Rain and Night, days with Napier were never bright

Guns and Knives, everything he done to take everyone's lives

Tears & Blood, fear soars their heart with reddish flood

His intentions, and inventions

Inspired the wicked

with his connections

To a gang he aided

Taking no suggestions

From those who bribed

Rain drops, so little to look at, big of a sound they make. It was raining in the middle of the night, 11:14 P.M. to be precise. A man in black was looking through the window, his name was Jack Napier, always wanted to keep a low-profile in the Criminal Underworld, but men can't have enough talking about him, how challenging he is, how he's always the man with a plan, gets every 2 or so tricks up his sleeves, a spook, and a tricky bastard. He's famous and feared for his gruesome practises, never showing an emotion, never even saying a lick.

Water was dripping from the roof, it dropped on his nose, he never moved, kept looking through his window, the rain was a bit intense, dropping down heavily. He saw every drop as the bloods of everyone he killed, exterminated, tortured and ended. He turned his face slightly to face the door, he woke up, wore what he usually wears, his favorite black suit, tie, vest and fedora, grabbed a pack of cigarettes, guns and a knife. He was pretty much aware of the fact that he didn't pick up his lighter, he doesn't need a lighter to light his cigarette, because he's Jack Napier. He got out of his apartment, still raining, he didn't bother to pick up an umbrella, intead, he picked up a corpse on the corridor, who turns out to be the owner of the apartment.

As he used the corpse as an umbrella outside, his phone rang.

He picked it up, " ... "

" Hello, Napier. Napier? Uh... Jack. Are you there? " A familiar voice spoke.

" Oh! Haha, what am I doing and who am I kidding? You're as silent as the night. Jack, I need you to see me at my house. "

-Beep- -Beep- -Beep-

It was good ol' Valestra. Jack's boss, orders him around to do stuff like killing, robbing...etc. Sal Valestra was the most feared and powerful mob-boss in Gotham. No one even dares to mess around with him, or his gang. He's as tough as a tiger, as smart as a book and as good-looking as yourself, well, that's if you looked as dashingly cute.

Jack was much like his errand boy, doing filthy jobs for him, Jack loved what he usually does, but it gets boring how repetitive the tasks get: Raid a Mob-Family, kill all who are related to the target, drives back to his boss, and sends him the news.

Honestly, everything was too easy for Jack Napier, he kicks a guys one-side of his butt on that hill, and the other down the bridge. Jack Napier was the very actual meaning of badass. He ate Marvel superheroes for breakfast, roundhouse-kicked everyone to the face, tipped his hat to a lvl. 5 Magikarp to evolve it into a lvl. 100 Gyarados, played Mario Kart wirelessly online with other of his friends by using his trusty ol' Gameboy Color and his tweets contain over 300 characters. Marvel owns Wolverine, and Jack Napier owns DC.

Jack Napier got into his car and drove his way to his destination, Valestra gang-hideout. Just before opening the door, he heared a loud cheer, he looked around to see where it came from just to be stumbled upon by his lovable few men of his gang, they're 5 or so, tough, badass, cool and overall, annoying. They got towards the car, but they kept fighting over who will open the door first for Jack Napier.

Who will open the door for him? And when? And what does Sal want from Jack?

Stay tuned as all those questions will be answered in the next chapter :" Died trying " !