Yet more Joker/Harley smut. NOT A ONESHOT! Enjoy and please review...should get interesting. Hehe!

"You okay, Harley girl?" Ivy asked her as she handed a steaming mug of fresh peppermint tea to her friend.

Harley shifted on the sofa, her eyes drooping. She leaned forward to take the mug but winced from the pain on the inside of her thighs. "Yeah, Red," she mumbled. "Just dandy..."

Ivy chuckled as she sat beside her, taking a sip of her own tea until she suddenly spied sharp red welts from underneath her short shorts. "Oh my God, Harl..." she said. "What happened to your legs?"

Her friend choked on her tea and coughed as she looked at her skin. "Oh, this?" she said, smiling sheepishly. "Um...just...just..."

"What did that sick bastard do to you this time?" Ivy huffed. "Jesus, Harley! They're all over you!"

"Calm down, Red. It's nothin'...really..." Harley set down her mug and carefully stood, allowing another gasp being emitted from Ivy again.

"Is that a bruise?" she asked.

Harley gave her a confused glance but then walked to the bedroom and stood in front of Ivy's full-length mirror that sat in front of her bed, and inspected the purplish spot just under her right buttock. "Oh!" she said, almost in awe. "I was wondering what that was..."

"Oh?" Ivy mimicked her, amazed. "You actually like that he gave that to you?"

"Don't worry, Pammie. It's just a little love bruise; that's all?"

"Love bruise!" Ivy shouted. "Why in the world would you-"

"Well...we tried something...different last night..." Harley said, grinning and biting her lip playfully.

"So..." Ivy said. "Him giving you bruises and cuts was starting to get boring? What in the hell did he do to you?"

Harley sat on the sofa again and picked up her tea. "Well..."

"Puddin'..." Harley whimpered. "Not so tight-ow!"

The Joker chuckled as he straddled her as she lay on the bed, positioned on her stomach in nothing but her red and black panties. He looped one more knot through the tie around her left wrist that was now latched to the bed post. "Where's your sense, Harl?" he purred as his fingers traced down her arm, tickled her side and then pinched her bottom.

"Just...just don't be too..." she breathed.

"Rough?" he asked as he smacked the inside of her thigh, making her squeal. "That's all part of the game, sweetie. It isn't much fun without a little...force." He growled as he pushed his crotch between her spread legs and bit her shoulder.

"I was actually the one who had suggested sexual venture," Harley told her friend.

"Really?" Ivy sneered.

Harley giggled. "Yeah...I'm not sure why, but last night we were sitting in his study and he called me over to his desk and made me sit in his lap...kinda surprised me, but the way he started kissing me...something...stirred inside me..."

"Stop before I gag..."

"Um...Pud?" she whispered as she straddled him.

The Joker smirked, "Yes?"

"Uh...I was thinkin' ever wanted to try...oh, I don't know," she paused to giggle. "It's silly..."

"Try what...silly girl?"

She giggled again and bit her lip. "Well, I have this little...fantasy..."

He raised his eyebrows amusedly. "Oh?" He placed his hands on her waist as she raised to meet his gaze. "Tell me more..."

"No, no..." she suddenly turned away sheepishly. "It's stupid..." Harley looked at him again and saw his pleased, yet curious expression. "I, uh...kinda want you to...tie me up..."

"What!" Ivy chuckled. "Are you kidding me?"

"Shh! I'm talking, Red!" Harley laughed.

The Joker's grin instantly became a smile. "Really?"

She laughed, caressing his tie. ", to the bed..."

"Hmm...I see. And, uh...what would you...want to happen?" he asked, reaching up her tank top and lightly pinching her hard nipple.

She jumped a bit and squeaked. "Um...I don't know...whatever you wanted..."

"Harley...I love you, girl," Ivy said. "But...that was a really dumb thing to say..."

Her friend grunted as she crossed her legs. "Tell me about it..."

Harley was taking deep breaths as she heard The Joker walking behind her, shuffling through his closet. Harley had an idea of what he was looking for, but it still slightly annoyed her that she couldn't turn around to ease her anxiousness. "Um...Daddy?" she whined.

A tense pause followed and then the sharp crack of a leather belt that was being snapped in The Joker's grip. "Yes, Harley?" he said darkly.

Harley gasped, knowing his plans for what he was holding. "Mistah J...we've done that before...I just really wanted to..."

A sound smack followed by her surprised squeal echoed in the bedroom as she felt the first painful lash across her bottom. "You're tied up, baby..." he growled. "You...don't get to run the show..." He grinned when he heard her whimper as he yanked off her panties.

"So that explains the welts..." Ivy mumbled.

"And the bruise, too..." Harley added. When she saw the surprised look on Ivy's face, she shrugged. "He got a little carried away..."

Fifteen minutes later, Harley's bottom was bright red with welts and speckled with small bruises as tears streamed down her cheeks, her face saturated and flushed. She finally saw her chance to catch her breath when she heard The Joker toss his belt to the floor. Harley knew that he was standing at the foot of the bed, and she could feel his lustful gaze upon her as she sobbed.

After a short moment, she heard him step to her side and she let out a surprised cry when he suddenly cupped her right buttock. "Ow!" she sniveled. " hurts..."

"Does it, little girl?" he whispered. "I thought you wanted to play..."

He smacked her bottom roughly with his hand, making her scream in pain. "You need to be careful..." SMACK "...what you..." SMACK "...wish for!" SMACK

"Ahh! Yes, sir!" she shrieked.

He snickered. "Good girl..."

Her eyes grew wide when she heard the sound of his switchblade open and felt the cold flat of it rest on her hot thigh.

"Wow," Ivy said, flatly. "A knife. Why am I not surprised?"

He lightly traced the tip of his knife over her burning skin, allowing it to flow freely in playful circles on her round bottom and then gliding to the insides of her thighs. She whimpered as her heart pounded. "Puddin'...please..."

A gentle slice made her scream in her pillow as he gave her another nick on her other thigh, letting the paper-thin slit mingle among the welts on her skin.

"That sadistic bastard!" Ivy yelled, slamming her mug of tea on the coffee table in front of them. "Why would you let him do that to you?"

"It was bad at first, but...I don't know..." Harley sighed. There was a silent pause as Ivy glared at her friend in disbelief. She suddenly giggled. "Besides, paid off in the end..."

Harley was desperately trying to catch her breath between her choking sobs as The Joker suddenly stopped his cutting. She felt his hand glide over the small of her back and over her stinging flesh. His fingertips traced the welts he had left until they found their way to the warmth between her legs.

He abruptly sighed loudly as he popped his neck. "Oh, baby..." he whispered, hungrily. "What happened here?"

He made his soft touch travel lower and he tenderly caressed her wet cunt. She felt his eyes on her, and she knew he wanted her to respond to him as his fingers moved to her clit. A soft moan left her throat as she carefully arched her back and gently moved her hips with his touch.

"Okay," Ivy stopped her. "I don't really need details..."

"Fine," Harley huffed. "I'll fast-forward..."

The Joker was furiously pounding into her as she gripped the ties that were still binding her to the bed. His hand had slipped around her delicate throat where his fingers were slowly tightening their grip.

"Daddy..." she moaned nervously.

"Shh shh..." he demanded, his hold on her neck getting stronger.

The headboard was steadily making cracks in the wood paneling of their wall as he thrust harder and deeper into her. His breath was hot against her shoulder and Harley rolled her eyes back, her climax rising. She could tell The Joker was enjoying her growing cries of ecstasy, but she suddenly realized he was relishing in them so much that the constriction of his fingers grew tighter around her throat and she began to gag.

"Pud-" she choked. "No...stop!"

He didn't listen but just continued to thrust harder into her, his growls growing louder as he listened to her sporadic breathing.

"Please! Please...! Stop it!"

Harley's breath was trapped beneath his grip and she could hear her heart pounding in her ears as her vision was growing darker, but soon he let out a loud moan as she felt himself release inside her and his fingers slowly uncoil themselves from her neck.

She gasped for air as she coughed into her pillow and he lay on top of her shuddering body as he was now catching his own breath, sweat glistening on his painted forehead.

"Everything was fine...until the, ya know...choking part..." Harley said quietly.

Ivy shook her head. "You could've been killed, Harl."

"No!" she eagerly assured her. "No, he wouldn't do that. He's careful..."

"Harley, you just said that you were about to suffocate. And he is anything but careful...that bastard..."

"I guess we need to have a safe word."

Ivy's eyes grew wide. "You mean you actually want to do that again?"

"Well, come on, Red. Ya gotta admit it was sexy..."

"Nothing you just told me affected me in the way toward anything sexy, Harley," she said. "It was sick. I can't believe you would want to do that! And then do it again after he almost killed you!"

Harley grew quiet and looked at her lap where she rested her fidgeting hands. After a moment, she sighed, saying, "Well, sure...I wanna do it again, but...differently this time."

Ivy raised an eyebrow. "How...differently?"

She licked her lips and raised her gaze to her friend, grinning slyly. "I think I need to turn the tables a bit..."