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The Dark Heir: Chapter 7 – The Storm Breaks Through

Throne Room, Argent Manor
Slytherin Citadel
Unknown Location


If the situation had not been of such great importance and significance, it would have been quite a comical site. Countless powerful witches, wizards and creatures stood in the focus of overpowering silence as the stress in the air rose to a clogging intensity.

While it may seem absurd at the moment, this was a crucial moment in history that would be remembered as the day of the Magical Awakening.

Vicious thunder broke through the silence like a thousand knives, and yet, they stood in painful and almost excruciating silence. Their usually cold masks of indifference were now marred with tremors of shock. The usually frosty eyes were now burning with the fire of outrage, and the stiff and proper demeanors were now shaking with suppressed rage and staggering distress.

And why wouldn't they be furious? Why wouldn't they be distressed? Everything that they had known was killed off as nothing more than an ignorant fantasy.

These few engulfing moments of silence would be remembered in history as the Minutes of Emergence, and sometimes even as the Stirring of the Cauldron. It was the calm before the storm…before it would erupt as violently inside the manor as it was currently thundering outside. The sound of rain as it clashed against the ground outside did not disturb the witches and wizards inside from their breakdown. However, it was only a matter of time.

All through this, crimson eyes looked on, seemingly apathetic to the situation.

However, looking closely one would notice the rage that clouded the Dark Lord's eyes. Rage that he had to wait so long to tell his subjects what the reality was. Fury at how it came to this point…at how Magic had been so careless, and at the self-righteousness of the Light Lord.

However, one would also notice satisfaction. His eyes reflected the satisfaction that they finally knew the truth…that they had finally taken another step towards their goal. His fingers twitched, feeling the incessant need to curse something or someone, preferably a member of the Order of Phoenix. But that could be done later.

Because at the moment, he could only wait for the silence to be broken. He could only wait until the moment when the shock would fade away, to be replaced by the hysterical fury that would be soon to erupt.

Closing his eyes, the Dark Lord let a small and barely noticeable curve of his lips burn into his features. Just a few more seconds…

The intricately designed chandelier above their heads trembled and flickered as a furious wizard lost his composure and accidentally let some of his raw magic loose in the already tense air. Delicate pieces of glass gently touched each other, creating a soft and barely noticeable sound. The magic brushed against the glass once more, harshly this time. The gentle sound of glass against glass broke through the silence again, drawing more attention than the pounding rain and roaring clouds outside.


The chandelier shook and the tension increased to an almost unbearably degree. The occupants of the room were hesitant to even breathe loudly as the beautifully innocent sound of glass against glass overshadowed the raucous thunder.

Ting! Ting! Ting!

A low growl was heard across the room, a menacing snarl that could only be from a werewolf. The harsh sound cracked through the mental barrier that they had all formed around their emotions. Another growl was heard as it broke through the trance of the seemingly — and quite ridiculously for the situation — enchanting sound of glass upon glass.

And it all came crashing down.

It was as if insanity had swept through them all, eating them from inside as they succumbed to the outrage that they all felt. This anger and sorrow was like a double edged sword. It was a poison that promised to strike not only their enemies but also their own selves. While they felt anger for the enemy, they also felt hatred towards themselves and regret for not seeing this truth before. But they were strong, and they would sustain. Because after years of discrimination, they had seen the light to guide them across…and so they would endure, and this phase would pass. After waiting for this day for so long, they would not let something as petty as regret draw them back.

And through the chaos, Voldemort stood regally, his face devoid of any expression. Of course, he had expected this…the outrage and fury was predictable.

…And it was all singularly directed towards the Light Lord.

And this was exactly where the problem was.

It was crucial for the council to know that this war was not against Albus Dumbledore, but against every oppressive action made against the dark magical beings. While Dumbledore was the Light Lord, and thus it was his responsibility to control discrimination and to ensure equality, the major flaw in the world was ignorance. The general population was very easily swayed by any information that sounded legitimate and well researched.

The situation was not small enough to hold only one person accountable. No, the war was too big to be declared against just the Light Lord.

If Dumbledore was responsible for everything done against the dark population, then that would not explain the hatred against the Dark in countries where Dumbledore did not have supreme influence. There had to be something that was influencing the masses to blindly discriminate against them.

Countries in North America, South America, and Asia were not touched by Dumbledore, and yet they all had laws against dark magic. The same went for Australia and Africa. So that made it obvious that these countries had different political leaders that were manipulating the population into this blind hatred against anything not "light".

However, while Dumbledore did have considerable influence over the people of Europe, he did not have many followers in countries of other continents. So then, how were these different countries making laws against the dark?

It was a mystery.

Unless, there was something that Voldemort did not know.

This was one of the main reasons why the meeting was of such great consequence regarding the circumstances. Because there was a very good reason to believe that Dumbledore had already called in a part of his council, and had already set up the leaders in every single country. However, if this was not the case, and if Dumbledore was not the reason why countries all over the world were passing bills and laws against the dark, then the situation would be much worse than previously imagined. It meant that there was another—

Voldemort's musings were cut off as vicious arguments echoed through the magically enlarged throne room. His eyes narrowing dangerously, he raised his wand, muttering a spell as his aura darkened. Silence filled the room once more as all occupants turned to look at the Dark Lord.

"Please, my friends…" Voldemort drawled mockingly, though the glint in his eyes was not to be taken lightly "Let us all maintain some decorum, shall we?"

The words, while devoid of any threats, had an underlying message that they all understood. As a whole, the council bowed down to the Lord in respect and acknowledgment as Voldemort lifted the silencing spell. The sight was one almost never seen. Here they were, innumerable magical beings, from almost every country, standing in a magically enlarged room… as one.

Without conflicts, they listened to one voice, in silence.

They went on forever with no end and no beginning… the large number was astounding, and for once, none of them were particularly bothered as their bodies ever so slightly brushed against each other.

"Now, I more than understand your rage at the one you think is responsible for the instability of this world. However, my faithful council, you are to know and understand that the blame lies not in one man. Do not let your anger fall over your ability to think. The world currently consists of a population of seven billion. Of the seven billion, half are magical beings, and half of those magical beings are dark, while the other half are light. Out of the one hundred and ninety six countries in this world, every country has at least a small number of witches, wizards, and creatures, and more than half of these countries have laws against the usage of dark magic. But the fact lies herein that not every one of these countries are under Albus Dumbledore's influence.

"In reality, the Light Lord has direct influence only in European countries, and maybe a few others through his connections in the International Confederation of Wizards.

"How then," Voldemort whispered, his voice echoing through the room as effected by the Sonorous charm "are these countries being influenced to discriminate? The knowledge that you have been told today has been forgotten by the common public. Nevertheless, Lords in the past have always maintained equality… an equality that was only disturbed under Lord Grindelwald and Lord Dumbledore. But as you have been told, Dumbledore does not have the influence to control all the countries in the world. Who then, is moving these countries along to set up laws against our magic?"

His crimson eyes raked through the room, looking for something that only he could find. Seemingly satisfied, Voldemort nodded ever so slightly, before slowly drawing his wand from his robes.

The occupants of the room tensed once more, bracing themselves for an attack that would never come. While most of the magical beings in the room had never met him, they had indeed heard the rumors about an unforgiving Dark Lord of Britain. Every single one of the inconceivable number of people in the room knew that this man was not one to be taken lightly.

No matter how admirable his goals seemed to be, the Dark Lord was not a kind man.

He was known for his cruelty, and for his rather… interesting ways of persuasion.

Shuddering, they watched intently as the wand was gracefully wielded, emanating a strange magic as foreign words were mumbled in a hissing tone. A strange red light overpowered the room, blinding those who were closest. They all watched with bated breath as many flinched, clearly expecting the Cruciatus curse to hit an unsuspecting victim. The light faded away and many of them blinked at the site. There, in midair, entwined together with magical "strings", was –

…A map of the world.

Europe was in the center, with all its countries in white, and marked with a red dot in the center. Asia and Africa were painted black, and so were North and South America. However, even in these four other continents, the red dots could be seen in most countries.

"There are not many laws in this world that are essential for our survival. But the most important one is currently on the verge of getting crushed. All the countries marked in white are under the influence of Dumbledore, and thus have a red dot marking the existence of laws against our magic and our affinity. The countries marked in black are those that have most probably never heard of him, and yet the red is eminent."

They looked on, as their already frigid eyes hardened into piercing ice. A vicious roar could be heard outside as thunder struck once more, imitating the fury that was burning inside the room. The sound lingered and eventually faded as they were left in that overpowering silence once more.

And then, a single word flew out of the Dark Lord's mouth, leaving them to feel the effects of the intensity of just that one word, "…Why?"

That one word released such power that even the most impressive could not stop as they caught their very breaths… because if the answer to that question was to be found, it could be the solution to a number of problems, and possibly a solid plan for the future.

"In all of these countries – with the exception of countries in Europe – the laws that bind the usage of our magic were only passed sometime in the last forty years. It is a rather mysterious and questionable occurrence that needs to be investigated immediately. For if this continues, the dark will lose support in all countries that currently give us equal rights. The amount of dark magic that is currently being practiced in our world is decreasing with every moment of negligence. Every single year, I feel our magic withering as we are oppressed beyond our capacity to endure. We cannot live without our magic, and as the thickness of dark magic lessens around us, every single child with this affinity will be denied the nourishment that it needs. The atmosphere of dark magic is thinning around us, as the light magic gets thicker and thicker.

"Why is it that the number of squibs is increasing in Dark families? After all, magic is what stops these occurrences from happening, and magic is the reason why breeding amongst families does not weaken or distort us! Then why is it, that pureblood dark families are birthing more and more squibs?

"It is because our children are not getting the nourishment that they deserve! They are not getting what is their right to get! Every child that is to be born needs a healthy amount of magic of their affinity… without it certain crucial parts are hindered in their growth, resulting in a complete distortion of their magical ability to channel! Why is it that witches are dying during childbirth while this occurrence is almost unheard of in the magical community? Because the beautiful creatures that grow inside them are draining their magic away!

"The more laws that are made to stop us from practicing our magic, the more our magic thins in the air. And as dark magic thins, so does the population of dark witches and wizards… the children who were to have this core are instead given the curse of being a muggle."

His rich voice was captivating as he spoke, his powerful tone giving them tremors with every word that came from his mouth. His magic curled around them all protectively, as if warning their enemies of the consequences of hurting his people. Voldemort's voice lowered to nothing more than a whisper, as the council raised their heads in anticipation.

"…And what is the result of this change in numbers?"

The Dark Lord raised his long fingers in the air, slowly bringing his middle finger and thumb together. And with a loud snap of his fingers, the map in front of their eyes slowly turned completely white as red dots appeared in all the countries… it was depicting the oppressiveness against the dark to be taken into every single community in the world, which would indeed lead to the "change in numbers" of dark magical beings.


The sound echoed through the room as Europe annihilated itself on the map, and a dirty and oily form of magic flew towards them. The few people closest to the map drew their hands towards their faces instinctively, while others drew their wands to protect themselves from this foreign magic. There was no need, as shields appeared around them a mere second before it hit them.

The substance stuck to the complex shields, slowly rotting the purity away, and burning through the various layers. Everything that this strange substance touched would age and eventually decay. And just when they thought that the show was over, the map destructed itself as all the continents burst open, pouring the "oily" magic once more.

The brown, filthy substance wiped away the layers of the shield as if it was nothing, radiating a kind of…slime…that burned through all magic that it touched. Their eyes reflected the fear that they felt as magic disintegrated into something they had never seen before.

And just as the last flimsy layers of the once powerful shield wiped away, the foreign magic…disappeared.

The stoic faces had transformed into genuine expressions of relief. For these hardened, traditional witches and wizards to be dropping their "formal" act would have been horrifying, had it been a different situation. But for today, they could make an exception… just today.

"Most of you may be aware of the results of magical decay, but for those who are not, magical decay can be a dangerous occurrence." The Dark Lord drawled, "Like everything else, magic does decay, and unfortunately the effects are not very…pleasant. Magical decay does not occur unless there is a shift in balance of magic in the spell. The only types of magic that decay are those that are either completely dark or completely light, or those that are off balance.

"If a non-neutral spell or its residue is left alone with no change whatsoever, it will begin to rot and age. And for this reason, many long-lasting spells are neutral. Offensive and defensive magic are either light or dark, reason being the fact that these spells use all the magic they contain in either harming or defending, leaving no residue that can possible decay…. If a non-neutral shield spell is cast, and is left unattended, without any addition to its magic and without anything draining it away, it will eventually start rotting. But if a neutral shield is cast with its affinity to neither dark nor light magic, it can stay there forever without rotting. It is for this reason that spells for time travel and preservation are neutral.

"However, all this is not a problem. It is not a problem because, strictly speaking, all non-neutral spells are designed so that their energy is used in any way possible to stop the decay. As for neutral spells, they never did pose to be a hindrance."

The Dark Lord's eyes raked through the council once more, his voice breaking the silence that had been cast for just a few seconds "The problem arises when the magic in the air, which is indeed supposed to be neutral with equal amounts of dark and light, begins to decay at a rate that would undoubtedly guarantee the end of this world, muggles and wizards alike.

"You are witches and wizards of… adequate intelligence. I hope that you have indeed understood what the results of this shift in balance are, and why. The magic around us is supposed to be neutral. Neutral magic is not meant to be used disproportionately. All dark witches and wizards draw some amounts of dark magic from the air, and all light witches and wizards draw light magic. Our bodies always draw magic every few seconds. However, every time we do a spell of out affinity, we also give back the magic that we take. It is a cycle that is meant to be followed at all times.

"Due to the fact that these laws stop many dark magical beings from doing dark magic, we always draw magic from the air, but we never give back. The dark magic keeps accumulating inside us, but the magic in the air gets weaker and weaker due to the fact that we are never able to return, as we are never able to do any spells. When the new generations are born, they do not get to draw enough magic, and that leads to more squibs and deaths. The population of our people decreases, disrupting the balance between muggles and wizards.

"Throughout our lives, we are multiplying the magical particles inside us, and our cores create more magic than they draw from the atmospheric magic. When we die, our cores are meant to give back all the magic that they contained and more, but because our kind of magic has not been used in a long time, our cores misinterpret the situation. Instead of returning the magic, the magic instead starts to rot and decay."

Voldemort's hands shook in what could have been rage or sorrow as he whispered "And that magic is never returned to where a lot of it came from. With every death and birth of a person with a dark magical affinity, we get stronger but the dark atmospheric magic gets weaker. The population decreases, and our magic rots. Because of the sudden decrease of dark magic in the air, the neutrality has been severely disrupted. If we give it just a few more decades, the magic will start decaying.

"The little show with the map was not even one percent of what the real damage will be. As the atmospheric magic will decay, it will kill everything that it touches, much like how it was killing the shields. However, it will not just affect the magic, my friends. It will affect you. There are always particles of magic inside us as we breathe, eat, and even as we sleep. Magic dominates everything. As our magic decays, it will release a filthy kind of energy that will be fatal to every race that lives on this planet. It will go under your skin, reside in your cells, and it proliferate. When it resides inside every cell of your body, and when it is done destroying and decaying your core, it will burst through your body, leaving… nothing.

"The muggles and wizards will be dead in just hours. It will destroy all the technology; it will trigger all radioactive substances and muggle "atomic" weapons."

The Dark Lord paused for a few long seconds, before his expressionless mask morphed into ruthless ice "The world will end."

Silence dominated the room once more as many closed their eyes in grief. This time, there was no anger that would cause glass to break. There was no fury that would cause the chandelier to shake. There was only a sense of shock, there was only sorrow… there was only emptiness. Every single person occupying the room had only imagined what this meeting would be about. Out of all the things, they certainly had not expected this. They had not expected to hear such a…shattering truth.

"I am not going to lie to you all. I am not going to say that this can be mended in just a few short months. No, my faithful council… this is the result of years of imbalance, and it will take years to fix…and there is indeed only one way to fix it."

While the question 'How?' was not verbally articulated, every single person still heard it as it echoed in all their minds. The loud crashes of thunder outside had now mellowed down to just rain, as the storm passed. The worst of all revelations was over… and the weather outside only mirrored their situation.

"I must urge you to remember that the best solutions are not the most complex ones… to fix the world, we need to first fix the root. The problems start with the discrimination and oppressive laws and that is where they will end. There is war looming in the wizarding world; the common public is getting agitated. The light wizards believe the dark to be evil, and the dark believe the light to be arrogant and ignorant. Tensions are rising between countries; many powerful countries have not yet been touched by the discrimination against the dark, while many other countries are already oppressing the dark. There will be a war between these countries.

"And as I had mentioned before, every war in the Wizarding World will be mirrored in the Muggle World. I, as one wizard alone, have gathered as much information as I can, and I have worked as much as I can. With the appearance of a new lord, of my new heir, I have been able to call the council and I have been able to disclose this to you. I need your help, for I cannot do this alone. What you have been told today is crucial to the stability of our world, and I cannot stress how important it is for you all to know and understand that this information cannot be given out to the public.

"If at any given moment I sense reluctance in you to contribute to our cause, you will be oblivitated. If we are ever to find a traitor in the midst of this council, you will not escape. Your fate shall be one worse than death itself, and I will not be afraid to do to you what was done to Gellert Grindelwald. Keep in mind, that spell used against Grindelwald was meant for magical lords. The effect that it would have on an average wizard is something you will not wish to know. And by all means, my faithful council, you are indeed permitted to inform your families of The Balance and nothing more. However, if any from your families are found to be traitors or are found to inform an outsider of our plans, you as well as your family shall be punished most severely. Let it be known that the moment someone is told of the "Balance of Magic", they are under the oath of secrecy. And if anyone is given any information other than the Balance, they … shall …be …killed." The intensity of his voice was one that terrified even the strongest of all wizards, sending them into a freezing silence.

"If you are not a traitor, you have nothing to fear. I am your Lord, and I will protect you as my people. My wrath shall be felt by all who betray us, by all who have wronged us, and by all who wish to stop us."

His fury was felt by them all as they shivered under the intensity of his voice. His was truly a royal figure, with his aristocratic features and his commanding presence. His voice could stop countless people to just listen. He was a man of dignity and grace, and at the same time one who was ruthless and cruel. He could be kind, in rare cases, but his kindness had not yet been seen. There couldn't be a better Lord to lead them towards the right path.

"I believe that what you have been told today is not something that you will immediately accept. We have not yet talked about the future, but we will do so in the next meeting. We are required to take action as soon as possible, and we will do so. Before I adjourn this meeting, I ask you all if there is anything you would wish to…address?"

Not a word was spoken as witches and wizards alike merely looked around, waiting for someone to bow and speak his mind. Voldemort was not surprised as a single figure bowed, and drew his wand to show the silver light that it radiated. The man raised his piercing grey eyes questioningly, his blond hair shining in the low light of the magical chandelier.

"You may speak, Lord Malfoy." The Dark Lord pronounced, calling the man by the appropriate title. There was no need to call him by his first name. The hierarchy had been established even before the council arrived.

"My Lord," Lucius Malfoy bowed gracefully, looking every bit of the Malfoy that he was "If I may ask, are we to meet the Prince?"

Ah, Harrison.

Voldemort had known that this question would be on the minds of every single person this night. It was a pity really, that they could not meet Harrison as he had planned.

It seemed as if he had left out a detail when he had made this decision two months ago. Harrison could not meet the council until his…meeting… with the mutts was done and over with. "You shall not be meeting my heir tonight, as I had planned."

Voldemort did not disclose any further information, and they knew he would say no more.

They stood there in a trance as his gaze washed through the room, his vicious smirk and penetrating eyes freezing them in their places. It was enchanting… the power he emanated was addicting. Those red eyes could gaze inside their souls and dig out their deepest secrets. To an outsider looking on, the people would seem as if they were someplace far…their eyes were distant, as if spellbound by something… or someone.

Sharp and graceful clanks of the Dark Lord's polished shoes broke through the silence, and the spell shattered, bringing them back to life.

A majestic aura surrounded him as he spoke, his voice being heard by all as he drew his want regally, lighting the tip with vivacious fire "Geminos iungant."… Let the twins unite.

"…Geminos iungant." Countless regal voices murmured through the room, their wands lighting up vibrantly…it was truly a remarkable site, as fire lighted the previously dull room into flamboyant beauty.

The lifeless throne room was only but a memory as individual flames flew in the air, creating exquisite shapes as they danced right into the conjured candles. They revolved around the ceiling, and around the dim chandelier, as they twirled past the dark windows.

But brightest portion of the room was not the shining flames… No, the brightest portion of the room was the sparkling eyes …Because for the first time, these eyes sparked the flames of hope… of purpose.

And in the midst of it all, one man smiled, his face glowing for the first time in many years in genuine happiness. It was like—as cliché and ironic as it sounds—magic. That one smile was contagious, and soon, they all lit up brighter than the lumos charm, their lips unconsciously curving into something rarely seen on their faces.

Yes, these men and women remained to be cruel.

They remained to be tainted by the world, and to be scarred by their lives. And yes, there were indeed large matters that now rested on their shoulders.

But once… just this once, they could all afford to forget. And they could all just enjoy the moment of peace…because they knew and they had the knowledge. Even if they were to lose their wealth and their homes, and even if their vaults were stolen, there was one thing that not a single person could steal from them …their knowledge.

Of course, there is memory erasing spells that could steal these truths from them. But it does not do to forget that these remarkable people are the council of the dark. They are not the council for nothing. After all, who would they be if they could not block even a simple memory spell?

Now only Merlin could look over the oppressors, because the council had just been summoned. After years of waiting, they were finally alive. Their eyes had burned with the fire of passion, and their lips had curved into the spirit of desire… desire for freedom.

Even as the Dark Lord proudly announced "The first meeting of the council is now dismissed." and even as they swirled with their portkeys back to their homes…the devilish light in their eyes did not fade away.

Outside the magnificent manor, the storm was over, and the stars were shining above.

Lord's Office, Argent Manor
Slytherin Citadel
Unknown Location

Sirius Black had seen many things in life. And yet… he did not expect this.

As the portkey landed, Sirius closed his eyes, taking in a deep and hopefully calming breath. He knew that as soon as he opened his eyes, he would see the lavish insides of Grimmauld Place. But for now…he lived in the past.

He had seen worst kinds of cruelty and brutality. He had experienced rejection from the world in the most excruciatingly painful way. He had been betrayed, hurt, and torn.

And yet, there was nothing in this world that could have possibly prepared him for this.

His mind was spinning in circles… he felt as if he was walking through a maze, with absolutely no inkling as to how to get back. Even as his body was viciously thrown about by the portkey, Sirius Orion Black felt nothing but a kind of a…sadistic happiness. His heart was filled with unrestrained glee, and his eyes had darkened with pleasure.

Despite being against torture and cruelty in general, Sirius was still a Black. And while many may believe that there was no reason for the insanity and hint of malice that all Blacks had, the truth was that every single Black to walk through the Wizarding World had been wronged in some way or the other. Many who had once been "good" ended up turning into monsters due to the preconceived notions that the public held for them.

A prime example of such a situation was Sirius.

Not to forget the fact that even the squibs born in the Black family grew to despise the Light, like his Great Uncle Marius, who had been disowned due to his status.

As a young boy, Sirius had always wondered why even the "good" people of the family, like Uncle Alphard, seemed to hold a dislike for the light side. Now at least, he understood. While they might not have known the "truth", the… dislike… seemed to be instinctual.

It seemed that the animosity between the Dark and Light Lords seemed to reflect on the population. Even though they had not known anything about the reality, it was as if their cores knew all along that there was something wrong.

After everything that had been shoved brutally into his mind, Sirius still did not understand the true magnitude of the situation… the true magnitude of everything that he had found out today.

Or maybe it was just that after being through so much, the biggest of situations did not bother him. Any normal person would be feeling shock and despair of the largest degree. But Sirius Orion Black just felt merciless elation. He knew that the Dark Lord would not be gentle in his treatment of Dumbledore… he was elated that the old goat would get what he deserved.

However, the majority of Sirius's happiness came from the fact that he now knew with prominent confidence that he did indeed have a dark core, and that soon… himself and his family would be able to practice their magic.

As a young boy, Sirius had often fooled himself into believing that he was a Light wizard. He incessantly scolded himself about his magical orientation… to such a degree that he soon forgot who he really was. While his family had indeed accepted him, it felt good to officially know that he belonged.

However, even though his reaction for the night was not overwhelming him with anger, he did indeed have a breaking point. And once that breaking point was reached, nothing could stop him from—

Sirius was broken from his thoughts, his blissful smile straightening into an angry line as he heard the exclamation of shock from his grandfather. How odd… his grandfather never lost his composure… so why was he yelling? Cautiously opening his eyes, Sirius had been expecting the luxurious study of Grimmauld Place. Instead, what he saw was a formal office, decorated in royal green and silver colors. Expensive furniture – clearly belonging to a pureblood – and the sacred Slytherin crest proudly occupied the room.

Swiftly, he turned his head towards his Grandfather and Father, their identical grey eyes perfectly mirroring his emotions. Was the portkey tampered with? The question did not have an answer that could be determined at the given moment.

Hot, boiling rage drowned all emotions inside him. Who would dare to possibly tamper with portkeys meant for the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black? His ferocious anger wiped away all coherent thoughts, barely letting him think rationally. And just as he drew his wand, ready to blast through the first thing he saw—


A discarded portkey flew towards him, making him draw up a quick shield. The portkey hit the shield and harmlessly clattered to the ground. However, their attention wasn't on the fallen item, but instead on the two figures sprawled across the floor. Sirius saw a sneer form on his father's lips, and he felt more than saw the superior mask on his grandfather's aristocratic face.

The Blacks were purebloods of the highest status; such unbecoming and rather… undignified way of landing was something to look down upon.

Of course, the superior looks melted into comical expressions of shock when they saw exactly who was sprawled on the floor…Because there on the expensive and soft carpet, were two men of strong stature as they slowly stood on their feet, clearly disheveled and in a state of astonishment; Remus Lupin and Fenrir Greyback.

While Arcturus and Orion lost their composures because of the appearance of one of the most powerful werewolf Alphas, Fenrir Greyback and his second-in-command who also happened to be Sirius's former friend, Sirius was gaping in disbelief for a completely different reason.

Moony… it was Moony who was standing in front of him, looking around the room in amazement. It was those warm amber eyes that widened as they saw the rare books and tomes. Sirius almost laughed… the way he moved, what he looked at… it was so Moony.

As those amber eyes turned towards him with unrestrained devastation, the moment collapsed, and everything came crashing down.

They had not seen each other since Lily and James had committed their repulsive acts.

With a jolt of realization, Sirius was ashamed as he remembered that not once did he try to contact Moony. But once again, it was happiness that overpowered as another realization hit him… they won't have to fight against each other in the upcoming war! They were on the same side. And in a fleeting moment, they crashed into each other.

"Sirius… Sirius, my brother…" Remus whispered, wrapping his arms around his friend into a tight embrace. Sirius could only hug his friend firmly… at least there was one person that did not betray him; at least there was one person whom he could take with him into his new world.

Gently letting go of him, Sirius stared straight into Remus's eyes for the first time, stiffening as he felt something shift in the amber color. If he was not mistaken… did he just see gold?

Why were his eyes gold?

But was he entirely missed was the darkness that bloomed in the gold; the crazed puddle that stained the purity of his eyes. What he completely overlooked was the thirst for revenge and the ruthless insanity… the same things that were very much visible in Sirius's own eyes.

A low growl was heard across the room as Greyback muttered to himself "What sort of game is this? The place smells of…"

His murmurs were interrupted by Orion's cultured voice "We have reason to believe that the portkey has been tampered with. This is not a mere mistake. But where are we?"

The answer to their most important question was answered as a harsh, popping sound was heard across the room, with the unexpected arrival of small house elf. The large tennis ball shaped eyes looked up at them shyly as it spoke "Twinky is being told by Master Dark Lord to serve sirs while he comes. Master is being meeting with foreign men right now."

And with that, Twinky disappeared once more, leaving the five men in a state of complete and utter shock.

Of course, the astonishment was well concealed. After all, it would not do to show unnecessary emotions in front of people they did not completely trust. While Sirius trusted his family and Remus, there was no reason for him to have faith in Fenrir Greyback, even though he was indeed the alpha of Remus's pack. They all knew that an alpha would go to all lengths to protect his pack. And Sirius was not ready to jeopardize his family.

But all these thoughts were merely insignificant as they comprehended exactly where they all, it is not every day that a portkey leads you straight inside the Dark Lord's office.

Outside the manor, stars were preparing to shine as they eagerly awaited the clouds to move.

Throne Room, Argent Manor
Slytherin Citadel
Unknown location

Voldemort watched intently as the countless witches and wizards swirled out of existence… all but two. As bewilderment settled into the faces of the two majestic wizards, he could feel his lips curve into a mocking smirk.

At the same time as the two wizards turned to look at him, Voldemort felt a shift in the manor's magic.

The powerful wards, built with thousands of layers—the result of perfection over centuries—bent, allowing only three wizards and two werewolves entrance into his office. Of course, they were not permitted into his private study; that luxury was granted only to Harrison.

And with the tracking charm that he had placed on his son, the Dark Lord could very well tell that Harrison was extremely agitated as he paced back and forth in his study. Clearly, his young heir had been expecting a house elf to fetch him to be introduced to the council.

But unfortunately, that day would not be today. There was something to be taken care of before Harrison could meet the council.

His face devoid of emotions, Voldemort turned his attention back towards the two wizards.

His fingers trembled as he held the portkey in his hand, saying the words for activation once more.

The language slipped from his mouth in a warm, velvety accent. His midnight black hair shined in the light as he incessantly tried to work his tool of transportation. His dignified posture did not shake, despite the hesitance in his fingers. The smooth, brown skin of his face was not yet glistened in perspiration, as many in his position would be sweating in his situation.

Surprisingly, he had handled this new gain of knowledge well, though it did indeed leave him with weariness and confusion.

Warm brown eyes surveyed the room, finding only one other man, whom he could identify as one of the high ranking purebloods of Greece; Lord Adrastos Helios Megalos. The Megalos family had long since been the aristocrats and the "ruling family" of Greece, though their family was not formally involved in politics. The Megalos were mostly a family of scholars, and while they did not hold office, they had their ways. They liked to work under the shadows, much like how his own family functioned in the world

Sighing tiredly, Lord Aadesh Vikram Singh gave the portkey a searching look before swiftly brandishing his wand.

"The portkeys will not work, Lords Megalos and Singh." The Dark Lord's smooth voice interrupted them, his bored expression morphing into a rather taunting smirk "And rest assured that the portkeys are not indeed faulty. They have been simply…ah…disabled for the time."

Eyes widening ever so slightly, both the occupants bowed deeply to the Dark Lord. The tense—at least for the two foreign wizards—silence was broken as Adrastos's accented voice was heard across the room "We apologize for not realizing sooner, My Lord."

The Dark Lord's face smoothed into an expressionless mask once more as his deep red eyes bore into the very souls of the two men. It was only after what seemed like years that he spoke again "You are both high ranking wizards in our world, from two countries that are highly important in the magical world; India and Greece. Both the countries have a rather interesting history, and even more interesting traditions and outlooks… wouldn't you agree? And going by the recent knowledge you just gained upon the balance, it does seem like these two countries are going to be playing major roles, does it not?"

The two regal wizards seemed to exactly know what he was talking about, if anything was to be said by their sudden change of posture and the intense expression on their faces.

"I believe we have something to discuss, Lords Singh and Megalos."

Lord's Personal Study, Argent Manor
Slytherin Citadel
Unknown Location

Harrison was extremely frustrated.

It had been hours since he had been left in his father's study, and the fact that he had not been summoned to be introduced to the council was not something that particularly pleased him. After all, his father had promised him that he would be introduced, did he not? Harrison had patiently waited for hours when a house elf had come to inform him that the council meeting was over and that his father was currently "meeting" with foreign wizards…but what about Sirius and Remus? Wasn't he supposed to meet them today?

He knew that his father did not lie to him. The Dark Lord was a man of his word… well, not always, but Harrison liked to believe that he always kept his word when it came to his son.

There must have been a good reason for him not to be introduced to the council. Perhaps his father thought that he was not ready? Just the thought of disappointing the man who took him in struck something in his heart… No… his father did indeed say that he was ready. He would not go back on his statement.

Another disappointed sigh escaped his mouth as he sat on the comfortable chair in front of his father's desk, his perturbed thoughts circling his mind.

Hours…It had been hours since he had been left here.

Even the council meeting was over! Then why was it that his father was not back yet? In the name of Merlin, Harrison would even be pleased to see Nagini. Anything was better than no information.

And just as Harrison was about to get up and hiss for Nagini, the door slammed open, revealing a rather…imposing figure.

"…Father? When did you—" Harrison's childish voice was deep with shock and joy as he recognized the figure.

Opening his mouth once more, he was immediately silenced by a meaningful glance and glare from his father. In mere seconds, his emotions had disappeared from his face and his change in posture and speech portrayed a completely different personality. However, the warmth in his large green eyes remained. For that warmth was reserved only in the presence of his father, or in the presence of those who had his complete and utter trust.

"Father, it is good to be in your c-company after a long evening of your absence." Harrison drawled, drawing a brief expression of pride and approval on his father's face... despite slipping on the words too big for his young mind "May I en-enquire upon what you said earlier this evening?"

Voldemort's penetrating red eyes gazed into warm green as his deep voice echoed through the room "I apologize for going back on my statement. You will be introduced to some members of the council, but not all. That day, unfortunately, is not today… I believe there is something of greater importance to be taken care of at the moment, before you can be introduced. We shall go meet your mutts and their…families – or pack as the other would prefer – now."

The Dark Lord allowed a small smile to grace his lips as he watched his heir's face light up in elation.

Outside the manor, the clouds had disappeared completely as the stars shined brightly.

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