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Caspian and I eventually stopped kissing (I was beginning to feel far to lightheaded for it to be healthy) and simply lay hidden in the tall grass, enjoying each other's company. I lay my head on Caspian's shoulder while his arms were around my waist, our legs slightly entangled.

So, needless to say, it was mildly awkward when Edmund found us tangled up like that.

"Alright love birds," He called, his voice mixed between embarrassed and amused as Caspian and I rapidly tried to separate ourselves more. "Martha sent me to find you two," his face turning serious. "Caspian, some of your soldiers have arrived. Urgent."

Caspian's brow furrowed as he headed toward the house, reaching back to hold my hand as we walked. Perhaps it was silly, but my heart warmed at the gesture. Clearly, something was wrong, but he still wanted to have me close to him in someway.

We entered in the back door of Ari's estate, both Ari and Peter still missing from the room. Martha was entertaining Jonathan, who now had wet hair and fresh clothing. He was talking happily to Martha, who had a false smile plastered on her face to hide her worry.

A soldier stood in the corner of the room.

"Your majesties." He greeted us solemnly. He made to go on, but then looked towards Jonathan'' small figure. Martha nodded and ushered the young child out of the room, the opposite door from where the soldier stood near.

"Your majesties," he began again, "We have just captured the archer who attacked Queen Lucy."

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