Craig's eyes widened as he saw the ground split open in front of his very eyes in the center of Stark's Park. Red-orange fire shot from the newly made fissure towards the clear blue sky, singeing the grass to a deep brown but not catching it on fire.

The noirette took a few steps back as the fissure continued opening towards him, only stopping about ten feet from where was standing. He took nervous breath after nervous breath. The last time he had seen that fissure open was a year ago…when his fiancé was taken from him.

The fire from the fissure died down as a pale man with spiky blonde hair wearing a black changshan dress, the sleeves of which extended well past the tips of his fingers, slowly ascended to the ground of the park. His black flats echoes dully against the rock of the fissure as he climbed the stairs that formed as he walked.

The blonde's now emotionless blood red eyes met with the shocked dark blue ones belonging to Craig. The noirette barely recognized the blonde in front of him anymore. Another than his eyes turning blood red, his skin was stark white, and the dark bags under his eyes were worse than they had ever been when he had lived in South Park. The only things that seemed to have remained the same were both his shaking and his blonde hair. Even his personality seemed to have changed; Craig could just see it in the blonde's eyes.

There was no shred of happiness there, or fear, or sadness. There was not one emotion left in those eyes and that scared Craig beyond if he had seen hatred.

"Tweek?" Craig stepped forward when Tweek stopped at the edge of the fissure and just stared unblinkingly at him.

"You might not want to get near him," Damien said with a smirk as he walked up the same stairs Tweek had ascended only moments ago. He wrapped an arm around the blonde's waist and held him there. "He's not the same man you fell for."

Tweek mechanically raised one arm, the sleeve of the changshan falling back to his elbow. His hand from his wrist to the tips of his fingers was burned to a deep black. Fire appeared around his wrist and hand then.

Craig's eyes widened in anger. He ground his teeth together and clenched his hands into shaking fists. "You…You bastard!" He yelled at Damien. "What have you done to him?"