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Tonks wants Ginny. Ginny's not interested. Tonks can't give up on the idea of Ginny, so she uses her metamorphmagus powers to capture Ginny's heart another way; by being Ginny's perfect man.

a/n: Rated M for language, mature conversations, femmslash, and future scenes. AU. Characters are probably going to be OOC as well. Nothing to do with Secrets.

I stepped into the library study room, then grinned as I spotted Ginny with her head bent over a book, her quill scratching furiously on a piece of parchment. Walking quietly to not disturb those studying, I made my away over to her. Once I was directly behind her, I bent over, seeing what was holding her attention.

"Still worried about your exam?" I asked.

Ginny jumped, turning to face me. "What are you doing, scaring me like that?" Ginny demanded, glaring.

"We had a lunch date," Ginny rolled her eyes at my use of the word date. "You forgot about me. I figured you'd be studying so I came to drag you away."

Ginny sighed, shaking her head. "Alright. Let me pack up."

"I'll do it." I offered, grabbing up her books before she could complain. "Come on."

I reached for her hand, but she noticed and yanked it away. "You know, I don't need you to carry my stuff."

"I know, I want to carry it." I insisted, leading the way of out the room.

"How many?" The hostess asked the moment Ginny and I stepped through the door.

"Just two please. Could we sit in the lounge?" I asked, already heading towards the lounge where it was little darker and little more private.

The hostess nodded, placing two menus on the table I had chosen. After the hostess had walked away, I threw Ginny a flirty grin. She smiled back, and I relaxed, glad she wasn't mad at me for interrupting her while she studied. The waiter popped up, taking our drink order.

"How's the boyfriend?" I said, smirking.

Ginny rolled her eyes again, something she does a lot when she's around me. "He's fine. We had sex last night."

I choked on the tea the waiter had just plopped down. "Wha-wha-what!" I sputtered.

This time, Ginny smirked. "Is something wrong?"

"No, no," I replied, recovering. "Was it good?"

"He was big. He knew how to use it." She confirmed, stirring her drink absentmindedly, clearing thinking back to last night. "I think he's the one."

I took a few sips of my drink to buy myself some time while I considered what she had just said. Even though I heard this about every guy she was seeing; my heart still sank every time those words spilled over her beautiful lips.

"Oh wow. He must be great." I lied, smiling my best fake smile.

Ginny bought it, as she beamed back. "Thanks. I'm so happy to finally find a guy to treat me right."

I suppressed the urge to gag and replied, "You don't need a guy. I could treat you right,"

"Tooooooooonks!" Ginny warned.

"Ginnnnnnnnnnny." I whined. "You know you like it."

She frowned. "Luckily you're my best friend. I wouldn't put up with these comments from just anyone."

"I know." I said, attempting to hide the hurt in my voice. "Does this dude know you're best friend is a lesbian?"

"Yes. He isn't happy. He doesn't think I should be spending time with you. He thinks you might convert me." Ginny's face flushed from embarrassment.

My mouth dropped. "Convert you? Honestly! We've been friends for ages and I haven't converted you yet, not that I wouldn't mind of course, but I doubt-," I stopped as I suddenly as I realized Ginny was shaking with laughter.

"That's what I told him," Ginny said, wiping tears from her eyes. "Do you really think I'd let someone tell me who I'm allowed to be around?"

I grinned, knowing the one thing Ginny hated the most was to be told what to do. "How's school going?" I asked changing the subject, rubbing her leg under the table.

Her eyes grew wide as she felt my foot under the opening of her jeans. Licking her lips, Ginny's face grew red once again. "Its—its going," She stammered, gazing around the restaurant.

Knowing I had Ginny feeling very anxious, I hopped out of seat and plopped down next to her. Leaning forward, I brushed aside a lock of her hair. "You better not stop being best friends with me because of this dude." I breathed, my nose slowly caressing the soft skin of her neck.

She shivered, her eyes fluttering shut. "Tonks. Too close." She informed me quietly before clearing her throat and saying, in her normal pitch, "How's the girlfriend?"

I groaned, though I was smiling. "She's great. We had sex last night."

Ginny, struggling not to laugh, said, "Oh? Was it good?"

"She knew how to work me if that's what you mean," I replied, straight faced.

Ginny blinked at me a few times before she burst into laughter. "You would say that." Ginny rolled her eyes a final time, shaking her head.

I hadn't been home longer than five minutes when I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. Pulling it out, I read T, Hate how you can make me think. G. Pleased with myself, I tossed the phone onto the couch next to me as I settled in to catch up on some paperwork.