Hi ! I'm Pauline and this is my second fanfic. If you don't know it yet, I'm French and so English is not my mother tongue. In consequence, pardon my grammar and spelling errors. I do my best.

This story is the sequel of the first one I wrote (you can find it on my profil page, under the name "A New Terrifying Adventure". I like to start with a little lemon, even though I'm not great at it because I lack vocabulary on the subject. Strangly, we don't learn that kind of words at the university... That's a shame !

Chapter One

Through the window, I watch the rain falls. With my finger, I follow the path of the raindrops on the cold pane. I'm bored, I repeat myself again and again. It has been raining for three days. Which means I haven't hunt for three days. I'm bored. I sigh heavily and I can hear Peeta chuckle. Today is Sunday, the only day he doesn't have to work. I turn to look at him. He is on the sofa, a pen in his hand and a notebook on his lap. His eyes are focused on his drawing.

"What's so funny ?" I ask him.

"You" he answers, finally looking at me.

"I'm bored." It feels good to say it aloud.

"I know. And you are funny when you are bored."

I cross my arms, to show him that I don't share his sense of humor. But it only makes him smile even more.

"I know what will improve your mood : a hot chocolate !"

Peeta's right : the only thought of a hot chocolate brings a little smile on my face. Peeta see it and is on his feet the next second. He kisses my forehead and heads for the kitchen.

My eyes fall on his notebook. I can now see what he was drawing. It represents a four months pregnant woman. She stands next to a window, her right hand on the pane. Her hair is all around her face and her shoulders. Her left hand rests on her slightly round belly. I need a few seconds to realize that this me. The four months pregnant woman is I.

Before a new wave of fear hits me, I jump off the sofa and go find Peeta in the kitchen. I still have the notebook in my hand and I toss it on the counter next to him.

"You know, it's kind of scary your obsession with me" I tease him.

He puts his arms around my waist : "You think ? It's not as if I have been in love with you since I was 5. That would be scary."

His lips are now only inches from mine. He seems to want to take his time but I don't. My hands are in his hair in a second and I close the very short distance between us. Soon we are both gasping for air. But I don't want our embrace to stop. So I decide to take the lead, for once. I keep kissing Peeta's neck, while my hands are reaching for his belt. I manage to undo it. Peeta understands my intention and he pulls my face back to his, my lips back to his. I quickly unbutton his pants and I take his penis in my hand. Peeta doesn't stop kissing me. However, as my hand moves up and down his shaft, I can feel that his focus drifts. Satisfied by his reaction, I speed up the rhythm. Now he has to stop kissing me. He is breathing hard and moaning. I don't stop until I'm done.

Then Peeta opens his eyes and I can see fire in it.

"Your turn" he simply says.

He grasps my waist and pushes me gently against the table of the kitchen. I sit at its edge I wrap my legs around his waist. Peeta takes my shirt off in a swift movement, then my bra. He kisses my neck, my shoulders, my breasts, my belly, my navel. I'm now lying down the table and my breathing has sped up.

Peeta is about to take off my pants when we hear a cough. At the same time, we turn our head toward the entrance of the kitchen.

"Haymitch !" I scream. I grab my shirt and put it back. Peeta does the same with his boxer shorts.

I jump off the table and I turn to face Haymitch : "A door bell, you know what it is ?"

Haymitch doesn't answer directly my question : "Wow, I'm going to need a lot of liquor to forget that !"

"What do you want, Haymitch ?" asks Peeta, as annoyed as I am.

"That's a good question. Oh yeah I remember. My sink. It's broken or something. I think it's the same thing you had a few months ago. So I thought, like you know you are so nice and all – and I'm talking about you Peeta, not Katniss obviously – you could help fix that."

"Now ?" asks Peeta.

"Well I can see that you are, let's say, busy" he nods toward me with a big knowing smile, "but I have water all over my kitchen floor."

"Fine" sighs Peeta. He kisses me quickly and whispers : "We'll take back from where we have stopped as soon as I come back."

"I'll remind you where we were." Then I add louder : "And we'll lock the door this time."

"Good idea, Sweetheart" Haymitch agrees.

Once I'm left alone, I put the two cups of hot chocolate that we have totally forgotten about in the fridge and go upstairs to change myself. I put one of the tops I keep for when I go into town. The fabric that covers the belly is loose. That way, my round belly is almost invisible. I don't want the people to know that I'm pregnant. Not yet. Some people already stare at from time to time or whisper 'she's the mockingjay'. What is it going to be once they know I'm pregnant ? 'She's the knocked-up mockingjay' ? Just to think about makes me angry.

I decide to go back downstairs and calm myself in front of the television. There is this new show that Plutarch is producing. In reality, it's a very old show that was very successful before the first revolution. Plutarch has discovered thousands of tapes with its episodes in in the archives of the Capitol. It's a lame show about several families who can't bear each other. I think it is called 'The Young and the Restless'. I like this show for one reason : I always fall asleep when I watch it.

Today is not an exception to the rule. And so, when the door bell ring, I wake with a start.

I yawn, walk to the door and I say aloud : "Wow Haymitch, you have discovered the door bell. I'm so proud of you !"

I open the door, laughing but stop abruptly as soon as I see the face of the person on my doorstep.

"Gale ?"