Western Desert - [Relic] of Elements

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Rue met Mint in Carona Forest for the first time. Mint who had just helped Elena, the only daughter of Klaus and Mira, from two low-class brutes, was introduced by Klaus to a boy who had blank expression and seemed to be gloomy all the time- that boy was Rue. At the first glance, she really disliked his clothing way. And especially, the hat! Was it some kind of pot or what? Tasteless.. In addition, Mint almost bursted in laughter to see the strangest blade ever in the world placed at the boy's back, she didn't count on how it showed the strength of its owner for carrying it easily anywhere. Of course, Mint had a personal problem with him due to his position as her rival in that treasure hunt!

"Geez... Weirdo. Biggy eyes, no expression, duh.. He looks like a porcelain doll! " Mint didn't like dolls as every girls would do. That reminded her to Maya, her wicked little sister who dethroned her three years ago. That's right, Mint was once a princess of the holy magical kingdom, East Heaven Kingdom. She was bossy, arrogant, and dirty-mouthed, yet she was smart and tough- not mentioning, she was pretty too. Mint broke all the rules in the palace, even a puny rule about supper time. Unlike Mint, Maya was infamous over the kingdom due to her excellent manners. That was behavioural reason why Mint was dethroned from the sucessor position by East Heaven parliament with a man named Doll Master as the leader, and Maya would replace her as the next queen. Mint still remembered, it was a dark rainy night when Maya and Doll Master shoved her out of the palace, the same time she promised to discover the legendary superb magical object, Valen's [relic]. She didn't target on East Heaven anymore, but the whole world should be under her footing!

Less likely, Rue had the same ambition, yet a far cry in reason. Three years ago, one terrible tragedy he would never forget for the rest of his life happened to Claire, a girl whom he always considered as his sister. Claire was a killed by a man with beast arm, Arm of Death. Ever since, he wandered everywhere to find [relic], he believed mighty power of the [relic] would bring Claire back to life. She was more important than everything in this world to Rue, he would sacrifice even his life to revive Claire.

It started when Rue woke up in the middle of ruins five years ago, didn't remember his identity even a bit. He walked around in strange grassfield for several days until he passed out due to extreme hunger and thirst. Claire was the one who found him, and since the day, she nurtured him. If it wasn't her, he might have passed away.

Now, back to the [relic]. The thing which was the beginning of all stories and the one that might end everything. It was started by the presence of Valen, the greatest Aeon ever existed on the earth. Aeons, a clan of magicians where Valen belonged to, inherited the ability to create original spells, something that ordinary magicians could never do. Some even said, Aeons could move the star merely from the earth. However, despite of their excellence, Aeons were selfish and envious. They tried to keep secrets of their special magics from others, eventhough there was Aeons Super Annual Court- an open meeting which was held to announce the latest invention. [Relic] was one invention obliged to announce in the court, it was a powerful magical object consisted from hundreds of special spells- the spells were different from one Aeon to another. Due to its amazing power, every Aeon had to declare their own [relic] to prevent crimes.

Valen's [Relic] was the greatest among the entire [relics]. He named it Dewprism, since it kept the dew or essence of the universe inside- comprised of heavens, earth, time, and life. Everyone said he was trying to be a God. At the end, Valen hid together with Dewprism in his fortress, and sealed himself there. Nobody ever heard about him anymore.

At the beginning of [relic]'s hunt, Mint was annoyed with Rue's cold behaviour, until the boy saved her life from a Skull Beast in Underground Ruins. Since then, the ice wall between them liquefied and through the process of discovering Dewprism, they became good friends. They found many astonishing facts, included the fact that Rue was indeed a Doll of Valen- an army of dolls which was intended for Valen's revival back to rule the world. And a fact about Doll Master's true identity as Doll of Valen, originally named as Ruecian, and the beast who caused Claire's death, in his Arm of Death form. Ruecian tried to revive Valen due to the duty burdening him as that Aeon's army, with the help from three servants- Psycho Master, Mode Master, and Trap Master. This bunch of villains kidnapped Prima Doll, special doll made to break the seal of Valen's [relic], and did what Prima was created for. Nevertheless, Rue and Mint could defeat them all- though Ruecian then decided to help Rue, so did his loyal servants.

After all the things they had been through, Rue finally got his wish granted, yet he had to fight Valen. Poor Mint, Valen brought Dewprism to another dimension and disappeared, leaving the Princess with her World Domination plan. The only advantage she could regain was her position as the oldest princess in East Heaven Kingdom.



Three months after Dewprism journey..

Rue and Maya was exploring a ruin where one suspicious black box laid in the middle. Somehow, Rue had a big hope it would be the similar box that kept a Doll of Valen inside. He didn't wait for Maya to complete her sentence, slowly approached with eyes focusing on that box. He stopped to feel the mystical breeze in the ruin, in mind he repeated again the words he was going to say to the new Doll. A long sigh begun the spell.

"Gizmo = Gia = Gias . To you Born of Dew, I command. Accept your destiny and release your powers."

One transparent cover floated in the air and slowly shattered into sparkly dusts. There, following the cover, an asleep punky-white-haired boy with porcelain skin appeared in standing position. Maya exhaled in surprise. This boy was indeed a Doll of Valen.

Rue held back his breath when the doll's eyes gently opened. The same colour, the same size, the same emotion- hazel, big, blank eyed. Dolls of Valen were supposed to have no expression in the very beginning of their life. Unlike Rue, this Doll recognized Rue and remembered his own name, Ruenis, including his duty to revive Valen. Though it was hard, Rue told Ruenis to follow his will, rather than fulfilling the duty to Valen whose whereabout was even indefinite. It might be Ruenis pure mind or Rue's charm, the younger doll finally decided to live with Rue and left the duty.

After two weeks since the awakening of Ruenis, the peaceful days were over when somebody knocked the front door so hard that Ruenis almost dropped a bowl of soup and Claire stopped from her stew cooking activity. She glanced Rue who was looking at the door cautiously, strangely had a thin line of smile on his face.

"Rue?" she called softly. But suddenly, the door blasted open and revealed young lady with firey orange hair and burgundy iris. Rue chuckled. He knew it! He hadn't heard any news from her in the last three months, now she indescently forced to enter his house. Was it about World Domination again? Yes, it had to be that stuff.

Mint's face blushed in happiness to see everyone. Daily life in East Heaven sucked, meeting these fellows- especially that Doll of Valen- made her blood insanely seethe. Well, meeting him meant adventure, which also meant the [relic], and which also also meant.. WORLD DOMINATION, BABY!

"Uhm, Mint.. " Two first words came out of Rue's mouth. It wasn't that he didn't want to continue, but Mint quickly bursted in words.

"Rue, Claire, and- uhm, Rueniz? Oops! Ruenin?- whatever! Prima and Elena came to my palace and told me- guess what? Klaus and Mira get information about another [relic] in Western Desert! UUYYEEAA!" Mint jumped and babbled at the same time. However, that place rang a bell in Ruenis' brain.

"Western Desert? You mean, Ephlesia City? Valen once conducted experiments of [relic] there.." He spoke in childish voice. Hearing the confirmation from a normal Doll of Valen, instead an amnesiac one (read : Rue), Mint hyperactively jumped more, "Oh! Oh! My [relic]! My world conquest!" suddenly Mint stopped and glared at Rue who gazed her back calmly, "Hey, Rue.. You will join me, won't ya? You promised you'd help me! Not fair, you were the only one who got benefit from Dewprism.."

"Did I say that to you?"

His words made her blood pressure raise sharply. Mint stomped her foot in annoyance, yet Rue was staring with caring look at the older girl who was standing in the corner of the room. He was asking for permission, without saying a word. That was how they usually communicated to each other whereas Claire could always read his eyes.

"Just follow the will in your heart, Rue. That's the same thing you do these years.." Claire smiled motherly to him. Rue inhaled deeply and closed his eyes. After a while..

"I want to see everyone again, Claire."

Claire walked towards Rue, sweet scent oozing out of her purple robe. She placed her hands on the boy's shoulder and spoke, "I'll miss you, Rue, I know I will. But, I can't keep you forever here. Enjoy your journey, okay?"

"Okay, Claire. I'll see you soon." He might not show anything exaggerated superficially, on the contrary deeply inside, he realized he wouldn't see his sister for a long time and he would definitely miss her. Then, again, Mint broke the solemnity spread in the air. She just couldn't resist sweet moments- they reminisced her to the fake-sweet Maya, she wasn't over with her already.

"Alrighty~! Tomorrow we'll set out on 8 in the morning! Now, I'm going back to the hotel and prepare everything.. Byyeee!" she was overflowed by joy that smile never faded from her pretty face. Mint was about to leave when Rue pulled her back into the house and said, "Why don't you wait a little longer and have dinner with us, Mint? We can discuss about the journey too.."

Well, who could resist an invitation from the best adventure partner?



They didn't say a word since they left Rue's home, on a journey to Western Desert. It's kind of awkward, you know, walking through a dark forest without any chit chats? That made the situation become much more horrible. Rue then decided to clear the horrible situation and began one verbose conversation.

"How's your life, Mint?" asked Rue. Mint raised both of her hands, showing a boring face.

"I did some good stuffs, but nothing too fun. Still, Maya never stopped making me crazy day by day! My world domination plan will never stop until she scrubs the toilets and floors all over East Heaven palace! GYAHAHAHAHA!" Mint laughed madly. Her laughter echoed in the forest, she created spooky feeling instead.

"Um.. (Geez, I shouldn't have asked her..)" Rue mumbled unclearly as a response. He stopped a while to chop some big branches with the Arc Edge. Mint didn't care about branches and bossed Rue to do all the chopping jobs. Princess' typical bossy behaviour, of course. Fortunately, Rue did what Mint said without complaining.

"You will be a good minister. Maybe I will give you a chance to change from Dogwalking Minister to Woodchopping Minister. I think Elena won't suit the cleaning job as Housekeeping Minister. She'd better be a Cooking Minister, but WAIT, the only food she can cook is pumpkin pie and she's gonna be soooo dead! " Mint mumbled continuously without stopping any second.

Rue smiled frankly seeing her spirit. He could recall a silly conversation he had with Mint and Elena at the lake about what they were gonna do after Dewprism hunt. Mint, as arrogantly as always, stated that she would be busy taking care of the world and would badly need ministers. That was when Mint offered one position to Rue. He didn't even know what came to his brain that he accepted her offer. 'Geez, i wonder how my fate as her minister will be. Nightmare..' suddenly the thought came to Rue's mind and it made him drop sweat.

"What about you, Rue? How's the life after Claire's revival? It must be FUN, right?" Mint grinned. It was fishy, but Rue didn't notice.

"Why do you emphasize on 'FUN'?" Rue asked bluntly unaware. He just didn't understand.

Suddenly, a big cockroach-like thing attacked them. It was as big as adult's hand palm and its head bursted with sharp bluish teeth. Rue tried to swing his Arc Edge directly on it, but it hopped to Mint's right boot. Mint screamed at the top of her lung, didn't even forget to curse, took out her Dual Haloes and began hitting that thing as hard as she could. Rue jumped to the other side, didn't want to get one or many of Mint's irregular hits.

"Get off you [expletive] cockroach-insect-thing! I'll kick you to hell and you'll get your ass roasted!" Mint kept cursing until she realized that the animal had leapt somewhere else and disappeared-left Mint hitting her own foot.

"Awww.. you'll get my revenge someday!" Mint held her ached foot.

"You mean, in the hell?" Rue tried to make fun of angry Mint.

Mint looked at him furiously, " Rue, do you know the consequence of making fun of me? I know you do, RIGHT?" Mint smiled horribly, it made Rue cough in defeat.

"O-okay.. Sorry.." Rue smiled begging for Mint's forgiveness. Mint just forgot about his anger by seeing Rue's dolly face. She didn't know why, but her heart felt funny. 'His smile is so angelic.. Erm, maybe that's because I've just met him after such a long time. Five months, it's not a long time, but 5x30x24 is 12960000 seconds! Twelve million seconds seem long, right? Of course, why should I miss him! Tsk.. ' Mint argued in her mind. Whilst Rue kept walking ahead and didn't notice that they started to separate about 7 meters.

"Mint, what do you mean that 'FUN' word? H-hey, what are you doing? Don't separate from me! We don't know what kind of monster wandering here.." Rue walked back to where Mint stood and grabbed her hand. Mint couldn't say anything, her cheeks blush a little. 'Err. He's warm.. Yuck! What the heck am i thinking? He's a stinking doll! Don't ever repeat the same thing again! ' Mint argued again in her mind.

"Mint, are you okay?" Rue frowned. Mint started to beat her right hand (as an angel) with her left hand (as a devil). But, actually the angel was a devil in disguise, so Mint had two sides of devil. That should explain her dirty mouth.

"W-what? O-of course! I'm okay, as always! Keep walking, Rue! Or, I'll leave you behind!" Mint suddenly sped up and by Rue, try to keep her pride high. Rue innocently thought, 'Didn't I leave her behind before? Oh, well. Forget it."

He wasn't gonna mess with this mighty princess anymore so he just followed her, didn't bother to say a word. His silky snow-like hairs felt sticking to his forehead. The forest was sultry although the sunshine barely slipped through the canopy. Western Desert is 3 miles ahead, but since a bunch of branches and roots blocked their way, the distance felt further then it should be. Mint herself felt tired and now walked slower beside Rue.

"So, how's your love life with Claire?" Again, she questioned another silly one.

"What? N-no, she's like a sister to me, Mint! Indeed, that's all I feel for her.." Rue answered nervously. Rue still felt that he never understood about the feeling such love, except anger, being confused, or funny.

"Reeaallyy..? You did hug her tightly that time, I remember.. I thought you'd also kiss her there. Hee-hee!" Mint mentioned about the reunion between Rue and Claire, exactly everyone thought he would kiss Claire. Rue blushed and his face looked really red. He tried to cut some more branches, nevertheless couldn't concentrate anymore. The branches were not damaged even a slice.

"What's the matter with this!" Rue growled desperately at the branches.

Mint didn't want to waste time, she casted Triple Blades spell and in no time the branches got cut into pieces. Meanwhile, Rue was drown in his thought about his feeling towards Claire.

"Come on, slowpoke! We still have 2,5 miles more to go! We can talk about Claire again if you move your lazy butt and walk beside mee.. Hee-hee!" Mint grinned on Rue again. Rue engulfed his saliva as much as he could and started walking, better to obey Mint than offend her. So, the journey continued with Mint needling Rue or talking about her (again) world conquest plan. Rue listened to the spunky girl carefully although sometimes Mint uttered curses, and it wasn't nice to hear carefully.

The forest was horrible, just in term of its thick darkness, but exactly no dangerous monsters lurked around. Rue felt the journey was forever and the only lurking monster was Mint. Man, she fitted the criteria to being Psycho Master. He meant it, she DID make him feel psycho!

They finally reached the border and saw an extreme difference. It was a dessert before them, dry and chapped-surface dessert with hot wind blew their eyes, while behind their back, a thick forest was extremely damp. Just 30 meters ahead, some buildings looked just like a part of the dessert. They were different in height but the same colour with sand. Mint lost her mood to make fun of Rue because of the heat-Rue was so relieved to death-and began stomping rapidly on the ground.

"Dang it! World domination plan, I'll fight for ya! No matter how dry this dessert is, bla..bla..bla..and..bla..bla..but..bla..bla..then..bla..bla.." Mint gave a speech about her world domination till a half hour later. No, exactly that was only 30 seconds, but Rue felt as if it had been 30 minutes long. Mint ended her speech then they started to walk towards the city.



Finally, Rue and Mint arrived at Town of Lacquer-where Klaus and his family had stayed for a week. The name was rather confusing, why did they name it Lacquer? The buildings were dry and cracked, didn't look like something polished by lacquer.

"There you go. Town of Lacquer! Here I am! Princess Mint : the prettiest, the strongest, the smartest princess in East Heaven Kingdom! Better remember my name! Because I will be your future queen, you'll see!" Mint yelled at the townfolks. Those folks did notice an unknown girl from somewhere who suddenly yelled at them, they even hardly heard what she said though, the town was crowded and noisy enough. It was the day when foreigners came to trade goods in Lacquer.

"Hey, who's the orange-haired girl? Do you know her?"

"Nope. Never seen before."

"What? Princess? Queen?"

"Alright, maybe she's just another crazy girl. Remember Mad Donna, the girl who died by cart(NOT CAR) crash while chasing a cat? She really thought that she was a queen. Maybe this girl is suffering from similar insanity.."

Mint stomped madly her right foot at the ground for hearing their words while Rue tried to pull her away from there.

"Mint, that was unreasonable. Really," finally Rue said something after they got into a safer place. They were walking down an alley, headed to inn where Klaus family stayed.

"I was introducing myself! Nothing was wrong about it," said Mint. Definitely trying to save her pride.

"... (Um.. Exactly, she didn't introduce herself really well.)" Rue thought it was rather funny. The folks even thought that she was nuts. However, he kept it himself, then they continued walking until Mint muttered something.

"Alright, Rue. Where the heck is this?"

Rue stopped in confusion. "I thought you were leading the way."

After three hours spent by asking the townfolks where Ice Castle Inn was, stomping foot, arguing, furious hitting and pinching toward Rue, they finally arrived. Both Rue and Mint looked tired and dirty. The town was like a big maze, there were lots of alleys that seemed similar.

"Huff-huff-huff.. This town is crazy! Such a big maze! I'm getting headache!" Mint stomped her right foot and hitting the ground with one of Dual Haloes.

"..." Rue was too exhausted to complain, his hair sticked to his badly sweaty forehead. Sweat drained continuously toward his jaw , he tried to sweep it away but it kept flowing like tears. His face felt sticky as well, the air was full of flying sand. He could feel that his skin was hot and poignant.

It was a small inn and didn't look like an "ice castle" at all. The inn was just the same like other buildings, as dry as sand. It didn't freeze like ice, but it did HEAT their eyes.

"Ice Castle Inn.. What the hell.. Fire Castle would suit this ugly place! " Mint complained, left hand gripped her hip, while her right hand pointed the building. Rue didn't notice her, he walked into the inn without hesitation. At least, it would be cooler inside of inn than here.



Knock knock!

Room 343. Rue knocked the door while Mint jumped happily. One step closer to her [Relic]. She couldn't resist the possibility that Klaus maybe had found some informations. She also sang a song about the [Relic], how she will conquer the world, and how grueling years Maya will endure by cleaning the palace. She had considered about it again that cleaning toilets wouldn't be enough for Maya. She deserved worse.

After 10 minutes, nobody answered or opened the door. Tired Mint couldn't be patient anymore.

"Where are those people anyway? That's it! I'm gonna jumpkick this door then I'm gonna have a good shower and bed rest!" Mint stomped (this was the 100th for that day) her foot on the floor.

"..." Rue was too tired to stop her. 'I think that's a good idea. I'm gonna have a good shower too and lovely bed rest. Um... Wait, why can't do that there! That's impolite..' Rue got confused on his own thought.

But, before the awesome jumpkick by Princess Mint happened, somebody opened the door and it was..

A man with punky red hair. He wore a yellow long cotton robe and black leather pants with buckles and rhinestones all over the pants side. He had a sinister smile. Actually he was handsome enough and acted rather funny than annoying, but he wasn't a good person in Rue and Mint's past.


"Hey, whassup you brats! Never thought that I'd be here?" yelled Narcius, his movement didn't change from the last time they saw him.

"The [expletive] Porcupine?"

"Trap Master?"

"Pshhh..! Don't ya better check the genious Klaus and that old hag Mira? BWA HA HA HA HA HA!"



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