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Chapter 1

(Sigh) "Finally I made it to the top..." The white haired girl said slowly standing from the ground.

She turned her head to look up at the tower that was known as the Dark Order and gave it a weary gaze.

"Tim is this really the Dark Order... It seems kind of dead.." She mumbled staring at the huge tower that looked... well just damn straight creepy and the black bat like golem's didn't help much either.

Tim gave a nod and began to fly in the direction of the tower the white haired girl trailing behind.

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Reever watched the monitors that showed the white haired girl slowly making her way to the entrance of the Dark Order with the rest of his science team with a slight blush tinting their cheeks at the sight of the beautiful white haired teen.

"Did she just climb up that cliff..." Jonny mumbled staring at the monitor in disbelief.

"HEY! Get a closer look on the Kid!" One of the science members shouted from the back. Reever looked back seeing them all nod in anticipation and sighed slowly shaking his head.

Reever hit a button on the remote that changed the view of the monitor to the front gates view exactly were they white haired girl came to a stop giving them a perfect view of her appearance.

They all took in her angelic appearance... her white hair stopped just at mid back and was pulled in a low pony tail her bangs framing her heart shaped face. She wore a white collared shirt with a red ribbon that tied around the collar, her skirt stopped just a few inches above the knees it was a puffy black skirt with white silk lining the bottom and for shoes she wore to black knee length boots. To complete her outfit she wore a long black trench coat the went down to her knees it was left open and gave the scientist a good view of her figure that was seen through her white figure fitting shirt.

The scientist all stood silently glaring at the young girl on the screen. Reever counting the seconds in his head a sweat drop forming above his brow

'3... 2... 1'



The scientist all yelled in union hearts beating in their eyes while staring at the monitor except for Reever who only gave a shake at the head a sigh making it through his lips. Lenalee and Komui entered the room and came up to the monitors curios as to what all the noise was about.

Komui gave a small blush while slowly sipping his coffee to hide his blush well Lenalee sweat dropped.

"You damn perverts!" Yelled Lenalee glaring harshly at the group who all backed away slowly feeling the killer intent fill the atmosphere. "You should have more pride then to stare at a young teenage girl in such a manner and as you can all see she is way to young for either one of you!"

"What is she doing here?" Komui asked hoping to quickly change the subject who was also suffocating under the tense atmosphere.

"She climbed up the cliff..." Jonny said to the supervisor while standing next to him.

Komui shrugged his shoulders and shook his head, "Why didn't you drop her off the cliff then?"

Reever got up and pointed to the golden golem that was flying next to the teen age girl, "We were going to but she has Marshall Cross's golem with her, so we don't know whether to see her as an enemy or an ally."

"U-um... Hello! My name is Allen Walker if I may I would like to speak to the supervisor of this place!" They all turned their heads to the monitor and watched the young girl set her suit case on the ground before looking up at the gate again.

"I was sent here by Marian Cross..."

"Hey supervisor you heard anything about this?" Reever asked slowly turning his head to face the purple haired man and sighed when he shook his head saying no.

"Okay gate scan!" Reever yelled into the small speaker hanging from his ear.

Allen looked around and gave a small yelp of surprise as the gate came alive. She gave a bow to the gate and mumbled a quick greeting.

The gates eyes almost bulged out of their sockets while glaring at the young girl in front of him, "X-ray vision activate! Determine whether Allen Walker is human or Akuma!"

Allen stood patiently while the gate went through the inspection. The gate gazed at the teen and began to sweat as his vision began to blur, "What? Why isn't my X-ray vision working... is it a bug of some sort..."

The gate gazed over her again starting from bottom to top only to receive they same results. He gave a quick look to the scar on the left side of her face and screamed.

"SHE IS CURSED ! ALLEN WALKER IS ON THE MILLENNIUM EARL'S SIDE!" The gate screamed in a frightful voice while gazing at the pentacle that was seated above her left eye on her forehead.

The science members eyes all widened... pity filling them as they gazed at the young girl on the monitor. 'So young... What a shame' They all thought.

"Lenalee!" Komui yelled signalling for her to go before she gave shake of the head, "Its fine brother Kanda is already there." The dark green haired girl said while pointing at the monitor.

Allen's eyes widen as she felt panic began to settle with in her gut, "W-wait! You got this all wrong... I'm only a little cursed-" Allen looked up above her and shrieked as a long blade almost cut her in half, quickly jumping to the side to avoid the blow. She gazed down to the man that had almost ended her life. His long blackish blue hair was pulled in a high pony tail his exorcists coat left open revealing his pale toned abs, there was also bandages wrapped around his chest with a little bit of blood staining them. He was also wearing black leathered pants with black boats.

Allen gazed at his long black sword while swallowing the lump of fear forming with in her throat, the thought of that thing making contact with her made her shiver.

Allen placed her hands at the side of her head in a surrendering manner a goofy looking pleading smile forming on her lips, "p-please there seems to be some sort of mistake..." She stuttered out her voice cracking a little form the fear of being sliced in two.

Kanda ignored her pleading façade and frightful voice and took a step forward glaring at the cursed teen slowly raising his sword in a defence position. "You have some guts to show up here by yourself akuma..."

"B-but its like I said I am not an akuma-" She was cut off as Kanda slashed down at her with his sword, Allen once again jumped back and activated her arm to block the next coming attack.

Kanda's eyes widen in surprise as he drew his sword back, he glared down at the silver claw that replace the teens left arm. "What's up with that arm?"

Allen straightened herself, "Its an anti-akuma weapon. Like I said I am not an akuma I am an exorcist."

A tick mark formed on Kanda's head and he turned to the gate, "Hey! What's the meaning of this?"

The gate began to sweat fear showing perfectly on its face, "She is a akuma I swear I saw the pentacle!"

"Tch... Well it doesn't matter..." He said turning his gaze back to the white haired teen, "I will see if your human by cutting you open myself." Kanda raised his sword preparing to attack. Allen raised her silver claw to defend herself from the oncoming attack.

Kanda dashed forward slashing down with full force, he slashed down at the claw once again and drew his sword back to attack again.

Allen winced when he released his sword from her arm and noticed that there was a large cut from the wrist to her forearm.

'He damaged it...?' She thought glaring at the large cut on her now deactivated arm. Kanda made a dash for her again holding his sword ready to stab through her head once he noticed her arm once again turn normal.

Allen fell back against the gate wall leaning on it to support her wobbly legs from the fear of almost being killed once again. The cursed teen placed her back against the wall her hands once again at the side of her head in that same surrendering manner.

She watched as the pony tailed haired man drew his sword back ready to attack once again her goofy fear stricken smile once again playing at her lips. Kanda ran forward ready to kill the girl in front of him.

"W-wait! My master... Marian Cross should have sent a letter of recommendation to the supervisor of this place!"

Allen shut her eyes tight waiting for impact but when it never came she peeped them open and shuddered as to how close the tip of his blade was to impaling her between the eyes. Kanda stopped right before he drove his blade through her head and looked at her with very cautious eyes and one intimidating glare.

"What did you say?" Demanded Kanda in a very impolite voice.

Allen who still in the same position gulped, "U-mm I said Marshall Cross... My master sent a letter of recommendation to the Dark Order on my behalf. It should have been sent to the supervisor of this place."

Back in the office all turned to the supervisor and glared, Komui turned and pointed to a random scientist at the back, "You check my desk for a letter sent by Marshall Cross!"

The scientist turned towards the desk and paled at the state of the supervisors desk, "You want me to search through that...?" He mumbled paling at the sight. Then made his way to the desk and began searching through all the papers scattered around the desk.

The rest of them including Lenalee glared at the purple haired supervisor before he turned, "I will help out ~ !"

"Dammit supervisor clean out your damn desk!" Yelled Reever while glaring daggers at their very immature supervisor.

Komui sat on his desk random sheets in his hand and the coffee in his other, "Is it this... or this … or this..." He asked himself searching through each page. The random science member still scrambling about on the floor searching through the mess of papers and rubbish.

"I found it!" Yelled the scientist as he held a tattered envelope in his hands. Komui threw what papers he held behind his back which landed on the floor.

"Read it!"

The random scientist tore the envelope open and pulled a piece of paper out.


I will be sending my idiot

pupil over to you.

Her name is Allen Walker

take care of her.

From: Cross

"Well that sorts out everything..." Komui mumbled.

"Agggg if you cleaned out your damn desk none of this shit will happen!" Yelled Reever pointing a finger to Komui who just waved it off. "Oi Kanda! Stop your attack the kid's Marshall Cross's apprentice!"

Kanda gazed at the girl in front of him glaring hard at her trembling sliver eyes. "U-mm..." she stuttered only to have Kanda glare harder but did nothing to release his blade from the young girls face only inched it closer.

Komui held Reever in a choking grip, "Kanda stop with the attack we found the letter from Marshall Cross! What do you have to say for yourself Captain ~ !" Sang out Komui tightening his grip on the choking captain who grew a tick mark.

"So its my fault now...!" Komui only laughed and released him not before yelling in Reever's ear piece telling the gate to open.

"Well time to get more coffee!" Komui said and poured some coffee in his pink and blue bunny mug, "Oh Lenalee!" Komui called standing at the entrance of the office door his coffee mug filled with fresh coffee, "I want to you to go and welcome our guest and show her around a little okay then bring her down to the science department I will meet you there."

Lenalee smiled and nodded then went down to the entrance to greet the new member of their family.

Komui turned back to the monitor and gazed at the teen on the screen while smiling, 'We haven't had a new member in so long …. but if Marshall Cross sent you... Then you should carry quit a bit of potential.'

Komui then left the room with the scientist team following behind all making their way to the scientist department to continue their work.

Kanda who still had his blade at the young girls face made no signs of retreating his blade. Allen swallowed the lump in her throat and gazed at the female looking man her same goofy smile still plastered to her face her hands still at the side of her head.

Allen didn't move an inch worry if she had to the man before her would cut her head off in one swell swoop.

Kanda inched his blade forward and winced when something whacked him over the head. His blade lowing as he glared at the dark green pig tailed haired girl who had an angry look on her face.

"Geez, we told you to stop Kanda! Now get in or the gate will close." Lenalee told the blue haired exorcists who only "Tched" and made his way back in the order. Allen grabbed her suitcase and followed, the gate shutting behind her.

"Hello I am Lenalee... sorry about all that." Lenalee said a apologetic smile on her face as she held her hand out to the white haired teen.

"N-no its no problem... Its a pleasure to meet you Lenalee-san... please call me Allen." The white haired girl said shaking the hand of Lenalee.

Kanda "Tched" Obliviously... and began to walk back to his room. "U-mm Kanda was it..." Said Allen gazing at his back, "Its a pleasure to meet you."

Kanda stopped and turned to face the teen and glared at her out stretched hand before turning away again.

"Like I would shake hands with some cursed beansprout..." Kanda said in a very threatening and angry glare before leaving without waiting for a reply. Allen watched as the young man turned the corner and sighed in disappointment.

"Hey... don't worry about him he just got back from a mission so he is kinda tiered." Said Lenalee, Allen turned to face her a small smile on her lips and nodded in reply.

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Kanda's Pov

I leaned on my bedroom door and place a hand over my beating heart. When I first glanced at the cursed beansprout my heart began to thump really hard and loud against my ribs. My face had darkened with red at the thought of the young teen.

To tell the truth I had never really been interested in relationships or anything along those lines and really didn't think any girl I have met before attractive except Lenalee... when I am with her my heart would has well beat very hard and loud around her.

I shook my head to remove these thoughts I had of the two beautiful exorcists from my mind and slowly made my way to my bed. I laid down on the bed drifting off into a welcomed sleep.

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Normal Pov

Allen followed the dark green haired exorcist glancing around the huge passage they were walking through.

The guards watched the pair as the passed by gazing at the young white haired teen. The one guard looked up to his partner next to him, "Hey? Is that the new kid?" The other guard nodded glancing at the white haired beauty.

"Yea... That's her..."

The first guard turned his gaze back to Allen a frown forming on his lips and pity filling his eyes, "She is so young..." the others nodded in agreement, "Well I suppose there is no age limit when it comes to innocence..."

The second guard watched Allen looking down at the red scar running down her left cheek, "I think the kid is cursed too... To be so young and to be forced to enter war..."

The guards that all participated in the conversation lowered their heads and sighed all offering the young teen their prayers for the safety of the new member.

"Well this is the lounge..." Lenalee said, a smile gracing her features as she gestured to the huge sitting area, that had many couches and coffee tables all set out and a few fire places that lit up the room also keeping it toasty.

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Allen's Pov

I followed Lenalee-san through many different corridors and rooms trying my best to keep track of each room we passed, paling at the thought of getting lost in such a large area. We went through many different rooms like the bathrooms, the eating hall and training room and so on...

We were soon in a very high circular tower that had many different floors the middle of this tower was hollow so you would walk in a large circle if you went around one floor. I went over to the edge and gazed over the fence that went around the floors.

I shivered at seeing how high we were... Lenalee-san came up behind me and gazed over the edge, "This tower is mostly used for the rooms of everyone that stays here... Well we are going to head to the science department now to go meet my brother so I will show you yours later on."

"Your brother.." I asked after giving her a nod.

"Yep my brother is the Supervisor... Supervisor Komui." Lenalee stated with a smile. I smiled back and followed her to the science room.

Once we entered I was greeted by many people who worked in the science department like Reever-san, Jonny-san and Tapp-san. Then soon I was introduced to Komui-san who I learned was a little well …. well lets just say different.

"Its a pleasure to meet you Komui-san." I said giving a slight bow in respect. He seemed a little shocked then soon it was replaced with a small friendly smile and released a small chuckle, "Well well... we could use more people like you Allen-chan someone so well mannered..."

I looked back and gave him a small smile with a small blush on my cheeks caused from the compliment.

Komui stepped forward and placed a hand on my shoulder, "Well lets go to the medical room quickly..."

"Medical room...?" I asked.

"Yes Kanda-san seemed to have damaged your left arm. So we just going to have it fixed." I nodded and walked with Lenalee and Komui down to a small room down the corridor.

"Take a seat..." Komui told me gesturing to the chair in front of the metal table. I sat down and Komui turned to me, "Can you show me your left arm?"

I nodded and took off my coat placing it on top of my suitcase and rolled up my left arm sleeve to show my ugly scaly read arm with a green cross that was embedded in my left hand.

Komui and Lenalee both leaned down and eyed it carefully causing me to feel a little uncomfortable at their calculating gazes at my left arm. Komui looked down to me watching my unease settle on my face and shook his head.

"Allen you don't have to be so uncomfortable..." I looked up at him and he smiled one that would normally be used on a little sister or how a father would to their daughter.

"Haha... sorry its just that with this arm of mine it caused me a lot of problems when I was much younger..." I told them a sad smile forming on my lips a lost look in my eyes. Komui gave me a sad look followed my Lenalee-san before Komui pushed up his glasses that same comforting smile gracing his lips.

"Well Allen-chan there is no need to be uncomfortable about it! Here at the order we all accept each other no matter what!" Lenalee said.

"That's right you are one of our important apostles after all we are actually very grateful to you and that arms of yours for keeping us safe... And besides its not what's on the outside that counts its what's on the inside that counts!" Komui said in a very happy caring voice.

I stared wide eyed at the two... most people would call me a monster... or would call me a lunatic but these people...

A small smile graced my face not one that I would force out but a true smile. It felt so good to hear something like that said to me.

"Thank you... Thank you so very much.." I said looking up at them smiling.

"Well there appears to be some nerve damage... but don't worry its nothing I cant fix." Komui yelled with pride while quickly turning around and then faced me again with drills and many other painful looking things.

"U-umm Komui-san is all that necessary?" I asked beads of sweat forming above my brow, all blood draining from my face.

"Lenalee quickly bring me the anaesthetic!" ordered Komui who then grabbed the small bottle that his sister handed to him. He slowly pulled the injection out of the bottle the anaesthetic inside.

He quickly injected the contents into my left arm and then pulled one of his painful looking machine out. "If you don't want to be scarred I suggest you look the other way!"

# ~;~;~;~;~;~;~;~;~;~;~;~;~; #

Normal Pov

Reever and Jonny could be seen sitting outside the small medical room and covered their ears when a scream of pain filled HQ.

"And so it begins..." Reever mumbled pity filling his voice. Jonny only nodded, "Poor Kid..."

Back in small room Allen was mumbling on how painful this is, Komui was grinning evilly and Lenalee was busy apologising to Allen for how rough her brother was being with the white haired teen.

"Nii-san are going to check if Allen is human after this?" Asked Lenalee looking up at her brother.

Komui only shook his head still busy 'fixing' Allen's arm, "No its fine Allen-chan is indeed human."

"How can you be sure?"

"Because only humans are able to be cursed..." He stated ending the conversation with a sad smile and a soften gaze.

After Allen's torture- I mean medical treatment they all made their way to the circular tower and climbed on a large evaluator platform and began to descend down the huge tower Allen on her knee's her left arm in a sling mumbling how she will never hurt her arm again.

Lenalee had left the two saying she had a few things to take care of.

"Well it seems you have a parasitic-type the most rare of all innocence." Komui told the teen.

She got up to her feet and stood next to Komui, "Parasitic-type? … Innocence?"

"Hmm it seems Marshall cross didn't explain anything to you... Well I will tell you everything after we check your innocence with Hevlaska." Allen only nodded.

Once they reached the bottom of the tower Allen couldn't see a thing it was like they were stuck in a pitch black room.

"Welcome Komui Lee... Allen Walker." Voices from behind the two called out.

Komui turned to the five figures in the chairs and bowed Allen following while mumbling a quick greeting.

Allen gave a glance to each person in a chair in front of them unable to see their faces because of their long black cloaks which practically covered their faces.

Behind the two on the other side of the platform see-through glowing tentacles slowly made their way up on to the platform wrapping around the petite waist of the cursed teen. The tentacles lift Allen off the ground earning a surprise yelp from the teen.

The sling which her left arm was in slowly falling to the ground as more tentacles slithered up her arm.

"W-what is this?" The teen yelled out as she struggled in the tentacles grasp. Allen was soon face to face with a huge snake like women which caused Allen to struggle harder in fear of the huge snake like being.

"Let me go! Komui-san what the hell is going on?" Komui only smiled at the young teen at her attempts to brake free.

"Innocence.." The snake like being called. Allen winced and clenched her teeth at the feeling of the tentacles making their way in her left hand through the red scaly skin of her left hand.

"Show them what your worth Allen Walker." Komui said a smile never leaving his face to him this was all very amusing seeing the terrified face of the child. Allen looked down to her left arm and struggled even more.

'What is this? Its disgusting... this feeling of intrusion... its disgusting.' Allen tried her best to move her left arm because she was not going down without a fight! "Activate!" Allen only received a few sparks emitting from her innocence but no activation.

"Its useless... Didn't I tell you, you wont be able to move it until tomorrow." Said and amused Komui.

"Komui-san!" Allen yelled through her gritted teeth. "No your my arm so move! Move... move... MOVE!" Allen yelled activating her arm in a blurry state flickering at some pieces of the arm.

"Stop... I am not you enemy... I only wish to know your innocence." The snake being said to the young teen who now went limb after activating her arm in an unpleasant state.

The snake being leaned its head to the teens a bright glow sparking from were their heads connected.

"...86%... Yes the synchronise rate is 86%" The snake lady said before she let out a gasp.

"What is it Hevlaska?" Asked Komui at seeing the snake lady freeze.

Hevlaska placed Allen back on the ground her left arm falling limb to her side. She looked up at the snake lady who only smiled. "I didn't mean to frighten you I am Hevlaska..."

"Its nice to meet you Hevlaska-san." Said the cursed teen while giving a slight bow of the head and continued rubbing her left arm as if it were in pain. Hevlaska then frowned her smile leaving her face as a serious expression took over.

"Allen Walker... In the dark future far from now, your innocence will give a great birth to a great destroyer of time." Hevlaska stated well looking down at the teen.

"Destroyer of time?" Allen repeated.

"Wow congratulations!" Allen turned her head to Komui who only smiled while clapping his hands, "I don't know what that means but Hevlaska's predications are often right you see. Oh my, you've got plenty of potential Allen-chan."

Allen glared at the man then threw a fist to to the man with her right hand only to have it blocked by his clipboard. "Can I just punch you once!"

"Ahh but you see Allen-chan all new members of the order have to have their innocence inspected, those are the rules." Komui stated pulling the clipboard lower to reveal his face as he spoke.

Allen grew a tick mark and pointed a finger to Komui, "Tell me that beforehand!"

Komui only coward behind his clipboard while Allen regained her composure. "Well what is innocence anyway?" The teen asked her right hand holding onto her left that was still dead at her side.

Komui leaned back on the railing of the platform and spoke in a more mature voice, "Its only we, the Dark Order, those who serve it and the Millennium Earl who knows of this. It all started about a hundred years ago, with the discovery of a certain cube. On this cube it had a message..

"To our descendants...

we stand victorious over the darkness, even as we are destroyed.

To save you from the misfortune which will, no doubt, befall us all.

We leave this message..."

What it contained was a predication from ancient times and the method by which we could use a certain substance. It was called God's crystal and possessed miraculous powers."

"Gods crystal..." Allen repeated Komui nodded and continued," The cube itself was made of it, And we called it innocence. It exists in the that cross on your left hand. Anti-demon weapons process the innocence and use it as a weapon. Those who made the cube used the innocence to fight the Millennium Earl. They were able to defeat the Earl, but in the end the world was destroyed with him. It was that which was recorded in the Holy Bible, as Noah's flood. The cube called it the 'Three Days Of Darkness'. According to the cube, the world is once again bound for destruction at the hands of the Millennium Earl. As was predicated, the Earl was reborn into this world. Therefore the Dark Order was founded. We began to gather those compatible with the innocence. Those compatible with the Innocence are known as exorcists. The Millennium Earl created the demons to fight the exorcists. If the innocence is the light side, then demons are made from the dark side, a materiel called dark matter. The count is currently searching for the innocence and seeks to destroy it. Thanks to the Noah's flood, its been distributed throughout the world in one hundred and nine fragments. Our job is to find those within whom the innocence resides and gather enough strength to defeat the Millennium Earl... before he succeeds."

"If we lose this race..." Allen turned to the cloaked figures as they all spoke in union, "the prophecy will be fulfilled, and the world will be destroyed."

"Fight." The one said its unseen eyes focussing on Allen. The one to his left spoke after him at seeing Allen's head perk up to what the cloaked figure before said, "It is your duty, as one chosen by Innocence." Allen looked at the five figures before as they all repeated that it was her duty to fight.

Komui rested a hand on her shoulder, Allen turned to him a frown on her face at the words that were said... to her it sound as if all innocence users were only born into this world to be nothing more then weapons for the Dark Order...

Komui removed his hand from her shoulder and held it out before her, "Lets work together, for the good of the world. Though you will not make a single pound off of it."

Allen then smiled and took hold of his outstretched hand, "Right." She said slowly shaking his hand. Komui smiled, "Welcome to the Dark Order."

Allen nodded. Even though she was nothing more then a weapon to those of the Dark Order she promised Mana that she will fight no matter what, no matter what chaos lays a head she will continue down this path.

"Well lets get you to your room so you can rest up a bit" Komui said hitting the button to the lift which slowly began to ascend upwards.

"God be with you Allen Walker." Hevlaska said and Allen smiled and nodded, It was a pleasure to meet you Hevlaska-san."

Once Allen was in her room she laid her suitcase on her bed that was against the wall. Her room was small and comfy she had her own bathroom on the left side of her room and her bed with a side table to right, at the end of her room was a dresser and a book shelf filled with many random books.

It had a small window that curved out wards next to the dresser that formed in the corner as well as a couch that went along with the window small pillows were placed on the couch as well.

Allen was pleased with her room to say the least it wasn't to big and it wasn't to small it was just right. Allen sat on the floor leaning up against her bed. She turned to see the painting that hung over the bed and smiled at the picture. It was a painting of a clown that was walking a long spiral path way carrying a coffin on its back a large yellow scar running down his left eye.

She closed her eyes and sighed a small smile forming on her lips, 'Mana... I'm finally here...' She thought before falling asleep resting her head on her bed.

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