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"So that's… fourteen times?"

Blaine nodded, looking down at his hands. "I - I know. It's weird and creepy and… you're smiling?"

Kurt took Blaine's hands in his own with a small sigh. "Blaine, if I had a huge problem with this, you would have known long before we got to this moment."

"So it's okay?"

"It isn't a story one expects to hear from his boyfriend but I'm not breaking up with you over it or anything. It's actually quite amusing."

It was Blaine's turn to sigh, this time in relief. "Good," he murmured, stroking Kurt's hand with his thumb and watching his gaze turn curious. "What?"

"I'm just trying to work out how you managed to look so surprised when you saw me on the staircase behind you." Kurt let his head rest back on Blaine's shoulder. "I mean, you looked like you'd never seen me before in your life."

Blaine laughed. "That surprise was real. I was trying to work out what on earth you were doing there and how to not let on that I kind of already knew far too much about you."

"Damn it, come on!"

Blaine waited impatiently until the last piece of paper had been spat out of his printer. Stapling the assignment together hastily, he shoved it in his bag and darted out of the library. The impromptu Warbler performance - and by impromptu, he meant that the Warblers had planned it two weeks ago and rehearsed fourteen times so far - was due to start any minute and without Blaine, it was pretty much open mic night at the Warbler karaoke bar. And while that was fun for parties, Wes wasn't going to be too thrilled if Blaine missed this, especially with Sectionals so close.

Taking the stairs quickly, Blaine cursed under his breath as he noticed the entrance hall thinning of people, all clearly making their way to the commons. If Blaine had been in less of a hurry, he certainly would have noticed the figure slowly making its way down the stairs - the distinctive hair, high fashion outfit, porcelain skin. And usually Blaine wouldn't have stopped if someone had called out to him when he was in such a hurry, but that voice froze Blaine in his tracks.

"Excuse me!"


A million thoughts all rushed through Blaine's head followed by the obvious conclusion that left him reeling - somehow Kurt had figured out about the stalking and had tracked him down to tell him to stop.

But no matter what, he needed to face up to it.

Turning around slowly, Blaine put his best confused expression on and stared up at the boy who he still couldn't quite believe was here. Kurt looked a little worried but mostly confused himself as he stared right at Blaine for the first time. "Can I ask you a question? I'm new here."

And that was so far from the truth because if Kurt were a new transfer, he would have a uniform and an older student guiding him around the campus for his first day. After all, Blaine had done it, he knew how it worked.

No, this was definitely not a transfer.

This was spying.

And Blaine was actually kind of proud, except worried at the same time because a) all it would take was one Warbler to ruin everything and b) it was Kurt who had come. Kurt who had shown up at the safest school in Ohio with a look in his eyes that Blaine knew far too well and if this was more than spying...

Well, if it was, Blaine was going to make sure Kurt felt welcome.

Blaine nodded, taking a step closer and holding out his hand, bracing himself for the moment he had never thought would truly come.

"My name is Blaine."

Slender fingers grasped his softly.


And Kurt finally knew of his existence.

"And now that memory takes on a whole new level of meaning."

Blaine glanced down at him. "It had a lot of meaning before?"

Kurt snorted incredulously and lifted his head. "It was the first time I met the love of my life, Blaine. Of course it did. I'm pretty sure I started falling for you the second you took my hand."

Unable to resist, Blaine brushed his hand against Kurt's, grasping it in the same awkward manner he had as they had run down the hallway together. "Meanwhile I was trying to convince myself that doing something like asking you out there and then would really be a stupid idea."

"I was falling and you were pulling away," Kurt mused softly. "Interesting. And then I watched you sing -"

"And got all the intel you needed to take back to New Directions," Blaine added with a smirk.

Kurt was silent for a moment. "I never told them, you know," he admitted.

That was news to Blaine. "But the whole point of you spying was that you would take back information!" he protested. "I mean, yeah, you came to Dalton for other reasons but you still said you'd gather information - you mean we could have used Teenage Dream for Sectionals?"

Kurt kissed the corner of his mouth apologetically. "I would have felt too bad if I had. Only Puck remembered to ask about Dalton anyway and I just told him that I didn't see anything."

"But... why?"

"Why didn't you kick me out for being a spy or report New Directions for cheating?" Kurt retorted calmly. "More to the point, why didn't Wes?"

"Pretty sure Wes was the last person you needed to worry about."

"I can't believe it," Wes finally said.

Blaine nodded his agreement. "It's strange to think we've been spied on by the very school we've been doing the same to for so long."

"No, not that," Wes cut in. "I can't believe we never thought to pull the I'm new here card. It would have worked so easy if we didn't have uniforms."

"Because that's the most important thing out of all of this," Blaine huffed. "Guys, Kurt's here. Kurt. At Dalton. Spying on us and thank god nobody said anything but Kurt is here."

Jeff raised an eyebrow. "Want to say it a few more times and see how much emphasis we can create?"

Blaine sighed. "Why send Kurt?" he finally asked. "Why send the guy with the most outlandish style who draws attention to himself instead of one of the other guys who could blend in? Why send Kurt in the middle of the day to wander around the school with no idea where to find anything?"

There was a reason Nick was Blaine's favorite; he was always quickest on the uptake. "Kurt didn't just come to spy," he said slowly. "Maybe he was sent but there was more to him coming."

"But he joined the cheerleading team and everything," Wes said in confusion. "I thought things were better."

"From what we saw, being in Glee club makes you a social outcast at that school," Blaine explained. "Kurt's gay too, that's the worst combination in public schools like that. I don't know, maybe things got better but I saw the look in his eyes when I shook his hand, like no other guy had ever dared to touch him in a friendly way except maybe the Glee club guys."

"But what do we do?" Jeff asked. "It's not like we can enrol him here or go beat up his bullies for him."

Blaine grinned, glancing in the direction of the doorway - even though Kurt had left a good ten minutes ago - because Kurt hadn't left without Blaine getting his say.

"We give him support."

"You know, telling someone to 'come back tomorrow, the performance is going to be even better!' is a bit of a giveaway. What if I had only been there to spy?"

Blaine shrugged. "You came back. That was really all I needed. And if you'd done your spying well, you would know that we performed I'm Yours the previous year at Regionals so we really gave you nothing to spy on. I just - I needed you there so we could talk."

"And I needed to talk. I needed you."

Blaine caught Kurt's chin and tilted it so he could kiss him. "You have me. You've always had me and you're never losing me."

The smile he received in return was watery but genuine, unleashing a million memories.

Kurt left after a few more minutes, claiming he needed to get back to his school just in case any of the teachers noticed. His tone was just a bit too bitter and Blaine couldn't help but lean over and squeeze his arm as they were walking out to the carpark, provoking Kurt to laugh self-deprecatingly. "I'm sorry, I sound like such a wimp."

"Hey, no," Blaine said, and stopped walking so Kurt would have to face him. "I've been there, remember? I get it."

Kurt smiled but it didn't look happy, not like he had yesterday when he had been watching the performance. And all it took was that tear-filled smile - the smile that deserved to be genuine - for Blaine to make the final decision necessary.

"Here," he said, pulling out a piece of paper and a pen. "I'll give you my number and Kurt, I want you to use it whenever you need it. If things are going bad and you have nobody to talk to, call me or send a text. If you just want to talk, I'm here. But please use it. I hate to think of you being so far away and going through hell and not having anybody to talk to when there's someone right here who knows how it feels."

Blaine was pretty sure it was only through excessive willpower that Kurt didn't break down on the spot as he took the piece of paper. "But - why are you doing this? You don't even know me."

Kurt Hummel, you have no idea.

"I want to," Blaine said honestly. "Not just because you're struggling and I understand it. Because you're a wonderful person, Kurt, and you deserve to have friends. And I want to be one of them."

A tear escaped and Blaine resisted every urge - to wipe it away, to pull Kurt into his arms and never let go - holding himself back to a simple touch to Kurt's arm. "Text me, okay?" he said quietly before letting go and stepping back. "Drive safe."

He watched the car leave because, well, why wouldn't he? Because this time, this wasn't Blaine trying to say goodbye to Kurt and pretend he didn't exist, Blaine saying goodbye to a Kurt who didn't even know who he was.

This was Blaine welcoming Kurt into his life.

"Do you believe in fate?" Kurt asked a few hours later and Blaine paused the movie, turning to face Kurt inquisitively. "I'm just curious."

"I don't know. It's not something I've entirely thought about but - I mean, the amount of times we met…"

Kurt nodded. "I might not believe in God but that doesn't mean I don't think there might be something out there. Whether there is or whether karma is real or any of that, I just know that you and I are supposed to be right here. You were supposed to see me all of those times - no matter how creepy it may appear - and I was supposed to call out to you on the staircase. This is where we belong."

Now it was Blaine's turn to blink back tears because it was true. "People say they can't imagine life without the person they love," he finally murmured, catching Kurt's hand where it was tracing soft circles into his side and clutching tight. "I can't imagine all those months if I hadn't ever seen you, let alone what it would have been like if you hadn't come to Dalton that day."

"Fate or no fate, it was all meant to be," Kurt whispered, pressing his forehead against Blaine's. "So thank you for being my stalker."

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