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The Son of Darkness – Chapter 1: The escape from hell

Cheerful and boisterous peals of laughter could be heard from the gorgeous Potter manor as a chubby red-headed child with hazel eyes was chased by a man with messy, raven hair and a mischievous grin. Nearby, a beautiful woman with dark red hair and stunning emerald green eyes watched the scene with amusement and undying love as she read a book with a cup of black tea. The man finally caught his child, only to lift him up over his shoulder as the 6-year-old squealed in laughter and joy. The childish laughter only continued as the parents proceeded to sing the "Happy birthday" song for the boy.

It was the picture of a perfect family.

There were absolutely no signs that could tell a person that there was another member to this happy family.

But there was another child that lived in the manor, a child that was starved for even a fraction of the attention that was given to his brother. To the world, Lily and James Potter were the ideal parents… the perfect parents for Jeremy Charles Potter, who was currently crowned as the "The Chosen One" and the only one with the power to kill the Dark Lord. Looking at the family, nobody would be able to tell that the chosen one actually had a twin… a twin that was always overshadowed by his younger brother. His family never bothered with the other twin.

To them, he was just a burden; he was just a weakling who was always desperate to steal the attention from his precious brother.

But it hadn't always been like this… the Potters hadn't always ignored their younger son. Things used to be so much better when everything was normal and when there wasn't a prophecy hanging over them all the time. They used to be a loving family. But the night that Dumbledore came to tell them that Jeremy was the Chose One…that night changed everything.

There was another squeal of laughter from the grounds as Harrison James Potter was torn away from his thoughts, his eyes focused back on his parents and brother and he could only watch from his window as his family had the time of their lives…without him. "He's not the only one whose birthday is today." He thought bitterly as his family proceeded to take the celebrations inside.

Such a sight wasn't uncommon; Harry had always been ignored by his family ever since the day everyone found out about who Jeremy really was…for reasons that he didn't know or understand. For his six-year-old mind, it was hard for the child to understand why his parents didn't like him. He couldn't understand why he was ignored…was it because he wasn't good enough? Was it because he wasn't the "Chosen One"? Was it because he didn't have the power to vanquish the Lord Voldemort?

Harrison chuckled indignantly … it was preposterous! He may only be six years old…but he was smart enough to understand that there was absolutely nothing special about his brother. Jeremy was an average and mediocre wizard in every sense. Then why was he the Chosen one? Why was he the one who always got everything? Why was he the one whom everybody liked? Harry couldn't even sense any magic coming from his brother…he barely had an aura! Jeremy hadn't even done a lot of accidental magic, while Harry could already cause things to happen almost every day! Then why was it that everybody seemed to love his obnoxious brother and not him? It wasn't fair…but since when had life ever been fair for him?

He sighed to himself as he remembered the day he had dared to ask Dumbledore why Jeremy was the one who was crowned as the savior of the wizarding world.


Members of the Order of Phoenix filed out of the meeting room as Harry Potter waited for the man he was looking for to finally come out. The older witches and wizards walked right past the younger twin and all but showered Jeremy with affection as they spotted him. Harry seemed to be unfazed…he was used to people treating his brother partially because of who he was. Ever since they found out that Jeremy was supposed to be their "savior" a couple of months ago, they seemed to have forgotten all about him. His thoughts were cut short as Albus Dumbledore finally walked through the door.

Harry tugged on the man's bright yellow robes as the headmaster looked down at him kindly and said "Yes, Harry?"

"Professor…why is it that Jeremy is the Chosen One? Why isn't it me? I have shown so much more accidental magic than he has…he doesn't even seem to have an aura!" Harry asked Dumbledore desperately in his innocent voice.

The headmaster's twinkling smile was soon replaced with a cold and disappointed look that made Harry regret asking the question in the first place. "Harry…your brother is prophesized to become the savior. It is just the way it is, and I'm sure that his powers will bloom in a couple of months. You would do well to remember that, my boy; because I am sure that it is your brother who is the Chosen one."

And with another grave look directed at Harry James Potter, the headmaster of Hogwarts was gone.

Harry's glare broke into a helpless and anguished expression as he proceeded to sing the Happy Birthday song to himself in a broken voice. It would be better for everybody if he didn't exist…it was painfully obvious that his family didn't love him, so wouldn't it just be better if he ran away? Whatever did he do to deserve this? Why didn't his Mother treat him like he was her son? The silence in his room was broken as he heard his Daddy's voice "Harry! Get down here and help with the food!" Harry let out another shaky sigh before making his way downstairs.

"Get the plates out!" His mother snapped at him as she spotted him making his way towards the table. Her cold glare vanished completely as she hugged and fussed over Jeremy, just as James levitated a mountain of gifts towards his first born son. Their eyes were filled with nothing but love as they stared at his brother.

No matter everything that ever happened…no matter how much his parents ignored him, treated him like a house elf or neglected him, Harry had always believed that deep down they really loved him. He used to think that it was only natural for them to pay more attention to his brother because of what was to come in his future, Jeremy would most likely be fighting The Dark Lord ten years from now and could use all the love he could get.

So, no matter how much his parents ignored him…he always forgave them and didn't put up a fight. But…the way they had been acting for the past two months…he felt like they didn't love him. The last ray of hope that his parents actually cared for him was distinguished today as he watched them ignore him…on this day. If it had been any other day, he would have just shoved it over his head, but today they had gone too far.

And this was exactly why it was like a sharp slap for Harry to watch his parents shower his brother with affection. He had expected them to show his brother more attention on their birthday, but he had never expected them to completely forget about him….they had never…ignored Harry on their birthday. Tears stung his eyes as his parents didn't even wish him once. He had never been so…hurt…in his life.

It was then that he felt the warmth in his chest. It wasn't there a second ago...

He gasped as he felt something stir within him, it felt like there was fire lighting inside him, waiting to be let out and tested. He let out another gasp as he felt the fire ignite. His hurt and emotional turmoil was enough for his fiery magic in his core to slip out of his control. His vision was filled with red as he felt his magic escape from his core…he knew he was crazy to think so ….but it felt like his magic was imitating his emotions, it felt like his magic was angry at his parents for treating him the way they did.

He felt his magic lash out on the closest thing possible and opened his eyes to see the beautiful cake explode in front of him as his brother shrieked and his parents let out outrageous yells.

That was all he had to prepare himself as his father aimed a harsh slap on his face. The force sent Harry to fall back on the floor just as Lily yelled "Harrison James Potter! How dare you ruin your brother's birthday? You are lucky that today is just the family gathering…if you pulled that stunt tomorrow with the rest if the order and Jeremy's friends…" She let the threat hang in the air. Tears stung Harry's eyes as he focused on his parents' spiteful glares with their cold expressions.

He felt something stir inside him once more and he struggled to control the fire as his emotions went on overdrive once more before finally whispering in a broken and hurt voice "He's not the only one whose birthday is's my birthday too, you know? Or have you forgotten, like how you forget everything that concerns me?" His broken voice sounded more haunted by the second "Why is that ever since you found out about the stupid prophecy you've nothing but ignored me? Why don't you love me like how you love Jeremy? What is so special about him? Why is it that everything he does is right and everything I do is wrong? I thought that you loved me….I—I understand why you would give him more attention but….why do you hate me so much? I thought that—"

His innocent and hurt voice was interrupted by another slap on his face. James Potter's voice thundered down on him "You know that your brother deserves and needs more attention than you do! Then why do you have to always try to steal the attention from him all the time?"

"Your brother needs more care than you do, he will have a rough life while you will be lucky enough to be enjoying yours. He needs our love to fight Voldemort; while you will be living a happy and normal life, while he will be risking his every day!" Lily added as James pulled him roughly by his collar and shoved him up the stairs and back in his room, his parting words being "You will stay there till we feel that you have had enough punishment for ruining your brother's day!"

Soft sobs were all that could be heard from the room as they banged the door shut behind him. They had gone too far this time…they had shattered his naïve hope. While Harry understood that his brother needed more love from his parents…he didn't understand why it stopped them from loving him. He doubted that anyone would even care if he ran away…nobody would notice….except for maybe his Uncles Moony and Padfoot.

They had been the only ones who had cared even a little bit for him, even though that care was minimal compared to the care they showed to his brother. It might not be much, but he valued it nonetheless.

His sobbing increased as he heard his brother's laughter from downstairs. He forced himself to stop his pathetic wailing…he was not weak, and he was not going to let this get to him. He won't let himself cry over something as stupid as this. Why cry over someone who doesn't even care? If they didn't want to love him, if they thought that he was a waste of space, if they thought that he didn't deserve their attention…then he was going to go right ahead and make it easier for them.

If he wasn't needed…then he was going to walk right out of this house.

An idea started to form in Harry's mind…should he take his clothes and some food? He pondered on it for a moment before grimacing to himself in disgust. He wasn't going to take anything that they bought him. He would think about all of that later…right now, he needed to find a way to get out of here. He couldn't just walk out the front door and he couldn't us the back door either. His only option was to jump out the window and escape through the woods that were near the manor. He would decide where to go after that when he was done with all this.

Right now, his first concern was to find a way to jump out this window. There was no way that he could land one floor down without getting any injuries. There was only one option for him…magic. But how could he use magic when he didn't even have a wand? It might not work at all…but whether or not it would work, it was worth a shot. Concentrating, he visualized himself jumping from the window and landing on the ground unscathed. Nothing happened. The more he tried, the more frustrated he got and his desperation started to increase.

Maybe…maybe he had to ask magic to help him instead of telling it to help him? His heart lighting up with new hope, he closed his eyes and tried to "find" magic in the fire he had felt within himself. "Please, magic…I really need your help, please help me get out of here. I really need to go, I can't live here! Please, please, please" He pleaded in his mind. Almost instantly, he felt himself rise from where he was sitting and travel towards the direction of the window. All the while, he kept pleading to magic until he felt himself gently bump into the wet grass of the garden.

He closed his eyes once more as tried to reach out to magic and said in his innocent and grateful voice "Thank you for helping me and letting me use you, magic." The moment the words were out of his mouth…he felt the fire inside him flare with all of its power.

He gasped as he felt something warm inside him and opened his eyes to find silver and gold strings of light spinning around him. He felt the fire and warmth inside him grow till he could actually feel the magic all the time. He found the fire and magic easier to reach…as if it was at his command whenever he wanted to use it. Gradually, the gold and silver strings disappeared, but the fire and magic in his chest remained. It felt…odd, to be able to feel the magic inside him and to be able to reach it without any effort. But…how did this happen? Was it because he thanked magic for helping him? He wished that he knew why magic gave him this gift…why she gave him so much power for a simple "Thank you".

Why could he reach magic so easily now?

His thoughts were interrupted once again as he heard his father's loud voice from inside the manor again. Jumping up, Harry ran towards the woods as fast as he could. He didn't have any time to spare. He couldn't afford to get caught now…not after how close he was to escaping. His lungs felt like they were on fire, but he kept moving. He kept running till he was finally out of the manor wards and into the woods that were nearby. Panting heavily, he leaned against the nearest tree and used it to balance himself. He needed to get further away…he couldn't afford to rest right now…but he was just so tired. "Five minutes won't make a difference!" He thought to himself.

The warm fire inside him flared, giving him more energy. He willed himself to stand up and kept walking. He may be more mature than normal six-year-olds but his body was still young and he couldn't keep this up. Stumbling and staggering, Harrison kept moving in the woods. He didn't know where he was going, but as long as he wasn't forced to come back, he was okay with it. He didn't know how much time had already passed…it felt like it had been hours already, but he kept walking.

Finally, when he felt that there was enough distance between him and the Potter manor, Harry slowed down and gradually found a fallen tree for him to sit on. What was he supposed to do now? Sighing, he wondered what his "family" must be doing right now…probably sleeping. Speaking of sleep, he was feeling like he might any second…he really wanted to sleep. His musings were interrupted by a weird, inhuman voice.

"Move, you stupid human… You are lucky that my master gave me a human to eat some time ago, or I would have eaten you! Now move so I can continue my hunt!"It hissed. Harry looked around desperately, trying to find the source of the voice. "Down here!"He looked down to where the voice was coming from to get the biggest shock of his life. In front of him was a huge and beautiful black snake, (at least ten feet tall) and by the looks of it…she was pissed. His survival instincts kicked in almost instantly.

"No, don't eat me!" He hissed "I'm really yucky, I'm sure that you'll find me as bad as I find broccoli! If you want to eat someone tasty, you should go straight north till you find this huge manor. A red-headed kid named Jeremy lives there…he's kind of chubby too!" He added enthusiastically

The snake looked at him incredulously at the excuse and suggestion before shaking her head and coming back into reality before hissing in a shocked voice "You can speak? My master is the only alive speaker in the world! You even look like him...could it be...but master never had a child! "

"Of course I can speak, everybody can! Its impossible for your master to be the only person in the world who knows how to talk! How can you speak English?"

"Stupid child, I am not speaking English, you are speaking the language of the snakes!" Now, it was Harry's turn to look at the snake incredulously. He wasn't a parseltongue! No Potter had every been a parseltongue, in fact…The Potters were descendants of Gryffindors…there was no way that one of them married a Slytherin, let alone a descendant of Salazar Slytherin! But then…he was talking to the snake sadness as he thought of what his family would have thought if they knew that he was able to talk to snakes…. it was just another reason for them to abandon and. "No" he told himself firmly in his mind "They are not your family anymore, you don't need to care what they will think of you!"

The snake apparently noticed his mood and hissed gently "Your ability is not one to be ashamed of, child…you should consider it as an honor. Now, tell me what you are doing here all alone in the forest. And how did you get past the wards of my master's house?"

Harry looked confused for a while before saying "There were wards? I didn't know there were any wards, I was just running away from my family…I had no idea where I was going, I was just running wherever I could!"

The snake just looked like it was deep in thought for a while, (if snakes can have expressions) before hissing back "Would you like to come with me to my Master's manor? You look cold and you do not exactly look like you want to go back. I am sure that my master will be interested in meeting another snake-speaker."

It couldn't be any harm could it? The snake was nice; maybe the "master" must be nice too. And if anything wrong happened magic could easily help him…right? He was hungry and tired as well…and he couldn't keep this up, he had to go somewhere! Harry opened his mouth hesitantly, wondering what to say before finally making up his mind and saying an enthusiastic "Yes, I would love that!"

The snake smiled happily and Harry really hoped that she wasn't just letting him come with her so she could eat him later. The walk to the manor wasn't too long, and it was mostly silent except for his mild panting to keep up with the huge snake whose name was apparently "Nagini". He shook his head indignantly…this day was getting too weird and frustrating for him. The manor, (not unlike the Potter manor) was huge, not to mention that it screamed rich, pureblood and luxurious. The interior was the opposite of his old house; the color combination was assorted shades of silver and green….Slytherin colors. His bright eyes took in everything with interest and he quickly tried to memorize the way out in case he had to run.

Nagini finally led him towards a door and they simply waited there for a while. Harry was about to ask why they were just waiting there before another voice from inside interrupted his, saying "You may enter, Nagini."

The door opened on its own accord and Nagini quickly slithered inside, silently asking him to enter behind her… he took a deep calming breath and quietly entered behind the mystical black snake. The room was huge and was decorated in Slytherin colors like the rest of the manor; it was definitely beautiful enough to be a ballroom… but it radiated a dangerous aura…like the air inside had seen too many deaths. In the middle of the room was magnificent throne, which was currently occupied by a tall and handsome, raven haired man with crimson eyes and a flawless face…he too, like the rest of the room had an air of danger around him.

"Nagini…" the man hissed silently "You brought a child in the manor…may I know why?"

The snake slithered towards the throne and rapped herself around her masters chair before hissing again "I found him in the woods in the property when I went for my hunt ...he had somehow surpassed the wards and when I asked him how he did it, he simply said that he was running away from home didn't know where he was going. He also said that he didn't know there were any wards."

The man's face remained a mask of blank indifference as he raised an eyebrow and proceeded to stare at Harry with his piercing red eyes. The man looked like he was searching for something before he nodded as if he was satisfied and hissed to Nagini "I can see that he went past the ward, Nagini. But what is his name, and I how did you know what he said?"

Before the majestic black snake could say anything, Harry opened his mouth and hissed "My name is Harrison James Potter."

The man froze. He stared at Harrison with his piercing eyes once more for a moment before hissing sarcastically to Nagini "And you forgot to mention the fact that the boy is a parseltongue and a Potter brat?" Nagini looked shocked as she stuttered to the man "Master…I didn't know-I didn't think that he might be a Potter…how can he speak the language of snakes if he is a Potter…his family aren't descendants of Salazar Slytherin! I thought that he might be your relative!"

Harry just looked confused…he couldn't understand what was happening, how could this man speak parseltongue as well? Why did he have red eyes? The snake also said that he was a descendant of Slytherin…but that wasn't possible because the only known parseltongue and descendant of Slytherin was…

The six-year-old froze as he whispered the name with awe and fright "Lord Voldemort…" Both Nagini and Voldemort turned to look at him as he said the name. Voldemort smirked "You are a clever one, aren't you?" His smirk widened as Harry didn't reply "Tell me, boy…why did you run away from home? Why did you run away from you parents? I am sure that they must have pampered you sick!"

Harry's anger resurfaced and his magic spiked dangerously as he started speaking "They didn't want me. They pampered my brother while they pushed me away like I was a piece of meat…it was like I wasn't even their son! They treated me like a house elf; they hit me, starved me and neglected me just because I wasn't special like my brother! Who are they kidding? Jeremy is nothing special, he barely did any accidental magic, and he doesn't even have an aura! I hate them…I hate them more than anything else in the world and I will never go back even if you force me to!"

Voldemort raised an eyebrow and his red eyes narrowed as Harry finished his rant. He felt a nudge in his mind…and the next thing he knew, Harry's head felt like it was about to burst open and his memories were flying through his mind. The time when his father slapped him for the first time… Jeremy getting pampered while he was shoved aside…his asking Dumbledore why he wasn't the chosen one…. the warm fire inside him as he got the gift of magic…him running away…

It hurt so much…and the physical pain was nothing compared to the emotional pain… going through the memories for a second time was more than he could bear. Harry fell to the ground as the pressure left his mind when Voldemort was done with going through his memories.

"We are not so different, Harry Potter…I went through a similar childhood as you. Your parents and Dumbledore are fools to actually think that your brother is the Chosen one…and they were fools to treat you in the way that they did." His expression was now victorious "You are a parseltongue, you went through my wards without any difficulty, and if your memories speak the truth…magic gave you a gift. Such a gift is very rare in the magical world….and currently there are only three people in the world that hold that gift…you, me and Dumbledore. There is no doubt that you are the Chosen One."

Harry froze; he couldn't be the Chosen one, could he? Dumbledore was wrong….fear stroked him as he remembered the lines of the prophecy…neither can live while the other survives.

It was as if the Dark lord had read his thoughts because the moment he thought it, the older man said "You have potential…you could be a very powerful wizard one day. The light wizards were fools to treat you like this but you will be welcomed here, you could join my side and if we both ignore the prophecy then it wouldn't be valid anymore. Both of us were treated badly by the light side…and I see myself in you, I was exactly like you when I was your age and I was treated just like you were, my father abandoned me was well…I could control magic just like you can."

Voldemort smirked as he said the next words "I will not try to kill you….I would like to adopt you."

There was an echoing silence in the throne room as the words came out of Voldemort's mouth. Someone really wanted him? Lord Voldemort wanted to adopt him? But should he say yes? Harry was raised to hate the dark and favor the light side...he was raised to support what Dumbledore was fighting for. Look where that got him! There were a few more moments of silence before Harry's face started to form into a slow but genuine smile.

And that was the only warning they had had before Harrison James Potter (the chosen one, former member of the Potter family) launched himself on Lord Voldemort (the darkest lord since Grindewald, descendant of Slytherin, killer of millions of muggles and muggleborns) and hugged him like a teddy bear.


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