Uber Hunters.

Chapter Seven.

A newborn and a very pregnant hunter in the house changed everything, the hunters took a six month sabbatical and handed their cases to other hunters they trusted. Only Balthazar and Michael visited regularly, as Dean tended to loose his temper very quickly with any of the other angels. Cas knew that his hunter took special exception to them because their help with the four. He trusted them to keep Cas safe and therefore his son too. Dean doted on Zain, often watching him sleep, a proud grin plastered to the hunters face, Cas loved seeing that look on his lover. So much so that he was already itching to get pregnant again as soon as Dean wanted. A light fluttering feeling engulfed his insides as he thought of giving his hunter more children. He smiled then knowing that this was exactly where he belonged, would always belong…with his hunter.

The hunter feels his angel watching him so he closes his eyes and thinks of all things they did to get Zain. Explicit images rolled through his mind, directed at his lover. He got exactly what he wanted when he heard Cas moan loudly. Dean grins, turns around and walks over to his angel, he wraps Cas in his arms and whispers in his ear "Shower".

One simple word and Cas is hard, moaning "Yes".

"I just feel strange, I mean it's not like I've been pregnant before" explained Sam as he lay in his angels arms.

"You better not have mister" scolded Gabriel with a grin making his lover smile.

"Oh ha ha, very funny. Seriously it's weird I feel it but there are no outward signs and that's just strange for me" said Sam.

"Well from what Cassie looked like I'd say that's gonna be normal for Uber Hunters mothers" replied Gabe.

"Yeah I suppose, I'll just have to get used to it" grinned Sam.

He had to laugh at the expression on his angels face, it was part shock, part joy as he asked "You want to have more than one?".

"As many as you want lover" replied Sam lovingly.

"Oh Sammy…I love you so much" enthused Gabriel before kissing his hunter deeply.

God looks down upon his extended family and grins happily at the start he has made with the new breed. Knowing that with such loving parents the Uber Hunters will be caring, kind of heart and good as well as supremely powerful. Now to get the rest of his planned matches rolling now that he had the perfect example he wanted. Besides Balthazar was too sad for him to bare it much longer, it was breaking his heart. Time for him to meet his match…the hunter of his dreams. But first Scarlet had to be bought into the world and it was nearly time…a day at the most and she would be ready to be born.

'Gabriel, my son' thought God directly into his mind.

'Yes father?' Gabe thought back.

'Tomorrow your child will come, prepare your hunter' thought God.

'Yes father I will, thank you' thought Gabriel then he turned to his lover and said "Father just let me know that our daughter will arrive tomorrow".

Sam grins "Really, that soon. Oh Gabe I can't wait to meet her".

"Me either, Sammy" replied Gabe as he hugged his hunter.

"We should tell our brothers" said Sam.

Gabriel chuckles and says "Later, their busy".

"Already?" asked Sam a little shocked.

"You know those pair, like bloody rabbits" laughed Gabe.

Sam grinned and nodded knowing exactly what his angel meant, his brother and his husband were uniquely hot for each other. Sam had often compared it to drowning without the other as he'd seen them kiss after no more than five minutes apart and that's what it looked like to him. Like Cas was oxygen to Dean and vice versa. Sam envied that in a way but only a little.

Mid afternoon the next day…

Sam had just gotten out the shower and was in his room getting dressed when a sharp pain ripped through him and he doubled over calling for his angel. Gabriel was at his side instantly and so was God.

"This will hurt worse for you than it did for Castiel, I am sorry Sam. Angels are better built for this kind of birth" said God as he helped his son get Sam to the bed and lay him down. Even through the pain Sam managed to be modest in front of God thinking 'At least I got my pants on'.

The young hunter lay there gripping Gabriel's hand as tightly as he could, teeth gritted against the pain and the scream that threatened to tear his throat apart.

"Almost there Sam, your doing great" soothed God lovingly.

Dean and Cas stood in the door way holding each other, Dean scared for his brother yet knowing God wouldn't let anything happen to him.

Sam had been thrown around by ghosts, shot, stabbed, punched by all manner of creatures and none of it even remotely compared to this pain. Yet it was worth every moment when a distinctly female cry echoed around the room and the pain was gone.

"Welcome Scarlet Mary…you are second only to Zain" said God proudly as he handed the beautiful little girl to her mother. Sam grinned as he cradled her, looking down lovingly at her light brown hair, just like his angels.

"So beautiful" he breathed.

"Hello Scarlet" said Gabriel as he gently caressed her chin.

The baby smiled earning an "Awwwwww!" from both her parents.

"She's perfect" said Gabriel.

"Yes she is" agreed Sam.

"More than either of you know" added God with a grin.

"Thank you father" replied Gabe.

"No my son, thank you both for giving me a healthy granddaughter" said God "See you at the party" he added before vanishing.

Gabriel laughed and kissed his hunters temple gently before saying "Thank you my love, you've given us a beautiful baby girl".

"Your more than welcome Angel" grinned Sam.

Cas and Dean quietly leave knowing they'll get to see their niece soon enough. Knowing how it feels to want be alone as a family. They slip back into their own room to dress having only had time to grab towels when Sam first screamed. Cas goes straight to the crib, finds Zain sleeping peacefully and grins at his son. Dean's arms wind around him from behind and he settles back into the embrace of his husband. They look down on their son, both smiling broadly. Yes, they know exactly what it's like.

The end.

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