memento mori

3: Teddy/Lucy

She lives in a world where dreaming is forever dominant.

He lives in a world marked by scars and pain.

Their lives weren't meant to collide.


Smiling, she stares at him. "Teddy, come join me!" She dips her feet into the rushing waters of the stream, grinning up at him out of shiny blue eyes. "The water feels good."

He walks over to her, staring at her carefully before asking quietly, "Why are you so happy?"

"There's no reason not to be," she says firmly before splashing him with water. "Life is good."

Listening to her words, he wonders if he can ever believe them.


Her mum dies in a rush of I'm so sorry and maybe there's a better picture and he knows that she doesn't want to hear it. Tears brimming in her oceanic blue eyes, she runs out of the house, her hair flying behind her.

He meets her by the creek. He knows that maybe she wants to be alone but at the moment, but he disregards that, reassuring himself that maybe things will be better this way.

Sitting down beside her, he asks gently, "You alright?" and nearly facepalms himself for his stupidity.

"What do you think?" she hisses back, voice a tad harsher than usual.

"Sorry," he replies quietly, and for a moment, they sit in silence. Remembering the silent comfort he'd always craved as a lonely child with no parents, he reaches out and rests an arm around her shoulders, pulling her closer to him.

They don't say anything. They don't need to. The silence is comforting to both of them, sort of like a blanket that they wear on their shoulders.

He finds somehow that he misses the days of naivety, the day when Lucy would run with the wind without a care in the world.

As tears drip down her cheeks, he realises how very much he hates her sadness.


She has a kite. Her mother gave it to her on her fifth birthday, and Teddy remembers days spent with her, wrapping his arms around her fragile body as she watched it fly with the wind. She would laugh, an adorable tinkle that resounded in the open air, and she would be happy. It was as if her troubles were floating away with the kite.

Now, she holds the tangled kite up in her hands, a sad smile passing onto her face as she holds it. He watches as she unwinds the string and tosses it up into the sky. The expression on her face softens a bit, though she's sure not to let him notice it. Quietly, she turns around, offering him the string. "Do you want to try?"

"No," he tells her, because he's content to just watch her. A hint of her old, naïve self is shining through, and he finds that he's missed it so incredibly much.

She turns around, half a smile on her face as she throws caution to the wind. She fidgets with the string as she watches it fly.

Then a huge breeze swoops in. "Lucy," he tries to warn her, because he's supposed to be reasonable.

It doesn't work.

The kite blows out of her control. He watches as she tries to regain a hold on it, but it seems to be leaping further and further from her grip. He tries to help her- he leaps for it with all of his might- but it's blown away with the breeze.

And with that, her kite is blown into a tree, marooned at the top, never to be seen again.

"I'm going to get it," she says stubbornly, pushing past him with all her might.

"You're going to climb up that tree?" he questions, raising an eyebrow. His hair goes from its normal blue to a worried purple.

"Yes," she bites her lip, and he sees the tears welling up in the corners of her eyes.

So, because of his sympathy, he lets her climb the tree to get the kite, even with the wind blowing and the tree shaking.

He's even there to catch her when she falls, ripped kite in one hand, and she doesn't seem grateful at all.

"This kite is broken," she chokes out, and he just holds her while she cries.


One day, when he comes over to her house, he sees the kite fixed and mounted on her wall.

He doesn't question it, but he sees a hint of a smile on her face as she talks about her week and he wonders if she's begun to fix herself along with the kite.


He finds her smiling, walking in a field of flowers. She's smiling for the first time in a while, and he has the desire to run to her. Instead, he forces himself to walk at a natural pace. "You look happy."

"I feel happy," she replies with a wide smile. "You know, sometimes things aren't really broken. You just have to look at them for a different angle."

He doesn't know exactly what she means, but he nods and takes her hand anyway, smiling as they walk through the flowers. She seems happier than before, and while he doesn't want to question it, he's curious.

"Why so happy today?" he asks curiously, plastering a smile onto his face and hoping that he doesn't seem too creepy.

"I suppose I just brightened my outlook on life," she says, smiling a tiny smile, "and everything else just fell into place."

"The cup's half-full?" he jokes with a grin.

"More like the kite's just taken on a new design," she says seriously. "Even when I fixed it, it still wouldn't fly. I just had to rearrange some parts and then it worked perfectly- not the same as before, but it's still fully functional." She squeezes his hand. "And I love it."

As he leans in to press his lips to hers, he wonders when he became jealous of a kite.

(He then realises that he doesn't care.)


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