Summary: Two years later, they pretend to hate each other after everything that happened. But will forced arrangements and situations cause them to grow out of their headstrong ways? Chalek!


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Please consider this the Prologue. It sets up the story for you and you will learn a bit of the background on what happened between the two of them.

It had been a two years since everything had happened. Two years ago to the day, Brian had died. Valentina and Jasmine were saved and Alek had killed Zane. Never would I have thought my world would come tumbling down when I told my mother that I was Mai. She was afraid of me. I ended up moving into the penthouse with Valentina, Jasmine and Alek.

Alek and I hated each other. Ever since our conversation in my room that night he refused to talk to me. I tried for months to explain what he had heard me tell my mother. He assumed that I only wanted him because my human was dead.

Every word that came out of Alek's mouth was hurtful for the next few months. I finally became fed up and couldn't believe I had liked, possibly even loved, a man with so many cruel ways. Half of the things he said to me I know I didn't deserve. He wouldn't constantly remind me of how stupid I was to carry on with a human and where it got me, and the human in the end.

It didn't matter to Alek when we found out that his father was head of the order either. It was unclear what Brian's intentions were, but I wanted to believe that he was in the dark about it all.

I had just turned eighteen. Alek, Jasmine and I had just finished high school. College was not an option for us at this point in time. The order had grown stronger and the attacks were fiercer than ever. I still had seven lives left. There had been a few close calls. Even though Alek and I constantly spat hatred at each other he was there to save me in the time of need. As soon as we were out of harm's way, he went back to his loathing ways. There were some moments when I felt the tension had been lifted, but those were shortly lived.

The way he treated me was uncalled for, especially two years later. It was clear that we would always hate each other, even though there was a part of me that wondered what if. I always shrugged away this thought as soon as it came to mind. Every once in a while he would give me a smirk and send me a teasing comment, to which I acted annoyed to, even though a part of me longed to have his forgiveness. It didn't last long, whether it lasted a second or a few hours, he would always go back to resenting me.

So we continued to bicker and fight, and glare every time we were in each other's presence. Jasmine and Valentina were clearly very annoyed by this, but they knew that nothing they did or said would change a thing.

This afternoon, Valentina called me into her office. I walked in not expecting to see Alek sitting in one of the chairs in front of his desk. I let out a sigh of aggravation before crossing my arms. I didn't want to stay in the same room as him. I looked at Valentina who clearly acknowledged my annoyance.

"Sit." She said sternly, ignoring it. I rolled my eyes, walking over to the chair beside Alek. I plopped down, my arms still crossed, pouting.

"Thank you." She looked at me. I refused to look over at Alek. She looked back and forth between us.

"Chloe, as you know you just celebrated your eighteenth birthday. You have grown into the Mai you were supposed to be." She paused looking over at Alek. "Now, I know we haven't discussed this but as you grew to your full ability, you are now vulnerable to your Uniter capabilities."

"Capabilities?" I asked confused, still not sure why Alek was here.

"Yes. Now that you are of age, this is your life. I thought I would take a moment to explain this now before I get on to why the two of you are here. As you know, I am a widow. My mate died in an ambush. I have not been with anybody since and do you know why that is?" She asked.

I shook my head no.

"It's because Mai only have one love. They can not mate again. Once you hit eighteen, you are vulnerable to finding your mate. It can happen anytime, even when you least suspect it." I nodded my head, still not sure as to where she was getting.

"Don't worry, that's not why I brought you here." She looked back and forth between the both of us. "I just wanted to let you know this, because I never mentioned it before and I feel it is very important that you know this." She explained.

"I understand…but why is he here?" I asked, my voice throwing daggers as I said he.

"Right…that brings me to the real reason why I asked the two of you in here." She chuckled.

"It seems that other prides have taken an interest in you and want you to join their pride." She told me, clasping her hands together on the desk.

"I don't want to be in another pride." I shook my head.

"As I tried to explain to them. So, they are insisting that you go to New York this month to prove that to them."

I shrugged. "Okay, that's fine." I said.

"It's not as easy as it sound Chloe. They will keep trying to convince you to join their pride. The only way they will back off is if they see you have found your mate in our pride."

My eyes widened as she told me this. I relaxed and said "Okay, so I tell them I have found my mate and that he is from the San Francisco pride. Easy."

"No Chloe! Not easy." She said sternly. "They will want to meet him and since you will be there a month it has to be believable."

I didn't like where this was going. If I was right, she wanted me to pretend…no…she wouldn't.

"So what exactly are you saying?" I asked, leaning forward.

"Don't be so naïve Chloe. She wants us to pretend to be mates so that they will all back off." He said sarcastically.

My nostrils flared as I glared over at him. He didn't turn to look at me. I focused my attention back to Valentina.

"How is this supposed to work? We all know that Alek is definitely not my mate." She chuckled at my remark, I raised an eyebrow.

"If you want to stay here, then you will figure it out." She said. "You're flight leaves tonight at eleven. It's a red eye, but you two will have all day to settle in at the hotel." She opened the drawer of her desk to pull out a folder full of papers. My eyes widened in shock at how soon this was all happening. We left tonight?

"You're tickets are in here and…let's see…" She fumbled through several papers before pulling out one and handing them to me. "Here are the reservations for the hotel, they booked you the terrace suite.

"The Plaza?" I exclaimed. "No way, this is amazing…wait you mean we have to share that room together?" I groaned.

"Well, you two are "mates"." She said with air quotes. "It would be pretty unconvincing if you had a two bedroom suite or two separate rooms now wouldn't it?" She asked.

I fell back in the chair. "Great…can't wait." I mumbled.

"You two better go pack. It's already three. You've got a lot to pack for the month. Now if you'll excuse me." She got up from her chair and left the room.

"Well, this is just peachy." I said, getting up from the chair. Alek ignored me and got up as well.

"What's the matter, you don't have anything to say Alek?" I asked, taunting him.

"What do you want me to say? Ohhh! I can't wait to go live and pretend to be madly in love with The Uniter for a whole month!" He said in fake excitement. I shook my head at him, pursing my lips together.

"Yeah? Well, I sure as hell can't wait to spend a month with the one and only cocky bastard himself!" I yelled, storming out of the room, slamming the door to the office.

A few seconds later I heard something smash in the office. As usual when we fought, he would have a tantrum and throw something. I didn't care if he was angry, how did he think I felt? I let out a huff, going into my room to start packing.

Valentina and Jasmine dropped Alek and I off at the airport around ten that night. We had our bags and were going through security already. Alek and I had not spoken a word to each other since we exchanged words in Valentina's office.

An hour later we boarded the plane. Of course we had to have assigned seats next to each other. I rolled my bag down aisle. I felt Alek push me, trying to get me to walk faster. I stumbled but was able to regain my balance. I could feel his smirk burning into me which only pissed me off. I got to our cabin and I opened it. My suitcase was pretty heavy for me to lift over my head and Alek didn't even offer to help. I smirked as he sat on the outer seat. I lifted my bag over my head and pretended to lose grip on it. It hit him in the head, not hard but enough to get on his nerves. He jumped up taking the bag from me and putting it in the overhead cabin for me. I smirked in victory and took my seat by the window.

He plopped down beside me, pushing my arm off the arm rest. I gritted my teeth together so I wouldn't lash out and embarrass myself on the plane. This was going to be a great six hour flight.

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