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::everlasting story::
-- by akane miata

The subways of Japan are a busy place; school children and businessmen alike zooming
from place to place, all blank and faceless among the hundreds. Few stopped to take
any notice of the pair that had just stepped off at their station, making their way off the
car and onto the platform. The train sped past the two young girls, ruffling skirt and
pigtail as it continued on its way.

Ranma shook one of her heavy water-soaked sleeves, blinking to clear her eyes of the
excess water that dripped out of her hair. She grunted in disgust as she turned to follow
her taller partner through the forest of pedestrians. "Everytime. That damned old
woman. Must have sonar or somethin'. Knew we shouldn'ta gone home first. Oy."

That was all Akane caught from the grumbling red-head as they made their way to the
National Library of Japan. One her of hands fingered her torn uniform self-conciously as
she jogged down the large stair case and turned in the direction of the library. "You act
like a girl most of the time. Might as well look like one too, ne?" The corner of her lip
turned up in a smile as she felt herself smacked on the back of her head.

"Shut UP! Like you know anything about how girls act!" Although Akane didn't turn
around to look at Ranma, she could practically hear the red-head stick her tongue out
and make a face.

"You're just moody because Kodachi was trying to kill you instead of kiss you..." With
that, she turned around to make a smoochy face at Ranma, who's left eye twitched

"Oh, *gross*," Ranma said with a shudder. "I saved your life, you ungrateful tomboy! If
I hadn't pulled you outta the way of that ribbon, it'd be more than your shirt that was
ripped to shreds!"

Akane ignored Ranma's comment, stopping suddenly and causing Ranma to smack right
into her from behind.


Akane ignored him again and looked up at the large structure in front of them. "We made
it!! I thought it'd close..." She walked swiftly up the steps, and didn't turn to see if Ranma
had followed until she had reached the top. "You coming or what?"

Ranma looked up uneasily as she slowly climbed the steps.

"It's just a library, Ranma. Books don't kill you, surprising to you as that may be."

Ranma scowled indignantly and took the rest of the steps two at a time until she stood
along side her fiance. "Don't be stupid. I just feel funny about this place."

Akane patted Ranma's head in mock sympathy while the shorter girl sweatdropped.
"Don't worry, Ranma. I know how scary something that requires brains must be to you,
but that doesn't mean you're going to get out of doing this report--" She was hushed by
a facefaulting Ranma.

"That's not what I meant!" She yelled, waving her arms in frustration, only getting a laugh
as reaction from Akane. Ranma stuck her tongue out again, slipping his school bag
off his shoulders and shuffling through the things in it.

Life had been good lately, as far as Ranma was concerned. He still faught with Akane,
but he figured it was just their way. She'd forever be his constant companion, if he'd
ever have anything to say about it. Saffron had definitely taught him some surprising
things about himself. Some scarier than others.

He'd murdered.

Worst of all, he'd willingly do it again for the young tomboy who stood next to him,
impatiently tapping her foot. His girl form surpressed a small smile as the Tendo girl's
spare hand unconciously snuck up to play with her short hair.

Ranma's hand brushed against what he'd been looking for, and he pulled it out of the
backpack and threw it at Akane. "Think we'll live forever, Akane?"

Her eyebrow raised in confusion as she caught the red shirt in her hand. "Pardon?"

Akane's reaction knocked Ranma out of his own personal fantasy. His girl form laughed
nervously and put the bag's strap back onto his shoulder. "Nothin'. Put that on, will ya?"

"What for?"

"Your uniform is ruined, Akane. Just put that on over it. Unless you LIKE walking around
with your shirt hanging open."

With that, she scowled and tossed her bookbag to Ranma while she slipped the Chinese
shirt on and buttoned it up. When the backpack was returned to her, she eyed Ranma,
then looked down at herself.

"We match."



Ranma rolled his eyes and moved aside for three children scampering past towards the
entrance, their laughter fading as they disappeared into the building. "We gonna go in or
just stand here?"

"You were the one with the 'funny feeling'..."

Ranma waved a hand and herded his fiance to the huge doors. "Come'on, let's get your
books before the stupid place closes for the night."

They worked their way through the bustling crowd, side-by-side, until Ranma caught sight
of a cluster of vending machines. Making a beeline to the food, drool and all, the pigtailed
girl darted from machine to machine, giggling madly.

"Graahh.. I'm hungry. It's been ages since I ate.... yen.. yen.. need money.."

Akane sighed and shook her head in mock disapproval. "You always think with your stomach
before your brain, dun'cha..."

Akane absently fingered the soft red silk that enveloped her. Ranma's chatterings about which
sandwich she thought she should get, or how many her stomach could hold, sunk into the
background noise. Her mind wandered, drifting over the recent times.

Life had become so much more casual; so much more laid back. It had been what seemed like
so long since she and Ranma had fought each other sincerely, utterly ignorant to all around

So long since he'd tease her mirthfully, assuming she'd be around to take it for all time. He'd
been jarred out of it a few times, be it a prince that tried to capture her, or another boy that
tried to capture her heart.

It wasn't until Jusendo that something of a more permanent nature came into effect...

Death wasn't something to fuck around with.

She knew this first hand now, having already experienced it with her mother's death, but...

How is one supposed to deal with their own death?

The Jusendo ordeal had left her deeply scarred, and the horrible "wedding" ordeal that followed
was as good as pouring salt into the unhealed wound.

She *knew* intellectually that Ranma didn't really mean her any harm by his insults and denials,
but every once and a while it was easy to forget that... She'd often wondered if Ranma had so
much as enjoyed their frequent banters.

That brought a smile to her lips; Okay, so maybe she enjoyed a good fight every once and a
while, too. Didn't mean she ever had to admit that. It was just their way. The quirky friendship
they shared, their familiarity. His own manner of letting his guard down only when around her,
and relaxing ever-so-slightly into a silence that was never awkward.

The way no one seemed to get their relationship, was never able to see beyond the barbs and
hairpulling and clobbering. The way he smiled, like he had ever since the first time she met the
boy. The smile she'd never seen him give anyone else. And, at least to her... It was perfect.

But... how could something so perfect last forever?

I can't help but feel that it'll all shatter, one way or another... She thought, pulling the coin
out of her bookbag unconciously, in answer to Ranma's request for more money.

Her arm extended to give Ranma the coin. And time seemed to slow to a stop.

It started with a buzzing, directly behind her eyes, spreading through her head and swimming
into the rest of her body. The coin fell from her limp fingers, falling as though air were mollasses.

Ranma's eyes traced the coin's decent, and began to reach down to pick it up.

It pricked at Akane's ears -- ruffling of.. feathers? -- and then it flashed before her vision, over
Ranma's bent-over form. She stiffened, and tried to remind her lungs to inhale.

*What... what's happening..?*

Time seemed to return to normal, and control was regained. She could breathe again.


Ranma glanced up at her whisper, the uneasy feeling outweighing hunger for a moment. "Eh?"

Akane's eyes were slightly unfocused -- almost as though shocked -- and she shook her head to
clear it. "Didn't you see--? That big bird that just flew over you..."

A sweatdrop made its way down the back of the shorter girl's head. Again, "Eh?"

The unfocused look was gone, replaced with a curious and slightly impatient expression. "That
thing! It was as fricking bright as your HAIR, Ranma! Just a moment ago!" Her hand traced
over Ranma's head, where it'd been just heartbeats before.

Ranma shook her head, the frown still on her face. "Maybe you're the one that needs some food,
'kane..." At her fiance's frustrated glare, Ranma finally gave in. "Alright... where did big bird
GO, then?" Not really expecting an answer, she turned back to the vending machines with the
money she'd retrieved.

"Up there!"

For what felt like the millionth time, "Eh??"

Before Ranma could even buy any of her stomach's desires, she found herself being dragged up
a stairwell that looked anything but inviting.

"I'm sure the phoenix went this way... I can feel it.."

"I can feel a migraine coming on, if that helps anything..."

Akane rolled her eyes, but otherwise ignored Ranma's comment, reaching the top of the staircase.
"Rare books?" She read off of the sign hanging from the door. "I wonder if it's open..."

"Don't we need to get YOUR book? Somehow I doubt a book on a swallow's nesting habits would
be in a rare book room... And-- HEY! Don't you need permission to get in there?" Ranma's
feminine voice had taken on a mock of a reprimanding tone as Akane reached for the doorknob.

"The door's unlocked... and since when have YOU ever followed a rule, Ranma? Now, if you're
through playing nanny..." Akane smiled. Ranma seemed more than willing to go through the
door now.

"Let's find your damn bird and get outta here..." She pushed past Akane and defiantly marched
into the dark room. "Don't see a bird. Can we go now?" Her bright blue eyes were flashing as
she scanned the shelves.

Ranma feigned a casual air, but Akane noticed that Ranma was slightly tense.

*She's on her guard...* Akane noted with surprise.

Akane looked around the room, her interest piquing when she heard a slight thump come from
one of the aisles. "Definitely not yet," she finally answered. "Did you hear that...?" She took in
a silent breath. Ranma had immediately taken up a full-on defensive stance after the noise.
Akane couldn't hold in her curiosity any longer. "What's got you so riled up?"

Ranma frowned at Akane's tilted head. "I... I dunno. Just kinda jumpy for some reason..."
Her pigtail drooped along with the rest of her and her eyes wandered around the room, the
edgyness apparently held in check. "It came from over there..."

Akane had already started making her way through the dusty room. "Huh. It looks like one of the
books fell off the shelf, is all." She didn't see Ranma unconciously shiver, but felt her step up

"What is it?"

Akane's fingers gently ran over the surface of the bound paper. "I.. don't know."

The original wariness Ranma had felt from earlier resurfaced, and she reached out for Akane to
take the book away and put it back where it had come from. "There's no bird in here, 'kane.
Let's just get outta here."

"Hold up!" She said light-heartedly, not sharing Ranma's worry. A grin broke out onto her face
as she opened it to the first page of the story. "Don't be so scared of a library, Ranma-kun!"
Her tongue stuck out of her mouth in a not-so-eloquent way, while Ranma fumed at her

"Don't CALL me that, you lame tomboy!"

Akane just grinned wider and let her gaze wander from her fiance's eyes down to the story
she held in her hands.

"The Universe of The Four Gods... this just looks like a fairy tale of some sort."

Ranma let out an exasperated sigh and rolled her eyes. "Anything on big red birds in there?
We're going to miss the check-out line before it closes, Akane. And then I'm going to laugh."

Akane ignored him and continued to study the novel. "What a strange way to start off a book.."

Ranma paused and glanced over Akane's shoulder down onto the pages. "Hm?"

Akane cleared her throat and began to read aloud. "'And so, the girl of legend opened the door
to the other world. This is the story of a girl who gathered the Seven Warriors of Suzaku, and
who gained a magnificent power, allowing all of her wishes to come true--'"

"This is boring, Akane..." Ranma grumbled. He wanted to get away from the growing feeling of
unease in the back of her mind, already. Yeesh. Stupid tomboy and her weird-ass interests.

Akane furrowed her brows a little at the words she read next.

"'The story itself is an incantation. Whomever reads its words will receive its power. As soon
as the first page is turned, the story becomes real...'? Chinese literature is so strange... I
never get metaphors..."

Ranma looked at the wonderment on Akane's face. "Oh, come ON, Akane. Let's just get out of
here. You always find the most random things cool."

Eye twitch.

Akane was about to let out a nasty retort when she felt the tingle from earlier prick at her
mind. "Wha--??"

Ranma's warning-senses immediately went hay-wire as she saw terror dance into Akane's wide
eyes. "We're leaving now, okay?" She tried to keep the slight tremor in her voice to a minimum,
yanking on Akane by the sleeve. "You've probably ALREADY missed the check-out coun--" She
stopped dead as the book flared a brilliant red.

It fell immediately to the floor where it had left Akane's stiff fingers.

The novel lay silently on its binding, opened to the first page for whomever wished to read it.
The room it sat in was just as silent and empty as the book that had yet to live out its life.

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