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The Legendary DemiSaiyan

Chapter 3: Return of a Hero

It has been two years since the defeat of the mighty tyrant, Frieza, and with the help of the Namekian dragon Porunga, the Z-Warriors, who died at the hands of Nappa ,were once again brought back to life. The last wish was intended to bring Gohan home, only for Porunga to tell them he does not hold the power to grant that wish, Porunga couldn't lock onto Gohan's energy signature because he was in a constant state of movement, thus keeping him just out of his grasps, Porunga did give them goods news though, it was that it felt Gohan's fleeting presence heading in this direction, hinting that he was heading his way home. With smiles on their faces at the good news, the Z-Warriors split once again, waiting to reunite when the situation calls for it, if only they knew how soon it would be...

2 years after Frieza's Defeat

"Hiyah!" Goku shouted while throwing a humongous log up in the air before hoping up and chopping it directly in half, with nothing but his bare hands.

Wiping the sweat from his brow, Goku carried the bisected logs on his back as easily as holding small sticks, as he made his way back to his home, "It really been two years, huh? I wonder how much you've changed...Gohan..."

Reaching his home, Goku stacked the logs neatly beside the house, before heading in, "ChiChi! What's for dinner!"

In the kitchen cooking fish, ChiChi grew a slight smile at her husband's insatiable appetite, before it turn back to solemn expression, she had the hold back tears from welling in her eyes due to her baby boy's departure, who ever said pain lessens with time obviously wasn't a mother! The only thing that kept her going was the fact that she Goku to lean on and that Gohan was still alive out their in the cosmos and was returning home, " When he returns he has a lot of studying to catch up on, Kami knows what he's doing out there without supervision,...He is his father's son after all..."

" Nothing special just fish!" ChiChi called back to her husband before turning her attention back to her task at hand.

Goku walked into the kitchen, with his usual smile on his face, "That's not true... Everything's special when you make it with your own hands!"

A slight blush spread on ChiChi face at Goku's words, it was amazing how the clueless Saiyan could make her feel like this even after all theses years, "Oh Goku..."

Goku rubbed the back of his head and let out a light chuckle before his breath hitch in his throat, his entire expression showing horror, "N-No...This can't be..."

Noticing his state, ChiChi questioned her husband worriedly, "Goku, what's wrong?"

"I sense an evil power heading this way...I-It's Frieza!"

ChiChi let out a gasp while covering her mouth with her hands, the monster that separated her from her son was coming towards her home, what more did he want from her,

"ChiChi...I have to stop him..." Goku state, while looking at his wife directly in her eyes

ChiChi bit her tongue, while she didn't want Goku to go, she knew he was their only chance at beating the evil tyrant, " Go save the world, just...come back to me Goku...I couldn't bare loosing the both of you..." ChiChi sobbed, tears spilling out her orbs.

Seeing his wife in turmoil, Goku pulled her into an embrace, while also wiping the tears from her face, " Don't worry ChiChi, I'll be back before you know it!" Goku exclaimed with his patented 'Son Grin' in place.

Goku's infectious grin caused a smile of her own to form on her face, " Then, what are you still here for? Hurry up and kicked that overgrown lizard's ass!"

Goku separated from his wife and dashed out the house, "Will do!" With that Goku blasted off into the air, going in the direction he felt that Frieza would land in, "I'll stop you this time...Frieza..."

Rocky Desert

Landing on a flatten surface of rock, Goku looked up to see familiar face staring at him with smile, grins, and some scowls, "Long time no see! How's it hangin'"

Krillen ran up to Goku, smiling brightly, and gave him a hug, "Man, Goku, am I'm glad to see you! With you hear we can't lose! Frieza's toast!" shouted the exuberant monk.

"Tch, please! What makes you think Kakarot could do anything after 2 years? I'll be the one to take on that salamander! I'll show him the true power of the Saiyan prince!" The arrogant prince proclaimed, his blue aura billowing around his form.

Everyone(Yamcha,Tien, Bulma, Krillen, Chiaotsu, Goku) bursted out laughing, except Piccolo, Krillen was rolling on the ground back in forth, tears coming pouring out his eyes, "Please..Make it stop!"

The Saiyan prince let out a growl, "And pray tell what is so funny?"

Goku wiped a stray tear out his eye before shakily pointing a finger towards Vegeta, "It just... It's hard to take you seriously with that pink shirt on HAHAAHAHA!" The whole group bursted out in a new rampage of laughter that seemed to never stop, "Oh my ribs! I'll die before Frieza's even gets here!" The monk said between laughs, only causing them to laugh harder.

A slight blush marred Vegeta's face as he clenched his teeth in anger before turning to face Bulma, " Damnit women! I told you pink was unbefitting of a warrior! Now I'm a laughing stock!"

Bulma wiped a tear form her eye and turned to the enraged prince, "Boohoo, stop your whining! A true man is not ashamed to wear pink!"

As Vegeta and Bulma continued their argument, Goku turned towards Krillen, Tien, Yamcha, and Chiaotsu, "Hey guys, what have y'all been up to do?"

Yamcha decided to answer first, "You know the usual." He punched his fist into his outstretch palm, "training to get stronger."

Tien, as well Chiaotsu nodded along with him, "Yeah pretty much the same here."

"I've also been training Goku!" The monk shouted, a grin on his face.

"Me too guys! When, Frieza gets here...I'll handle him... I want let him beat me this time..."

His friends nodded in agreement, feeling Goku was the only chance they'd had at victory.

"As if! What did I say Kakarot! I'm fighting Frieza!" The prince shouted at our hero.

"Come on Vegeta!" Goku whined, "I can take him, for sure!"

"No! I'm going first! And there's nothing you can say to change my mind!" Vegeta shouted before turning his body around.

Goku took on a thinking pose for a minute, before he hit the palm of his hand with his fist, "I know!"

Everyone turned towards going, wanting to see what he's came up with to change the arrogant prince mind, even Piccolo seemed slightly curious.

"I'll rock, paper, scissors you for it?" Everyone, except Piccolo(who just sweatdropped) and Vegeta, fell backwards anime style into the ground.

Vegeta just stared at him as if he were crazy, " Kakarot... How hard did you hit your head?" Everyone couldn't help but follow Vegeta's train of thought at that.

Goku shrugged, "It was worth a shot." A serous look passed over every warrior's face as the they felt the malevolent power right above them, "He's here..."


A ship of great magnitude broke through the clouds and eclipsed the sun, its hulking form made its way downward ever so slowly, before it landed with a soft boom.

A door appeared on its side before opening, shooting out a staircase made of metal, that connected the ship with the ground. Two silhouettes are seen exiting the ship, walking casually down the chute towards the surface.

"Why couldn't we just destroy this mud-ball from the ship Frieza? I don't see the reason of actually coming to this backwater planet." Said an alien that resembled Frieza's 1st Transformation.

A Metallic looking Frieza chuckled beside him, "Because Father... I want to make that little Saiyan monkey pay for what he did to me! Just look at my body! I will enjoy tearing his world asunder piece by piece!" Frieza said with a murderous cackle, causing his father to shake is head.

"Just don't keep me waiting for a long time, I'd like to leave this repulsive planet as son as I can.

"Of course Father..."


"Damnit!" Vegeta cursed, "That lizard's gotten even stronger since last time! And he brought backup as well!"

"You guys stay here...I'll handle this..."

"But Goku...You since his power, he's too strong!" Krillen shouted at his clearly insane friend.

"Don't worry, I can beat him, no problem!" The Saiyan replied assuredly.

Vegeta's eyes widen, "His attitude...Could it be possible?" Vegeta shook those thoughts away from his head, " No way! That's impossible! Bad enough his wretched son reached that form before me, but Kakarot also? That'll be the dead!"

"Well then, since you're so confident, I'll give you the permission to go first Kakarot. I want Frieza to be ready for the the main event after this side show." Vegeta said with a smirk on his face.

Goku just gave Vegeta a smirk and was ready to blast over there, but was interrupted by Krillen, "Wait, Goku! It seems that someone's already beat you to the punch! Look!" Krillen said pointing in the direction of Frieza.

Following Krillen's finger, Goku spotted a young girl, maybe 14 or 15 years of age, with short lavender hair framing her face, she posses soft cerulean orbs. She had on a short dress on that stop right below her hips, with a purple jacket that stop right below her breast thrown over it, she also had long socks that went half way up her thighs, and to finish it off she had yellow boots on with a long sword strapped to her back.

Yamcha whistled, "If I was a few years younger..." Tien, Chiaotsu, and Krillen absentmindedly nodded along with him.

A vein sprang up on Bulma's face before she let them feel her female righteous fury, "Perverts, the lot of you! Its amazing how y'all haven't corrupted Goku yet!"

Vegeta gave a smirk at that, "What's even more amazing is that this buffoon has a child."

"What?" Goku asked as everyone were looking at him as if trying to solve a puzzle, "Geez guys! Y'all should be watching that girl, she's tearing Frieza's men apart!"

Every turned towards the battle taking place to see that Goku was right, she was taking them out left and right, with ease!

With Frieza

"Hmph!" grunted the lavender-haired girl as she finished making short work of Frieza's goons, "Is that all? I'm not even warmed up. You're next Frieza."

Frieza let out a chuckle, "Well, if I'm next I just have to kill you first, wouldn't I?"

A smile appeared on the girl's face.

Frieza gazed at her in mild curiosity, "Oh smiling at your death I see."

The girl just gave a chuckle, "No that couldn't be further from the truth, I just wanted to let the two of you in on a little secret."

"Oh, what would that be?"

The girl shone a confident smirk on her face, "You're about to find out what it's like to fight a real Super Saiyan... and I'm not talking about Goku.(She comes from a different time, its basically the butterfly affect, it all has to do with choice, like Frieza choosing to kill Goku over Krillen for example)"

"I don't know or care about anyone named Goku, but its still a funny joke, I applaud you!(He doesn't really care because he doesn't register Goku as a threat seeing as he basically mopped the floor with him, its Gohan he wants.)

A look of surprise flashed across the girl's face, "Don't know who Goku is? How is that possible? Wasn't Goku the one who defeated him on Namek?"

"You don't know who he is? He's the Saiyan, who defeated you on Namek, he even through a Spirit Bomb at you, how can you forget that?"

A look of realization appeared on Frieza's face, "Oh him? That Saiyan monkey couldn't dream of defeating me, I killed him with ease!" Frieza barked with a laugh.

The girl's eyes widen to impossible proportions, "Wha-What how can the past change this much? This is the not the same past of my world and I have yet to change anything."

"I don't get it, if he didn't defeat you, why are you here?"

Frieza gritted his teeth, "Revenge against that Saiyan chimp who dare lay his hands on me! I could've blasted his ship before we got here, but I wanted to see the look on his face when I killed his friends and family!" Frieza shouted laughing hysterically at the end.

King Cold just shook his head, "You sure have a flare for dramatics son."

Frieza took this as a compliment, "Why thank you father."

King Cold just sweatdropped at that.

"So if Goku didn't beat you, who did?" The girl asked with the utmost attention on Frieza.

" It was the son of that monkey who you dare say could defeat me, what's even worse is you claim to be a 'Super Saiyan' like he did."

"What?" The girl said, face full of shock, "Gohan defeated you?"

"Oh so that's his name? It doesn't matter now because when he gets here, I'm going to kill him!"

"No matter, how much this place changed, I still have to stop him, right here and now!"

"I can't let you do that...Because you will be dead before he gets here." The girl proclaimed as small rock began levitating all around her.

Frieza just chuckled before his face suddenly shifted towards fear as he watched what was occurring in front of his eyes, "N-No it can't be."

King Cold used his arm to block the debris from hitting him in the eyes, "What is he?"

The girl's hair began to fly up in the air as she let off a piercing scream.

Fear grew even more on Frieza's face, trying not to believe what is about to happen, "It's impossible!"

The girl just shouted even louder causing ground to break apart and the earth to shake.

With Z-Fighters

"Wha-What's that girl doing? Is she trying to tear the whole world apart?" Krillen shouted.

"What power...And for one so young, she may actually beat Frieza." Tien couldn't help but add.

Goku's eyes narrowed, "This power..." An image of Gohan on Namek flashed across Goku's mind, "Could she really be?"

"this is ridiculous!" Vegeta raged in his head, "Surpass yet again...BY A WOMAN!"

With Frieza

A smirked set back on the girl's face as her lavender hair stuck up in spikes before they flashed gold, leaving a trim of golden aura around her, sparks of electricity coarse around her body, the power settled around the girl's body as she stared at Frieza emotionlessly.

Frieza took a step back in fear, "Those eyes..." An image of Gohan flashed in front of the tyrant's face, "They have the same eyes!"

King Cold watched his son as he stepped back with absolute fear, "So this is a Super Saiyan."

"What the matter?" The girl rhetorically asked as she took a step forward, "Was it something I said?"

With Z-Fighters

"How is this possible? She's a Super Saiyan? Damnit one does fate play such a cruel joke on me? First a little halfbreed, now a woman!"

"My suspicions were correct, she is a Super Saiyan... It's going to be fun to fight her, there's no doubt I'm my mind she can''t beat Frieza."

With Frieza

"No! Stay away!" Frieza screamed, charging Ki in his hand and launching it in the girl's direction.

The girl just stood calmly there as the blast engulfed her, leaving a smokescreen behind.

King Cold and Frieza watched the fire and smoke dance around without any empathy, "Wow wasn't that very anticlimactic. The runt didn't even last very long, did he?"

Frieza turn towards his father, "Well, what did you expect? She was only a-" Frieza let out a gasp, not believing what he was seeing, the girl was standing in the exact same spot, looking completely untouched ( I always found it weird that in DBZ, your clothes were as strong as you, and anybody weaker couldn't destroy or even slightly damage unless they were stronger. Guess that to keep them from showing nudity or something.), "Monkey..."

"I hope that wasn't the best you've got because if it is you better give up now."

A breeze blew through the girl's locks as she glared at the tyrant, "You can't defeat me...Frieza."

A golden Ki ball appeared in Frieza's outstretched hand, "Will just see about that monkey!" Frieza tossed his blast forward towards the girl, laughing all the while.

"Frieza!" Cold shouted in concern to his clearly crazy son, "You'll destroy us all!"

The girl caught Frieza's attack with ease and caused it to break apart into miniature blasts, that rained down harmlessly on the Earth.

"I give you one more free shot, then its game over."

Frieza just let out a chuckle before floating up high in the air, a red ball that resembled the sun grew on his finger, "HAHAHA Now you die!" Frieza threw giant ball down towards the girl, the attack seemed to engulf her, bringing a smile to the tyrant's face.

Frieza landed softly on the ground and proceeded to walk back towards his father, his face showing complete satisfaction.

Cold just sighed at his son's antics, "Must you always go overboard."

"There's just no pleasing you sometimes father. What?" Frieza turned around to see the girl walking calmly out the crater holding his ball above her head like a toy.

"Excuse me did you loose something" smirk still in place on her face.

"DIE!" Frieza shouted while launching a small Ki blast into the ball causing it to explode, the resulting explosion caused a giant crater to appear, along with a smokescreen.

Cold began to laugh humorously, "Hmhmhmhm, good job Frieza...It only took you four tries to destroy that boy."

Cold began to laugh as Frieza tried to save face, "I was just warming up Father, that's all. Really."

Cold tried to stifle a laugh to reply to his son, "Of course Frieza, of course."

The girl is seen standing by on top a nearby plateau with a serious expression on her face, she moved her hands rapidly back in forth before she stops by connecting her pointer fingers and thumbs together, while leaving the other digits outstretched, "HEY FRIEZA!" The girl decided to give Frieza a taste of his own medicine by letting loose a blast of her own.

Cold and Frieza moved quickly out the way of the incoming blast by jumping in to the air, "When I get my hands on him?"

Frieza turn his head towards the sky at hearing the girl let out a battle cry, her sword over her head ready to come down on Frieza, Frieza just stood there in pure shock before the girl let loose a slash on him.

The girl began to rapidly slash him all over his body in quick succession, before folding her sword over arm and pointing her hand towards his body, a Ki ball glowing in her hand, "BEAT IT!" The girl shouted as she let loos her attack, which quickly overcame the tyrant's body, obliterating him in a flash.

The girl twirled her sword back in its case, before blurring out of existence and appearing behind Cold, energy beam in hand, "Later! HAAAA!" The girl screamed as she blasted King Cold into oblivion.

The girl calmed herself and dropped her Super Saiyan state, she turn into the direction of the gang, "You can come out now! I know you're there!"

The gang appeared in front of the girl in a bright flash of light, with Bulma having to be towed by Yamcha.

The girl stared at Goku in curiosity, "Frieza wasn't lying, you're really here, Goku. That must mean Gohan should be thee one arriving shortly."

That one sent the gang for a loop, Goku was the first to reply back, "Wait! Gohan's coming back! When?"

Glancing at her watch, The girl replied, "In about 7 minutes or so...give or take."

"That's good, I can't wait to see how strong he's gotten!"

"When he gets here, I would like to have a word with the both of you, if you don't mind."

Goku gave her puzzled look, "Ok- You know my name, but I don't know yours?"

Thee girl rubbed the back of her head sheepishly, "Sorry My name is Torankisu, but people just call me Ran for short...it's a long name(Trunks original Japanese name)."

"Hey girl!" Vegeta barked.

Ran turn towards him, awe showing in her eyes when she finally saw him, "How are you able to become a Super Saiyan? Me, that clown over there, and his brat are the last Saiyans alive! You shouldn't be possible, you're way to young to have been alive when Planet Vegeta blew up!"

Ran just grew a slight blush on her face and twiddle her fingers, "Uhm... I can't answer that...Sorry."

"Why the hell not!" The prince shouted at her.

"Vegeta! Leave that poor girl alone!" Bulma yelled towards the prince.

"Stay out of this woman! It doesn't concern you!"

With that Vegeta and Bulma went off into their own little world as they continued yelling back and forth at each other

Ran turned towards Goku, "Are they always like this?"

Goku shrugged, "I don't really know?"

Yamcha shook his head in affirmative at her question, "Yep, its almost like their an old married couple! Ha, that'll be the day!" Every besides Trunks and Piccolo, bursted out laughing at the crazy idea of Bulma marrying Vegeta.

Every one is quieted by the sound of a pod crashing into the Earth forming a crater bigger than the one Frieza created, the gang broke out into a sprint towards it, calling Gohan's name the whole way there. Arriving in front of it, they see pod opens itself through the smoke and a figure hop out, when the foliage cleared, they are able to make out the form of a 14 year old boy with long spiky hair wearing a weird outfit.

Goku was the first to break the silence, "Gohan?"

A blush marred Ran's cheeks, "That's Sensei when he was younger?"

A smile broke across the teen's(Gohan's and Ran's pics on my page) face, "Dad! Long time no see!"


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