonse thought.

Finally, after a full minute, the blinding light was subsiding. Fearing the worst, Alphonse slowly over at the transmutation circle. He was right, Ed's automail had shattered. But, where was Edward? Alphonse looked around but he saw no sign of him anywhere.

"Brother?" Alphonse looked back at the circle where he saw his brother's clothes lying around, but no Edward; that's when Alphonse noticed a small bundle underneath his brother's red coat. He slowly began to advanced to the little bundle, he took cautious steps. When he reached the start of the transmutation circle, he was hesitant, but he need to see what that bundle was. He hesitatingly stepped over the circle, when nothing happened, he continued his steps; the circle wasn't big so Alphonse was by the center quickly. He knelt down and move Edward's coat, and what he saw shocked him immensely.

"E-Ed?" Right in front of him was his brother, but there was something so very wrong, he was the size of a six year old boy. Alphonse quickly looked over him to see if he was hurt or anything, but found nothing, but what had baffled him was how Edward got his right arm, and his left leg back. And what did the transmutation circle do to give him his limbs back? Alphonse decided to question it later, right now he needed to his brother out of this place and back to East Headquarters. Maybe the Colonel might know something. Alphonse carefully picked up the unconscious child and wrapped him in his coat, he adjusted Edward to the right of his arm, then with his left hand, Alphonse grabbed the rest of Edward's belongings and quickly left the laboratory.

It usually took a lot of effort to get some sort of shock from Roy Mustang, nothing really ever shocked him... Except this one little(BIG) problem that actually shocked him.

Roy Mustang was currently in shock as he looked at his youngest subordinate in his brother's arms. Alphonse had just finished his explanation about his brother. This was certainly... Well Roy couldn't place the right word for it; he was simply finishing his paper work when Alphonse barged into his office holding a little bundle in his arms. And that little bundle was an unconscious six year old Edward Elric.

Roy somewhat got out his shock, he began processing what Alphonse told him. He looked over at the younger Elric who was putting the little Edward on the couch to rest better. He had questions. How in the world did this happen? What were the notes of this transmutation? How was there even such a thing for transmuting people to get younger? And how did Edward get his limbs back? Roy looked at Alphonse, then back to Edward.

"Alphonse," Roy began. "how did Fullmetal get his limbs back?" He asked slowly.

He didn't respond right away, because he himself didn't know the answer. "I don't know Colonel. I've been trying to figure that out myself." Roy simply nodded understanding him. "But I'm glad actually," Al responded. "I'm glad brother got his arm and leg back. And just imagine how much weight he would have to carry with the body he has now."

Roy got what he meant. The automail was heavy enough as it is, Edward wouldn't be able to get around much with all that weight, and he would more likely become weak because the automail would be to much for his little body to handle.

The young Colonel looked at the time; it was late, almost ten. Everyone else went home already, even Riza had left early.(She threaten him with her gun to finish his work before he leaves, and if he didn't, well she didn't say anything after that which scared the shit out of him.) He sighed. He would give Hughes a call tomorrow to investigate the laboratory that Alphonse had come back from, he would also send his subordinates. But that was until then, right now he needed to finish the remaining of his work or his ass would get shot.

"Okay Al, just let me finish my work and we'll go to my house, you can two can stay there until we figure out what happen to your brother." Roy said, walking over to his desk. Alphonse started to protest.

"But Colonel, we can't do that! I don't want to burden you with us!"

"You aren't a burden Alphonse, nor is Edward...sometimes. Besides, I'm inviting you to stay." Roy replied, handwriting his signature on some documents.

"But, are you sure?"


Alphonse nodded. He sat on the couch watching his brother who looked like he was sleeping peacefully. After ten minutes had passed, Roy had finished his paper work and was getting his coat. He walked over to Alphonse who was reading a book, which he mostly likely got from the coffee table in front of him.

"Alright Alphonse, go ahead and grabbed your brother. We're leaving." Alphonse nodded and put the book down where he found it. He moved over to carry Edward, but stopped when he began to make noises.

Roy and Alphonse leaned over above Edward only to see him squint his eyes, as if he was trying to get them to open. His eyes slowly fluttered open. His vision was kind of blurred, he blinked a few times for his vision to come out clearly. When they did, he saw his brother and his superior officer looking at him. He was confused.

"Al?" Edward mumbled. "What's going on? Where am I?"

"You're in the Colonel's office. How are you feeling?"

"...Tired. What happened?"

Al seemed a bit hesitant. "Um, you passed out after the transmutation circle stopped glowing around you..." He didn't really know how to reply because he really had no idea what happened. Edward didn't seem to process what he had said, clearly looking like he was dazed.

"Why do you guys look so much bigger?" Edward asked noticing that everything around him looked larger, but not noticing how high his voice was.

Alphonse didn't know how to respond. "Umm... Well you see..." Edward stared at him, patiently waiting for his reply. Now how was he suppose to reply with a face like that starting at him?

"Maybe this will help you." Roy handed him a mirror that he grabbed from Riza's desk. Not really understanding what was going on, Edward sat up, suddenly feeling very cold, took the mirror from him and looked at himself. He was about to say that there was nothing wrong with him, until he noticed that his face resembles that of a child no more then five or six.

Edward dropped the mirror and looked down at his body. His body had shrunk! "W-What happened to me?" He asked frantically, looking over his body again, noticing his leg and right arm. He looked back up to Roy and Alphonse with questions filling his eyes. Alphonse began to explain everything after they had gone into that research lab.

Edward looked down at the floor after everything was explained. He held his coat tighter around his body since he was still cold, Roy said that he would send an investigation to the laboratory when everyone would arrive at work in the morning. Edward then felt his coat being tied around him for better warmth. He looked up to see Roy fixing his coat on his body, then placing his black on over him and wrapping it around him as if it was a blanket. Ed gave him a questionable look.

"You and Alphonse will be staying at my place for a while, and it's quite cold outside so, let's not get you sick." Roy said and slightly smiled at the boy. He then picked him up, wrapped both of their coats around his feet, then placed Edward's head on his shoulder. "Come on Alphonse." They both began to walk out of the office not once did Edward complain about being carried by Roy, he was stilling about what had happen, and he was to tried to even try to struggle himself free. In fact, he was comfortable on Roy's shoulder, and he was warm too. Ed's eyes began to feel heavy, he tried to stay awake, but he was too tired fully fight off sleep, so he closed his eyes and slept on the Colonel.

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