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Preview: this is my first story please review. Harry dies in the chamber of secrets and someone decides to give Harry a hand as long as he helps him.

Harry yelled back "help will be given at Hogwarts as long as someone asks for it"

Riddle laughed, "You fool, no help to be had. Dumbledore is gone and my basilisk is going to kill you."

Tom pointed Harry's wand at Harry and forced his head up to look at the giant yellow death gaze of the basilisk. In the instant that Harry saw the basilisk's eyes his heart stopped and his vision went dark. He awoke in the same room but with a strange red light that filled the room. Tom was gone, the basilisk was gone, and where there should have been a giant statue instead was a man in a black pinstripe suit with a crimson tie. under his feat, the concrete seemed to be melting and a black sludge seemed to ooze from his shoes.

"Hello Harry, I'm an old friend of the family's. How have you been?"

"W-w-who the hell are you?!"Harry asked both surprised and suspicions.

"Now, now, Harry. let's not be rude, pull up a chair." With a wave of the strange man's hand Harry felt a chair slam into the back of his legs. it draged him the twenty feet or so to right in front of the man. "I'm an old family friend. I knew your first ancestor, one of three brothers, who happened to beat one of my best demons. in fact you might say one of The Demons."

"What are you talking about? you're crazy. where am I. am I dead."

"Relax Harry I'll explain it all. First of all yes you are dead for this split second but before you get in a huff you might not be dead. If you help me with a little problem" the man waved his hand again, a table laden with two tea cups and a tea pot appeared and the man took a seat in a chair made of black smoke.

"What problem is that?" Harry asked as the man poured himself a drink, it wasn't tea it looked like green blood, dragon blood if Harry had to guess. He then continued to poor Harry a drink out of the same pot yet the liquid had turned an amber Harry guessed it was fire whiskey (he was right).

"well my top demon is having issues again... first time since your ancestors. strangely enough the person I'm having a problem with, is a descendant of another brother. making you two distant cousins. he also happens to be the same man who gave you that scar and is commanding that big snake thing back where I dragged your mind from."

"Voldermort, you're having a problem with him?" asked Harry quite surprised he thought he had worked out who this guy was claiming to be saying that he owned demons and all.

"ohh yes you see most wizards escape death for a short time but there's a few who escape my top demon for far too long. one being Tom Riddle and another being your common ancestor. He split his soul into these things called Horcruxes and they can't be destroyed except by extraordinary means" the man took a sip form his dragon blood "mmm still warm, any ways one such fragmented soul piece is back where your body is. Now to kill the man you must either destroy all the pieces first or get him to rejoin his soul. which he has to do by feeling remorse, for his soul ripping fun. In all truthfulness that's unlikely to happen. he's too evil if you ask me. He also happened to leave a piece of his soul in you. I'll be sending you a little help in the form of one of my most trusted demons. she'll help you with the finer details, if you so choose to help me. And hopefully help destroy that fragment of soul in you. you'll still retain all the gifts it's given you, talking to snakes, power, and so on."

Harry sat agape at the man "but I haven't told you if I'm going to help you or not"

"Oh not to worry Harry I like you far too much to let you die to such a pitiful circumstance." The man smiled and waved his hand again the table disappeared and in its place stood a woman clad in tiny bits of leather that barely covered her privates or breasts. She had black bat wings large enough to let her fly and a red spade shaped tail "this is my demon who will be helping you her name is malcontent. she'll be helping you in the mortal realm from now on."

Malcontent walked up to Harry her chest at his head level leaned over giving Harry an impressive view of her double-d sized breast that seemed to need no clothing to hold themselves up. Her cloths soul function seemed to be to cover what little that was left to hide. Her long black bangs hung down into her face. as she looked into Harry's eyes and stroked his cheek, Harry had the involuntary reaction to take a large gasp. as if he had been plunged into freezing water.

Harry opened his eyes he was back in the chamber, nothing had changed. he was still looking at those giant yellow eyes but as he starred at them he saw through them and saw something inside that made him feel sick he felt like his entire stomach was trying to force it's self-up into his throat forcing him to fall onto all four and start coughing and vomiting up some kind of black sludge.

"So Harry the basilisk couldn't kill you odd but it looks like your dying in a more painful way." As riddle watched Harry started drawing the blackish sludge into a pentagram with an S symbol in the center of it. Harry finished the pentagram and stood up it started glowing green Harry looked back into the basilisk's eyes and said in parselmouth "come". The basilisk slithered over without a second glance at its true master as it came closer to the pentagram. The pentagram started glowing green a violent shade the color of Harry's eyes. As the great snake passed into the pentagram giant green flames erupted from the drawing on the floor and the skin and tissue seemed to peel of the basilisk's skeleton as if someone was peeling it like some sick banana made of flesh and organs. The basilisk continued to slither through the pentagram until all that was left of it was the demon that inhabited the basilisk's body a great bone snake with its venom sacks and eyes the only thing left other than its bleach white bones, its eyes were a blood red and the poison had turned into some kind of yellowish acid for as it dripped on the ground the liquid melted the stone ground. The great skeleton snake slithered around so its head was at Harry's side facing riddle.

"What have you done to my pet potter, you've killed my basilisk." Riddle said in utter horror he had never seen something as foul as the pile of flesh and organs left in the center of the pentagram that now looked like some kind of foul death pit after a gruesome battle.

"I've released the chicken from the demon that makes a basilisk what it is." Harry wasn't sure how he knew this but just like he had known the creature was inside the snake he knew what he had to do now. He reached out and grabbed the great daemon by the base of its skull where its spine connected and squeezed until the spine snapped. Harry felt the energy from the creature enter his body like some kind of demonic energy. he felt its spirit somehow enter him yet get hidden somewhere inside him. Harry looked up into riddles fear filled face "do you know Tom Horcruxes are just like demon souls and someone is very upset with you so much it seems he's given me the ability to take the demons back to where they belong and you belong in hell riddle and I'm going to make sure you end up there."

Harry advanced on young Voldemort and lifted his hand as if trying to grab for riddle from twenty feet away. Harry knew all he had to do was reach his neck and he could take riddle into himself just like he had done to the bone basilisk. Voldemort shot spell after spell at Harry but every spell that was shot at Harry he simply knocked away with his left hand the spells seemed to just bounce off of his hand as if there was some kind of new hidden power within his hand. Voldemort fell backwards in retreat Harry knelt down fast at his side looked directly into his eyes as his hand grasped Voldemort's neck. "Now you will pay for what you have done you foul creature of hell." Harry watched as he squeezed the life out of Voldemort he seemed to become solid with Harry's touch and he could here Voldemort's choking gasps as he tried to pry Harry's hand from his neck but now that the connection was made he wouldn't be able to remove Harry's hand with all the magic in the world.

As the last ounce of Voldemort's soul poured into Harry's arm Harry tried to look up but he found himself in a carpeted room the center of which was lower than the rest of the room in the center two large half circular couches that made the center like its own seating area with a table that seemed to be being held up by chains as he entered the circle he was forced to sit as the table seemed to lower on its own. As he sat down he noticed the perimeter of the room had three doors one that was pure white another that was red and a third that looked like some heavy metal door with no handle, it was also covered in chains.

As he was looking the red door opened, Harry looked up to see Malcontent dressed in a slimming short skirted low cut red dress. It was one of the most provocative dresses Harry had ever see, Malcontent's hair was tied into a pony tail. "Hi, Harry. You sure have been busy. Taking two demons already she sat down in front of Harry. You used a little too much of your power you fainted so I took you into your mind so you could see what I've done with the place." Harry looked around "this is my mind? How did you get here?"

"Oh don't pretend you don't remember I touched your cheek in the Nether world. So you see now you and I are one." She put one of her hands across the table to shake Harry's and said "my names Malcontent call me Maloney."

Harry feeling some kind of strange attraction reached out and was about to take Maloney's hand when the white door burst opened "don't you dare Malcontent how dare you show up in a mortals mind before an angel has!" A women dressed in a white dress yelled, though her dress was much looser and longer her dress was still low cut she had long blonde hair that came down past her waist, but most astounding were the snowy white wings that reminded Harry of Hedwig's feathers large and powerful enough to lift her into the air. Her hair flared behind her as she fast walked up to the table as Harry placed his hand down by his side.

"Who are you?" Harry asked curios.

"Me" the lady asked as if that made no since "I am the angle of Vengeful Justice and I will not let another innocent fall to the evil of demons."

"What, evil, demons are not evil, we simply give into human desires and gift them there carnal desires to reward them for helping us. It's a lot better than what you angels do." Maloney hissed in Vengeful Justices direction.

"Angels worse than demons, never! We simply prevent you demons from corrupting humans into committing carnal sins, repetitively. all over the world. We would never stoop as low as demons and give the ones who help us "gifts" as you say." Vengeful justice retorted back angrily.

"Your names Vengeful justice, that is a bit of a mouthful couldn't we just call you Justice?" Harry asked completely lost in their argument.

"No, you may not" she said in a huff "my name is Vengeful Justice. I will not be known by some hippy name like Justice."

"Oh come off it. let him call you something other than that. it's too long and annoying to go by our proper names." Maloney said back gently.

"Fine, but he's coming up with the name. not you demon!" Demon was emphasized like a curse.

"How about Mary that's a biblical name. you can't have any objections to that." "Fine, I'll be called by the name Mary, until the demon leaves your mind." Mary said restrained like it cost her quite a bit to give into this tiny compromise.

"Fine but you will not join yourself to this boy is that understood Maloney" Maloney looked at the table and coughed slightly "what! You already made an accord, how could you?" at this Harry thought Mary was talking to Maloney again but she glared at Harry.

"I… I was…" Harry started but Maloney came to his defense "it is not his fault. If you angels had come to his rescue, he would not of needed to make a life pact with, Him" at the mention of the man in the pinstripe suit, the metal door shook.

Mary looked a taken back. "Fine then I think it would only be fair, if… if I make a pact with him as well." Maloney now looked surprised. "I dint think angels made pacts with humans not since well you know the one I'm talking about."

"I am well aware of that Maloney but in this case I will make an exception." Harry interrupted Mary as she reached down to touch Harry's shoulder, "um, what will this pact do to me?"

Mary stood back up then went to take a seat next to Maloney "well you see when a demon or angel make a pact with a mortal they take up residence in the mortals mind and the mortal gets a bit of powers like the said angel or demon and …" Mary mumbled the last bit.

"What was that?" asked Harry. "Maloney answered for Mary. for she had turned beat red and looked away scratching the side of her face. "She said that the pact also makes the joined pair fall in love. This means they usually take part in carnal sins with one another." Harry's eyes went wide as he looked at both the beautiful women and realized what that meant as his eyes were drawn directly to their most carnal assets.

"May I continue Harry?" Mary said sweetly and lovingly as if Harry's name had already had some kind of effect on her. Harry nodded slowly and Mary leaned over and gently caressed Harry's face and kissed him on the lips. Harry closed his eyes and just like before he felt the chill of a thousand winters as if thrown deep into a frozen sea and when he opened his eyes he was standing back in the mortal world before him lay Ginny stripped half naked and crying. Harry was completely confused as he looked down Ginny looked like a young women not an eleven year old and Harry saw that his body was the age of a sixteen year old's as well.

AN: So ends the beginning of the end for our young protagonist keep reading to see what other misfortunes may befall him.