"Oh, fuck." The Nostalgia Chick stood stock-still in the door to their apartment.

"What is it? Were we robbed?" Nella asked worriedly, trying to see in.

"No, the damn Makeover Fairy did some interior decorating." She kicked off her converse and fell on the now pink sofa.

"Well, how-?"

"She's a fairy! You want me to call her here and ask?" Lindsay grumbled, in a sudden bad mood. It was just so… PINK. She muffled her groan of frustration with a fuzzy pastel pink pillow.

A horrifying idea popped into her head and she ran to her room, spitting out pillow fibers. She sighed in relief and checked on her clothes before flopping onto her bed. Nothing had been touched. She peeked into her friend's room and found it normal, as well. It was just the living room. They could handle that. She stood and went to grab a snack from the kitchen, maybe some peanut butter, that always made her feel better. She opened the silverware drawer and put her head in her hands. More pink. She quickly checked the cupboards and every single bowl, glass, and dish was now pink. She got two spoonfuls of peanut butter and handed one to Nella in the living room, who was thoroughly engrossed in Dr. Who.

She sat on her bed and thought. They would sell all the pink stuff to raise money for new stuff, but it wouldn't be enough. A plea for help on the site? Maybe. And, much as Lindsay and Nella might hate it, they needed to talk to the Makeover Fairy. She pulled up a word document on her computer and started making a list.