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Harry sat in his new homes library, reading yet another book. He had, had a good summer. Running around Egypt, getting to see into cursed tombs. Even had gotten his picture taken for the daily profit along side the majority of the Weasley family. When he had gotten back, Ginny and Himself took there apparition test, both succeeding. Though it helps when an Angel and Demon tutor you for two weeks before your test. Harry had been reading the contents of the library in his leisure. So far he had read through Dwarven Runes for Beginners, Gnomish Ritual Basics, Elven Song Composing, Wand crafting for beginners, As well as The Standard Book of Spells, Grades 1, 2, and 3, Transfiguration for Beginners, and Intermediate, and currently he was making his way through Egyptian Spellcraft.

"reading another book, Harry?" Tonya asks. She was in the process of putting a pile of books from the potion room onto the shelves. The elves had taken it upon themselves to clean up the mansion. So far they had found over thirty different handwritten "spell books" and "potion books". The last few Lords had apparently used the vast resources of the manor to practice and experiment with as many aspects of magic as Harry had ever herd of.

"find anything interesting in the latest batch?" Harry asked as Maloney explained the last chapter he just read.

"something on temporary animagus transformation, using Bezoar in potions to create a stronger curing draft, and something on creating a stronger Stupefy spell." Tonya said off handed.

"Those sound interesting, put them on the to-read shelf, I'll get to them after this one." Harry told Tonya.

"you see, that's how the Egyptian's made their spells last for centuries." Maloney finished explaining to Harry's inner monologue. Whenever his guardians were within him, he could access all of their knowledge, as well as multitask as if he had three minds. It made learning new subjects and abilities easier than Harry had ever experienced.

"right as soon as you finish reading the entire section on spell crafting and magical core resonating items." Tonya joked. Giggling lightly as she climbed the ladder to the second floor of the library.

"Harry did you see the Prophet this morning?" Ginny asked scanning over the paper. Harry had yet to figure out how Hedwig was delivering there mail. As Harry knew she flew out there bedroom window every evening and came back the next morning with the daily post.

"no, why? something interesting. It's not another article about me becoming a lord and throwing the magical world into chaos..." Harry said a little displeased with how a Rita Skeeter had been bashing him in the news.

"no, it's Sirius Black. They say he's escaped Azkaban." Ginny said, Still reading the article trying to understand how the prisoner escaped. Harry scooted over to Ginny reading over her shoulder.

Black Still At Large

Sirius Black, possibly the most infamous prisoner ever to be held in Azkaban fortress, is still eluding capture, the Ministry of Magic confirmed today.

"we are doing all we can to recapture Black,"

said the Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge, this morning, "and we beg the magical community to remain calm."

Fudge has been Criticized by some members of the International Federation of Warlocks for informing the Muggle Prime Minister of the crisis.

"well, really, I had to, don't you know," said an irritable Fudge.

"Black is mad. He's a danger to anyone who crosses him, magic or Muggle. I have the Prime Minister's assurance that he will not breathe a word of Black's true identity to anyone. And lets face it – who'd believe him if he did?"

While Muggles have been told that Black is caring a gun (a kind of metal wand that Muggles use to kill each-other), the magical community lives in fear of a massacre like that of twelve years ago, when Black murdered thirteen people with a single curse. Fudge has been quoted saying that this year Hogwarts school for which craft and wizardry, will be protected by dementors (the magical beasts that guard Azkaban). When asked why such tight security would be in place at the school fudge responded.

"during Blacks incarceration he was caught mumbling just three words "he's at Hogwarts". This is believed to be his ultimate goal. We believe in his lapsed mental state, he must believe that continuing he who must not be named work will some how vindicate himself."

The appointment of dementors at the school was only fought by Dumbledore. Though the large popular decision has been met with outstanding applause by the general public.

"Merlin, What an article. What are dementors?" Harry asked, confused by the unknown magical beast.

"There horrible beasts that were created when earth bound demons mated with despicable humans creating a thing that feeds on fear." Mary said as she formed standing behind Harry and Ginny leaning over the couch.

"we don't recognize them under the controlled demons in the netherworld." Maloney added, "there quite difficult to stop and even more difficult to destroy." Harry stared at the image provided with the article the mans face looked familiar.

Beginning of Summer

"minister, may I have that Paper. I love doing the crosswords." Black asked the Minister of Magic.

"sure, I'm done with it..." Fudge said handing the paper through the bars. He shook his head as he walked the hall. The rest of the inmates are either in crazed stupors or whimpering in their cells, yet black is fine, right as rain.

Black looked down at the paper.

Ministry of Magic Employee

Scoops Grand Prize

Arthur Weasley, Head of the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office at the Ministry of Magic, has won the annual Daily Prophet Grand Prize Galleon Draw.

A delighted Mr. Weasley told the Daily Prophet,

"we will be spending the gold on a summer holiday in Egypt, where our eldest son, Bill, works as a curse breaker for Gringotts wizarding Bank."

The Weasley family will be spending a month in Egypt, returning a month before the start of the new school year at Hogwarts, which five of the Weasley children currently attend. One child opted to spend his summer with his great aunt Muriel. Also along with the Weasley family is none other than the new Lord Harry James Potter (aka. The boy who lived). For more information on this see article 3 pg. 9.

Below this article was a picture of the Weasley family and a separate photo of Ronald Weasley with his pet rat on his shoulder. Black stared at the picture of Harry for more than a hour trying to understand how he looked so much older. Had he really been in here that long. He checked the date on the paper again. It was only when his eyes fell on the rat that he realized, "Petagrew!". From here on out he was adamant on getting out, on finding the man who killed his best friend and who was in the same school that he had met the weasel at and his godchild Harry.

The Dursley's

Vernon had taken to the news of Harry's wealth like a moth to a flame. He knew James would be all wizard but Petunia's sister Lily she might of made a mistake and placed her residence with James at a regular post office. So through his wheeling and dealings he had finally found it. A Bank account in Harry's name most likely meant for him if he decided to try and join normal society. Vernon was over the moon and when the bank manager agreed that since they were the current guardians of the boy they should have access it was no trouble to steal Harry's money out from under his nose. Taking his money wasnt harming the boy what could the stupid curse do to him for this.

Vernon laughed all the way home as he thought about the new car he would be buying for himself with Harry's money and for that matter he could have the freaks money pay for his houses mortgage. Petunia of coarse was trying to convince him to let it go that they were done with their nephews oddness but Vernon insisted on getting even with the blight.

Vernon and petunia walked in their front door expecting to see Vernon's sister and Dudley greet them instead, they were greeted by a eight foot man in a trench coat. His face obscured by the hood of the coat. They turned to run when the carpet beneath their feet magically slipped from beneath them. Harry's curse had gotten even for Vernon's deceit and prevented their escape from a grisly fate.

Three weeks later

Black arrived at Harry's residence, the only living relatives of Harry James Potter. He immediately knew there was something wrong. The papers were piled on the front mat and from the house his heightened canine sense could smell human blood. Sirius rushed into the house without thinking, the transition from dog to human was seamless.

"hello! Is anyone there?" Sirius called. The house was dark, the indistinguishable smell of death hung on the house. Sirius walked forward following the smell. He walked past a cupboard and could smell a small child had been sleeping here for the past eleven years, but not recently. He slowed his walk and took a deep sniff. The kitchen, he walked in, worry etched in his chest. Harry was in Egypt, not here, Harry was in Egypt, not here. His inner monologue continued to repeat.

"My names Sirius Black, I am just checking to see every one is alright." He knew it wasn't. He could smell death. At the table for a second Sirius thought he saw a normal looking breakfast. The truth only hit him after a minute of staring at the scene. There sat a fat ugly mans body decapitated, a young fat boys body decapitated, and an overly obese woman's body again missing the head. On there plates were there own organs half eaten still hanging out of there stomach which were gouged open. Sirius looked at the stove there was something cooking on it. He walked forward and saw a potion boiling in a sauce pot.

"there's a wizard in this house, a dark wizard..." Sirius looked around there was no one on the first floor, maybe up stairs...

Sirius came to the last bedroom, worried what he would find. He opened the door and was greeted by a horrible sight, something between a man and monster.

"Hello Sirius, long time no see" A voice said out of a mouth on the back of the creatures head.

"Peter what are you..." Sirius was confused the man like shape had more hands (if you could call bug like claws hands) than he should of. The skin along its back was missing but instead of pink or red muscles, the spine was elongated and black. Each bone had a spine growing out of it. In between the bones black sinew of rotted flesh hung. Instead of hair, the head was covered in a black insect carapace with antenna coming out the top. On the end of the antenna two human eyes spinning around, one looking at Sirius, the other one looking at something else, blocked on the bed. The creature was making jerky quick movements, humping something on the bed.

"sorry my other is busy, I suggest you run. He's too busy to notice you yet." Peter said. His voice sounded like he was drowning in blood, coughing it up occasionally.

"what happened to you, your a monster." Sirius asked still in shock, what was going on in this house.

"i tried making a demon slave... I've never been good at higher level summoning magic. I thought I could trick the boy into joining his soul freely. When he saw my true form, at the last second he grabbed me and joined me with him." Peter explained.

"why tell me, why?" Sirius asked the shock wearing off. He could smell nothing but sex in this room.

"He killed the uncle, cousin, and sister of the uncle. He will torture the aunt until she goes mad, after... he will track down Harry. He means to give him to the Dark Lord. I want forgiveness, before he completely destroys me, maybe just maybe I can escape to the other place." Peter stated. Though Sirius lost the nuances of what peter meant. He could sense the thing on the bed was not peter anymore. this was a creature that he would need a wand to defeat. He backed away slowly, heading for the front door. He had to get to Lupin. Lupin would know what to do. Lupin always studied more than any other Marauder.

Platform nine-and-three quarters

"You sure taking the train is necessary?" Harry asked wanting to of gone strait from his home to school, it would be so much easier.

"how else are we going to appear normal?" Ginny asked. She wasn't going to show up to school wearing brand new robes bought by her "master" Lord Harry James Potter.

"did you see that, its true he looks completely different." Harry herd a voice say. Obviously an onlooker.

"I hate how they stare. Its only gotten worse..." Harry said looking over the crowd there were few people as tall as him on the platform.

"relax, I'm here. No ones going to bother you while I'm by your side." Ginny said consolingly.

"and were here too" Harry herd his guardians whisper to him in his ear. He smiled, hearing his guardians talk to him when no one else could here.

"who's that?" Harry asked pointing out an elder looking wizard.

"I don't know, a teacher?" Ginny responded. Harry looked again, the man looked familiar. I think Hagrid sent me a picture with him in it. Harry tried to remember his most recent birthday present from Hagrid. sent to him over the summer. It was a photo album that he had made from photos from all of his parents old friends.

"He was at your parents wedding, he had less scars then." Harry's guardians answered for him. Harry started walking toward the man. The crowd seemed to disperse at his passing and his Girlfriends.

"hello there" Harry stuck out his hand, most students were avoiding them and the strange looking adult.

"ah hello, you must be a seventh year. Ill be your new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher Remus Lupin." Lupin explained starring at the strange looking man. He looked at the eyes than took the man's hand. "and your Harry Potter, not a seventh year, my mistake." Lupin finished.

"no introductions required, Harry Potter" As Harry grabbed Lupin's hand he read the curse on him, this man is a were-wolf.

"professor Lupin..." Harry wondered if he should ask him. "are you a were..." Lupin cut him off before he could finish.

"oh, look at the time we should get on the train." Lupin grabbed Harry's shoulder and pulled him into the train. Finding there own compartment. Ginny's and Harry's trunks soundlessly floated behind them. Hedwig sat on top of Harry's floating trunk. As they entered the compartment, the trunks raised them selves into the racks.

"who told you!?" Remus Lupin turned around after shutting the compartment door and silencing the room.

"relax, I could just tell." Harry tried to explain.

"just tell... that's not possible. how did you know?" Lupin asked wanting a strait answer from the son of one of his best friends.

"I shouldn't of said anything, I'm sorry. I've just never met a were-wo..." Harry started to explain.

"keep your voice down..." Lupin looked outside the blinds checking that no one overheard them. "were-wolfs aren't welcome in the wizarding community. Most wizards fear that well get lose during a full moon and bite someone." Lupin explained sitting down and taking a deep breath.

"I don't understand, your a normal person every other day. Right?" Harry asked.

"that's not the problem Harry. Were-wolfs can't control themselves during a full moon. If one got out at the school, think about how many students would be infected." Ginny said. She was clinging to Harry's arm. Looking to his side Harry could sense how afraid she was, just being in the same compartment with a were-wolf.

"I'll be taking wolf-bane potion every week before and after a full moon to control my change." Lupin explained wanting to assure Ginny and Harry that he was not putting any students at risk.

"wouldn't it be easier to simply cure your curse?" Harry asked as far as he was concerned with magic shouldn't it be easy to cure a curse like this. Harry herd his inner guardians consult with him.

"even for us it would be impossible to completely cure, but perhaps with a little effort a reasonable control could be achieved."

"no its not, currently the were-wolf bite is an incurable curse. The only thing available is the Wolf-bane potion but it is an exceedingly hard potion to brew, with exceptionally rare ingredients. Currently there are four known potion makers who are willing to brew the potion. The one who will brew it for me is professor Snape." Lupin explained.

"Professor Snape!" Harry yelled, "you trust that... that... creep?"

"of course I trust him. He is one of the best potion makers in the country if not the world." Lupin said matter of factually.

"you don't have to trust him, I'll help you." Harry said immediately. Harry didn't want one of his fathers friends, to have to rely on someone who hated his father so much, that he treats Harry like slime.

"I appreciate the sentiment Harry, but what do you hope to do to help me with my problem." Lupin said knowing all to well that even fully fledged wizards had never been able to do more than ease the transition.

"he will help you." Ginny said knowing all to well of Harry's great skill. He was able to remove a unbreakable curse from the dark lord from her flesh. If he's able to do that, than helping this man would be no problem.

"no under-qualified student will be able to solve my problem..." Lupin said smiling while shaking his head. The train started to move. Harry looked out over the platform, he saw Mr. and Mrs. Weasley waving at the train.

"He didn't show, I was positive he would show..." Harry said distracted by the missing Weasley child.

"Mom says Aunt Muriel didn't want to worry us. that's why she didn't tell us he went missing a week after he showed up at her house." Ginny said looking out understanding without asking who Harry was talking about.

"still I never thought he would abandon Hogwarts..." Harry said distracted.

"um not to feel left out or anything but who are we talking about?" Lupin asked the two.

"Ginny's brother, one of my best friends. Ronald Weasley..." Harry answered still starring out at the scenery as it rolled by.

"I'm sorry to here that. I hope he shows up soon." Lupin said knowing how worrying it is to here a friend is missing. Lupin looked outside a strong storm was brewing. The rain splattered the window. What little light was left in the day was blocked out by the clouds.

"This will be fun, going up to the castle in this..." Harry said looking out at the gallons of water streaming off the window.

"Anything off the trolley?" The trolley witch had opened the door and was pushing her usual goods.

"nothing for me. you Harry?" Ginny asked. Harry shook his head knowing that with this worry he didn't really want to eat.

"anything for you, Troublemaker?" The trolley witch asked Lupin. Lupin shook his head and took on the look of an apologetic child caught stealing. Harry turned he had never herd the Trolley witch address someone personally, let alone call a teacher troublemaker. The witch left still glaring evilly at Lupin.

"what was that about?" Harry asked confused by the entire interaction.

"well, I don't know if you knew this, but me and your father were best friends in Hogwarts. Well we used to get into trouble a lot. One year your father and our other friend convinced me that we should try and get off the train early. Trust me when I say, Never try to get off the Hogwarts Express. That witch has been keeping kids on the train since it first started running over a hundred-eighty years ago." Lupin said seriously remembering all to well that night and regretting it ever since.

"you and my father tried to jump off the train?" Harry asked interested in his fathers exploits.

"yes, though I can't remember why. Ever since than the Trolley witch snubbed us and made sure to make extra rounds to our compartment, to ensure we were still in our seats." Lupin said now remembering the trouble his friends would get him in and how much fun he had at Hogwarts.

"so who else did you hang out with?" Harry asked wanting to know more about his fathers friends.

"oh, there was me. Your father who we called Prongs behind closed doors. A small round boy named Peter Pettigrew, we called Wormtail. The other one was called Padfoot. We were some of the biggest troublemakers ever to of entered Hogwarts. We had one heck of a time keeping my problem a secret. Also one hell of a time running around Hogwarts under your fathers cloak." Lupin told Harry with a smile on his face that showed just how much he had enjoyed Jame's company.

They continued to discuss past exploits of the Marauders for hours.

Meanwhile in the Forest of Albania

There walked a giant of a "man" it stood nine feet tall hunched over. With its limping walk it didn't look capable of standing upright.

"you're sure he's hiding here?" the scaly, guttural voice asked out load.

"yesss... master" Peter's weak voice hissed out of the crack on the back of the creatures head. "please no more souls..." peter added quietly almost wishfully.

"if I need directions than you will converse with which ever soul I find." to make a point the monster bent down and snatched up a rat with the speed of a hawk. He brought the small squealing animal to his robed face than the squeaking stopped with a loud crunch.

Peter looked around he was again in his tormented space. what at one time had been his mind space was now shared. Where normally he would be able to walk freely around the space he now was malformed and joined with hundreds upon hundreds of vermin and rodents of all kinds. There legs and tails sticking out at odd angles. Whenever a new soul was added to the space there memories,thoughts abilities were all pooled into Peters's mind.

"you have come a long way to find me..." A whispering slithering voice called out from the darkness around the monster of a man.

"i have come to find you Lord Voldemort, I seek to destroy Harry Potter. I need your help with some magic and I know you need help to take human form once more." The creature stated calling out into the darkness.

"how did you find me... only my inner circle knew of this hiding place?" Lord Voldemort asked through the darkness preparing to kill the intruder.

"it was me Master... I told him how to find you..." Peter called.

"Petigrew is that you? You fool, did you actually try and make a demon servant. I never thought you would ever find a wizard who would willingly become a demon..." Lord Voldemort slithered out from in between the trees. He was currently inhabiting a great long serpent.

"yes, he tried. He failed so badly that to stabilize my self I have come for your assistance." The creature of a man stated.

"this shall make for an interesting partnership..." Lord Voldemort in Naginy's body said.

Back on the train

Harry looked out the train window, the train was slowing. What once was water now had turned to hail. The window was frosting over, Harry had never seen such a dramatic temperature change. The train came to a halt.

"we can't be there yet?" Ginny said looking out. "someone's getting on the train..."

"both of you stay back," Lupin said drawing his wand and facing the door. "it's Dementors"

The compartment grew cold as the black cloaked figure glided toward there door. The creature stood or rather hovered at six feet towering over the others in the compartment. The very air was chilled form the presence of this evil creature. The creature reached out with its scabbed grayed skinned bony hand. The door slid open.

"Expecto Patronum" Lupin shouted, a little silver wisp shot from his wand tip. The dementor looked at it for a second then waved its hand through the mist destroying the flimsy shield.

"Expecto Patronum!" Lupin recited again this time louder. I have to think of something other then James and Sirius. It was no good this shield didn't even halt the advance of the dementor his mind was still on poor James and lily. It reached up and pushed Lupin into one of the seats. Harry and Ginny were pushed up against the glass. Soon it would be touching them. Lupin could here its rattling breath as it sucked in trying to taste their fear.

"Leave us alone." Harry said as he pushed Ginny behind himself. No one was going to hurt his girlfriend. The dementor made a noise like chocking and advanced on Harry. It reached to grab at Harry's throat.

"I don't think so" Mary said appearing behind the dementor. The creature turned around to engage the new visitor and immediately backed away attempting to flee from the holy creature.

"not going this way either." Maloney called having appeared in front of Harry trapping the dementor. The creature looked trapped it turned its hooded face back and forth between Maloney and Mary.

"what the hell" Lupin said confused by the sudden appearance of two beautiful women, not to mention they were wearing not cloaks but there normal attire. Lupin could see the black bat wings behind the women dressed in red. Behind the women with blond hair were massive wings that Lupin could only describe as bird feathers.

"Maloney, Mary get back!" Harry shouted. He remembered what they had both said about dementors. Though they were acting brave, Harry could sense they were scared to death. The dementor took in another rasping breath, reached up and removed its hood. Ginny and Lupin fell unconscious. The dementor reached out meaning to grab both Maloney and Mary. Not really knowing what he was doing Harry pushed past Maloney and grabbed the dementor's bare flesh with his right hand. Harry felt his angelic power flow into the dementor. The creature continued now toward Harry. While it tried to free its other hand it reached out trying to grab at Harry. Harry did the only thing that made sense, he grabbed the creatures other hand. Harry felt both his demonic and angelic powers flow from him. He saw copious amounts of the mist that preceded the release of his power flow from his hands.

"Let go Harry" Harry barley registered whose voice had told him that. The eyeless skull of the dementor turned toward Harry. instead of sucking in air the creature gave a rattling breath, than turned to black dust. The cloak fell to the ground owner less. Harry fell down on the compartment floor he had passed out from the exertion.

This time when Harry opened his eyes, he was not in his mind space. This time he was in his memory.

"take Harry and go, I'll hold him off." James Potter said to the love of his life. Harry looked over his mothers shoulder as she carried him out of the living room into his bedroom. She set him down as a ruckus came from the living room. Soon though it was quite, as a Green flash of light was seen beneath the door. The door flew open and there stood Lord Voldemort.

"Not Harry, not Harry, please not Harry!" Harry could see his mother blocking the door from Lord Voldemort.

"Stand aside, you silly girl...stand aside, now..." Voldemort's cold hissing voice resounded around the room.

"Not Harry, please no, take me, kill me instead-" his mother begged. Harry tried to move but he was just an observer of this memory, through his own eyes. He could no more control what went on here then he could stop from seeing this grisly sight.

"Please have mercy...not Harry...Have mercy" Lily was crying still holding out her arms barring the passing of Lord Voldemort.

"Avada kedavra" Voldemort recited his practiced spell. Again there was a shinning bright light. Lily fell down and Voldemort stepped over her. He walked up to Harry pointed his wand strait at his forehead. "Avada Kedavra"

This time there was an enormous explosion. Voldemort's body was disintegrated, the houses walls collapsed from the force. The roof came down, every thing was topsy-turvey.

"Harry, are you alright..." Harry looked into the face of his mother. She had crawled over to him. There was a shield charm holding up the debris over him. There was blood trickling down Lily's mouth. She fell to the side of the bed, Harry could no longer see her. The charm slowly faded the debris falling to the side of Harry's bed. Harry's vision went dark as his past self fell asleep.

"Harry, Harry wake up." Harry opened his eyes and looked at the three faces who had brought him so much joy. Tears welled up and he turned over to hide his face.

"are you alright Harry?" Ginny asked helping Harry onto a nearby seat. Harry looked around. The dementor's cloak was still on the ground, Lupin was no longer in the compartment.

"I'm fine, just used a little too much magic is all..." Harry said dismissively not wanting to explain that at that moment he had just seen his fathers and mothers last moments.

"no you are not alright" Maloney said fiercely, "you absorbed a dementor. Your not suppose to be able to do that." Maloney glared at Harry like this was all his fault. Harry knew though that if he hadn't stepped forward the creature would of grabbed hold of Mary and Maloney.

"i just wanted to save you is all..." Harry said looking at Mary and Maloney who had just taken the seat across from him as Ginny rubbed his back trying to console him.

"maybe,..." Mary started to say but let it hang in the air.

"Maybe what?" Ginny asked wanting her to continue.

"Maybe he was able to destroy it because he used angelic and demonic energy." Mary said guessing at how such a feat could have been accomplished.

"what do you mean?" Maloney asked still confused by this ability. No one, angel nor demon had ever destroyed a dementor.

"well angel's can ward off dementors much like a Patronus and Demons can keep them at bay with hell-fire. So maybe when Harry grabbed it he filled it up with hell-fire and angelic energy." Mary said taking her best guess at what had just happened.

"since when can you make hell-fire?" Maloney asked Harry hotly.

"didn't know I could..." Harry held out his left hand and concentrated. A black flame popped into existence on his palm dancing around but soon was extinguished by Harry closing his fist.

"My word, that's impressive" Maloney said starring at Harry's clenched fist.

"what, I'm sure you can do it too." Harry said. knowing that after all, Maloney was a demon. she could probably do lodes of things he couldn't even imagine.

"no, I can't. I am a Lust class demon. My powers revolve around pleasure and emotions. Even among demons, hell-fire summoning is rare." Maloney said still starring at Harry.

"how can he do it then?" Ginny asked starring at Harry, "I thought his powers come from you two?"

"there suppose to, but Harry is a special case..." Maloney said, "he has taken in an Alalisk demon, as well as another wizard's horrocrux. Now he has also taken in a dementor, perhaps he will resonate some of their powers as well."

"that's great. not only do I have basilisk venom for blood, look sixteen, now I might start sucking in peoples fear." Harry said exasperated. not wanting even more trouble in his life. Lupin came back into the compartment a look of wounder still on his face. It had been on this train when he had found friendship for the first time. He was as surprised now as he had been than, sitting in the compartment with Sirius Black, Lily, Severus, and James.

"the rest of them have left the train, though convincing them took a great amount of magic." Lupin said sounding jovial. Though it had more to do with Harry's position than forcing dementors off a train. He was laying in the laps of three beautiful girls not even touching a piece of the seat his three girls were sitting on. It seemed they had made themselves into Harry's personal seat. Lupin took the opposite seat across from them and looked down into Harry's face.

"you feeling alright Harry?" Lupin asked starring at the young face their seemed to be something troubling him.

"who is Sirius Black?" Harry asked more out loud in wonderment at why some one would warrant having such creatures sent after him and boarding a train of under aged wizards.

"He...he's an extremely disturbed muggle killer..." Lupin said haphazardly. Harry looked at Lupin, the answer hadn't surprised him but a sense of fear from Lupin.

"Why don't you want me asking about Black, Lupin?" Harry asked confused by the sense of dread in Lupin.

"i..i... oh, I guess I might as well tell you." Lupin explained the whole thing to Harry. The entire time Harry felt a fear from Lupin. A fear that someone would realize, that even though Sirius had betrayed his friends and him. Lupin still missed having friends who would willingly hang around him.

Harry sat in contemplation the rest of the trip trying to organize his thoughts as Lupin and Harry's Girl's talked. Lupin had closed their blinds to ensure that no one would spy on Harry's most unusual gift. Angel and Demon guardians when was the last reported case even Lupin wasn't sure without further research. Here sat or rather laid a boy who could destroy dementors, sense fears, and apparently according to Ginny reverse dark curses to their beginnings.

"so, Harry when you said you would help me..." Remus began an idea forming in his mind of how Harry had intended on helping him.

"yes, well about that... I can't remove the curse according to Maloney and Mary but with time you might find you can control the other form and even willfully change." Remus looked astonished the boy was explaining the intricacies of his plan without even bashing an eyelash. Remus was sure James would of never been able to accomplish such a goal.

They spent the rest of the train ride happily discussing Harry's plans looking forward to a new year at Hogwarts.