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Chapter Three: Descent

They were walking to another party when it happened. Things had gotten much worse lately, and of course Nicholas hadn't wanted to go but Charles in his way, had pushed him to anyway. The streets had been clear for about two weeks now, what with the army moving the Brotherhood around. Several of the buildings in their neigborhood had been blown to bits and so Nicholas had moved the two of them down into the basement, where there had been two tunnels that would lead them out into the subway. Charles had been rather out of it when the man had brought him down, so he was nearly hysterical when he drifted down to find himself alone in the dark. Nicholas had to restrain him so that he didn't hurt himself. Scratches still covered the man's face and arms after that particular incident. But Nicholas had not mentioned anything of it of course, and Charles can still feel the soft touch of his lips on his forehead s he'd held him down, reassuring him that all was okay. And for a moment...if Charles was perfectly honest with himself-for a moment he had believed him.

In any case, Charles had become bored enough where he demanded that he be taken somewhere before the week ended and the man had obliged. They were going to one of the few that were still available an underground shindig called Friar for whatever reason, laughing and giggling their way up the street, when Charles first felt the stirrings of something unpleasant. At first, it was so subtle he could've missed it-he was intoxicated enough anyway that he might've missed it, had he not heard the sudden shuffling behind them, the nervous shifting of feet. Charles had stopped abruptly, looking around, until he heard with his mind.

Got to take the bigger fag out first. Then the little one won't be so bad to deal with.

Charles grimaced in irritation. Rolling his eyes, he tried to think of how to handle this.

"Darling is there something wrong?" Nicholas called to him nervously.

The smile he recieves is golden. "Just thought I heard a rat or something." He didn't particularly want to expose his 'boyfriend', he supposed he was to see anything if there was to be a problem. It wasn't that he really cared what Nicholas though of him-no of course not. Charles felt sober enough that he could debilitate the man when he attacked-oh he was definitely readying himself to attack now-but he couldn't see himself being able to wipe his lover's mind afterwards. And for the moment..Nicholas was his only connection to anything involving pleasure.

Nicolas reached a hand out to touch him, his gaze soft, and Charles felt nausea climb up his throat.

I'll get the fucker now. Their imminent assailant thoughts screamed at him. He didn't want to deal with this right now. Things were going so well. All he wanted was some peace. What did it take to get some peace for once?

"Come dear, we'll be getting there just about-

"NOW!" Charles screamed at the same time their attacker and he swirled around to face him, face contorted in rage, tossing Nicholas' hand off of him.

He was a thin, reedly man, but he was holding what looked like a gun and Charles' eyes narrowed. Was he seriously doing this? Now?

The man must've heard him for he gave him an odd look.

"The fuck?"

Charles quickly realized that there were actually more of them than he had first thought, and they were now emerging from the shadows. A headache was now pounding in his ears. Gritting his teeth, he looked up at all of them, trying to keep his tone calm.

"Now, now, what's this about?" he spat out. "We've got enough fucking problems without you being Billy the Kid over here."

"Charles, please hush, I'll try to get us out of this." Nicholas whispered into his ear, gripping his wrist.

"Oh, you know what this is about, twink." the first one said. "You're out well after curfew. And what would that be for, eh? Didn't you hear that the Brotherhood is out here?"

Charles flinched slightly as he realized that these must be members of the newest government-sponsered milita of night patrolmen. The thought didn't calm him. He could tell-like all the members of The Finger-that these bastards were dirty.

"Then why don't you go see what they're doing?" Charles snapped. He was so very tired.

Nicholas' grip on his wrist tightened.

"Now, listen here twink." one of them said. "There ain't really a reason for you to be out here,less you're doing something you shouldn't."

"You two going to a party or something?" the first one smirked. "Mind sharing the party with us?" he made a gesture implying there may be drugs in his pocket.

Nicholas opens up his hand, offering the money from his pocket. "C'mon, we don't have to do all this. We've all just been trying to live as normally as possible."

The officer approached them warily, still pointing the gun at them before snatching the money out of his hand. With a smirk, he turned to his subordinates. "Now let's round them up boys for disturbing the peace."

"What?" the telepath shouted.

"That's alright, we'll be out by morning, darling."

"We only want what's best for you and the community twink."

If this had been any other time Charles would've simply smiled and winked at him, would've acquiesed to this, would've went home and had Nichoas fuck him until he felt better, because that was what he was now, just something that was used and fucked, something whose happiness only came in small doses, in little pills that made his eyes roll back into his head. But he was tired, and he wanted to go, wanted to cling onto the last semblance of happiness he had left, and they were ruining this for him, making him have to face that the world wasn't so bright and colorful.

Just like he did.

"You are lying!" he snarled. "You don't give a shit about the damn community. You're just waiting to see that extra bonus, you assholes." And it was true, he could read it in their minds, humans would never do anything because they genuinely cared they were greedy and selfish, even this stupid man who thought he loved him, even he only wanted someone to fuck.

The officers all glared at him, and the one aimed his gun at Nicholas, preparing to shoot him.

"You'll pay for that." he said lowly, but Charles wasn't dealing with that right now. As the man readied the shot, he let out a sudden scream of pain, clutching his head, as he began to shake violently. The others all stared at him, but Charles did not let up-he-he was just so angry-so fuking angry because it was unfair and it shouldn't happen this way. The head officer twitched one last time, blood running down his nose and stopped moving.

They were all staring at him now, theor eyes frozen in fear.

Charles did not meet Nicholas' eyes.

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