please pardon my two-year hiatus. i got a new laptop and forgot to transfer this file over (aka i kinda forgot about this story oops.) i think i was planning on rewriting the ending because i wasn't satisfied with it. and i'm still not satisfied with it, but i hate leaving works unfinished even more, so i'm just going to post what i originally wrote over 3 years ago. i only made minor edits, sorry if it's shitty lol.

truth be told, i'm disappointed that this fic ended up being the least successful, like the weird runt of all my writings. i thought it was pretty funny and an interesting retelling, but maybe the twilight wave has already died. in any case, this was fun to write and not everything can be a winner. runts need loving too.

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chapter fifteen

At once, all fairies, vampires, and werewolves ran towards the Danann Stone thief. But the fairies stopped short. Without the Danann Stone in its proper pace in the lagoon, fairies had no source of power. And without any source of power, all the flying fairies fell to the ground, fire no longer shot out of their palms, and the nauseating scent ceased completely. Since all the fairies were now powerless, it was up to us two covens of vampires and a measly pack of werewolves against the ravenous hundred nomads.

Suddenly, too many vampires were upon me. I struggled against all of them and saw out of the corner of my eye Bella getting dragged away. I tried to push away from them but it was no use, there were too many vampires on me and I wasn't strong enough.

We were only the secondary help. We couldn't win this battle without the fairies.

And then, a last hope:

Where's Bella? She has the necklace. If she puts the necklace in the lagoon, then the stone on the pendant will act as our power source and then we can fight again.

Without the stone's protection, I could also hear all the fairies thoughts. I listened intently to Queen Titania's instructions. If I could get that pendant and then get it in the lagoon, we could stop the vampires. But how could I get the message across to Carlisle? How could I reach him in time when I couldn't even fight off these vampires on me right now?

"Let me see! Let me see!" A crowd of vampires was gathering around the woman who had retrieved the stone from the lagoon. They all called out like children to touch the stone, to see the stone, to taste the stone, to hold the stone. The woman just ignored all the imbeciles and made her way to the leader. She handed the stone to him gingerly, like it was exceptionally fragile.

The leader held the prized possession in his hands. He closed his eyes and smiled. Yes, he thought, after all these years of searching, I finally found it. I finally have it. I can finally be human again.

At that very moment, Seth ran up to the leader, snatched the Danann Stone right out of his hands, and ran. All the vampires chased after him as Seth ran criss-cross across the grounds and over all the dead.

"Get that DOG!"

All the other wolves jumped in to attack. I saw Jasper and Liam join in as well. The others, from what I could tell, were detained like me.

Then Seth ran in my direction, the stone clenched in his mouth. Immediately, all the vampires on top of me pounced on Seth instead, thereby freeing me. Just before all the vampires tackled Seth, Jasper grabbed the stone from him and ran in the opposite direction. The vampires, once more, got up and started to chase.

See, it was no longer a war. It was a game of keep-away.

When Jasper could no longer outrun the hoard of vampires, he threw it to Rosalie. Rosalie managed to lead the vampires in a pointless chase while the rest of us took out as many vampires as we could. Then she passed the stone to Sam. Sam ran just a few steps before the leader of the vampires stabbed him with his iron blade. Iron didn't have the same effect on werewolves, but it was enough to bring Sam to his knees and the vampire effectively reclaimed the stone.

There were bodies everywhere, dead, alive, or just barely. Another vampire jumped on me and god, there was just so many of them. Carlisle was nowhere in sight. It was hopeless. We were done.


And then time stopped.

The tiny noise echoed throughout the cave, effectively silencing the loud commotion. Enemy on enemy, friends helping the fallen, every pair of eyes were attracted to the flying object making its way through the air.

Shaking free of the nomads on me, I sneaked a glance at Bella for a millisecond. She was on her knees, held down by three beastly vampires while the a fourth stood in front of her with a death grip neck ready to decapitate. My eyes moved over to Alice, about ten feet away from Bella, who had amazingly shaken off the two vampires on her and was now sprinting towards Bella. Rosalie, Emmett, and Jacob were outnumbered against five bulky vampires, but the fight was delayed as every one of them stared unblinkingly at the flying object. Jasper and Esme threw a vampire into a growing pit of magical fire.

Finally, I caught sight of Carlisle. He was off to the side, standing above a mess of vampire limbs, and his arm was still extended from throwing Bella's pendant. Queen Titania's instructions came to mind: if we get the amulet into the lagoon, there might still be a chance. And a chance is all we have to hang onto now.

The pendant must have bounced off a stalagmite, causing the ringing cling!

Get it, Edward! Carlisle shouted in his mind.

Swiftly punching the crazy vampire who had latched onto my arm, I jumped into the air, angled to intercept the flying necklace. Hundreds of eyes followed me as everything moved in slow motion. I finally wrapped my fingers around the pendant and landed on the ground. The gem glowed a brilliant red, intact and perfect on the pendant.

I'm sorry about before, Carlisle quickly apologized. I hope I haven't let you down.

"Bring it here! Come on!"the mermaids were shrieking. The pond was only a few feet away, three steps and I could hand the gem to them and then they could swim it down the waters. It was that easy. I was already there.

Don't do it! A sharp voice stopped me, so clear that I swore it was spoken aloud. Think about what you are doing.

I turned around to face the crowd. Vampires, werewolves, fairies, elves, and dwarves alike began to chase after me.

"Stop!" I shouted. "Come one step closer and I'll give this to the mermaids."

That stopped the mob of angry vampires. The others, the people on my side, however, also slowed to a halt uncertainly.

What are you doing? Bella thought. Why aren't you handing it to the mermaids? Why are you hesitating?

I took a step towards the pool, but the voice again stopped me.

You are throwing away a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, son, he said. I scanned the crowd and found the vampire whose thoughts I heard. It was the vampire leader, an old vampire with wrinkles on his white skin, black hair bent every which way, ragged clothing like the rest of them. But he, unlike the others, looked wise. He knew I could hear his thoughts.

Don't listen to him, Edward! Alice's inner thoughts chirped in. Give the pendant to the mermaids!

You could be human again, the old vampire thought. You don't have to be a monster anymore. That's what you want isn't it? All your life, that's what you've wanted.

I had thought I was so strong, so noble, for defending Bella against Carlisle. But when it came down to it, when it truly mattered, I was the weakest of all. For the temptation was just too strong and I found it impossible to let go.

Edward. Emmett's thoughts now. I stumbled back another half step. The mermaids and selkies stretched their arms frantically to reach the pendant in my hand.

The vampire leader frowned and took a half step forward. Join us, Edward. We aren't evil. We don't want to kill fairies. We don't want to kill you. We just want to be human, we just want to breathe and listen to our heart beat once again. Is that so much to ask for?

And I could. I could take this gem and run away right now. I could escape into the night and become human. Right now. And no one could stop me.

You can even keep that gem on the amulet. The rest of us will share this stone. We can all become human tonight. Even your family. Just join us, the vampire leader added.

I took a tiny step forward, away from the mermaids.

That's it. Give it to me and all your dreams will come true. Dreams, that's another thing you'll get back. Don't you miss dreaming?

I do. I miss everything so much. Being able to be around other people without the unyielding desire to kill, being able to eat, being able to live…

There were two ways to go here. I could turn back around, toss the gem to the fastest mermaid, and save the Otherworld. Or, I could join the other vampires in fulfilling the only desire any vampire has. Yes, it would ultimately kill every being in this world. But I would get to be human again. That certainly justified any selfish act. The vampires stared at me greedily. The fairies shook their heads in defeat. Alice glared.

I stepped forward.

Edward, no. It was Bella's inner voice that stopped me this time. She was still on her knees, staring at me helplessly. Please, Edward. Don't do this. You're not one of them. You're better than that.

But am I?

All eyes were on me as I stood, straddling the fence, teetering towards the lagoon and then back again.

You want that, don'tcha? the leader thought, taunting me. You want to be human.

I wanted that more than anything.

And you'll do whatever it takes to get it.

Whatever it takes.

"Edward…please…" Bella pleaded. I turned to look at her. For my people. For all those who just died.

Around her, all the remaining sidhe concurred with the same opinion. There really weren't that many left. The vampires were about thirty away from total Tuatha dé Danann genocide.

"Oh, so you like this one, huh?" The vampire leader, speaking aloud now, walked over to where Bella was sitting. The vampire behind her tightened the gasp on her arms. I tried to play indifferent, but the sharp intake of breath when I heard Bella moan in pain was enough for the clever vampire to figure me out. "A fairy. You fell in love with a fairy?"

Toss the necklace! The mermaids yelled.

The vampire withdrew his iron blade and held it dangerously close to Bella's neck. I willed someone, anyone, close to save her. Please.

"You toss that necklace the wrong direction and you say goodbye to her pretty face," he threatened.

Don't listen to him, Maggie warned. He's bluffing. He's only testing you.

When I didn't move, the vampire relaxed and moved the blade further away. Bella breathed out in relief. She looked so pained, so helpless. My heart sang for her.

"Here, I'll make you a deal," he said, pacing back and force as everyone stopped and stared. "You hand me that pendant and no one else gets hurt. You and your family can join us as we use the stone. We can all become human. These fairies can keep on living, simply as mortals. And here's the best part…"

He walked back to Bella and made a motion to the big vampire holding her down. The big vampire reluctantly let go of her and she collapsed onto the ground. Her shoulders slouched and she took deep shaky breaths.

"…You get to be human and, without the stone, she becomes human too."

I didn't even have time to think about that. Now I wish he never planted that idea in my head.

"Isn't that what you want?" he said. "You can still be with her. You two can grow old together, get married, have children, and start a family. You won't have to hide from society. You'll be happy, joyful, and normal."

I stared at Bella as she looked back. I never wanted someone more than her.

Edward, no…

My eyes moved away from her emotion-filled eyes and skimmed the rest of my family. Jasper, Rosalie, and Carlisle. In the last few minutes of the chase, the two gems had passed through the three of them, the three skeptics, and they were able to make the right choice, even if it hurt. It ended up with me, and I'm now the one having a hell of a time doing the right thing.

You're strong, Jasper thought, You can do it.

The consequences are bigger than you, Rosalie thought. Do you know what you're doing?

Carlisle stared at me with a stern face. I was wrong, Edward. I was wrong to hold onto this dream. It's not right, taking away someone else's life so you could get yours back. Returning to humanity is not worth putting all these creatures in danger. You were right. I was selfish and foolish, remembering a fantasy back when I was just a lonely vampire. Being a vampire isn't all bad, you know. You just have to see the glass as half full sometimes. You're faster than anyone I know, you're wickedly talented, and if you hadn't been a vampire, if you really had died of the influenza all those years ago, you would never have met Bella. Having something so powerful in your hands can mess with your mind. Don't forget who you are. Remember which side you're fighting for.

Bella looked at me and her final thoughts settled my mind. My eyes snapped back to meet the vampire's.

"So, what's it going to be?"

My face twisted up for a grin. I've already decided.

At that moment, Alice's eyes glossed over and she had a vision. And it was all the reassurance I needed.

Taking one step faster than you could blink, I turned back and handed the pendant to the first mermaid reached. She immediately dived into the water and swam.

"NO!" the vampire yelled, for I had done the wrong thing.

The big vampire grabbed Bella again and the leader vampire took out his blade once more. I sprinted faster than I've ever ran before and tackled him to the ground. By then, the smell of fairies had returned and I knew the mermaids had delivered the stone to its rightful spot. Around me, the fairies all shot up to fly in the air and the vampires holding onto the elves and the nymphs let go as their hands burned from the touch.

The vampires backed away slowly, as we all cornered them. They were the ones outnumbered now. The tables have been turned and before the vampires could regroup and rethink, Alice had snatched the original Danann Stone back. Fear flashed through the nomad vampires' eyes.

"Go. And never come back," Queen Titania said.

And the vampires scattered like rats.

"Why didn't you let us kill them?" Paul complained after the wolves transformed back into human form.

Carlisle smiled sadly. "We are not like them."

Together, Queen Titania, Bella, and the three remaining princesses moved all the dead bodies in a heap and buried them. Looking around, I counted about twenty-four fairies, fifteen elves, nine mermaids, five selkies, and two nymphs. And for all we knew, they were the last sidhe alive.

We all cheered in celebration. The battle, as quickly as it started, was over! The Otherworld was saved, for the most part. All those who perished would be honored as martyrs, all those who remained will help reconstruct the land. It was only a matter of time.

Queen Titania flew to a spot a few feet away, bent down and retrieved her tiara that had fallen from her head.

"Thank you all, so much," she said, addressing us vampires and werewolves, "if it hadn't been for you, we would never have won this battle."

"I don't think you can hold off the vampires forever," Alice said, returning the stone to the queen. "They might be scared off for now, but they'll be back again eventually."

"And we'll be waiting for them."

I turned around to find Bella, only to see her trembling, clutching her right shoulder and wincing in pain.

"Bella?" I asked. She stumbled forward and nearly fell over if I hadn't caught her. "What's wrong?"

"It hurts," she mumbled. Her knees gave out completely and her body fell limp in my arms. I inspected her shoulder and found the smallest of cuts in the fabric of her jacket. Removing the material, I saw a tiny drop of blood and it rolled down her arm. "The blade…" she said, "he cut me with the blade."

The iron. When I went to tackle the vampire, he must have slipped and the weapon grazed Bella's skin. But even that microscopic cut was enough to do the damage. Her skin around the cut was turning a sickly green color and continuing to spread across her entire shoulder.

"It's iron," I said frantically to Queen Titania, "the vampire cut her with iron."

The queen, who had been caring for an elf with a bleeding head, immediately came over. "Oh dear."

Bella screamed out in pain and squeezed my arm, hard. I knelt to the ground and held her close. "What do we do?" I asked. "How do we help her?" It killed me to see her in so much pain.

"Quick, hold her arm so the iron poison doesn't spread." I did as Queen Titania instructed and clamped down on her arm while she pressed down on Bella's upper shoulder. The lower part of her arm and hands started to go white from the lack of blood but at least the green didn't spread

"But Queen Titania, what do we do with all the injuries?" a princess asked, gesturing to all the elves and fairies with wounds.

"I'm a doctor," Carlisle volunteered, "I can help."

"That would so appreciated, thank you," Queen Titania said, then turned her attention back to Bella. Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, and Maggie went to help some more injured sidhe.

"Bite her arm."

"What?" I exclaimed.

"We have to cut open Bella's arm," Queen Titania explained. "It's the only way to drain out all the iron. It was a small cut so the iron spread slowly. But the moment the iron reaches Bella's heart, she'll die. Hurry."

With no other choice, I brought my head down, opened my mouth, and made a long scrape down Bella's arm with my teeth. The warm blood spilled out her veins and down her arm. Fairy blood was way darker than the normal human's blood, also with a bluish tint. This must be why Bella didn't want to prick her finger for the test in Biology. If she had, someone was bound to notice her purple blood. The smell intoxicated me and burned my mouth. There was so much blood. How can you tell if it's iron contaminated or not? I couldn't smell a trace of iron when the awful smell of her blood was around.

"Almost there," Queen Titania said. Bella had already lost so much blood. Her eyes had shut and her face was drained of any color. As blood continued to pour out her arm, her breathing seemed to slow and her grip on my arm weaken.

"Are we killing her?" I cried, utterly desperate and helpless. Why is the queen still just watching the blood run, why isn't she doing anything?

"No, not quite." A huge puddle of purple blood had built up around Bella. It was creeping onto my jeans and soaking me, but my only concern was to see Bella open her eyes again. She had to. We didn't win the battle just to lose Bella.

Finally, after Bella had let go completely of my arm and seemed to fall unconscious, Titania let go of Bella's shoulder and I let go of her arm. She muttered a spell and Bella's arm resealed, just a slight scar showing where I ran my teeth through. I remained sitting in the pool of blood, holding onto Bella like she was a fragile doll.

Ten minutes and she still didn't wake up.

Fifteen minutes.

Forty minutes.

Finally, Titania knelt down, pressed her finger to Bella's nonexistent pulse, and looked at me with fretted eyebrows. "There's…there's one last thing we can try."

She held out the Danann Stone.

I sat down at the breakfast table and excitedly turned to my family. "I had a very interesting dream last night. I was a vampire, can you believe it? We lived in this tiny town called Forks and I met this girl in school who turned out to be a fairy. Then we fell in love just the way they always do in those stories and movies. Then we had to embark on this journey to help protect the Otherworld from all these evil vampires. I mean, there were heads being smashed, fire was everywhere, and it was so intense."

"Was I in it?" my little sister Alice asked eagerly.

"Yeah, you were, but it was so strange. Your hair was black and you were the same age as me since you went to high school too," I said.

Alice squealed, "See, mom? I should dye my hair black."

"You have your mother's beautiful hair," Carlisle said while reading the newspaper, "Why would you want to dye it?"

"It's, like, what all the cool seventh graders are doing these days," Emmett joked, mocking Alice. "So, man, what about me?"

"Well, you were you, just in vampire form," I said. "And Rosalie and Jasper were part of the family too. Only, somehow none of us were related. Mom and Dad were like super young and they adopted us all. So even though the Hales were part of the family, Emmett was still with Rosalie and, here's the weird part, Alice was with Jasper."

The whole table laughed and Alice scowled. "Ew! Why do I have to be with Jasper? He's such a freak."

"Don't give your sister ideas," Carlisle remarked. "I don't want Alice dating older boys."

I didn't really think my best friend wanted to date my little sister either.

"So then what happened?" Esme asked amusedly as she spread butter on her toast.

"We won and chased the vampires out of the Otherworld. But then the Bella fairy girl was injured by an iron blade and the queen said I had to save her by biting her arm open. There was blood everywhere."

"You know, dreams show us our true desires. Maybe you just want a girlfriend," Esme said.

I rolled my eyes at my psychiatrist mother. "A fairy girlfriend with purple blood?" Alice and Emmett laughed.

"Then what happened?" Alice asked. "Does Bella die?"

"I don't know. I woke up."

"I've got to hand it to you, that's pretty creative," Emmett commented.

Carlisle shook his head and drank his coffee. "No, I think Edward's just been playing too many video games."

"We have a new student, class," the teacher announced. She then turned to new girl, "introduce yourself."

I glanced at the girl and practically fell out of my chair.

"Um, hi," she said. "My name is Bella Swan."

A chorus of half-hearted "hi Bella"s floated throughout the room. She turned to the teacher. "Can I sit down now?"

"Don't you want to tell the students where you're from?"

"I'm from Forks. Haven't heard of it? Exactly."

Forks. I was legitimately concerned I was experiencing an aneurism.

The teacher smiled. "Go sit in that empty seat in the back, please."

She sat down at the desk next to mine and I forgot to breathe. I looked at her brown hair and knowing eyes peering at me with an unmistakable smile on her face. Deja vu was the understatement of the year.

It couldn't be her. I mean, it was just a dream. Just some spawn of my hours in front of the Xbox or some metaphorical outlet of inner emotions. It's not real. As if fairies and vampires actually exist. Sure it was interesting and sure, maybe I'll write a book on it one day, but that's all it is: fiction.

But then why was the girl of my dreams sitting down right next to me?

"Hi, Edward," she said.

I blanched. "How do you know my name?"

She shrugged, looking smug. "Lucky guess."

"Have I…have I seen you before?"

Her eyes showed disappointment for a second before a wide smile flashed across her face. "Why? Do I look familiar?"

I shook my head. Just a coincidence, I tell myself. Don't psyche yourself out, it's just a coincidence. Besides, she doesn't even have the necklace. And she's wearing her hair in a ponytail and her ears look perfectly normal.

But then I see the three freckles on the corner of her eyes, I see the way she bit her bottom lip, and I saw the faint, barely visible scar on her right arm. Right where I had bitten her in my dream.

"What happened?" I asked before I could stop myself. I reached out and touched the skin.

She only looked at my finger, then back up at me. I think you know her eyes appeared to be saying.

I spent the whole class contemplating a reasonable explanation. My mind couldn't think of one. When the bell finally rang, I stood up and gathered my books. As I walked out the door, Bella was right behind me and she hurried to keep my stride.

We were about halfway down the hall when Bella stopped and turned to face me.

"Edward Cullen," she stated. "Do you remember me?"

"…Should I?"

Her face notably deflated. "You promised me you would."

Before I could respond, she grabbed my hand, shoved a small object inside, and stalked off to her next class. Utterly confused, I opened my hand to find a dark stone. Its color was almost black, but it still held a reddish tint when I held it in the light. As if it used to be a brilliant scarlet hue before…

It couldn't.

It could.

I stashed the used Danann Stone in my pocket and ran after Bella, skidding around the corner before I collided into her, sending both of us onto the floor in heap of flesh and bones and laughter and two very human beating hearts.