SCH: In Between, Behind the Scenes

Deleted Scene 001: Nothing Much at First Sight

Early mornings at the 6th Precinct of the NYPD were usually quiet, with the exception of the occasional rowdy perp, the only sounds were those of sleepy officers shuffling in and out for a shift change.

Usually when Quinn came in and sat at her desk, it would be three or four hours before anyone came to try and talk to her. First came coffee and the social visits of the day, then, one by one, her subordinates would file in to ask about the various tasks they were previously assigned. This is why when a short young brunette bustled into her office at exactly 7 a.m. with a bright smile on her face, Quinn looked shocked.

"Officer Rachel Berry reporting for duty!" she said excitedly while giving a wholly unnecessary salute.

It took a moment for Quinn to realize she must be the new recruit the Lieutenant had been grumbling about. Standing, she went to face the young woman who seemed to be almost bouncing with excitement.

She smiled and extended her hand, "Hello I'm Sergeant Fabray."

Rachel seemed almost ecstatic to hear that, "Yes Ma'am I know. Top of your graduating class and the youngest person ever to make Sergeant in this state," she recited bookishly, shaking the extended hand.

"Yeah," she said half smiling.

Even though she was the Sergeant of the police force it wasn't often, hell it was hardly ever, that anyone seemed impressed by her. Especially after the mess that happened with Finn, the smallest amount of respect was hard to come by. Even new recruits had their ears poisoned by Santana before they ever reached her office, this young woman seemed to have somehow avoided that and Quinn decided to enjoy it while she could.

"I was told that I would be receiving a partner today," she said acting like a kid waiting to find what Santa had brought them.

Quinn nodded and moved back to her desk, and after a lot of paper shuffling came up with a sheet of paper with the required information on it.

During their brief conversation, her face had remained passive and pleasant, but as she looked at the sheet, the pleasant smile she had on was only there by sheer force of will.

"Ah, I see you are to be paired with Officer Lopez."

If Rachel heard the distain in her voice she didn't let on, "Excellent! I hear she has quite a reputation but I'm sure I can learn a lot from such a seasoned officer."

Quinn frowned slightly, "You'd be better off not learning from her," she mumbled.

Before Rachel could ask her to repeat herself, Quinn stepped out of her office and scanned the desks that lay off to her right. Santana hardly ever showed up on time and Quinn half hoped not to see her, so she could spend a few more moments with the person who actually saw her as a superior and not a social pariah.

But Santana being Santana was exactly where Quinn didn't want her. The Latina was currently in a quiet yet obviously heated argument with a woman by the doors of the precinct. It was probably another lover's quarrel, though the word 'lover' in relation to anything to do with Santana seemed inappropriate. Quinn had no desire to save the other woman from her plight, but called her over nonetheless.

Pleased to have an out she shrugged at the woman who was still fuming and sped over to Quinn's office.

"Another unhappy customer?" she asked casually.

"No, too satisfied, but she didn't read the fine print and thought she could keep me," Santana sassed back.

"Yeah, she should have known you were a rental," Quinn said and before the inevitable fight broke out, she stepped back into her office to present Rachel, who having missed their exchange, was still bright eyed and eager.

Santana looked from the smiling brunette to the scowling blonde, "What?" she asked, not understanding the reason for being presented with this person.

"Rachel Berry, I would like you to meet your partner Santana Lopez."

"What?" she snapped right before Rachel was upon her.

"Hello Officer Lopez, I have heard so much about you. You know, you and Sergeant Fabray were the main reasons I decided to join the sixth precinct over all the others. Did you know there currently isn't another female Sergeant in the state of New York? This is the first station in the last five years to have one and never mind the Lieutenant. I felt I had the best chance for advancement based on performance and not gender biases here."

As she rambled, shaking Santana's hand the entire time, Santana looked over at Quinn in shock and horror. Seeing that Quinn was not playing a practical joke, she pulled her hand away, "Listen Bite Size, I work alone nowadays, so you need to find someone else."

"Afraid not Lopez, she has been assigned to you," Quinn said, smiling at the discomfort on her face.

Santana stared at Rachel again, taking her in. The small woman shrunk back a little but never broke eye contact or lost her optimistic smile.

"I mean isn't there some sort of height requirement at this place, she looks like a contender on Are You Taller Than A Fifth Grader."

"I can assure you my height is not a problem and I am well trained in self defense."

Santana turned to the blonde slowly, "Seriously Fabray?"

Quinn's eyes narrowed, "Sergeant Fabray, and yes. Seriously."

"Well hasn't this just been the best fucking morning ever!" she snapped, storming out of the room without so much as a glance at her new partner.

When she left, Rachel's smile remained in place much to Quinn's surprise, "Well of course she wouldn't be impressed with me, I'm just starting out. I hope I can learn fast enough to make her proud of me."

It took a great deal of effort not to gawk at her, "I wouldn't worry about impressing Santana."

"Of course I should, she's my partner now and we have to look out for each other," she said stubbornly, "Will there be anything else?" she asked eagerly.

Quinn looked at her smiling face and felt a little pang at the thought of this woman looking at her like everyone else in the precinct did. She knew Santana would air all her dirty laundry and this girl didn't seem the type to shrug off the things she had done.

With a sigh she motioned to the door, "No that's all. Santana will tell you what you need to know," she said, managing to hide the bitterness in her voice.