Title : The Path to Here Was Rocky

Prompt : _Blake's 7, Avon, finding yourself on a prison ship heading for a distant planet

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The Path to Here Was Rocky

There are times when Avon wonders why he ever started down the line he did. He knows the truth, the greed inside, the desire to be in control, the need to be secure. Whether it's enough of an excuse now he's here on this ship heading for Cygnus Alpha is another question entirely.

Anna. He wonders where she is, how she is faring. He hopes she got away, safe, untainted by his errors. He hopes she knows that he did it for her, for them. It wasn't good enough; he wasn't good enough, not for her, not in this.

He has watched the other prisoners, can't imagine spending the rest of his life with them, there, living a worse than Delta grade life. He has considered the guards, tried to fathom which , if any, could be his escape. So far there's only been one so far, Raiker. Avon wouldn't trust him with anything, so it only leaves one option . . .