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"How long will you keep hiding from me? Cowards!"

More spells. More cracking grounds, blades, black fireballs, and so on. Did this Guardian really think its targets would show up only to get some punching squares of ground? Ultima, you're way too naive.

Not far from that insane-yet-angelic looking demon, two teenagers tried to breathe as quietly as they could. Mint, the pretty princess from East Heaven Kingdom who longed for the world domination, was shivering in horror for thinking that she would never see normally anymore. Of course the most important thing was nobody wanted a blind leader with horrible white eyes.

"I hate it.. I hate it.. I hate it.. Doesn't this thing have better spell than ruining my pretty burgundy eyes into a pair of [EXPLETIVE] white eyes! How the heck will I clearly see my world with these too-bright-vision? "Mint grumbled the same sentences every thirty seconds. Somehow, Rue got used to her frequent annoying complaints. Maybe, that was because she said them too much; moreover, it was better to think a way to get rid of Ultima and finally gain that Star Stone than to listen to her rambles.

Anyway, Valen wouldn't gave Ultima a role as a guardian if it was a blockhead. So, there wasn't any problem for this creature to find hiding targets- well, nobody would hide if they had no place to hide. Then, in order to make Mint and Rue come out of the huge trees, it casted many spells of black blades which cut down those poor trees surrounding the pathway. It was massive illegal logging though, but an evil guardian wouldn't give a damn about environment as long as it could win the battle. Just like Ultima's prediction, the tactic worked perfectly as Rue finally appeared with trembling Mint clinging to his left arm. The crack-and-boom noises freaked her out since she utterly couldn't see anything.

"You [expletive]! What was that sudden attack! Do you want to make me die from getting trampled by the trees?" Mint shouted with maximum volume. Of course Ultima wanted her to die miserably; nevertheless, it chose to ignore her and turned its right hand into a sword again. Rue let go of Mint, he gripped the Arc Edge tightly, but it was rather difficult since sweat soaked his hand badly.

"Go somewhere else, Mint. He's about to attack us again," Rue told the girl to run away, but all she could say was, "You lame doll! I can hardly see where I am standing now and you tell me to run?"

No time to reply Mint's whine because Ultima had ran towards Rue using its super speed- half of light velocity since Ultima borrowed the power of sunlight. That Doll of Valen slouched and dashed, when the guardian was close enough jumped to gain stability and slashed the creature. He only thought he couldn't give up attacking Ultima, though he was still out of the idea about how to defeat it exactly.

Ultima was really one hard enemy, rather similar to Chimera in ability, durability, and speed. 'This thing must have at least one hidden weakness! Uh.. Think, Rue!' Rue shouted anxiously in his mind, his right hand was busy hacking at Ultima's body. The Guardian's pale skin cracked in many places and revealed irregular holes of flashing light. The light disturbed Rue's sight so much, several times he merely hit empty air or the grounds. In the middle of that 'flashy' battle, he gazed upward and was rather surprised to find two burgundy eyes appeared faintly on Ultima's face.

Rue lost the concentration, Ultima took the chance to slash the crap out of him. Clearly it wasn't that easy to take him down, Rue was still able to resist Ultima's hit by his own weapon.

Rue got up, but now he felt more curious about those new burgundy eyes than the battle itself. Rubbing eyes once. Rubbing eyes twice. Those were definitely Mint's eyes. Funny, but Rue found that the eyes image was getting sharper, unlike vague figures of eyes he saw several seconds ago. That Doll of Valen gaped open in disbelief. He never found such creepy event in this life.

Ultima seemed to understand the circumstances happening that time. It giggled disgustingly.

"Don't you think I need at least a pair of eyes?" Ultima finally spoke in a rather too sweet tone. Rue got no reason to reply this Guardian's retorical question. He was looking at Ultima sternly in the eyes- its NEW eyes.

"I always wanted to have burgundy eyes. Oh, such rare colour.. Do you agree with me?" Ultima acted rather confusing. It showed manly behaviour before, now it sounded and acted womanly all of a sudden. Rue couldn't resist the conversation and the fake manners anymore. He madly swung the Arc Edge in reply.

"Stop talking as if they were yours, you evil thief! Return those eyes to her!" whatever came out of his mouth, that was utterly reflex. Ultima would never return those eyes, he could guess just by seeing how much it loved Mint's eye colour. However his words might be hillarious to Ultima since it suddenly bursted in laughter.

"Shut up! What's so funny!"

Ultima instantly shut its mouth. For some quiet seconds, the two gazed one another, burgundy met brown.

"I love collecting eyes.. You know, that girl has bright eyes I've always wanted. I hate the fact that I was created without anything on my face. Valen gave me ability to absorb only one part of face and make it mine. As you see, I chose eyes."

"So, this is your true form, huh?"

"Not really.. I can transform into three beautiful angels and have those beautiful pairs of eyes, but I get weaker when I do that. Funny that I'm still looking for new eyes when I'm just meant to be blank like this," Ultima pointed at its own face.

Rue gritted his teeth, "Then why did you do this to Mint, you dirty monster!"

" Told ya I like this colour, " Ultima wickedly winked at Rue, "But, hey! I just want to remind you to check her. You know, I took her eyes, something bad might happen, eh?"

Ultima gave an answer which definitely frightened Rue. So the moment when Mint had white eyes, it was due to the transferring process had begun. And now, when all of her eyes had been taken over by Ultima, how was she doing then? He called for the princess immediately, but no one answered back. Strangely, Ultima let him rush away to find her. Maybe it knew something, well, of course that guardian knew something had happened to Mint- it must have seen the same thing many times before.

Sweat he got from the battle trickled down his jaw as he ran towards the logs where he told Mint to hide. He smiled a bit when he saw that girl's red crown behind a biggie log. He couldn't wait to see his best partner's condition.

"Mint! Are you o-.."

Smiling face of Rue turned into a pale, shocked one . His knees were trembling so bad that he couldn't stand anymore. The Arc Edge fall pronto besides since he had no energy left to carry that thing.

"Mint.. No.. What happened to you? Come on, Mint! Talk to me!" He desperately grabbed her hand. Although Rue exactly knew she wouldn't answer anything, he just needed to wake her up- he just needed to call Mint's name who was half-sitting against the log with the eyes shut. He shook her weak body up and..

He got a nice slap. Well, Mint is the mighty princess.

Still closing her eyes, Mint mumbled lazily, "What the HECK are you doing, Rue, you moron! I'm hiding and now you reveal me!" Then she pulled off his hands forcefully from her arms, "And put-your-hands-off-ME! I'm not interested to be touched by a doll."

Rue blinked in disbelief. She was okay as hell- the fact rather embarrassed him. Come on, he almost sobbed two minutes ago! If that really happened, how would he ever explain it?

He let go of Mint and cleared throat, "S-sorry.. I was, uh.. Never mind. It's nice to see you alright. Uhmm.. What's with closing eyes?" Though she didn't see anything, he felt so insecure and awkward.

"Suddenly, I lost the bright sensation, and everything totally turned black. I thought it was black out, but I realize I'm still conscious. Better than struggling to keep them open yet seeing nothing, I closed my eyes and as you see, fell asleep. That's when you come, Sonny. You ruined my nap. I don't understand, do you want to tell the whole world where I hide? Good, now that jackass finds out too." She kept mumbling without realizing how her words, which was intended to blame Rue, gave a great relief to him instead. The most important problem for Rue was solved, now he had to move on- fetching Star Stone and Mint's burgundy eyes.

"Don't worry. I'll beat him and return your eyes. J-just stay alert, okay?" He got up immediately to face Ultima. Mint was fine, nothing to worry about. She protruded her tongue, "Whatever."

Ultima, with lots of shining holes beneath its robe, was giggling for something not funny from Rue's point of view. Finally he was set, Ultima would never receive forgiveness.

Rue spinned the Arc Edge and slammed it to the ground, "You, how dare you getting on my nerves.."


"HIYAAAAHH!" Narcius looked like as if he was leaping freely in the air. Not exactly that free. The Hell Angels blew him away with White Explosives, and he was thrown off the ground. White Explosives made small glittery explosion- sweet, but despite of its small size and beautiful glitters, its effect could disturbingly throw you some meters away just like Narcius.

He covered his head while rolling, the yellow coat got dirtier by the soil. At the time he stopped, he directly uttered curses.

"'Ey, Man! Stop [expletive] using that silly explosion!" he writhed and found the most terrible thing in the world, "What the.. [EXPLETIVE]! My coat's RIPPED! Every person on the earth who dares to hurt my coat will [expletive] die miserably!" Yes, that was the terrible thing, sorry for him. He breathed rapidly as if he just saw his bestiest dying.

"Better care about your useless life, human.." the frontman spoke, one of those Hell Angels who had a plain expression- a mixture of nothing.

"Tch.. Yea, I'm human! I'm a cool and handsome man! And what are you, firey creature? I thought I never read about your species in Bible! One more thing, this human will beat you down for sure, and that's the last thing you will remember in your pathetic life! As if you had a brain to remember me.. " Narcius sinisterly chuckled. No matter how harsh he talked, the frontman only exhaled to hear the speech. Another hell angel who stood behind him shouted furiously.

"Shut up, you dirty flea! I'll stuff White Explosives to your mouth and watch you shatter like fruitcake!" that Hell Angel sounded like cricket, so not flattering nor frightening. It had a figure of womanly lips and batting white eyelashes- contrast to its black-marble skin. Black marble, literally.

"You shut the [expletive] off, fugly.." Narcius fluttered his hand towards the woman, who quickly yelled in madness but then the frontman stopped her from attacking Narcius.

She shrieked hysterically behind the leader's arm, "You're gonna get burnt in our hell! You deserve that!" She thought she could frighten such ignorant Narcius. Instead, he giggled happily.

"Ow ow ow.. I'm [expletive] scared, baby girl.. No, not by your threat, but by your ugly voice. Don't be shy, that's a compliment. Hahaha!" Narcius couldn't hold his laugh. She almost scratched her face in madness, though she soon gained her insanity back and cancelled every masochistic stuff in her mind. She might be suffering from a mental disorder or something.

"Silence, you two, " the frontman finally spoke up. He had that kind of charisma which could lead everyone, friends or foes, to respect him. Somehow, he seemed lacking of spirit to live his life.

Then he gazed Narcius, "You human, what are you doing here? Don't you read the poem out there? That's a warning for you to bring your weak feet outta here."

Narcius frowned, "And what is your problem with me being here? Isn't it nice to finally fight someone and get defeated by a stranger?" Suddenly Narcius realized something. He didn't even know why he provoked those monsters to get into a fight! 'Geez, goddammit.. You fool, Narcius! You idiot! I don't even know how to handle them..' the spiky red haired man scratched his back of head awkwardly.

Smirking, the first expression after 10 minutes, the mysterious frontman replied, "Hmm.. So confident. Do you really think that way? That's interesting!" The way he talked really showed to what kind of situation this was going. He wanted a fight so bad. And, he wanted to know if he could be defeated by mere human. The blue fire blazing around his marble skin got brighter as he stated in confidence, "Okay, defeat me, prove that I'm wrong. I've been in hundreds of battles in my life, but nobody as incompetent as you said that they could beat me down. If you lose, you need to know that we love eating humans, just telling you. " Somehow, his cold personality wasn't that cold anymore. His real spirit was hooked out of the deepest mind by words about fighting.

Actually, this creepy situation was something Narcius expected to not ever happen. But yeah, he provoked such battle with Guardian who had thirst for battle as well as hunger after human flesh, what else could be done after all his stupid words. Better than kneeling with tears trickling on his face and begging for forgiveness, those are not his style, he accepted the challenge like a real man.

"And, what am I gonna get if you lose?"

The Hell Angels' leader laughed out loud. Nothing was funny. Something was riddiculous in his own way, not in everyone's way, not even in his Hell Angel fellows' way, and not in Narcius' way. He smirked even more devilishly, "We both know what you want in Fire Forest. You want our Solid to get the [relic], don't you? I'll give it right away to you once you win over me!"

"No! Helius! What are you doing!" The other Hell Angels began to shout objection.


Even Narcius couldn't hold the shiver sent down his spine for hearing Helius' roar. He was interested in that 'Solid' thing though, maybe that was what they were looking for in this forest. Meanwhile, the other Hell Angels almost shrinked due to their fear- they couldn't oppose Helius any further since he was the strongest Hell Angel among them.

"Do you really think this puny human can even scratch my skin, huh? Answer me!"

Nobody answered.

"So let me prove how dumb this little fellow who wastes such a short life to die offhand in my hand! He he he he.. GA HA HA HA HA HA!" He always felt something funny in his own way.

Narcius gritted teeth, "Tch.. What's the matter with you? I'm not gonna die OFFHAND, better change your [expletive] mindset right now! Because it will be harder for you to accept the fact later, I think. So keep your [expletive] promise about the Solid!"

Helius took some steps towards Narcius and gave his hand, "Shall we begin the fight, human?"

"No, wait."

Helius' smirking face turned into an angry one, "What are you talking about? No more turning back.."

Narcius didn't have that superb magic like Mint, or physical and magical power like Rue, to easily beat this Guardian down. He had that Trap magic, but he wasn't even called as Magician since he learnt about it, he didn't get it from his blood. Fighting stronger enemies needed good negotiation as much as good attack. He must be prudent in facing Helius.

"If you want a good fight, then it must be fair for both of us. I know that you're stronger than me ('I don't follow this sentence in my mind!'), and you have magnificent spells I guess.. ('magnificent what! I'm the magnificent man here!') It won't be fair if I'm not allowed to use the whole power of me to fight you."

"My, my.. What's with praising me all of a sudden? What do you wanna say exactly? Are you trying to tell me some terms and conditions? Hah!"

Narcius shook his head, "I don't refer to plural things, Idiot.. I just wanna fight in my battlefield."

"In your.. what?"

"My battlefield, you deaf! I know you heard it! Why do you have to ask? Making this situation a little more dramatic? Tch!" Narcius couldn't be patient anymore. He wanted to hear agreement and.. boom! He would immediately take Helius travel into his battlefield where lots of trap were there. Chances to win got bigger then. He couldn't guess how big it would be, just bigger.

Helius smiled sinisterly, "You.. You're so funny. I mean it. Oh well, I don't mind, do what you want. You must remember anyway, even if we fight in the-so-called as your battlefield, I still can win the game easily! HA HA H-.. !" Helius stopped in the middle of the laughter when Narcius without a warning teleported them to his battlefield. That was for shocking effect, the more shocked Helius could be, the more chance he lost concentration.

Maybe Helius was not that bad, after all he was the leader of Hell Angels squad. He still could keep that kind of warrior landing style even in his worst concentration. On the other hand, Narcius scowled and satirized in jealousy, "Heh.. Let's see what kind of style he will be when I beat him up. Black and blue, frog position.. Damn, I can't wait to see.."

Smarting by such sudden move, Helius shouted in rage, "Evil bastard! Are you trying to trap me?" Actually, Helius had answered his own question.


Helius' fire bursted in bright blue, "What? Damn, why is it so damn hot here?" That was when the floor where he was standing on erupted unexpectedly and threw Helius accross the room. Remember what happened to Narcius in Hell due to White Explosives? Ironic. Life is so ironic.

Now let's see why Narcius felt so proud of his battlefield. It was one room without any doors or windows, rather like getting trapped in a box. From now on, call it 'box of traps'. The walls and floor were metallic black, both had pattern of electric blue lines thresspassing on each other irregularly. Don't misunderstand these things, whatever in this box could be one of many various traps. Irregular blue lines were triggered by touch then this pattern transformed into one of many weapons, such as spikes, bullets, etc. In the middle of the battlefield, nine yellow panels floated in the air. They worked by following the owner's mind, only Narcius had the control over them. He randomly set hidden explosives there, once enemy stepped on it.. BOOM! Let's fly to the air- don't forget about hitting the floor too.

Every Trapper- that was how people like Narcius were called- had their own battlefield with its own special ability. Everybody could be a Trapper, it wasn't a gift nor blood inheritance. All could learn this speciality, even older Trappers had built academies for those who were willing to lean. As a final test, they must build their own battlefield or box of traps. Something Narcius was proud for good, he gained the highest score of the decade. So you know.

Back to the battle, Helius fortunately had a pair of useful wings. At least, when one of the panel exploded, he spread the wings and flied avoiding walls or floor. Narcius clapped eagerly, he was watching everything from the central panel.

"Very very smart, kiddo! I'm surprised by your intelligence, so sorry your face shows the opposite, " Narcius heckled Helius. That guardian didn't take these words seriously, Helius even gave the biggest grin ever.

"It's been a long time since my last battle with a Trapper. That fight, I ended up crushing him into bloody pulps, literally. By the way, he had the same behaviour like you.. Ill-mannered men always lose, I suppose so." The wings fluttered weakly, then he landed on a panel. Fortunately, Narcius didn't set it to explode. But he had another plan.

One giant spiky ball, bigger than usual ball he used in outdoor fight, fell from the ceiling toward Helius. The Guardian was surprised by its sudden coming, yet he tried to overcome the ball using an awesome spinkick. He was thinking to use the ball to hurt Narcius instead. And, he succeeded! He utterly succeeded in causing the ball bounce all over the walls and trigger more traps at the same time. Narcius observed carefully as his battlefield became chaotic- where different section shot sharp daggers, another part launched a bunch of bullets, and many more. As the owner, he couldn't be affected by his own traps, there he stood safely wherever he wanted, while Helius couldn't escape anywhere in the narrow box.

And here came the bad luck. Helius trod on a wrong panel, then for the second time in mere 10 minutes at this box of traps, he was exploded. While Narcius had a good time laughing and moving from one panel to another, without worrying a single thing.

That was quite annoying for a guardian like Helius. He always fought in Hell, he had never been in a hectic place like this when everything he touched was nothing but trap, trap, and trap. After a long time of evading, Helius finally landed on an empty panel, if not he didn't know what to do anymore. His glossy marble skin was slit and white blood trickled to the panel.

Helius rampaged offhand at Narcius who was standing one panel away, "You shouldn't talk about fair fight! This is nothing like a FAIR one!"

"Did you goof about that? Why don't you show me the real you since I've shown you the real me, huh? Then, this is gonna be a fair one," Narcius winked in a disgusting way and teleported to another panel. He did play a lot, while Helius got PLAYED there.

Helius maintained his position in the air. "How big mouth you are.. Observe!" He pulled a very long blazing sword out of nowhere. Narcius goggled like an owl, "What the HECK is that! That's not fair!"

Hearing the ironic statement, Helius grinned and winked, "This is the real me, dammit human.. Let's fight like blazes, shall we?" He began to swing his extraordinary sword, it left traces of fire behind. This narrow box seemed adding another obstacle to the fierce fight. Somehow, the fiercer it could be, the more Narcius felt the spirit burn him. After the fight with Rue as a villain and he was defeated easily several months ago, he never felt so strong like this before. Moreover, he was now on the good side. This might change Helius' words about him: good men always win, though they are ill-mannered.

Narcius snapped his fingers, "Man, I like your words! Fighting like blazes.. Heh.. Then let's get it [EXPLETIVE] started! HIIYYYYAAA!" Narcius exclaimed as he dashed toward Helius, jumped over that swinging sword, and jumpkicked that Guardian right on his face- maybe Narcius had to thank Mint for this practical yet awesome attack. Helius couldn't dodge, but he kept slashing at Narcius. Though Narcius teleported from one panel to another, stomped foot here and there, but he often failed to dodge the fire trace. No doubt, his lovely coat became the victim here.

"It's been 10 times! If I win, I'm gonna eat you for this! I'M GONNA [EXPLETIVE] EAT YOU!" Narcius raged as another fire trace made a nice smokey hole at the coat. As a reply, Helius swung back the sword over the top of Narcius' head.

"I'm not sure about you eating me. But, I'm sure about me burning your hair.. Gyahahahaha.."


Narcius got panic attack as the smell of burnt hair began to spread around his nose. Not the coat, and of course, not the hair too! He was proud of his natural spiky style, he didn't care how Mint called him Porcupine or how stranger called him just like Mint did. The point is he really loved his hair, end of story!

End of story about Narcius and his hair, anyway.

Helius then used Fire Rain spell which immediately gave heavy rain made from blue fire. Pretty, but dangerous. The spell had some kind of healing properties for Helius since the open wound slowly stopped trickling blood, yet it didn't heal fully. The only thing Narcius could do was hiding, he arranged four panels as a roof above him.

"You! You're not fair with your healing spell!" Narcius yelled while he evaded from another sword attack.

"Who's not fair? Me?" Helius jabbed the sword toward Narcius, but he teleported somewhere else, "you fight with all of your traps, I fight with all of my spells.. aren't we deal about that, HUH!" the Guardian stopped the Fire Rain and once again slashed Narcius, yet unfortunately he missed. He attacked the wall instead.

And.. The sword was stuck! Forcefully Helius tried to pull the sword away before Narcius dropped spiky ball right at him.

"What's.. the.. matter.. with.. THIS! UGGHH!" Nevertheless, the effort yielded fruition. He got his sword back and the biggest secret Narcius didn't even know.

Narcius gaped open to see what happened in front of his eyes. He designated this box to be attack-proof, not a single weapon, nor bomb, nor anything could ever damage this box.

So that day became rather historical for both since Helius' underweight sword finally broke the infamous damage-proof box of traps. Surprised, upset, these feels mixed up in the owner's head. He was surprised because that was the first time. He was upset because he knew the broken parts wouldn't be able to transform for awhile until the automatic regeneration worked two hours later. A slow regeneration system was one weakness he ever ignored since he believed that nothing would be able to break this perfect creation.

"What the hell? So, this wall doesn't seem that strong?" Helius chuckled. He took some flutters toward the broken wall, and did a brief examination. Narcius just stood there without words, he was confused. He wondered what happened.

Helius gazed at him, "You're clueless about this, aren't you? Never expected? Hah!"

"Shut the [expletive] off! Of course, I know!" Narcius rather squeaked. The upset tone in his voice convinced Helius the contrary instead.

He grinned in such a triumph, as if the battle had ended just because he knew about this. "You look funny, Mr. Trapper.. I wanna see how this situation can be funnier when I destroy this junk!"

Helius carelessly spinned his sword as he gazed Narcius. He wanted to show how he could damage this battlefield easily without even caring where he moved the sword to. Narcius growled in madness, he stomped foot and made all panels set to explode. The explosion happened right before Helius flied away; nevertheless, he playfully jabbed the wall in random direction.

Using such an awesome flying ability, Helius spinned in high speed around the room, making bad mess over those four vertical sides of the battlefield. Narcius had no more option left, he teleported following wherever Helius flied, hands touching some intact walls. Those triggered weapons and traps coming out and attacked Helius.

After some exhausting minutes playing tag, Helius finally stopped spinning. Both gazed each other in hatred, they laughed no more.

"It seems that messing with your battlefield gives you strength booster, human. Never thought that you could follow my super speed. I'm impressed.."

Showing fist, Narcius yelled with panting breath, "I know that you are [expletive] rubbish! I've had enough of you!" The punky Trap Master did an unseen stomping motion, then a super heavy spiky ball suddenly fall onto the Guardian's head. It was too late for him to run away or fly away or howsoever he wanted to avoid the trap.

"Holy crap! Aaahhhh!" Helius yelled in horror. This scene looked so magnificent in Narcius' point of view. That your enemy was one second away from getting trampled by a big ball and he screamed like a teenage girl who finds cockroach creeping up her leg, it was extremely hillarious to see.

Unfortunately, Narcius had to taste another disappointment again.

"Surpriissee..!" the Guardian grinned happily as if he just gave a nice surprise to Narcius. He did take Narcius by surprise, a terrible one. Not only he wasn't hurt at all by the spiky ball, he even tear the ball into smaller pieces.

At first, Narcius just goggled like a dummy before frustratedly pinching down his cheeks. He groaned and groaned.

Helius then did an athlete pose to show how he became so edgy all of a sudden. Narcius then realized this had something to do with magic- a spell that turned his muscles into something so hard that it could destroy such a big and heavy ball on the earth, he didn't know what it was.

"Hold on a second.. You, you use magic again? You did it, didn't ya?" Narcius still asked a question of which answer he knew exactly.

"I thought I told you before. Fight me with all of your puny traps and I'll do my best fighting you with my incredible spells!"

Didn't know how he should reply those words, the rude master merely said, "[Expletive] you. I hate you."

"Oh, I'm scared. Come on, stop talking! I'm so eager to beat you up as soon as possible! Bring out all of your traps, so you can see how nothing can ever hurt me under this spell!"

While Narcius kept dwelling on everything, Helius made a quick painful punch toward him. He felt so damn stuck in this case. Fighting magical creature or magician was something he despised, unless they were low class ones. But, now a Guardian? Man, he should have behaved better earlier.

He rolled in the air, and landed roughly on a panel. With the spell, Helius became so much stronger. That Guardian did cause a ball shatter into pieces by hitting him, then punching a mere human to death wouldn't be difficult.

Suddenly, something urged Narcius to cough blood violently. Blood tinged saliva was creeping slowly down the corner of his lips. Of course, that nuts attacked right on his stomach. It hurt, so damn hurt. Even breathing made it worse. Nevertheless, he wouldn't give up the pride for looking weak. Though in falter, he still made it to stand.

"How do you call that awesome spell?"

"Well, since you ask.. That's Clever Diamond! Well, not as strong as diamond, but nearly that strong. Diamonds are forever! " he frowned, "Hey! I've told you to stop chitchatting!"

Narcius spat blood onto the panel- when the battle was over later, he would definitely fix this place.

'Well, Clever Diamond sure does annoying.. Heh. Wait.. Did he say diamond?' This kind of situation somehow reminisced Narcius to something hidden here. 'That weapon' was fabulous. Long time ago he helped Ruecian in winning over a great magician, then Ruecian gave this as a gift for him. He set it as one of traps in the box, but a miscalculation happened so instead of being useful, it became stuck somewhere here. He knew that he could rely on this weapon, as it ever appeared in a battle without any reason- it just popped out.

'I have to find that thing before this [expletive] jerk tears me apart.. Tch! But, where the hell is the dammit weapon!'

He looked around and got an idea out of nowhere. It wasn't a bright one, but whatever, usually he couldn't get anything called as 'idea'. Usually, Kirielle or Karwyn had the idea, he only had curses.

No more time to get another idea, it would be two decades to happen, moreover this screwball had moved impatiently to attack him again. Narcius was forced to teleport fast eventhough he didn't feel like it. This time, he needed Mint so much to recover him, yet the girl's fate was indefinable too after entering a trap.

He touched the wall in every teleportation. So this is the idea, touching every intact part and the most important, praying for 'the weapon' to come out of the wall and smash that bastard.

'This is crazy.. What if I need to touch specific area when on the other hand, it's already broken?' Narcius thought as he teleported and appeared in another corner of the box. One swing from Helius almost jabbed through his head just now before the teleportation.

Getting fed up of that madly long sword and its owner, Narcius teleported behind Helius and gave a good spinkick.

"You know, you and your too-long-sword smart me [expletive] too much! When the hell ARE YOU GONNA DIE! Ouch!"

A good attck resulted in a good pain too- he forgot about how 'almost-diamond' Helius became now. Sadly, he only got another swing as a reply. It was faster than before Helius used Clever Diamond spell. Hey, did the spell boost his speed or something too?

"I'm gonna die thousands of years after your miserable death today! HA!" the Guardian confidently hacked Narcius, unfortunately that punky guy evaded with such unbelievably cool movement- actually, the truth was Narcius almost slipped from the panel. Nevertheless, no matter how cool he did it, the fire trace still got the tip of his porcupine hair.

He patted those red strands of hair in panic, "Damn! My hair again? Gawd!"

As if he did nothing, Helius fiercely attacked Narcius continuously. Getting pushed to the corner, he then continued to teleport in finding the 'thing'. Said it was made from magic by a great magician, at least to fight magic, he must use magic or magical weapon. Moreover, Ruecian told something about its material, the reason that made Narcius desperately try to find it.

"Not this one.. I think I've touched this.. Oh, not again.. No, not this weapon.. No, it's not- Ouch! Dammit sword!

"Stop disappearing and reappearing like that, Human!"

Narcius stopped for awhile, "Yeah.. So you can [expletive] kill me, am I right?" Helius answered him by giving a quick slash, yet he only got nothing but empty air. Whereas Narcius had reappeared some meters before him, chuckling. Nevertheless, actually he felt really tired.

Helius finally showed the temper tantrum movement- he stomped repeatedly on the panel.. just like someone from East Heaven Kingdom. 'Freak..' Narcius frowned, while his hand kept working to touch the wall.

"I can't stand your teleportation anymore! What if I use up all of the space here so you can't teleport anywhere, huh?"

Stopped touching, Narcius blinked in suspicion."What.. are you talking about?"

"Well, you'll see, Human.. It's gonna be sooo good!" Helius smirked.

Feeling insecure, Narcius clenched fist, 'This can't be good.. No, it's never good.'




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