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The Legendary DemiSaiyan

Chapter 1: A Legend Awakens

Krillen jumped up and down in the air, "You did it! I can't believe it, Goku! Who knew you had it in you!"

Goku chuckled sheepishly and rubbed the back of his head, "Hehe... It was a bit of a gamble, but it work. Frieza's gone..."

Piccolo just crossed him arms, a smirk coming to his face, " Well, I guess its been one hell of an adventure."

Gohan vigorously nodded his head, "You got that right Piccolo!"

Suddenly, Krillen's face contorted to a look of pure horror, his whole form trembling.

Taking notice to his features, the group were instantly put on alarmed as Goku questioned the monk, "Krillen, what's wrong?" The Saiyan asked with slight fear traced in his voice.

"It jus... It just that we forgot about Bulma!" The monk sputtered hysterically.

With that all the fear was wiped away, Goku sent Krillen a glare, " Is that all? I thought Frieza was back or something."

Krillen still having fear on his face looked at Goku, "You don't understand! Bulma's worse than Frieza could ever be!"

With that the whole gang let a humored laugh at Krillen's joke, felling their troubles were finally over.

"Oh? Is that right? Someone worse than me? How I would like to meet them." Spoke a raspy cold voice.

Suddenly everybody's body began trembling, not believing what they were hearing, Krillen broke the silence first,"F-...FRIEZA!"

Frieza looked almost exactly the same, but in a few place he was obviously banged up, part of his tail was missing, and he was squinting his left eye in pain, "You thought that a monkey could actually defeat me?"

After uttering those words, Frieza shot a narrow purple beam, that struck Piccolo, narrowly missing his heart, Frieza gave a menacing laugh, "One rat down, three to go!"

Goku gritted his teeth as his power began to rise.

Frieza narrowed his eyes not liking the look in the Saiyan's orbs, "Next I'll finish you off monkey! You've been a thorn in my side for too long! You had one free shot to kill me, you won't get another!"

Frieza mentally grabbed on to Goku with his Ki and began hovering him up in the air, Goku tried to fight his binds, but was to weak from the fight with Frieza to muster any Ki , not the mention throwing that Genki Dama(Energy Sphere).

Gohan's fear evaporated into fury as he saw what was happening to his Dad, first Piccolo and now this" FRIEZA! Stop it...Stop it now!" Gohan yelled as dark clouds began to appear in the sky.

Frieza outstretched hand stooped keeping Goku high up in the air restrained, the said Saiyan fruitlessly fighting his bonds, "I'll stop when you're all dead!"

With that Frieza squeezed his palm tightly, sending out an invisible pulse of Ki.

Goku looked down at his enraged son and could swore he saw green swirl in his eyes, he wished that he could stop this, but Frieza was just to strong, "Gohan, always remember son.. that I love you..."

With that Goku resigned himself to his fate.

Angry, hot tears flowed out of both Gohan and Krillen's face, Krillen clench his eyes in agony, "It just isn't fair..."

Gohan gritted his teeth together as he let out a pained scream, "NOOOO! DADDD! FRIEZA STOP THIS! STOP THIS NOW!"

Gohan's anger continue to rise, his eyes growing more teal.

All of Sudden, Goku's body combusted on its self, creating a smokescreen in the sky, his body was completely disintegrated, a look of disbelief travel through our heroes eyes not believing what they were seeing, this also cause Gohan to momentarily snap out of his anger.

"Pop goes the Weasel~... or should it be monkey. Hmhmhmhmhmhmhm! I crack myself up!"

Gohan rage came back full force when he heard Frieza laugh, his power also began to skyrocket, surpassing Vegeta, then Piccolo, and only seemed to keep going.

Krillen snapping out of his mourning, gazed at the pissed Half-Saiyan, "Gohan?"

Gohan sent a hate filled glare towards Frieza, his Ki growing all the while, "You monster... How dare you! HOW DARE YOU!"

Gohan growled as he clenched his biceps, the clouds in the sky darkened even more as lightning crashed all around the boy, Gohan's head shot up for a second, his hair turning gold before it suddenly reverted back to its former color with his head lowering, repeating the process.

The words and the scene snapped Frieza out of his own little world and caused to gaze curiously down at the boy. Wondering what the little monkey was up to, couldn't he see all hope is lost?

Krillen on the other gaze at the little warrior in shock, how can he have this much power? He's a kid for crying out loud!

Gohan gritted his teeth as his power built up, with one final earth-shattering roar, a golden aura violently flew off his form, burning away the Saiyan leg guards and shoulder pads(A/N: He's wearing what he was when he first turn Super Saiyan in the Hyperbolic time chamber, he also has his long hair too) "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!"

The bright glow of his power stunned Frieza and Krillen, causing them to momentarily close their eyes to wait for the glow to fade.

Frieza cracked open his one good eye and was able to clearly make out the boy's features, shock and slight fear filled Frieza face, "It can't be! Saiyans are only suppose to turn into monkeys!'

Krillen also opening his gazed at the newly transformed Gohan in shock in awe, shocked at the way he looked and awed by his power, it was offed the charts! Certainly higher than what Frieza was putting out now. Not to mentioned his hair was now spiky gold and his eyes a dangerous teal, he also had a menacing vibrant aura surrounding him. All in all if he were to admit it to himself, for a kid Gohan looked completely badass! "Gohan...is that you?"

The newly transformed warrior directed his vision towards the monk, an emotionless look on his face, " Take Piccolo and Bulma to the ship my dad brought here and get off of this planet now Krillen..."

Krillen gave Gohan a look as if he was crazy, " I'm not going to just leave you here with Frieza! You might ne-"

Gohan interrupted the monk, by spiking his golden aura violently around his form, also sending Krillen a glare, "It's not up for discussion! You can me now you're too out of your lead! GO NOW!" The enraged boy screamed.

Even though it hurt his pride, he realized Gohan was right, Krillen nodded his head, "Right.. It's up to you now Gohan... Don't let us down."

Receiving a nod from Gohan, Krillen quickly collected Piccolo in his arms and blasted towards the sky, trying locating Bulma's Ki, when suddenly Frieza blurred in front of him, causing Krillen to stop mid-flight, careful to not hurt Piccolo even more, " And where do you think you're going little man?"

Frieza held his hand out to strike Krillen, " The only way you're leaving is by DEATH!"

Frieza sent a heavy fist towards Krillen, hoping to take him out with one blow, when suddenly a glowing aura appeared in front of him, latching his hand in a death grip, shooting shocks of pain into Frieza's body, " Go now, Krillen..." Both Krillen and Frieza was surprised about his sudden appearance, not once being able to see him move.

Krillen nodded dumbly and blasted pass Frieza again, "Oh no you don't!"

Frieza tried to follow suit but couldn't breakout of Gohan's iron grip, " Let me go you dirty ape!"

Frieza sent a punch towards Gohan's head only for him to blur out of view, shock came over Frieza face, "How can a monkey be this fast?"

Gohan appeared 20 feet away from Frieza still giving him a death glare, " You first fought Vegeta..., then Piccolo..., and lastly my father..."

Which each name his anger grew as he remembered the pain Frieza cause, His golden aura exploded around, fiercer than ever, his teal eyes glaring into Frieza's soul, "Your Fight's with me NOW! FFFFRRRRRIIIEEEZZZAAA!"


Frieza pushing Gohan over the limit has caused him to transformed into a new goldn warrior! Who will win Gohan or Frieza? Find out on the next installment of The Legendary DemiSaiyan! Only on Namikaze_Reiko16!

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