"Riza, what does the sky look like?" Roy enquired as he sifted through the remaining files stacked on his desk.

"Hmm? You don't remember, colonel?" She answered nonchalantly, acknowledging Roy's obvious attempt at avoiding the paperwork he dreaded so much. Even though he had lost his vision in the battle with Pride, Mustang was still required and apparently able to sign on the dotted line. The military wrote the documents in braille just for him.

"Not anymore. Colors, textures, they're all a blur to me now."

"Then when would you like to hear about?"

"How about in the evening at sunset? I remember that sunsets are beautiful..."

"As you know, the colors are formed by the reflection and absorption of light by an object. The sky at sunrise and sunset shows nearly all of the colors…"

"What are the colors like?"

"Well, the light is similar to sound waves, so the individual colors are like the individual notes in a song. The lighter colors, such as white and yellow, correspond somewhat to the higher notes as the darker colors, like green, blue, indigo, and violet, resemble the low notes."

"But what about black, orange, and red?" Roy muttered half-jokingly.

"Orange and red are closest to the notes with minor dissidence, seeing as they are rather harsh on the eyes." Riza tried to explain. This was far too difficult for her to describe, but, though she knew that she was only enabling her boss, the Hawk's Eye was intrigued.

"So, the sunset is a song?"

"In a way. To translate it into music, the melody would start off soft and soothing to emulate the light blues that make up the sky during the day and then slowly become higher pitch like the yellow hue given off by the sun. Eventually the music would turn rough as the sky shines orange and red but would smooth out again when the sky becomes pink."


"It is a combination of red and white, Roy. In music, the volume would be high, but it would be a pretty note overall. After that, though, the tones would become deeper and deeper."

"Because the sky gets darker."

"Yes sir."

"What happens when the sky turns black?"

"The song ends." Riza reasoned. "Black is the absence of color therefor the absence of music. After you finish, colonel, I'll play you my sunset sonata."

"Only for me, lieutenant? How kind of you."

"Only if you finish." Hawkeye smiled. She never would admit it, but Riza enjoyed their conversations, no matter how trivial.

"I bet," whispered Roy, "that you possess more beauty that any sunset."

"Shut up and do your work," Riza grinned, tapping her boss on the shoulder with yet another file. "Or you'll never get to hear me play."