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Everlasting Story
Part 2
Akane Miata

"Ow." Ranma really couldn't think of a more appropriate term for what he felt
at that moment. "What..."

A thousand things ran through his head about the situation he seemed to be
currently in. First of all, why did his head hurt so damn much? Why was he
a girl? And... who did he have his arms around..?

He panicked at that last one.

Finally taking the time to open his eyes, Ranma looked down to find, to his
embarrassment, an unconscious Akane in his arms. Gently setting her down onto
the hard ground, and trying to deny the his face was as read as his hair, Ranma
took in the immediate area.

"Where the HELL are we...?" He wondered aloud.


The redhead jumped a bit, turning to look back at Akane.

Her eyes were open, and she was staring at him with scantily veiled worry.
"What just happened?" She propped herself up with her elbows, squinting against
the bright sun.

Ranma scratched the back of his head, trying to force the gears in his head to work,
despite the pain. "Well," he finally mumbled, "I don't think we're in the library

"No duh, Ranma," Akane commented dryly. This couldn't be good. Something
or someone had apparently transported the two of them to this strange place,
which wouldn't be a first. Why did weird things ALWAYS happen to her when
she was around Ranma for too long?

"The book!" Ranma suddenly exclaimed enthusiastically.

"Huh?" Jarred out of her thoughts, she let her focus drift back to the pigtailed

Ranma turned to face her, his stare slightly accusing. "That stupid book thingy you
were reading out of."

Realization slowly dawned on Akane's face.

"Right before that bright light... Didn't you say something about a mantra or a
spell or something?" Ranma crossed his arms over his chest and put on his best
pout. "THAT'S nice, Akane. Ya just launched us into another one of your lil'

She scowled defiantly. "HEY! At least my adventures are never on as big of
a scale as yours! And it's not MY fault that silly bird --"

"--Which doesn't EXIST," Ranma pointed out flatly.

"--led us up there. And it does SO exist." She punctuated her words with a
graceful sticking-out-of-the-tongue. "Don't interrupt me." *At least,* Akane
thought, *if I have to get sucked to a strange world, I get sucked with Ranma.*
Of all people she could think of, Ranma was most definitely the best for getting
himself out of sticky situations alive.

She grinned in spite of her scowl, a strange contrast to the fire in her eyes.

The two teenage girls stared each other down for a few moments, before Ranma
sighed and let her gaze wander skywards.

"Akane..." His feminine voice was quiet, and cracked a little on the last syllables.
Akane wondered a bit at the slight change of pace.

He let a sufficiently dramatic period of time pass before he finally declared,

Akane, who'd fallen back to the rough ground, decided it'd be best if she just
stayed down.

"Ranma, y'know..." Her hands reached up to rub at her temples in annoyance.
"This really is one HELL of a time to make a comment like that..."

Ranma laughed, a little sheepishly, patting her empty stomach to emphasize
her suffering. "Just trying to lighten up the mood, you up-tight macho

Ranma took a good look at the crumpled Akane and picked up a little on something.
It was subtle, but.... Akane was scared? She was slowly climbing back up to her feet,
and the anger was still definitely dominating, but... Ranma couldn't help but notice the
slight glitter of unease in her brown eyes.

He suddenly felt a little guilty. Alright, so maybe now WASN'T the time to be
making degrading Akane-jokes.

He grabbed her wrist and pulled the both of them to their feet "Don't sweat
it, 'kane! We'll find our way outta here in no time! Who knows, we might not
even be anywhere exciting."

At Akane's skeptical look, he continued. "Maybe it was just one of Happousai's
little games that dumped us on the edge of Tokyo or something.

She let out a laugh at that. "Ranma, if we're in Japan, I'm your grandma."

Ranma's fists clenched at his sides, and he rolled his eyes. Always so damn
PESSIMISTIC! What WAS it with women, anyway? He carefully made a note
to not remind himself that he was currently a woman himself.

"Okay," he huffed. "So maybe not Japan." He turned and walked a few feet,
looking uselessly at the dead terrain, for hopes of anything that'd clue him in on their
location. Well, you could always hope..."Maybe we're somewhere more useful!"

She blinked a few times at him. "What place would we find useful?"

Ranma's eyes grew big as the thought processed through him. "China!! Maybe...
Maybe we're near Jusenkyou!" Ranma hopped a little from foot to foot, as if
he couldn't contain his energy. "I could be cured! It's been restored since the
Jusendo thing--"

He cut off. Akane'd been chuckling to herself a little throughout his revelation,
but at the mention of the sacred training grounds, her laughter had dwindled off.

Her eyes stayed fixated on some rubble at her feet. She could feel Ranma's eyes
on her, and didn't want to make something out of an issue that was really nothing.
It WAS nothing, after all.

"Oy.." Ranma's voice was unusually gentle.

"We've got to find civilization! Yes. We need a town or some sort of monument
that'll let us at least know what country we're in..." Her amused smile was back,
but it didn't quite reach her eyes.

*Alright, so maybe I just imagined it...* Ranma felt a little guilty at his failed
attempt at cheering her up. The Jusendo subject was still a little soft. He knew
damn well that they needed to... talk about it... But, well, having planned talks
about a predetermined topic was never their strong point. Especially when that
topic had emotional attachments to it that weren't anger.

While Ranma silently mused to himself, Akane turned away from him in a way
a little too casual to really be casual. They could be so damn PERFECT together.
Even he wasn't afraid to admit that. But... there was still so much... tension.
Anger, sarcasm, and humor could ease it, or even hide it completely, but it was
still almost always there.

*Aw, what's the point. She's not even really my fiancee. I didn't chose her,
and it ain't like I got any obligations to her...* He ignored the tingle in his
chest, the one that whispered "denial~...." and directed his attention back
to Akane.

She seemed to be considering something. With a careful tilt of her head, she
finally reached her conclusion.

...picking a random direction, Akane started off. "Come'on, Ranma-kun! Onward!"
She struck a heroic pose, and Ranma noted that it reached her eyes this time.

"You sound like a twisted blend of Nabiki and Kuno..." He muttered as he began
following her. Their little shield of comedy was apparently reconstructed. The
slight awkwardness of before faded from his mind and she replied to his comment.

"I can do them all, really. Wanna hear my impression of Kodachi?"

Before he could stop her, Akane let out a bout of maniacal laughter that sounded
too cute to be Kodachi's, but annoying nonetheless.

For the second time in the past hour, Ranma ran smack into Akane's back as
she made an abrupt stop directly in front of him.

"OY! Would you WATCH where I'm going, psycho!?"

Akane had stopped her inane cackling, and a curious glint had once again entered
her eyes. "Hey," she whispered over her shoulder. "Think they can help us?"

Ranma blinked at her for a few moments, before following her gaze over to
a small group of men blocking Akane's forward-march.

They were dressed in Chinese clothing, Ranma noted with interest.

The men all looked drunk, sinister, horny and kinda evil-y.

They practically had a freaking *rain cloud* brewing over their heads.

"Err... Akane, I know you have a twisted view of reality and all, but... They don't
really look like they WANT to help us."

"Oh, don't be silly." Before Ranma could stop her, Akane had yelled a pleasant
"yoo-hoo" to the men and strolled towards them.

"Do any of you suppose you could lend your assistance? Maybe... tell us where
we are, or--"

"--hey baby, you lost? How 'bout having some fun with us?"

Akane's eyebrows shot up. "Don't interrupt me, buddy."

Ranma's stance remained relaxed; these guys were a bunch of untrained losers.
Akane could'a kicked their asses if she'd been a twelve year old. His protective
nature was prickling, but fear for his own health kept him from bugging Akane
during one of her fights.

"Ooohh.. feisty little bitch, ain't she? That sorta stuff turns me on..."

Ranma's hand twitched a little. Akane'd better shut them up soon, or--

"And what about the one in the background? Real erotic hair she's got there..."

--he'd do it for her. Akane's control over her temper was really wearing thin,
though. Even Ranma could tell from his spot several yards away.

"As I was SAYING." Akane stated loudly. "I would REALLY like to know where
we are--" She let out a frustrated sigh as one of the men lunged for her.
"STOP interrupting me!" Her weight shifted, and she freed one of her legs to do
a simple bunt-kick. Her peripheral vision let her know that Ranma was already
taking down the others.

Her kick met nothing but air, though. The pervert crumpled before she let out
any anger.

Akane's head pivoted in the direction of the new figure: a young man of about her
age had knocked the guy out. "HEY!!!"

Ranma walked up behind her, eyeing the new comer without the initial anger Akane
was displaying.

He'd taken the guy out effortlessly -- Not that he couldn't have done the same, and
these guys weren't incredibly talented, but still... The kick had been almost too quick
for Ranma to follow. Not someone to be trusted, most-likely... Ranma kept her eyes
trained on the young man as he sauntered over to them.

"Are you two ladies okay?" His hair went down to his waste, tied into a loose ponytail.
His sky-blue eyes glittered with charm; and on his forehead, the imprinted chinese symbol
for "oni" smoldered in dark red. *Tattoo?* Ranma wondered absently.

Akane, on the other hand, couldn't have cared less about the boy's fighting ability, or
the ominous demon kanji on his head. He'd just taken out her anger's outlet, which
meant he got the lucky honor of replacing that outlet.

"Just WHAT do you think you're doing?!"

The tall boy had the gall to look innocent. "I just saved you--" His soft, surprised voice

"I don't need to be SAVED! I'm quite capable of taking care of MYSELF, thanks."

"Err.." Ranma interrupted loudly. No sense in letting Akane embarrass them in
front of the first friendly face they'd seen. "What she means is thanks for saving
us..." Ranma let out a nervous giggle and put on her ultra cute act, batting eyelashes
and all.

The stranger frowned slightly. "And here I thought I was saving some hot babes, but
all I get is you two?" He sighed and put a hand to his head, his eyes closing tiredly.
"I suppose you aren't even going to pay me?"

Ranma moved with lightening-quick grace to latch onto Akane's arm. No point in
tearing the poor guy to shreds -- yet, anyway. This guy didn't think his girlform
was a babe? *What misplaced taste...* Ranma thought absently while he held
onto his enraged fiancee.

"PAY YOU?? You'll be the one paying me for your life once I get my hands on you,
you little twit..." Akane growled through clenched teeth.

The boy started to look miffed. "Aren't WE the rude one? Look miss, I just saved
your LIFE!" He thrust a thumb towards himself to emphasize.

"I don't need to be protected! I could have taken him down in a second!" Akane shot
back in a hiss. Ranma's arms were still tight on her own. Stupid Ranma. Why did everyone
have to be stronger than her?

"What kind of chick ARE you?" He looked torn between anger and confusion, but finally
just rolled his eyes and turned away. "Look, I'm out of here. If you're not going to pay
me, then you're not going to pay me."

Akane's battle aura is starting to chafe... Ranma thought bitterly.

"Cheap-skate bimbos..." The man muttered before starting off.

Ranma's eyelid twitched a little.

*Oh well,* he finally thought. *Let the guy see just how distressed this "damsel" is.*
Releasing his grip on the tomboy's arm, Ranma stepped back to watch with as much
disinterest as he could muster.

"Just be sure to make him tell us where we are, before you dismember him..."

Akane was off before he could even finish, though.

Ranma started to wonder a bit at his psychological health as he felt twinges of jealousy,
watching the two yell at each other. What was he, masochistic? At least it wasn't him
that was on the receiving end of Akane's blows... right?

"I'll show you BIMBO, you stuck-up SNOT!"

Ranma rolled his eyes and started to follow before they got too far.

A familiar tingle grasped at the nape of his neck before he took no more than three

"eh?" Battle senses kicked in.

His girlform's voice let out a muffled squawk as a red heat engulfed him. All Ranma
could do was keep his eyes from drifting closed as his stomach went through vertigo.

Ranma's muscles tensed, fighting against this new development. *What kind of place IS this?*

It wasn't until Akane's angry form started to fade from view that Ranma felt fear grip him.
He tried shouting out to her, to get her attention. He forced his legs to move against the
myterious prickle. It felt like it was eating at his insides...

*What the HELL is this?!* His voice wouldn't let out anymore than dry gasps -- Where the
heck was that stupid tomboy? It was getting harder and harder to see through the angry
red haze that clouded his vision. He gritted his teeth in frustration. Right now, Ranma really
didn't wanna deal with the separation-anxiety he'd felt himself develop towards Akane shortly
after Jusendo.

"Aka..." Ranma made a final lunge for Akane, who was already far ahead giving the oni boy a
good chase. Why wouldn't his voice WORK?

Then, he felt the power tugging on his pigtail, pulling him away from the terrain and consciousness...
.. and Akane.. he didn't wanna leave her alone here. She couldn't take care of herself.

Then it was black.


"Take THAT!! And THAT!!" She bopped him repeatedly on the head, or tried to at least. The
stupid boy was moving too quickly for her to land all of her blows. The few that connected,
though, looked like they would leave nice bruises.

"GRAH! LEAVE ME ALONE!" He seemed reluctant to strike back at her, making her all the
more angry.

"What's wrong with you? Fight back!" Her anger was already mostly satiated, but she
wanted to have some fun. It'd been so long since she had all those frequent fights in
the mornings with those boys....

His lips pursed and he didn't answer her. Before Akane could whip out the mallet-power,
he'd leapt over her head took off in the direction of a road -- the first sign of civilization
Akane'd seen so far.

That discovery could wait, though.


"I don't have time for this, lady!" She heard him yell as he sprinted away from her.

Akane huffed and ran a hand through her slightly sweaty hair. That'd been interesting,
at least. He was a cute boy, if a little feminine-looking. Granted, she hadn't been able to
get any information out of him regarding their whereabouts, at least she got a workout, right?

*And, by the looks of it...* Akane grinned, *a road that will hopefully lead us somewhere
more useful than the middle of a desert.* She paused a moment to rest her hands on her
knees and catch her breath.

"Hey, Ranma! Look what I found!" She turned back towards her fiancé -- or, at least, where
her fiancé should have been. "...Ranma?" Had they gone farther than she'd thought? That
was a joke, though, and she was painfully aware that the area she stood in looked exactly the
same as where she and Ranma had been dumped: bleak, empty, and utterly flat. She could
see a good mile into the distance before there were any vertical disturbances in the land.

And no Ranma. Just a couple bodies of some thugs lying about twenty feet in front of her.

A sensation was nudging its way into her conscious memory; while she'd been fighting that boy, a
weird sensation had come over her briefly. She'd been in the middle of a perfect leg swipe though,
and didn't think much of it at the time.


She made a mindful effort to keep her breath slow and steady.

*Maybe that boy did something to him..?* She'd been fighting him while the feeling had surfaced,
after all. Her feet started a jerky trot back towards the spot where the bodies were, despite the
obvious truth.

"Ranma? This isn't funny..." Her voice sounded too meek for her liking. She hated admitting
the fact that Ranma gave her a strange sense of comfort and confidence. Had she been stuck
here alone, she probably wouldn't have even approached the rapists so arrogantly as she had.

Her fists clenched as she arrived at the same spot they'd started out at. No Ranma hiding impossibly
behind one of the tiny shrubs, or under any of the rock clusters.

No Ranma...

Unconsciously, her arms came up to wrap themselves around the soft silk of her -- well, his -- shirt.

"That guy.. he must've done something..." Her breathing was just a little shaky. "And now I'm
talking out loud to myself..." Her lips thinned in disapproval. With a determined nod of her head,
she swiveled back towards the road.

*Alright, Mr. Loud-Mouth. Time to find you and your money-grubbing paws.* Convinced that the
incredibly annoying boy was the source of her fiancé's disappearance, she stalked towards the road
and the large bustling city that was just beyond her sight.
Next Time ~::
Ranma's.. gone? Oops. Akane's all alone now, and begins her quest to search for
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boy from before? And -- Where'd Ranma go, anyway? O.O
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