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Title : High School Guide : Summer Madness ! [ Formerly " How to Keep Your Lover's Attention On You! " because the plot changed a bit and the title was too long . ]

Anime : Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Genre : Romance , Humor

Pairing : Giotto x Sawada Tsunayoshi

Rated : T

Summary : He finally managed to get his love interest to be his! But there are a few guys who still hit on Dame-Tsuna, despite Giotto's threats. Now that school is over and summer vacation begins, join the group with their bundles of fun!

Disclaimer: I do not own Katekyo Hitman Reborn .

Chapter 1
Fun At The Beach

Tsuna happily took in the scent coming from the beautiful, pure, sparkly clean ocean in front of him, after stepping out of the van. "The beach," He gushed delightedly. "It's been so long since I've visited one."

Giotto came out of the van right after the petite brunette and smiled at the adorable being, who also happened to be his. "Pretty, right?" He asked Tsuna with a smile. The brunette nodded and returned the smile. "It's very pretty!"

The next two that came out the van was Yamamoto and Gokudera. They too, were amazed and drawn in by the beauty of the ocean. "This is amazing!" Laughed Yamamoto. Gokudera nodded and agreed, a smile apparent on his face. "It certainly is."

"Hurry up, I-Pin!"

"Kyaa! Lambo, stop pushing me!"

"Hurry up and get out of the car! I wanna see the ocean!"

Seconds later, the children appeared from inside the car. "Ugh," Huffed Lambo. "Finally!"

"Kids," Nana chided, "Be nice to each other." Reborn, who had just stepped out of the car, agreed. "If you don't be nice to each other, there'll be a penalty." He warned.

The children pouted and they shook hands with each other. "Truce."

"Good." Reborn nodded with satisfaction. "Now then," He opened the trunk, revealing the many luggages. "Let's unpack, so we can relax and have fun later."

Immediately, the teens and children rushed towards the trunk, somewhat shoving Reborn out the way. They each grabbed a bag or two that belonged to them, and then ran towards the hotel.

"Tch.." Grumbled Reborn, as he fixed his fedora, grabbed Nana's bag, and his bag, and slammed the trunk door shut.

"Stupid brats..." He mumbled, pushing a certain button on the car keys. A loud beep came from the van, signalling that the doors were locked.

"Let's go, Maman."

"So," Reborn held up four different keys. "Who's bunking with who?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh, oh!" Yamamoto waved his hand around.

Reborn sighed. "...Yes, Yamamoto?"

'We're not in class...'Gokudera inwardly sighed.

"Gokkun and me will take one room!"

Gokudera choked his saliva. "W-What?"

Reborn shrugged and tossed the key towards the baseball player. "Sure," He said. "Go crazy in that room, why don't you?"

Gokudera's eyes widened. "W-Wait, wha-"

Yamamoto grabbed Gokudera by the waist with his free hand and began dragging the silverette to their hotel room. "Come on Gokkun," He grinned, "Let's go unpack."

"Don't call me that!"

Tsuna looked at Giotto curiously. The blond caught the look and smiled. "Hmm?"

"What did Reborn mean when he told them to go crazy in their room?"

Giotto paled. "U-Uhhh..." He began scratching the back of his head. "Well, it's pretty complicated to explain," He said, sweating.

"It's nothing a brat like you needs to know." Chuckled Reborn, ruffling Tsuna's hair.

"Awh." The brunette pouted.

"I'm guessing you two will share a room?" Asked Reborn.

The couple happily smiled and nodded.

Reborn gave Giotto the key. "Here." Then, a staring contest was conducted between them.

'No funny business.'


'I'm serious. I'll shoot holes in you.'


Immediately, Giotto shoved the keys in his pockets and dragged Tsuna away. "LET'S GO SEE OUR ROOM, BABY!"

Reborn snorted as he watched them go down the hallway and enter a suite next to Yamamoto's and Gokudera's.

"Maman, can we share a room with you?" Asked I-Pin and Lambo. Nana smiled and nodded, "Of course!"

"Then," Reborn handed her a key.

'A room to my self,' Reborn smirked. 'Sweet.'

[ Yamamoto's and Gokudera's Room ]

"Hmm," Hummed Yamamoto.

"What?" Gokudera murmured.

The two were unpacking their luggages, after Yamamoto successfully managed to drag the silverette to their hotel room.

"Nothing," Yamamoto replied with a charming smile. "Just thinking about what games we should play while we're out on the beach."

Gokudera huffed, "You're so weird."

Yamamoto laughed, "Really?"

Gokudera curtly nodded before going back to folding his clothes.

Silence enveloped the room once the somewhat awkward conversation had ceased to a stop.

The two teens glanced at each other now and then, quickly looking away before the other would catch them. A typical thing to do for two people that have feelings for each other.

"So uh," Yamamoto spoke up, breaking the silence. "W-What." Stammered Gokudera. "Wanna... Prank someone later?" The baseball player asked, sheepishly scratching the back of his head.

Gokudera snorted quietly. "Sure." He softly smiled.

It went dead silent again.


Gokudera looked up, "What is it this time?" He huffed.

Unfortunately for the silverette, a pillow had hit smack dab on his face. Seconds later, the pillow detached itself from Gokudera's face, revealing a scowl. Yamamoto however, was heartily laughing outloud.

Gokudera grabbed the pillow from the floor and chucked it at the baseball player, resulting a shocked expression from said baseball player.

"How do you like that?" Smirked Gokudera, reaching over for another pillow.

Yamamoto grinned, "Game on."

[ Giotto's and Tsuna's room ]

"Ahh, mouu!" Tsuna giggled, "Stop it! That tickles!" He squealed, cutely and weakly punching the older teen's chest.

Giotto grinned as he continued to tickle his adorable boyfriend by wiggling his fingers against the younger's sides.

After Giotto managed to run to their hotel room with Tsuna in tow, the blond immediately locked the door incase a certain man would come and randomly barge in.

The two teens then stood at the door, staring at each other dumbfoundedly. Then, maniacal grin made its way on to Giotto's face.

The brunette gulped, a gut feeling that the blond would do something to him. Before he knew it, he was on the bed with Giotto on top of him.

And well, the blond then proceeded to tickle the brains out of Tsuna.

"G-Giotto!" Tsuna shrieked, tears starting to appear at the corner of his eyes from laughing too hard. "We... We needa- Hieeee! U-Unpaaack!"

"That can wait." Smirked Giotto, swooping down and capturing Tsuna's lips.


[ 1 Hour Later At The Beach ]

Reborn lifted a questioning brow. "May I know why all of you are disheveled, messy, and red in the face?" He asked, quite amused. The sight before him was certainly a sight to see. Reborn's fingers twitched, slowly making their way to one of his pockets, where the camera was being held.

"Well uhmmm..." Giotto and Yamamoto chuckled, each scratching the back of their heads. "Nothing much... Really." They sheepishly replied.

Reborn snorted and nodded, completely unconvinced. "Yeah. Okay." He replied, still pretty amused.

"Anyways," He held up a beach volleyball. "Can you beat me?" He taunted, looking at the student council president and the baseball ace.

Immediately, they grinned. "Bring it on."

Reborn smirked and nodded. "Good, good." He chuckled. Then he turned to the brunette and the silverette. "You two ukes can sit and watch."

Tsuna's and Gokudera's faced flushed crimson red, although the latter had choked on his own saliva. "Who's an uke-!" He fumed.

Reborn rolled his eyes. "Fine, let me rephrase myself." He smirked, "Uke and soon-to-be uke can go sit over there and watch."

Giotto snickered while Yamamoto stood there, smiling like a complete nincompoop.

Tsuna and Gokudera proceeded to head over to the benches to watch the match, although the silverette was stomping and mumbling curses under his breath.

"Ah, wait." Said Reborn, once they had readied themselves on the sandy court.

"What is it?" Giotto curiously questioned. Yamamoto too, had a curious look on his face.

"If you guys lose, then Tsuna and Gokudera are going to sleep in a different room for the night. Away from you guys." Smirked Reborn, tossing the ball up and down.

Giotto and Yamamoto blanched.

"We're winning this, Yamamoto."

"Yes sir."

With that said, they both got into position on one side of the court. They both bent their knees a tad bit, slightly hopping back and forth between each feet. Their hands were lightly clenched, although they were madly glaring at their opponent, waiting for the ball to come flying at them.

On the other side of the court, Reborn was tossing the ball up and down with one hand, smirking abnoxiously. 'I'll go easy on them... Wouldn't want them to bother me for the rest of the week with their useless whining and crying.' He chuckled, 'Besides, Tsuna would get angry at me for keeping him away from that blond idiot...'

"Ready?" He asked, getting into a serving position.

The two boys nodded viciously. "Ou!"

Reborn tossed the ball in the air, and slammed his fist against it, sending it to the receiving side.

2 Hours Later

Giotto and Yamamoto were lying on the ground, panting like no tomorrow. "We..." Giotto gasped for air. "Won..." Yamamoto, who was equally tired, slowly nodded his head in agreement. "Yeah..."

'That's what you think.' Reborn inwardly snorted.

Arriving to the sides of the exhausted boys, was Tsuna and Gokudera.

"Are you alright?" Tsuna asked worriedly as he took out a hankerchief and wiped the sweat off Giotto's face. Giotto nodded, "Yeah," He throatily answered. Tsuna took out a water bottle and handed it over to Giotto, who immediately and glady accepted it.

On the other hand, Gokudera was nudging the baseball player with his foot. "Oi," Frowned Gokudera. "Are you okay?" He asked, hiding his worries. Yamamoto hoarsely laughed, "I'm good."

"Let's go have dinner now," Murmured Reborn, tucking the ball under his arms. "All of you must be pretty hungry, no?"

The teens grinned and nodded. Tsuna helped Giotto stand up, and Gokudera did the same with Yamamoto. Slowly, they made their way to the hotel, where their dinner would be waiting for them.

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