Prompt:Charles/Erik, (Charles/moresome eventually)
Disillusioned Charles, dark themes

At the beach, but before the gunshot:
Charles has read the minds of the officers on the ships. What he reads there shocks and changes him. He realizes Erik is right, humans won't ever accept them. He along with all the others join Erik. Either Charles becomes strong and dangerous now he is disillusioned by the "normal" people or he breaks down, can't deal, escapes in drug use, sex, etc.

Erik's tone is taunting, his gaze fixed on him, the steel eyes cold.

"See for yourself, then." he reiterates, and Charles flinches as if from a blow. "Prove to me that what I say isn't true."

"You know I-I can't-"

"Why? What are you so afraid of, Charles?"

"I'm not afraid." he bites back quickly. But his tone wasn't altogether convincing.

Erik's smile is mocking and cold. "Prove it then." he replies simply, and his gaze has become even more challenging, his grip on the missiles still taut.

Charles's eyes lock with his, before he gives a small sigh of defeat. But perhaps...maybe he is just the slightest bit afraid of what will happen if he does. But he has to prove to Erik that not all humans are the same! (Maybe he even has to prove it to himself.)

Tentatively at first, he slowly reaches out, as far as he can, to the minds on the ships. He is surprised at how easy it is-never before has he touched as many minds at once as he is doing now without the assisstance of Cerebro. He doesn't like it much, if he isn't looking for other lost souls.

There is the usual thrill though, no matter how morbid the situation. It isn't as difficult as hard as he thought it would be-the minds are wide open, their thoughts overflowing in their stress. It's almost painful how simple it is.

At first, Charles finds what he'd expected-fear. All-consuming, overbearing fear washes throughout his body, and he slowly begins to shudder with it, so many frightening thoughts overfilling his mind at once.

"They are afraid." he pushes out to his friend, who continues to stare at him with a blank expression.

"Of course." the man concedes. "And what else, my friend?"

Charles shoots a pained glance his way, almost pleading. He reaches out again, however, this time probing deeper into their heads.

And what he finds ruins him.


The man's hands were rough and careless, but it wasn't something he wasn't used to by now. It always felt better in the end anyway. The other was looking at him with that intense expression that let him know he was about to get off soon, but still held the dissappointment that he hadn't been able to touch him himself. Not like it mattered. Despite the smile that curled his lips, this was about all he could take in one night.

Slowly, his eyes sought the only constant companion he had now. The man's eyes were lazy with lust, but he knew he wouldn't make a move on him tonight. Secretely, Charles laughed at this man's mockery of a relationship. He honestly thought he felt something for him. How quaint.

He was pulled out of the man's mind for the moment though, by the man over him giving a loud, sickening grunt before he felt the familiar passage of liquid heat pass through him.

Condoms for the next one, definitely, he thought hazily before letting loose a small giggle that was sure to leave the man feeling full of himself. Already, he could hear him.

God, he was fucking tight, I was probably the best he's had in lord knows when, like he's never had it before, who knows why not, fucking beautiful cunt

Charles inwardly rolled his eyes as he gave the man a small peck on his cheek, having to lean upwards from where he was laying on the floor. He noticed dimly that it was suddenly quite hot in here, a stark contrast to when he had first entered shivering and slightly unnerved at having to be completely naked. As it was now, he already felt disgusting enough.

"So sorry dear, " he said over his shoulder at the other man who had reached completion soon after the man over him, who still looked dissappointed nonetheless.(Maybe he should've taken their names earlier, he was getting confused already on which was which, they both looked the same anyway, and that was not too unfamiliar from the many others.) "Maybe I can help you next time." he gave a small laugh as he felt the other one's hand slowly caress his face. The Dissappointed One gave a small pout. Pitiful, he thought vaguely, and he might've projected it because the man suddenly looked affronted.

Charles shook that off though, as the third man, his one constant companion walked over to him and, kneeling, put a hand underneath his chin, where they briefly touched the other man's as it still held onto his soft face, where he was whispering what appeared to be his praises in his ear.

He ignored him for the moment though because-he supposed he could be called his friend-was leaning into his face, and had pressed his mouth to his. Charles returned the kiss eagerly, because now his friend was pushing something into his mouth and that was what he really wanted all along. The tablet hurt going down his dry throat but it would be worth it in the end. Smiling softly, he gave a small wink to the man before pulling out of his embrace. He stood up, wrapping the sheet around him, the effects of the drugs slowly beginning to work its way into his system.

"Are you leaving so early?" one of them whined after him, and he gave an inward snort. All of them are the same. Greedy, he turned his head offering them the coyest of smiles. Disgusting. "Just let me freshen up a bit, darling." he said softly. He entered the bathroom and sat on the covered toilet seat, leaning his head back against the wall and let loose a soft sigh. Whoever that man was, he was good enough at what he did. Still, he gave them the slightest nudge with his mind, ushering them out, so it was only he and his friend. Hearing him give a soft sigh as the others suddenly felt the urge to leave, he looked dazily out the window out onto the street.

It was quieter than usual, the normal rioters more occupied with the other side of the city, but faintly he could see the sight of two small children picking through the garbage. He gave the slightest scoff. He wondered vaguely, when the effects were going to kick in. He estimated it should take a few more minutes before he felt it.

Thankfully, it kicked in just when his companion turned on the news.

There was the faintest crackle of a reporter talking the now-usual banter about the mutant resistance, before his mind was covered in a brilliant fog, the clouds surrounding his vision a welcome bliss.


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