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When Roy woke up, he realized that he didn't just take a nap, but he fell asleep on the couch with Edward still clutching onto his shirt. He took a glance outside; It was raining, but not as hard as the storm earlier.

Roy turned around to find a clock to see the time. It took him a while to find it since he still had sleep in his eyes. He found it. It was 3:00 a.m. Roy stared at the clock a while longer until he realized that he slept for a good eleven hours. He rubbed his eyes for a moment and decided to head over to his room.

The warm blanket still wrapped around his body, he gently carried Edward on his arms as he made his way over his room and on the soft, comfy, and warm bed. Roy placed Edward on the bed, then he himself lay on the bed with the little alchemist. After he put the blankets over them, Roy knew he wouldn't get much sleep any longer; 2/3 hours at most.

Not caring about the fact he slept for eleven hours, he closed his eyes and went back to sleep.

Edward slowly opened his eyes. His vision was a kind of blurred from the sleep, he blinked a couple of times and tried to remember what had happen the other night before he fell asleep. He remembered hearing heavy rain, then lightning and thunder, and then Roy comforting him. Edward eyes slightly widen a bit. He clung onto Roy, and he let him do it, not even saying anything.

His vision no longer blurred, the little blonde began to move around, untangling himself from the colonel's arms. Sitting on the bed, golden eyes looked out the window only to see that it was still raining. It was morning, Edward new. He guessed it was around six o'clock, seeing as the sky had lighten up just a bit, but the sun had yet to arise.

Edward stared at Roy's sleeping figure. He sure looked comfortable sleeping. Edward looked away from Roy, he got off of the bed and headed towards the widow to watch the rain fall. He didn't mind the rain, he just hated the storms. His golden eyes watched as the rain fell; thinking about his brother, Ed wondered how he was doing with Hughes. Wasn't Hughes suppose to be going back to Central soon? How did Al take the storm? He wanted to see his brother.

After staring at the rain for a couple of minutes, Edward began to feel hungry. He held onto his little stomach; he glanced back over to the still sleeping Roy. He was not going to wait for him to wake up.

Edward went back to the bed, and crawled over to Roy.

"Roy, wake up." Edward shook him slightly. Roy didn't even make a sound. Edward shook him harder... Still nothing. "Roy!" He stirred, but then he was silent again.

Edward began to get irritated and more hungry. Then he suddenly grinned. If he can't get Roy to wake just by shaking him, then he'll have to do it the kids way. He grabbed an unoccupied pillow and began jumping on the bed while whacking Roy in the face with the pillow shouting at him to wake up.

This went on for a couple of seconds before Roy woke up. He sat up quickly grabbing the pillow from the jumping boy and looked at him with an irritated look. "What?" He snapped. Pissed that he was woken up by hit on the face with a pillow.

Edward simply looked at him with innocent eyes. "I'm hungry."

Roy's eye twitched. He threw the pillow back at Edward, making the boy fall back on the bed. He looked at the clock. 6:17 a.m. The young man sighed and got out of bed, leaving his room while holding onto Edward by the leg. Edward tried to be angry at him, but failed because he began to laugh. Roy smiled, he slightly swung Edward while still holding onto his leg. He didn't know why, but he felt happy when Edward laughed again.

They entered the kitchen with Edward still laughing from being upside down and Roy was simply grinning. He placed Edward on top of the counter.

"So what would you like to eat?" Roy asked ruffling the boy's head.

Edward let out a tiny laugh. "Can we have pancakes?" He asked in his small voice while looking at Roy with his big eyes. The older man smiled. He went to grab a big bowl, water, eggs and pancake mix.

Roy mixed all the ingredients together, with Edward helping as well. It was early in the morning, but the two of them really enjoyed making pancakes together; they talked, and they laughed. Roy made different sized pancakes, some small, some large, and two big fluffy, fat ones.

Edward have never felt so happy in such a long time, that the feeling felt foreign to him, but he liked it anyways. He then realized that Roy had been making him feel this way. The young blonde looked over at Roy who began to wash the dishes after their breakfast. He thought back to when he thought he had lost Roy. He was worried that he would be left behind like his father was to him and his brother, but he was wrong, Roy had never once left them when they needed him. He was always there. Edward smiled.

Once Roy finished the dishes he told Edward to change into clothes so that they can head out to work early again.

It was a good thing that they left early to Eastern Command Center, that way no one saw a child walking into military offices with Roy Mustang. It would be a very odd sight. And also, many people will recognize the child as the Fullmetal Alchemist so the higher ups would about it then they would get involve, and then it would be a troublesome problem for both Flame, and Fullmetal alchemists.

Roy knew he had to finish his work early again, that way he and Edward could leave military grounds while the other officers had their lunch. He just hoped that there weren't too many papers to sign, and read.

Much like the other day, Edward was simply doodling on paper while he waited for to finish his work. Riza, Feury, and Falman were in the office as well, however, Havoc, and Breda were at the laboratory with Maes, still looking into whatever it is that they could find in order to help Ed get back to his original body.

(Few Days Later.)

Alphonse jumped around with joy as he held a couple a papers in his hands. He finally found a way to reverse the transmutation to get his brother back to his original size. He ran out out of Maes office and ran down the stairs and hallways to find Roy's office. He couldn't wait to see how happy his brother would be to hear the news.

The younger brother couldn't contain his happiness as he continued to run happily down Eastern Center's hallways.

Finally reaching the Colonel's office, Alphonse slammed the door open.

Everyone in the office was startled by the sudden intrusion.

"Al!" Edward called to his brother in happiness for having to see him in the last few days.

"Brother! Great news!" Alphonse began excitedly. "I found a way to turn you back to normal!"

Everyone in the office had began talking happily from the news, except Edward. He stared at his brother. He was happily to finally get his original size body back, but he was disappointed that he wouldn't be staying with Roy any longer.

No one noticed his sullen look for they all had asked Alphonse how he managed to find a way to turn the transmutation circle that made Edward into the little child.

They all agreed to go somewhere private to do the transmutation after they finished their work. So Alphonse waited patiently, though he was all giddy with excitement. Edward still doodled on paper, but rather slowly, he was kind of hoping that it would take longer to get his original size back, but he knew that would be too good to be true. He really wished to have stayed as a child for while longer if it meant he could stay with Roy for that long.

Edward had really attached himself to Roy. The young Colonel was his father figure; he wouldn't ever forget the moments that he and Roy shared... Like father-son bonding. Roy was protective of him, and he felt protected rather then being the one protecting. He now knew what it was like to have a father around instead of him working day in and day out. Roy was there, and he chose to take care of him of his own will, not that he didn't have choice, he could have made someone else do it, but instead he did so himself.

Finally the hour has come where Edward had begun dreading the time. He silently walked out of military grounds with others, walking beside Roy who was unusually quiet just like himself.

They drove into a secluded area with no one around but them. Edward watched as his brother began to draw out the transmutation circle. He watched every little detail that was being drawn onto the floor, and Edward hoped something would come and attack them, but, since when was he ever lucky with that? Then the last piece was drawn, and it was all done.

Edward walked toward the transmutation circle that looked very similar to the one in the lab, however, some of the details had been drawn into different angles and shapes.

He stepped onto the center, and a bright glowing green light had surround the tiny alchemist.

It was very crowded at the train station. Edward was back to his old size, perhaps a little bit taller then before, but no one really had noticed. Edward and his brother were going back to Rizembool to tell Winry and Pinako the news of Edward's returned limbs, then they would leave once again to search for the Philosopher's Stone. After all, Alphonse had to be changed too.

They waited for the train to show up, however, Roy and his men showed up to bid them both a goodbye.

Edward stood out of the conversation that was directed toward his brother. He stood a little far back from where they were standing, he simply stared at the little group, which none have noticed he wasn't there.

Edward was spaced out until he felt a hand on his shoulder. The young blonde looked over to see Roy giving him a small smile. Edward returned the smile, however his was a sad smile.

"Thank you Colonel, for...well you know." Edward looked away from the embarrassment that he begun to feel.

Roy had said nothing for a moment, but then he answered. "You could always come back."

Edward turned and gave him a confused look. "At my house I mean. You could always come back whenever you feel like it. I don't mind." He paused then continued. "I won't lie to you when I say I actually enjoyed the time that we spent together. I honestly can say that I never knew what it was like to take care of a child until you were turned into one, I was sure I felt like I was going to screw up in something, but taking care of you was as if I knew what to do," Roy paused once more, seeing the look in Edward's eyes that were a bit widen. He continued. "As if you were my own son. And that's what I had did, I took care of you as if you were my son, Edward."

Edward's mouth had parted open, his eyes were widen with shock.

Roy gave him a sad smile. A loud noise rung loudly. The young man looked over at the crowds of people, seeing the train had arrived.

"Your train is here." Roy said without looking at the boy. He was about to walk over with the other, but something held him back, literally. It surprised Roy. Edward had hugged the man before him, and in a very small, but serene voice, he said 'Thank you' his face buried in the man's chest.

It took Roy a few seconds to what had occurred, but slowly, a smile came upon his lips, and Roy returned to embrace the young boy.

Edward and Alphonse sat inside the train, looking out their windows saying there final goodbyes, and making side comments too, well Edward and Havoc were anyway.

Smiling happily Edward gave one last look at Roy, his father, the very same man that found him and his brother in Rizembool when he was drepressing over what he and his brother done to their mother, what he had done to his brother. The very same man that gave him the will to search for something out there to return the what they had lost. He encouraged him.

The train began to move forward, but Edward never once broke contact with Roy, and Roy to him, even when he was getting farther away from him. Edward stuck his out the train window waved goodbye with a smile on his face. Everyone waved back him, thinking he was waving to all of them, but no, this wave was for Roy, silently telling him that he would definitely return. Roy knew, and he would be waiting for that day to come.

Finally out of sight, Edward put his head back inside the train. He looked over at his little brother. Edward smiled at him.

"Don't worry Al," He began. "Once we leave Rizembool, we're definitely going back to search for the Philosopher's Stone." He gave a smirked.

Alphonse nodded. "I'm not worried at all brother. In fact, I can't wait until we start our journey again!" He said excitedly.

Edward gave a laugh at his brother. Oh they were definitely going to search again, but that's also the excuse to see Roy again.

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