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Tonks wants Ginny. Ginny's not interested. Tonks can't give up on the idea of Ginny, so she uses her metamorphmagus powers to capture Ginny's heart another way; by being Ginny's perfect man.

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The tinkling of the bell above the shop door startled Ginny from her paperwork. Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes had only been open fifteen minutes and she already had a customer, which was surprising on a Monday morning.

"Welcome to Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes," she called out, scanning the store for a customer.

When she didn't spot anyone after several long moments, she shrugged, figured the wind must have blown the door open, and returned to her papers.

"Excuse me," said a deep voice, "Do you carry Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder?"

Ginny startled a second time. "No, not anymore. We stopped-," Ginny's voice trailed off as she stared into the bright blue eyes of her customer.

"Since the second war? I know. I just needed an excuse to speak with you." He grinned sheepishly. "I always see you in here working, but I've been too shy to stop in before."

Ginny gave him the once over, taking in his black curly hair, the smile that lit up his face, and his olive toned skin.

"For some reason, I don't believe that." She replied grinning back at him. "Do you work in Diagon Alley? I've never seen you before." She peered at him, suddenly suspicious.

"Just because you haven't seen me, doesn't mean I haven't been here." He countered. "The way you work so diligently might explain why you've never noticed me passing by your shop."

Ginny's grin returned as she shook her head. "Ok, ok. My work does absorb me sometimes. My name's Ginny." She stuck out her hand and he eagerly grasped it.

"Luke," He said, holding her hand a second longer than necessary.

"Tonks!" Ginny shouted tumbling out of my fire place and into my living room.

"Yeah?" I said drying my hands on a towel as I walked into the living room.

Ginny was on my couch, practically bouncing through the roof with excitement. "I've met the most delicious guy today!"

I smirked, shaking my head. "When did this happen?"

"When the shop opened."

"And you are now just telling me? A full," I glanced at the clock above my fireplace. It read 5:30, "eight and half hours later? I'm surprised you didn't text me as soon as he left."

Ginny bit her lip, blushing deep red. "Wellllll…I would have if I hadn't spent most of the day with him."

My mouth dropped open. "You ditched work for some dude you just met? You've never ditched work for me!" I tried to control my anger, but I was seeing red.

Ginny had the decently to look ashamed. "I don't know what came over me. We just connected."

Suddenly, realization dawned on me. "You've slept with him?" I asked, my voice strangely calm.

Ginny's head dropped and I could the tips of her ears growing an even darker red. "See, what happened was…," She mumbled, wringing her hands, anxiously.

I turned away from her, thoroughly annoyed. I couldn't stand how she would just go out and sleep with a guy after just meeting him. She doesn't know anything about him!

Ginny climbed up on my lap, positioning herself so she was straddling me. Then she took my face in her hands, forcing me to make eye contact with her.

"Don't be mad at me," She whispered, tears glistening in her eyes. Then, before I could pull away, she leaned down slightly, placing her lips on my neck.

"Nymph," She breathed, softly biting my neck. "You can't be mad at me; you know how much I love sex." Ginny then began grinding herself into me. "Sometimes, I just can't help myself. Like now." Ginny caught my lips in a passionate kiss that made my head spin. I grasped hold of Ginny tightly, then stood up, and flipped her onto her back.

Luke stood up as Ginny approached his table later that evening.

"You look stunning," Luke said, pulling out the chair for Ginny to sit.

"You don't look so bad yourself," she replied, glancing at his smiling face. "Sorry I'm a little late. I got caught up…in something." She blushed recalling what she had been up to only an hour before.

Luke flashed a brilliant pearly white smile. "No problem. I was early."

Ginny nodded, picking up the menu to distract herself.

"They have a variety of fish, all of them are amazing." Luke said softly, leaning closer to her.

Ginny wrinkled her nose in disgust. "I don't do fish." A giggled escaped from her lips. Well, not this kind of fish at least. She thought.

Luke laughed too, though he had no idea what Ginny was laughing at. "The burger and fries are good too."

"That's more like it." Ginny handed her menu to the waiter who had just appeared.

"We will both have the burger and fries. For drinks, I'll have gin and tonic and my lovely companion will have cranberry vodka and apple juice." The waiter gave a quick nod and hurried away.

Ginny shifted uncomfortably in her chair. "How'd you know what to order for me?"

Luke's confident smile faltered for a split second, and then he recovered. "I made you one at my house early today. Don't you remember?" He asked, concerning spreading across his face.

Ginny frowned, thinking back to the earlier parts of the day, but she couldn't remember being offered a drink by Luke. If she was completely honest with herself, she really couldn't remember anything before her time with Tonks.

Shaking off the uneasy feeling, Ginny's eyes began to roam around the restaurant. "It has been a long day, that's probably why I can't seem to remember."

Luke chuckled, thinking Ginny was referring to their long day together.

Ginny and Luke made small talk all throughout dinner. She found out he was originally from Italy and had only one younger sibling, a sister, who had died along with his parents during the second war. She learned he that he did not in fact work Diagon Alley, but in one of the muggle shops near it, but he came through every morning on his way to work to get a hot drink from one of the cafes.

"Are you ready?" He suddenly asked, stopping in the middle of a tale of his boyhood. "I have another place in mind." Ginny blinked, surprised. Where could he want to take her now? "I was hoping you'd spend the night with me." He continued, leading her away from the table.

Ginny, Tonks far from her thoughts, agreed.

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