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"I've always imagined her as part of the family." Molly whispered to Arthur's ear while watching their family relaxing in the backyard.

"What do you mean? We have somewhat adopted her in a way, so she practically is," Arthur whispered back before taking a sip of his coffee.

"Not in that sense. I mean, I've always imagined her marrying Ronald and carrying the name Weasley," Molly sighed. Arthur gave his wife a sidelong glance. He knew how long Molly has been dreaming of that day.

Molly Weasley has always been very fond of Hermione Granger. Being her son's best friend, she has always thought she would get together with Ron eventually. Patiently, Molly watched Hermione, Ron and Harry grow-up as the independent and mature people that they have become.

After the Final Battle, the trio decided to move out of the Burrows and get a flat of their own at Diagon Alley. Molly objected at first, trying to convince them that it was still not safe. But to her disappointment, her argument was once again—just like what happened with the Twin's case—dismissed.


"Mum, we're THE 'Golden' Trio. We have been through a lot! We can handle ourselves now!" Ron argued, trying to reason with his mother.

"Nonsense! The three of you are still young! Still eighteen! You still need supervision!" Molly argued back as she tries to hold back the tears that are threatening to break through her eyes.

"We'll be here for dinner three times a week, if you want?"

"That's not the same!"

Hermione sighed and looked over at Harry who was sitting beside her. Both teenagers were wishing that they were not a part of the awkward situation that they were currently in. But their wishes were not granted because Ron suddenly turned to them and mouthed, "Help me!"

"Mrs. Weasley we—," Hermione started.

"Call me Molly, dear," Molly interrupted.

"Uhm, er, Molly, we really think this will help us. Ron and Harry can get to the auror academy faster, and I'll be near to St. Mungo's too. And we really think we can handle this independence thing that Ron desperately needs." Hermione explained in a hopeful voice.

Ron, despite what Hermione said about his lack of independence, nodded his head enthusiastically, with Harry still sitting in silence but his eyes were obviously pleading.

Molly was not backing down, however. "You can apparate or use the floo network," the woman reasoned.

Ron and Harry were ready to give up, but Hermione still thought of an argument. "Harry and I doesn't want to forget our muggle roots, Mrs. Weasley, and Ron would love to learn about that part of our world too."

Arthur was already sold to the idea of his son experiencing a little of the muggle life after Hermione mentioned it. Molly sighed and sat next to her husband in the loveseat behind her. She knew putting up a fight will be useless by then, and they will still move out. She looked at the three children (in her eyes) who were waiting for her answer.

"Fine," she finally gave up. The trio's face lit up in excitement. "But," Molly continued. "You promise you will be here three times a week for dinner?"

"Absolutely! Thank you, Mum!" Ron said at the same time Hermione and Harry said, "Thanks, Molly!"


It was a Saturday, and the trio are in the Burrows for some family time. They are stronger and more in sync than ever. They have a strong bond that could almost equal the bond Fred and George have, but not quite.

Ron and Hermione did not pursue any romantic relationship that everyone who knew them was expecting they would have. They were better as best friends, they would say. They did talk about it once. Ron thought he was jealous with Viktor Krum in their fourth year, and Hermione thought she was jealous with Lavender in their sixth year. It turns out, it was just because they were over-protective of each other. They did not notice that both had the exact reaction when Harry dated Cho in their fifth year.

Harry and Ron were currently in the middle of an intense chess game, while Hermione was watching them with a bored expression.

"This is all you two do," Hermione said as she rolls her eyes.

"It's awesome!" Harry and Ron exclaimed, not even looking at her, both too engrossed watching Ron's bishop destroy Harry's knight.

"Barbaric? Yes! Boring? Uh-huh! Enjoyable? Hm, I don't think so," She replied sarcastically.

"You know what's boring, huh? You always have your face buried under your books!" Ron snapped.

"You only like playing with Harry because you always win!" Hermione snapped back. When both boys finally looked at her, she stuck her tongue out. The three of them stared at each other for a second and then they burst out laughing. They like arguing with each other over the most ridiculous things.

Molly was still staring at Hermione, but her focus suddenly shifted to a certain twin. Fred was staring at her too. He's not even blinking, Molly thought. The old woman sighed, and took a last sip on her mug of coffee before placing it down on the table.

She will be Weasley, she thought. She knew.