Third story in The Hunter Verse, the couples have much to celebrate and more smut happens etc. Rated M, slash warning, Mpreg warning.

Uber Hunter's.

Chapter One.

The angels sit together on the couch talking, waiting for their hunters to get back.

"I can't believe you beat us" whined Gabe.

"Guess we were trying harder" grinned Cas.

"Yeah and you had a head start too. So not fair Cassie" bitched his brother lovingly.

They laugh then knowing that there is no real jealously between them.

"Don't worry Gabe you'll have Sam knocked up in no time" replied Cas.

"Oh and what makes you think I won't get knocked up?" asked Gabe.

"I know you brother, your so totally a top" grinned Cas.

"Yeah true but for Sammy I'd switch if wanted me too" replied Gabe.

Cas raises an eyebrow, "You mean Sam's a bottom?" asked Cas a little shocked.

"Yep…but don't say anything in front of Dean ok" confirmed Gabe.

"Of course not, Gabe" replied Cas.

"Did Dean tell you why they went out?" asked Gabe.

"To get alcohol for fathers visit" laughed Cas.

"For him or them" chuckled Gabe.

"Good point" said Cas.

The sound of the Impala pulling into the driveway makes both angels jump up and head for the front door to greet their hunters. Castiel is the first one at the door, he opens it, steps through and is at Dean's side in a flash.

"Hey babe, missed you two' says Dean as he wraps his angel in his arms.

"We missed you too" replied Cas, speaking for both him the baby.

Gabriel slips his arms around Sam and they vanish.

"What the hell ? Not even a hello?" gripped Dean.

"Gabe's jealous we beat them" stated Cas.

"Oh" replied the hunter, now he understood.

"Want me to angel this stuff inside love?" asked Cas.

"Thanks babe" replied Dean as the bags of alcohol and food vanished from the back seat.

The hunter leans in and kisses his angel. Pulling Castiel in tight and tongue fucking his mouth until the angel moaned for him. A shudder runs through him cause he loves that sound.

"Damn Cas, you keep moaning like that and I'll just have to fuck you" growled Dean after he broke the kiss.

Cas moans wantonly then grins at his hunter.

"Damn babe" growls Dean, getting hard instantly.

A rush of air and they are on the bed, naked, Cas on his back underneath his hunter. Dean leans in and nibbles his angels ear then whispers harshly "Gonna fuck you til you scream my name Angel".

Castiel shivers, wanting exactly that. He presses up, rubbing against his lovers hard on. Making Dean moan and nip his shoulder. The angel gasps and writhes. The hunter nips again growling "Mine".

"Yes" gasps Cas as he spreads his legs, slipping them up and around the hunters waist.

Dean reaches down between them takes hold of his hardness and positions himself to enter his lover. Rubbing the head against Cas's hole, finding him wet. Dean moans low in his throat and pushes forward, burying himself to the hilt in his angel. Cas arches up to meet him, moaning the hunters name as he hits that sweet spot first thrust. Forget gentle, he's too turned on by how horny Cas is to be gentle, Dean pounds into his angel, making Cas arch and writhe under him. Panting "Yes…harder".

Dean does as he's told and pumps harder, firm grip on Cas's hips. The sight before him dragging an orgasm closer, his angel…arms flung above his head, both hands hanging on to the headboard. Head back, eyes closed, mouth open…gasping in sheer pleasure. Dean fucks him faster and the angel cries out his name raggedly. Bringing a primal, possessive smile to the hunters lips. The hunter sifts slightly and pounds harder, making Cas scream wordlessly as waves of heat rolled over him and his orgasm built.

"That's it babe scream my name while you cum" says Dean as he reaches for his angels hard cock to stroke it in time with his thrusts.

"Oh…ah…oh" pants Cas as he reaches his peak "DEAN" he screams.

The hunter thrusts harder, faster, blindly fucking his lover through his orgasm as his own drags him down screaming for Cas. They collapse, spent and Cas rolls them onto their sides, both panting for air.

"Hurry up Sammy, father will be here soon" called Gabe.

Dean and Cas sat cuddled up on the couch, kissing while they waited for God to show. Sammy came running down the stairs saying "I'm coming love, calm down".

The fluttering of many wings announced the arrival of God and his angels and suddenly the room was full of visitors.

"Father!" said Gabe as he hugged God.

"Hello Gabriel, how are you my son?" replied God.

"Great…I miss you all though" he admitted.

God nodded, he understood, then he turned and said "Hunter, come forth".

Dean unwound himself from his angel reluctantly and stood up, he walked over to God and said "Hey God".

Sam winced and waited for God to smite his bloody arrogant brother but God laughed and said "Don't push it hunter".

Dean grinned at God and said "Hell if I can't have a joke with my father in law then shoot me".

"If my son didn't love you so much Winchester…" grinned God as they both laughed.

"I can kinda see you" said Dean.

"I thought this would be easier for human minds" replied God.

"Thanks it is. So drink?" asked Dean.

To everyone's surprise God said "Yes, I'll have an Absinthe thank you".

Sam turned to the bar and started making God's drink. Dean turned to offer God a seat but he wanted to see Castiel first. Cas was hugging Michael so God made his way over to them.

"So good to see you little brother. Father tells us your having a boy' said Michael as he relinquished Cas to Balthazar's hug.

"Good to see you too Mike and yes we are" Cas replied as he hugged Balthazar tight. "Good to see you too Balli" he added.

"We've missed you Cassie" replied Balthazar as he let go of his brother.

"Castiel, my son" said God.

Cas turns and hugs his father "Thank you for coming father" he says.

"Of course. I miss my sons very much" replied God.

Castiel grinned and hugged God again.

Dean frowned, he couldn't help it…there were too many hands on his angel and he hated it. Sure they were family but that didn't help, he fucking hated any one else touching his angel. Thankfully Sam was handing God his drink at that moment so Dean wrapped his arms around Cas from behind, pulling him in close while trying to keep a civil smile on his face.

Reading his hunters body language as well as his mind, Cas turns in Dean's arms and kisses him deeply. Showing the hunter who he belongs too, who he loves. Dean settles a touch but still has a tight grip on Cas as he looks into his angels blue eyes. He see's love, devotion and lust. He grins and kisses his angels forehead, loosening his hold. Castiel presses back into him and stays there, determined to sooth his hunter. Knowing all, God turns to Sam and asks "Where's Gabriel?".

"Oh he's bartending, should I go get him?" said Sam.

"No, no I shall go to him. Gabriel is the ultimate host Sam, your lucky to have him" replied God.

"I know I am and I thank you every day…well I suppose you know that already" said Sam.

"Yes Sam, I know and your welcome. Now enjoy the party, we are family after all" grinned God.

Sam grinned back and nodded, not really knowing what to say. God wanders off to find Gabe so Sam turns to Dean who's talking to Balthazar, still wrapped around Cas.

"Hey Sammy, Balthazar wants to know why Gabe isn't preggers too?" said Dean with a grin.

"You had a head start, jerk" replied Sam.

"Or your firing blanks bitch" teased Dean.

Castiel giggles knowing full well why Gabe isn't pregnant but says "Play nice, lover".

"But he started it babe" replied Dean.

"Who is older my love?" said Cas.

"No wonder I love you Cas…brains and one hell of a body" grinned the hunter.

"Actually I've been wondering if Cassie will get fat like a woman would" said Balthazar.

Horrified at the idea Cas slaps his brothers arm, snapping "Don't even joke Balli".

Balthazar laughs and grins at his brother "Well you are giving birth to the very first Uber Hunter".

Castiel grins and says "Yes I am, aren't I. we're going to have to ask father exactly how this will all work".

"You better do it before he has any more of Gabe's green fairy's" added Michael with a chuckle.