1 Year Later...

"I hate you."


"I mean it this time."

"Sure you do."

"Bryce!" Chuck cries. "I'm supposed to be getting married tomorrow morning, and instead of getting a good night's sleep, I am chained to you, upside-down hanging over a vat of boiling acid!"

"Oh, please. You weren't even gonna sleep tonight," Bryce snaps accusingly. "I know you. You were gonna stay up all night and play Mass Effect with Morgan."

"Fine!" Chuck spits out. "Fine! That does not negate our predicament, or that it's all your fault!"

"Okay," Bryce says evenly. "It's my fault. I came into town to get your help and come to your wedding, and wound up getting us kidnapped and strung up like a crappy Batman comic!"

"You watch your mouth! There are no crappy Batman comics!"

Bryce nearly growls. "Are you done freaking out so we can get out of this?"

Chuck pauses and then huffs. "Yeah. Yeah, I'm done."

"Good. Let's get outta this so we can get you married."

As they struggle to break free a slip of paper flutters from Chuck's pocket and floats gently down into the acid.

"What was that?" Bryce asks.

"Oh, nothing," Chuck says through gritted teeth. "Just my vows."

"Oh. Uh...sorry, buddy."

"I really hate you."


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