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The Blue Knight and the Dark Queen: The Immortal Relics

Relics of Demon's Pasts

It was a quiet and peaceful night in San Francisco. The stars were shining brightly, and a telescope was directed towards a group of stars.

"And that is Ursa Major, most commonly referred to as the Big Dipper," Jackie said looking through the telescope on the roof of Section 13.

"Incoming!" two voices shouted, alerting Jackie, who quickly looked towards the voice to see Sonic and Knuckles burping loudly.

"Oh, Sonic, Knuckles," he said, half relieved and half irritated by the hedgehog and echidna's little prank, while Tohru was giggling because of it.

"Please, Tohru. Do not encourage those two," Jackie said to the sumo-like man.

Meanwhile, Tails had moved a crate, in order to look through the telescope himself. Sonic and Knuckles let another burp which caused Tohru to giggle again. Jackie gave Tohru a look.

"Never mind those three Jackie, I have to look at the alignment of stars for Uncle, because he thinks there will be very bad chi," Tails said, while the rest gave him an odd look.

"What?" he said until it dawned on him, "I'm starting to sound like Uncle, aren't I?"

Suddenly, a cackling noise was heard behind them. The heroes looked around to see another time portal. Within the portal two shapes became clear, before both shapes tumbled outside the portal and onto the ground, while the portal closed behind them.

"Okay… ow. Sis, how many times has mom told not to play with magic," one female voice said to the other shape, sounding annoyed.

"I don't know, maybe two or three times?" a second female voice said to the first voice.

"126 times," the first voice replied, "126 times sis."

Meanwhile, in the Section 13 holding cells.

The cell in the far back suddenly gave off a bright orange glow before a huge fireball shot the door of the hinges. Within the cell, a voice laughed evilly, "HAHAHA HAHA. No prison can hold the son of Shendu."

The voice belonged to Drago, who walked out of the cell and started to sniff the air.

"And now to look for my Dark Queen," he said with a grin and ran off.

Back on the roof the unknown girls stood up and dusted themselves off. The girls looked like they were seventeen or eighteen years old. The one on the right had black hair with red streaks; she was wearing a dark orange t-shirt with dark red lines in the form of a Chinese dragon, black long jeans with the edge of the pants ripped, and a pair of sneakers.

The one on the left also had black hair but with blue streaks; she was wearing a sky blue t-shirt with light royal blue lines outlining the Chinese sign of fire, a black skirt with dark purple on the edge, knee length dark grey leggings and with a pair of running shoes.

But what stood out were their faces – they both looked a lot like Jade did before she was turned into the Dark Queen.

"Am I seeing things?" Knuckles asked while he and Sonic rubbed their eyes. Tails and Tohru just blinked, while Jackie fainted – luckily for him, Tohru caught him before he fell on the floor, while Tails gently slapped Jackie a few times in the face to wake him up.

In Section 13.

In a specially guarded and spelled room was Jade, aka the Dark Queen. She was sitting in a corner of her cell holding her nose tight shut. Meanwhile, in the visitor's area in the right corner, Uncle was kneeling in front of a cauldron, dropping various things in it.

"Why are you doing this, Uncle? I like my powers!" Jade asked her granduncle, sounding a bit congested because of pinching her noise shut.

"Because it's bad chi, and I like you better without it." Uncle answered while dropping the now finished potion, on his blowfish and turned around to face Jade, while chanting, "Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fai Di Zao, Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fai Di Zao."

The fish glowed bright green, but before Uncle could shoot in at Jade the door was blasted open, knocking Uncle out of the way while a fireball melted Jade's holding cell. The Dark Queen looked at the figure standing in the doorway, behind whom the guards were unconscious.

"Hey beautiful, miss me?" he asked, while leaning causally against the doorframe. Jade stood up and walked towards the figure.

"What took you so long?" she asked, kissing him on the lips while he played a little with her hair before breaking the kiss.

"Yeah, sorry about that, I had to wait for the right alignment of chi stars." he said.

"AAAIIIEEE YAAAAH, dragon boy is free!" Uncle yelled, pointing his blowfish to Drago, who held a protective arm around Jade. He looked to the right to see a mini chi-lab standing, and he grinned at Uncle before shooting a fireball towards the lab.

The lab exploded and created a huge amount of smoke, blinding Uncle, while Drago crouched down and Jade climbed on his back. The son of Shendu and the Dark Queen quickly escaped through a shadow portal. After the smoke cleared Uncle stood there in shock, before yelling "AAAIIIEEE YAAAAAAH" loud enough that everyone in Section 13 heard, including the heroes on the roof, who had been joined by a few Section 13 agents, who were holding the two unknown females so they couldn't escape.

After they heard Uncle's tale about Drago and Jade's escape, the attention went back to the females, who were put in separate rooms for questioning. Jackie, Black, Knuckles and Sonic went with the girl with the red streaks, while Uncle, Tohru, Tails and Caliburn went interrogated the girl with the blue streaks. The heroes kept contact with walkie-talkies, so if one gave an answer they could tell it to the other group.

In the room of the girl with the red streaks, the girl in question was seated in chair while Jackie, Captain Black, Sonic and Knuckles stood or sat at the other side of the table that was in between them.

"Tell us how you got here," Captain Black said to the girl, who remained silent, crossed her arms, and gave the head of Section 13 a rude expression and the middle finger. Jackie and Knuckles had to hold Captain Black in his place to keep him from hurting the girl.

"Captain Black, calm down. The girl isn't even twenty years old." Jackie said, trying to calm down the head of Section 13.

After Captain Black clamed himself down, the archeologist began to question the red streaked girl.

"What is your name?" Jackie asked in a nice tone, like she was five years old. The girl's eyes went wide for a second before they turned into an angry expression, but quickly turned happy as she motioned Jackie to come towards her with her finger. When he was only a few inches away, she slapped the martial artist across the face with a bitch-slap.

"I'm not a little girl. I'm seventeen, quit belittling me like that!" she said in a rude way, while crossing her arms and her eyes turned to anger again.

Over in the other room, Uncle, Tails, Tohru, and Caliburn were questioning the other girl. However, she too wasn't talking.

"Tell Uncle how you arrived here, now!" Uncle demanded. The blue streaked girl was more of a lady, but she was giving him as much of a hard time as the red streaked girl in the other room. The blue streaked girl conjured a simple spell causing a pail of water to appear above Uncle, and dropped it upon his head. Uncle was tempted to yell but Tohru held him back while Tails and Caliburn were talking about how things were going with Sonic via walkie-talkie.

"Sonic, how are things on your end? This girl just soaked Uncle and is still not telling us anything," Tails said, "Are you having better luck than we are?"

"Define better luck little buddy," Sonic commented, as Jackie and Knuckles were trying to hold Captain Black back again, "The red girl just gave CB the middle finger; Jackie asked nicely what her name was, but she slapped him for talking to her like a little kid."

"Perhaps we need a different approach," Caliburn suggested, observing what was going on and listening to what Sonic had said, "If we can somehow reason with them and speak to them on their level, then they might talk."

"Well at least we know something," Tails said as he looked at the blue girl, "I think I got an idea to talk to them. I'll tell you later how it worked."

Breaking the connection and turning towards the girl in front of them, Tails spoke up, "So you're both seventeen years old, am I right?"

The girl looked up at Tails' words.

"Yes, me and my sister are both seventeen turning eighteen in a few months," the girl said, sounding very polite for her age. The males noticed, and even Uncle stopped his fight with Tohru to look at the girl in amazement.

"So, you're sisters. Who are your parents?" Tails asked her with patience. The girl didn't speak, just looked at the table. She looked sad.

"Did I say something painful?" Tails asked her with concern.

"No, you didn't. We are not allowed to tell any strangers about our parents. They are both wanted and sought by the chi wizards controlling good chi magic and bad chi magic," the girl answered.

"Okay, so what are you names?" he asked her.

"We are not allowed to give our names. It might give the wizards a lead on our parents."

"I see," Caliburn said.

"Why don't you excuse us for a moment," the sword added, addressing himself and Tails. The tailed fox nodded, knowing why Caliburn wanted to talk with him private. The girl nodded and Tails took the talking sword to a corner with a little table for the sword. He placed Caliburn down and turned on the walkie-talkie to talk with Sonic.

"Hey Sonic? You there?" Tails said into the walkie-talkie. He waited a few second as Sonic answered, "Yeah Tails. What is it?"

"We found a few new leads." Tails said to the hedgehog in the other room.

"Okay, what's the lead?" Sonic asked, "We've had no luck so far in getting her to talk."

Tails nodded at Caliburn, who said, "The girls are sisters, twin sisters I would guess. Their parents use magic – that's how she soaked Uncle – but when we asked for the names of them and their parents she said they are not allowed to tell anyone."

"Okay, so what you want us to do with it?" Sonic asked.

"Well, try to get some info from her sister." Tails said.

"Yes, Sir Sonic. Given the attitude of the girl you're questioning, she would likely let something slip about who they or their parents are," Caliburn said to his wielder.

"Okay, I'll try guys. And let you know if I get any new info," the Blue Knight said, then broke the connection. Sonic turned towards the girl with the red streaks in her hair, sitting there quite bored, with her arms crossed over her chest, leaning the chair back and a foot propped on the table.

He walked towards the girl and sat down opposite of her. He looked in the girl's eyes very seriously as he began to question her.

"So, your parents are wanted by both the good chi wizards and the bad chi wizards. You mind telling me why?" he asked gently, not being rude which shocked all three other men, who didn't know Sonic even knew how to be polite. The girl's eyes focused onto Sonic.

"Because they have great magic at their disposal," she said simply. The men looked at her, obviously wanting to know why wizards wanted her parents.

"What?" she asked, lifting an eyebrow. Suddenly realizing they wanted to hear more, she continued speaking, "That's why they are wanted; they are the most powerful couple in the history of magic. The dark chi wizards want to capture our dad and make him their hypnotized slave."

"But what about your mother? She will protect him, right?" Jackie asked the girl.

"Yes, she will, but their real plan is to capture her and make her a mind controlled slave as well," the girl said, looking down.

"Why do the good chi wizards want them?" Knuckles asked. The girl began to look angry as she spoke once again.

"They simply want to slay dad and get something out of mom to save the world, but nothing bad has happened yet." the girl said, the anger and fear of losing her dad radiating from her voice.

"How do you know all this?" Sonic asked her.

"We spied on them. I took the dark chi wizards, while my sister took the good. After my sis heard the good chi wizards' entire plan, she went to me, telling me what she heard, while I filled her in on the plans of the dark wizards. Before we could get out, they saw us and tried to capture us too. We thought we could escape if my sister opened another portal, but it turned out to be a time traveling spell. That's how we got here," the girl said.

"And I thought Jade and Drago were slippery, being able to escape from Section 13," Knuckles said, letting it slip that the son of Shendu and the Dark Queen had escaped. The red streaked girl was a little stunned, but didn't show it much. Jackie, however, picked up a little change in the girl's behavior and decided to share what he noticed with Sonic.

"Sonic, perhaps there is a way to find out who these girls are, and more about their parents," the archeologist/martial artist whispered.

"What do you mean?" Sonic whispered back, "Getting these girls to talk is tougher than battling Eggman's robots."

"Perhaps, but I noticed a slight change in mood as soon as Knuckles let it slip that Drago and Jade escaped," Jackie said.

"Maybe we can work with this somehow," the Knight of the Wind commented, "I'll let Tails know about this right away."

Sonic and Jackie moved a few feet away from the girl to contact Tails without being heard.

"Tails, Tails do you hear me?" Sonic said into the walkie-talkie. Not long after, Tails answered, "Yeah I hear you Sonic. You got a new lead?"

"You got that right Tails," Sonic said, "Jackie noticed a change in the girl's mood when Knuckles mentioned Drago and Jade escape."

"Okay, maybe we can get something loose from her," Tails said from the other end of the line.

"Hope you will buddy," Sonic said, and both the hedgehog and the fox broke the connection, Tails turning to the blue streaked girl.

"So, your parents are Jade and Drago, am I right?" he asked the girl, who was stunned for a second before she calmed down.

"I don't know what you're talking about." she said nervously.

"You know lying doesn't suit a lady like yourself," Caliburn said as the girl began to bite her lip a little, but Caliburn wasn't finished, "Because you and your sister look exactly like Jade before she turned into the Dark Queen."

The girl hung her head in defeat. She sighed before saying, "You're right, Caliburn. Our parents are Drago and Jade."

Uncle gave a weak "AAIIEE YAAH" before fainting. Tohru quickly caught his sensei before he got a serious injury.

As the blue streaked girl told Caliburn about Drago and Jade being her and her sister's parents, at the same moment the red streaked girl was telling Jackie, Sonic, Knuckles and Captain Black about Drago and Jade. Needless to say, Jackie almost fainted if it wasn't for Knuckles holding him steady, while Captain Black was stunned.

"Wait, you're Drago and Jade's kids?" the head of Section 13 asked, "How is that even possible?"

"Well, if you really want to know all the details…" the red streaked girl began, only to be interrupted midsentence.

"No, no details, no thank you!" Jackie said very quickly.

"What's wrong with the details about how they can be Jade and Drago's kids?" Sonic said.

"Sonic, would you want to know that some girl you care about is sleeping with a demonic dragon?" Knuckles asked seriously, causing Sonic to get the picture.

"Good point Knuckles." the hedgehog said.

"But what are your names?" Captain Black asked, trying to change the subject. This got Sonic and Knuckles' attention back to the questions.

"Our parents taught us not to tell our names to strangers." the girl said, crossing her once again and looking the other way.

"And again this is getting us nowhere." Sonic and Knuckles said at the same time. However Captain Black had an idea that might even get her to talk.

"Young lady, you are here under government rules." he said to the rebellious teenager in front of him.

"Yeah, so what?" she said.

"I'm head of this facility, and I order you to tell me your name!" Black said with authority. The girl swore under her breath, but then an idea struck her.

"And what if I refuse? Are you going to send your agents in here to shoot me? Isn't that against the rules?" she asked with a smug smirk. Now the head of Section 13 was trapped in a corner, unable to think of a goo comeback to that.

"Good one, I'll give her credit for that." Sonic said to Knuckles, who nodded.

"Will you two stop that?" Jackie yelled in both the hedgehog and echidna's ear. The seventeen year old giggled at the sight.

"Let's see if the others got her sister's name." Sonic suggested. Jackie nodded and gave the walkie-talkie to Sonic.

"Tails, you got a name yet from the girl?" he asked his fox buddy on the other line of the walkie-talkie. He waited a few minutes before Tails answered, "No Sonic. I'm guessing you haven't gotten a name either."

"Nope, but she looked kind of trapped when CB spoke with authority," Sonic said, which gave Tails an idea.

"Let's switch two people." he said from the other line.

"Okay, but who and why?" Sonic asked his two-tailed friend.

"Maybe this girl will let something slip if Captain Black talks to her with authority." Tails said as Sonic got the hang of Tails' plan.

"Okay, let's do it," he said.

"Got it, you'll get Tohru, and we'll get Captain Black." Tails said, and broke the connection.

So, after Sonic and Tails told Tohru and Captain Black about the plan, the men switched places, and Captain Black did the same to the girl with the blue streaks in her hair as he did to her sister.

"Young lady, you are here under government authority," he said, as the girl swallowed, "I'm head of this facility, and I order you to tell me your name."

The girl hung her head in defeat, knowing she must tell them now, as the others listened with the walkie-talkie.

"Okay, I'll tell. Our names are Rita and-" the girl began, but was cut off when her sister yelled, "Reina, no! They're trying to separate mom and dad!"

The girl, now known as Reina, closed her mouth quickly after her sister – now known as Rita, yelled to her. While the heroes were discussing how to proceed further now that they knew the girls' names, it suddenly occurred to Tails that they didn't know about what abilities they had.

"Reina, do you have powers?" Tails asked Reina.

"You already saw mine." she said.

"Sonic, try to figure out Rita's powers while we try asking her sister about it," Tails said to Sonic through the walkie-talkie.

"Okay, got that buddy." Sonic said as he got off the line. Tails tried to get Reina to talk about Rita's power, but Reina didn't say a word, no matter how many times they asked.

Over with Sonic and the others, they were planning on how to get information about Rita's powers from her.

"Okay, so Tails said the twins have powers, and we already know Reina's power, because she made a bucket appear to soak Uncle. We need to figure out Rita's as well." Sonic said, as the others nodded.

"Okay Rita, what are your powers?" Knuckles asked. Rita didn't give an answer; the echidna continued trying, while trying to remain calm and failing.

"If you don't tell me what powers you have Rita, then you'll have to battle me," he said, slamming his fist on the table, but Rita stayed quiet and looked bored. Noticing her look he added, "That is, if you even have any powers at all, which I can only assume you don't."

Rita looked at him at that comment and held out her palm. A fireball shot out and blasted the door open, and in the blink of an eye she was gone, using super speed to escape and find Reina.

In the room with Reina, the door was blasted open, revealing Rita standing in the doorway, looking at Reina.

"Ready to go sis?" Rita asked, nodding towards the door.

"Yeah, I'm bored out of my mind anyway" Reina answered, standing up and joining her twin sister in running off and trying to escape from Section 13.

"AAIIEE YAAH, the twins escaped!" Uncle yelled. Then Jackie came through the door, followed by Sonic and Knuckles.

"Uncle! Rita just escap-Ow" Jackie said as he was smacked on his forehead by Uncle.

"How could you let twins escape!" Uncle yelled in his nephew's ear.

"We have to find them," Jackie said, with panic in his voice, "Before they cause any damage!"

"Please, how much damage can those girls do?" Knuckles said. No sooner had the words left his mouth then some explosions were heard in the distance. Everyone near Knuckles glared at him, while the echidna gave a sheepish grin.

Meanwhile, in another part of Section 13, a fireball blasted a door open and Rita stepped through, looking at the agents.

"Give me those and no one gets hurt." she said, pointing towards a box full of donuts with a fireball in her hand.

The agents pointed their guns at Rita, not willing to give up their break time snack; the red streaked martial artist sighed.

"I so hoped this wasn't necessary." she said, throwing the fireball at the lights, disabling them while Rita grabbed the donuts and started eating them.

"Rita," her sister sighed from the doorframe.

"What, I was hungry." she said as she stood up and they started heading towards the stairs. They were almost out but armed agents appeared and blocked their way. The heroes and Captain Black walked through the agents to the front, surveying the damage that had been done.

"Man, looks like these girls did a number on the place." Knuckles commented, looking at the damage the twins left in their wake.

"Captain Black, I'm sure a place like this has insurance to cover the damage." Tails said to the head of the base.

"We don't have magical insurance." Captain Black groaned, wondering how to explain this to his superiors.

"Well, you'd think that with stuff like this happening all the time, by now they'd have magic insurance." Sonic said, "Between the Talismans, the Demon Sorcerers, the Noble Animals, the Oni Masks and now this, I'm sure your bosses would get magical insurance for this place."

Captain Black gave Team Sonic a look before all four of them were hit by Uncle's finger smack, causing them to yell in pain while the twins giggled.

"Insurance not important!" Uncle yelled at everyone present, "Finding out what Drago and Jade want and what to do with twin girls is!"

Meanwhile, over in another part of San Francisco, Jade and Drago arrived at the old house that used to be Daolon Wong's lair. The duo was just inside and was taking inventory of the place.

"Nice place. Could use some work though." Drago commented, "At least we have a roof over our heads."

"Yeah, and I can at least get the Shadowkhan to fix up the place." Jade commented, "Now let's go find a bed room."

Drago didn't know what his girlfriend meant by that, but the look in her eyes said it all and they went looking to find a bedroom. They found some rooms but there was always something wrong with them – no blankets, no pillows, and sometimes a leak in the roof and springs sticking out of the mattress.

A while later, still not having found a bedroom, the two were passing the time by talking about their escape from Section 13.

"Now that's what I call a disappearing act." Drago commented.

"I'll say this; Houdini's got nothing on me." Jade giggled as she started to kiss her boyfriend.

"They'll be plenty of time for this later," Drago responded gently, pushing Jade away, "Right now we got to find a bed to sleep in."

"True, I'm sure Uncle Jackie is already looking for us by now," Jade said, "And if we're going to rule we'll need a new source of power now that Tarakudo and the Oni Generals are history."

"We do have power to rule," the son of Shendu responded, "All we need is some demon chi."

"Demon chi?" the Dark Queen asked as she trailed off, wondering what Drago had planned, but before she could ask, they found a bed in the old place, and went to get some sleep and quite possibly make out in the process.

The next morning at Section 13, repairs were under way as agents were doing various repairs of the damage that was caused by Reina and Rita's attempted escape. The twins were standing next to Jackie, who was discussing with Uncle and Tohru what Drago and Jade could be up to. Reina and Rita had a good idea about what could be happening later, but decided not to say anything. Rita had just grabbed another box of donuts… well; more like swiped them from the agents using her super speed when they weren't looking.

"Drago broke Jade out, but left Shendu in jail; if he didn't want to free his father, then what does he want?" Jackie asked.

"Hello, freedom." Sonic said as he and Knuckles walked towards them with Tails.

"Perhaps the answer lies in the alignment of the bad chi stars discovered last night." Tails and Tohru said at the same time.

"Stars? Yes, and also in Uncle's bookshelf. Come Tohru, we must do research." Uncle said as he walked away with Tohru.

"I have agents looking for Drago in the bay area. He and Jade won't get far." Captain Black said.

"That over grown lizard doesn't stand a chance." Sonic said, but was cut off when Rita – mad at what he said about her dad – breathed fire on him while Reina used her magic to make it even more painful.

"YEOW!" the hedgehog yelled as he tried to put out the flames.

"Maybe you shouldn't have said that about their dad, Sonic." Knuckles said, trying not to laugh but failing as he pointed and laughed at Sonic.

"Yeah, maybe I shouldn't have said that." Sonic said as he continued to put the flames out.

"So, CB, what's our assignment?" Rita asked, opening her big mouth again while her sister sighed.

The heroes and Captain Black gave them a look before looking at each other and sharing a nod.

"The only assignments you'll be getting are from Tails." Jackie said as he pointed at Tails.

"Come on, Rita and Reina, you'll be helping me clean my plane." Tails said as he began to walk away, pushing the twins, "After that we'll go to Uncle's."

The twins pouted the same way Jade used to.

While the twins were helping with Tails cleaning his plane, Jackie, Sonic, Caliburn, Knuckles (armed with Galatine), Captain Black and several Section 13 agents were at Daolon Wong's old house, having discovered that Drago and Jade were there. They snuck in and into the living room behind a set of crates that were stacked there. Drago sat in the middle of the room in lotus position.

"Looks like T-Rex junior is catching a cat nap." Captain Black commented.

"No, I believe he's in a trance." Jackie said.

Suddenly, a few Shadowkhan came in, caring a couch and a few seats.

"Yeah, it's great, put the couch there and the seats opposite of the window," Jade said as she walked in. Sonic and Knuckles began to drool at the sight of her; she was wearing really short shorts with a form fitting t-shirt, both of which were doing a good job showing her curves. Drago sighed.

"Jade, could you be a little quieter? I'm trying to locate something." her boyfriend said, looking at her.

Jade walked over to him, putting her arms around him from the back.

"Sorry, I'll try to be quieter. I thought you loved my voice." she said, sounding a little hurt.

"Of course I like your voice. I just really need to concentrate, which isn't easy with the noise of your minions moving the things around." Drago said, kissing her on the lips. Jackie almost yelled and walked towards the couple, but Sonic, Knuckles, and Captain Black held him down. The couple broke from their kiss, and then Drago went back to mediating while Jade ordered her Khan to be quiet while fixing up the old house.

Drago had a vision of pink-red smoke that quickly vanished, showing a Chinese-styled car wash, when a ringing sound suddenly broke his concentration. The son of Shendu growled. The ringing sound was coming from Jackie's cell phone, while Captain, Sonic, Knuckles and Caliburn groaned, annoyed at Jackie as he picked up his cell phone.

"Hold please," he said as he pushed the off button, then yelled as Drago shot flames at him. Jackie quickly ducked while Sonic and Knuckles sprang out from behind the crates, wielding their sacred swords.

Knuckles advanced on Drago while Sonic headed towards Jade. The agents tried to fire at the Shadowkhan, but the ninja evaded their shots.

"Oh, hello Sonic," the Dark Queen said as she transformed into her battle outfit, "And good bye!"

Jade slashed at the Knight of the Wind with her sword, but Sonic dodged.

While those two were battling, Drago and Knuckles were circling and staring down one another.

"What? No house-warming gift?" Drago asked with mocking hurt.

"Oh, here's your house-warming gift!" Knuckles replied, rushing towards Drago and slashing right through Drago's shoulder. Instead of yelling in pain, the son of Shendu just smirked as he pulled out the sword, the wound healing in seconds while glowing with black magic.

"Wha- how?" Knuckles stuttered in surprise as he looked at the sword, which was dripping with Drago's blood.

"Thanks to my new girlfriend, I'm protected from the magic of those swords you and your blue friend have." Drago explained.

"She's not your girlfriend! Jade's too young!" Knuckles yelled at Drago as the dragon demon was suddenly joined by thirty-five Shadowkhan summoned by Jade to help her boyfriend.

"She doesn't look too young to me." Drago said as he pointed towards Jade as she battled Sonic.

"Her powers gave her an adult form." Knuckles said, hoping that would get Drago to leave Jade alone.

"She already told me about that; I don't mind, I like her even if she's a child in an adult's body," Drago said, "But for now Shadowkhan attack!"

"Ew, you're a pervert!" Knuckles snapped as Jackie, who also wanted to give Drago a piece of his mind for dating his young niece, joined him in fighting the Shadowkhan.

"You are strong, "Sir" Sonic," Jade commented mockingly, as she was hit on her right arm, "But are your friends that tough too?"

Sonic turned and saw Captain Black, his agents, Jackie, and Knuckles being driven into a corner. Sonic rushed towards them and began helping to fight off the Shadowkhan.

The heroes were trying to defeat the Shadowkhan, but the demonic ninja drove them back towards a portal that the Dark Queen summoned. One by one the agents, Captain Black, Jackie, Knuckles, and Sonic tripped over the edge of the portal and fell through.

"Okay… ow," Knuckles said, annoyed, as he tumbled onto the hard streets. The portal closed as Sonic was the last to fall through it, tumbled onto Knuckles. Drago and Jade appeared at the front gate by another portal, Jade holding a ball of dark chi in her hands.

She shot the ball high in the sky where it exploded; the good guys shielded themselves for any sort of dark chi attack coming their way, but when nothing came they opened their eyes and saw nothing in the sky.

"Ha, is that all you got?" Knuckles said as he and Sonic got back to their feet, the Blue Knight and his friend rushing towards Jade and Drago, who were standing there looking relaxed. A few feet before they reached Jade, they were stopped by a dark magic force field that appeared out of nowhere and launched Sonic and Knuckles to the other side of the street.

"Did you really think I'd be so easy to defeat?" Jade taunted as she watched Sonic and Knuckles hit the ground, "I've got all nine Shadowkhan tribes at my command, and Tarakudo trained me in controlling my new powers before being imprisoned."

"Face it you filthy rats, its over for…" Drago said, then paused in mid-sentence as the red mist appeared again in his mind's eye. In the red mist there was the same car wash, only this time he could see the numerous fans on display in the office; the mist faded as Drago returned from his trance.

"Let's go," he said to his girlfriend, "We've got work to do."

Jade summoned a corridor of shadow to teleport herself and her boyfriend away from the house, while Sonic and Knuckles were still reeling from their run in with the force field.

"Okay, what was that about?" Knuckles asked as he and Sonic picked themselves up off the ground.

"From what I can gather," Caliburn answered as he identified the source of magic in the area, "That would be some sort of magical force field created by the Dark Queen."

"Can you cut through it?" Sonic asked.

"Unfortunately, this force field is much stronger than my own power." Caliburn explained, "Even with the power boost that the good chi wizard gave me, my blade cannot penetrate it."

"So what do we do now?" Jackie asked, when his phone started ringing again, and this time he answered it, "Hello?"

"Jackie, thank goodness you're there," Tails said, sounding very worried, "We've got a problem down here."

"What's the 411 Tails?" Sonic asked as he snatched the cell phone from Jackie and began speaking to his friend.

"Rita and Reina are getting on Uncle's nerves. When Uncle says one thing, the twins say the exact opposite. It's been like this since we got here. Please get here as fast as you can." Tails explained, while in the background the voices of Rita and Uncle could be heard, 'Uncle says two spikes is right for potion! Well Reina says three spikes make the potion better than ever!'

Sonic had to keep the phone off his ear in order to not be deafened, then started talking to Tails again as soon as the argument died down.

"Okay, we'll be there right away." Sonic said, ending the call and giving the phone back to Jackie. While they were on their way to Uncle's Rare Finds, Uncle and Rita were still in their argument about some kind of potion. Reina and Tails tried to break the battling duo apart, with no luck.

"Uncle says daughter of grandniece is wrong!" Uncle yelled to Rita as Tails tried to hold him back from Rita.

"Ha," Rita scoffed showing a smug smirk similar to her father's, "My sis is a better chi wizard than you."

Uncle's eyes went wide at that comment before he yelled, "AAIIEE YAAH! You want a piece of Uncle?"

"No thanks, I don't want a shirt or pants smelling like old man." she said, while pinching her noise tight and waving her hand in front of her, as if to get rid of a nasty odor.

That stunned Uncle, until he tried to get to Rita, shouting, "Let Uncle at her! Let Uncle at her!"

Tohru and Tails had to hold him back, while Rita stood there relaxed, with her arms crossed and a smug smirk, making Uncle angrier by the second.

"Hey Tails, what's the trouble involving the twins?" Sonic asked as he walked through the door, stopping in his tracks as he saw Uncle – held back by Tohru and Tails – trying to get Rita, who stood there relaxed, while Reina tried to reason with her sister and great-granduncle.

"Um, never mind," Sonic said as he walked towards the kitchen, trying to not get involved. Knuckles, however, was not in the mood, still sore from being bounced off of Jade's force field. To get their attention, he smacked his fist on the desk of the counter.

"Will you stop that useless fight!" he yelled. It was enough to stop Uncle from trying to get Rita, and calm him down. However, now he was mad at Knuckles.

As soon as Tails and Tohru let the chi wizard go, he walked up to Knuckles and smacked him on the forehead four times.

"OW! OW! OW! OW!" Knuckles said every time he got hit and rubbed his forehead eagerly, trying to stop the pain. Tohru and Tails were distracted by Tails' laptop flashing with an unknown sign that Tohru quickly recognized.

"Tails, your laptop is flashing the symbol of the wind demon." Tohru said to the fox.

"Thanks Tohru. I'll look into it," he said as he began typing commands into the laptop. He also typed in places where a fan could be found, and soon he found a car wash, which (although he didn't know it) happened to be the same one that Drago had seen in his vision earlier.

"Guys, I think Tohru and I have an idea as to what Drago is after," Tails spoke up, "He's heading to a car wash to retrieve a fan."

"All this for a fan? Either way, somebody's got to stop him." Sonic said as he raced away with Caliburn towards the car wash to try and stop Drago and Jade.

"Seems like Sonic is more impulsive than you, huh?" Reina teased, which got her smacked upside the head by her red streaked twin, who simply told her to zip it.

"Jackie! Follow hedgehog! Uncle, Tohru and Tails will do reeesearch!" Uncle yelled to his nephew.

"Captain Black could you drop us of by the car wash?" Jackie asked the head of Section 13, who nodded.

"Hey Jackie, can we come too?" Rita asked.

"No, you two will stay here!" Jackie yelled at his niece's twin daughters. Jackie then got into the car; when he was seated he heard two voices from right behind him.

"Seriously, don't you ever get tired of saying that?" the twins asked, sitting in the back.

Meanwhile, the Dark Queen and the son of Shendu stood outside the car wash; Drago was sure the fan was there.

"The fan is near, I can feel it. Jade would you be so kind as to clear the place out?" Drago asked Jade as they exited the dark corridor.

"Sure thing handsome," she said and kissed him on the cheek, which he returned on her forehead just above her mark. The Dark Queen blushed noticeably; no boy or man had ever made her so happy or wanted. As she summoned twenty Shadowkhan from each tribe – except the mini tribe – she slid her hand into Drago's.

Drago felt the contact and looked down at their hands before stealing a glance at Jade's cheeks, noticing the blush she had there. He smiled and pulled her closer with his tail and his right arm over her shoulder, holding her protectively. Jade looked up at Drago and was surprised by the kiss he placed on her lips before giving into it.

Back with Jackie, the archeologist was still stunned as to how Reina and Rita got in Captain Black's van without him noticing, but he shook it off, figuring that they somehow took after Jade as the group headed towards the car wash.

Over at said car wash, Drago and Jade were walking through the now empty building, looking for the fan that contained the demon chi, and found themselves staring at hundreds of fans in the office.

"Great, so which fan is the one we want Drago?" Jade asked her boyfriend, realizing that this would be harder than she thought.

"You'll never know!" Sonic shouted as he raced onto the scene, coming to a stop right behind the dark young couple, "Now scram, or Caliburn and I will pound both of you into the ground."

"Shadowkhan, destroy the hedgehog!" Jade shouted, as she summoned seventy Bat Khan and fifty Ninja Khan to destroy Sonic. The Shadowkhan started to chase the hedgehog out of the area, leaving Jade and Drago all to themselves.

"Now where were we?" Jade purred as she gave Drago a kiss right on the lips. Drago broke from the kiss, shaking his head, shocking Jade a bit.

"We'll have time for that later, right now we need to find the fan." he said, before giving her a kiss on her cheek, "Let's go find it."

When Jackie, Knuckles, Rita and Reina arrived at the car wash in Captain Black's van, they could see Sonic battling the Shadowkhan. The Knight of the Wind had already destroyed a quarter of the army but every time he sliced one, two more took its place, and Sonic was getting tired. Knuckles jumped out of the van and began to slice the Shadowkhan with Galatine.

"Need help?" Knuckles asked as he went back to back with Sonic.

"What took you so long?" Sonic asked in annoyance as they both sliced through the Shadowkhan.

"Traffic." Knuckles commented, shrugging, and the hedgehog and echidna began to slice as many Shadowkhan as they could hit, while Jackie, Captain Black, and the twins watched from the sidelines.

"Let's go help them sis." Rita said, and was about to rush towards the Shadowkhan, but Jackie stopped her.

"You two are staying here. We don't trust you enough to run around free." he said to the twins, but stopped when he noticed that Reina was missing.

Reina, while Jackie was giving his little speech to Rita, snuck away from their granduncle, and was helping Sonic and Knuckles by using her magic and dragon powers to destroy the Shadowkhan. Jackie and Captain Black watched Reina kicking Shadowkhan butt the same way Jade would have done, leaving both males with open mouths. Then Jackie remembered to check on Rita and looked beside him to see she was gone and was also kicking and punching the same way Jade would have done.

Jackie quickly got over his shock and began fighting the Shadowkhan too, while Captain Black began making sure any people in the area were safe from the other Shadowkhan. When the heroes and the twins were done dealing with their Shadowkhan, they spilt up in two teams, with Reina and Knuckles off to help Captain Black save the people trapped in cars and such. Meanwhile, Jackie, Sonic with Caliburn and Rita set off to stop Drago and Jade.

They entered the office with the huge number of fans on the walls. They saw Drago reaching for one of the fans, only to be stopped when Jackie jumped in front of the fans and kicked Drago in the chest, knocking him into a pyramid-like tower formed of car wheels. Sonic was off battling the Dark Queen, while Rita was helping Jackie to stop Drago from getting the fan.

"I don't recall having sisters." Drago said as he looked at Rita's dragon from.

She had taken her dragon to avoid letting her parents know who she was. Her dragon form was like that of a western dragon; she stood on two legs, had two big wings, and was covered in red scales.

"Funny, well I don't recall having any brothers." Rita said as she kicked Drago in the stomach, sending him flying into a wall, where luckily no fans were. Drago breathed in and exhaled.

"Looks like we have to do this the old fashioned way." he said as he rushed towards Rita and tried to pummel her, only for Jackie to kick him in his ribs, sending him back into the car wheels.

Drago got out of the pile and rushed at Jackie, pinning him against the wall, directly below the fan he wanted. The son of Shendu attempted to pull a dark blue aura of energy out of it, but before he could absorb it, Rita came by on a huge wooden skateboard like cart, head-butting Drago away from Jackie, not noticing the energy being absorbed into her as she rubbed her head from the soreness of the head-butt. Then Sonic flew right into her, knocking both of them onto the ground.

Drago was over his little headache and breathed fire towards one of the walls in anger, when he saw that pain in the tail hedgehog and the red-scaled dragon knocked out on the ground. Jade walked towards him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Jade, could you grab the fan of the Immortals?" he asked, as he kissed her back. Jade gave a nod and summoned a Ninja Khan to take the fan that was hanging above Jackie. When they got the fan the couple disappeared, walking into a dark corridor.

"All of this for a fan?" Jackie wondered out loud as he walked over to Sonic and Rita, who was in her human from again.

"And how can you change into a dragon?" Sonic asked Rita, who was dusting herself off.

"Oh, me and my sis can do that," she answered as Reina came walking through the hole her sister made, with Knuckles and Captain Black, in the form of a North American dragon. She could walk on two legs, had wings, a long tail that ended with bird tail feathers, and was covered in blue scales.

"Rita, are you okay?" Reina asked with concern as she took her human form.

"I'm okay Reina," Rita said, holding her hand up in case her sister would look at every inch of her.

"But Jade and Drago got away with the fan," Caliburn said.

"Relax Caliburn. It's just a fan," Sonic said, but then Uncle walked up with Tohru and Tails yelling, "Is not just a fan. It's the fan of the immortals!"

They all looked questioningly at the two chi wizards and the two tailed fox.

"Fan of the Immortals? What's that?" Knuckles asked, only to get hit by Uncle.

"Tohru, explain research as to why teenage dragon wanted to absorb power within the fan," Uncle said.

"Thousands of years ago, an Immortal warrior used that fan to defeat Xiao Fung the Wind Demon," Tohru explained as the scene shifts to when Xiao Fung was imprisoned by the Immortal wielding a fan as Tohru continued to explain, "But traces of the Wind Demon's power were rumored to have clung to the fan and laid dormant throughout the years."

"Until they were again activated by the bad chi stars that I saw last night," Tails explained, picking up where Tohru left off.

"That explains why dragon junior wanted the fan," Sonic spoke, "He wants to double up on demon powers, Fire and Wind."

"That makes sense, but perhaps the twins might know more about the Wind Demon Chi and the Wind Demon himself," Knuckles spoke up as he pointed at the twins, "After all, he is their blowhard of a granduncle."

Reina and Rita didn't take kindly to that comment, as they tossed Knuckles in the air with a wind spell, as Rita added a little of her fire breath to roast Knuckles' dreadlocks.

"Reina, Rita," Jackie spoke sternly, "Put Knuckles down now."

The twins dropped Knuckles onto the pavement face first, the echidna groaning in pain.

"Maybe you shouldn't have said that." Sonic said, using Knuckles' own comment against him.

"Shut up Sonic." Knuckles muttered painfully, as he stood up from the pavement which now had a small crater in the form of his face. Sonic and the twins snickered as they saw that but their fun stopped when the three noticed the stares from everyone else.

Meanwhile, in the new house of Drago and Jade, the son of Shendu was furious.

"This fan is useless now! The Wind Demon chi has already been drained from it!" he yelled as he slashed the Ninja Khan in half.

"Relax, Drago," Jade said as she came to him, "We will find the Wind Demon chi. It's probably been absorbed into that western dragon we saw. But for now…"

She trailed off as she stroked him over his chest. Drago knew what Jade meant, lifting her up and carrying her to the bedroom for some alone time together.

The next day in Section 13, repairs were almost complete, as the various personnel were going about their daily tasks. However, for Team Sonic and the Chan Clan, they were still trying to figure out where the Wind Demon chi was, and how to remove it from Drago. Well, Tohru, Tails, Caliburn, and Uncle were, as Captain Black and Jackie were discussing what to do about Reina and Rita, while Sonic, Knuckles, and the twins were eating donuts that Rita had once again swiped from the agents when they weren't looking, and were now drinking numerous sodas in the process.

"So tell me. Is this Immortal relic more than just a container to hold the Wind Demon chi?" Knuckles asked as he took a bite from the donut he was eating.

"No, it was only used to defeat the Wind Demon and was meant to seal his power away," Reina said, until she got a smack from her sister, who said in dragon language not to tell those things.

"Why did you do that?" Sonic asked, raising his eyebrow.

"Oh, sometimes Reina is a bit of a tattle tale, so I – being the alpha sister – always have to smack her on the back of her head," Rita said as she swallowed her soda in one gulp.

Not long after that her stomach started rumbling and after that she let out a long, loud burp that was heard through the room and via the vent there also throughout all of Section 13, which caused every agent to stop for a moment from their task. Reina this time smacked her sister's head and pointed to the door. Rita walked out of the room and yelled very loud, "EXCUSE ME! THAT WAS MY BURP!"

This of course was heard throughout Section 13 as well while Reina face palmed in the room because of the way her sister was acting.

Then the male agents in each room began to clap and cheer, including Sonic and Knuckles. Rita gave a bow and walked back in the room and said, "I guess men are still teenage guys deep inside."

Reina shook her head in embarrassment and asked, "You couldn't let it go this time Rita?"

"You know me better than anyone sis," Rita said back, "You are my twin after all."

Then Jackie and Captain Black walked into the room with serious expressions on their faces.

"We have decided what do with Rita and Reina," Jackie said; at that moment, the twins became quiet and serious.

"Since you're the children of my niece and him," Jackie began, clenching his fist a little when he thought his young niece (well, his adult niece), dating and kissing that evil teenage excuse of a demon.

"Keep it together Jackie," Black whispered to his friend. Jackie then inhaled and exhaled to calm himself down.

"We first thought you two were like your father and wanted to put you in prison, but since you helped us, and because you're too young to put in prison," Jackie said while the twins held their breath.

"You'll be placed into your family's home to keep watch on the two of you." Captain Black finished as the twins exhaled to calm their nerves down and looked at Jackie and Captain Black.

"Wait, you said their family, but they're all gone into another realm if Tails is right about what he studied up on Drago's aunts and uncles." Sonic said to the amazement of everyone. He was actually listening to what was being said, instead of looking bored.

"Well, that's true, but that's Drago's side of the family, the other side is from Jade," Captain Black said, avoiding Jackie's glare.

"Wait! So that means-" Knuckle said but was cut off by Rita who yelled happily, "We will be placed with our granduncle Jackie! Awesome!"

Reina just sighed at her sister's behavior, and was embarrassed more as Rita let out another but smaller burp.

"Pardon me," she said, while looking away from her granduncle's stern gaze. While the others just sighed by the behavior between to two, it mostly reminded Captain Black of Jade in her old days, before the transformation happened.

The next day, early in the morning, Jackie, Sonic, Knuckles, and the twins stood before the shop door of Uncle's Rare Finds.

"Well, here goes nothing," Sonic said as he opened the door and they walked inside the shop to be greeted by Uncle's voice.

"Shop is closed, come back later!" the chi wizard yelled as he walked out of the library.

"Oh, it just you Jackie, Sonic, and Knuckles." Uncle said, until he saw the twins.

"AAIIEE YAAH! Tohru, get Uncle's blowfish! Now! Demon-dragon girls are in Uncle's shop!" Uncle yelled at the top of his lungs.

"Uncle, please calm down. There is a good reason why the twins are here." Sonic said to the old Chinese man as Tohru and Tails came from the back of the shop with a dried lizard or blowfish in hand.

"What does hedgehog mean by good reason?" Uncle asked, leaning towards the hedgehog with a suspicious look.

"Um, well, why don't you explain it Jackie?" Sonic said to Jackie. So Jackie explained to Uncle that the twins would be living in his shop. When Uncle had this info, his eyes went wide and a quiet "aaiiee yaah!" escaped his mouth before he fainted right on the spot.

"That went well." Knuckles commented as he lifted an eyebrow at Uncle's fainted form.

"I'll go get some water." Tails sighed and walked to the kitchen. He came back with a glass of water and spilled the whole glass on Uncle's face. Uncle sputtered and sat up, rubbing the back of his head.

"Ugh, Uncle thinks he had a nightmare about two demon girls living in Uncle's home," he said and looked up to see the sheepish faces of Jackie, Tohru, Team Sonic, and the smug grins of the twins. Uncle screamed and smacked the palm of his hand against his forehead before yelling, "AAIIEE YAAH! That was not a dream!"

"Well, are Reina and Rita going to live here or not?" Sonic asked, only to be yelled at by Uncle.

"There will be no demons in Uncle's shop!" the chi wizard yelled stubbornly as he crossed his arms like a spoiled little child. Jackie sighed and walked over to his uncle.

"Uncle, these two have nowhere to go, and-" Jackie said but Uncle moved towards his nephew and whacked him on the head.

"Give Uncle one good reason why twins should live here!" he said.

"So you know more about how demons act?" Sonic suggested which got his butt roasted by the twins' flames.

Uncle thought about it for a moment, then gave his answer.

"Twins are allowed to stay at Uncle's shop, but they can't use their fire or magic!" he stated.

Soon, after the twins were settled in Jade's old room, Uncle, Jackie, Tohru and Tails were looking in old spell books to find a way to remove the Wind Demon chi from Drago, while Sonic, Knuckles, and Caliburn – despite his protests – had to look after the twins. The twins were peacefully watching the television, drinking sodas, and playing video games, as Sonic walked over to the library looking bored.

"Come on, what's taking so long? Let kick that overgrown lizard's butt," he complained, wanting some action.

"Removal spell very tricky," Uncle said, not taking his eyes off his book to look at Sonic. He wanted to say more, but a loud voice suddenly yelled, "This so boring! There's nothing fun to do around here!"

The comment came from Rita, as she and Reina were done playing the video games.

"Then demon girl can make herself useful and help Uncle by getting Uncle a book!" Uncle said; the men in the library heard someone groan and one minute later Rita stood there in the doorframe.

"Which book?" she asked her great-granduncle.

"Get ancient tome of warts and toads from bookcase." Uncle said.

Rita jogged to the bookcases and walked up a little set of stairs and got out a book with a dark green toad on the cover. She looked around to see if anyone had followed her and let out a burp; even though she promised Jackie not to burp out loud, this one needed to get out. But this one was different, as it exited her mouth with more wind than should be possible, launching her into a bookcase on the other side of the room. The men in the other room looked up in surprise as Rita came out of the room whistling, her hair in a mess as she held up the book, grinning with an apologetic smile on her face as the men glared.

After Rita combed her hair out of the mess it was in, she walked towards the door wearing a long red leather jacket that came down to her ankles, and red sneakers.

"Hey Jackie!" she called, her granduncle walking out of the library.

"Yes Rita. What is it?" he asked, before he saw the jacket and the opened door, "Rita where are you going?"

"Relax, Jackie. I'm in need for some fresh air okay? And can I borrow the car?" she asked.

"Yes, of course- No, you can't borrow the car," Jackie said, almost agreeing on what Rita said.

"Okay," Rita said, shrugging, and walked out the door. If Jackie had really been paying attention, he might have seen Rita's skin became a bit green, but neither she nor Jackie noticed that.

Meanwhile, as Rita walked peacefully towards the park whistling to a tune of a famous song, her father Drago was in a trance, searching for the chi. In his mind's eye he saw red clouds, until they vanished showing the park, zooming in on a playground. After that, the image vanished.

"I found the Wind Demon chi," Drago spoke up as Jade directed her attention to him, "You were right, that western dragon absorbed it."

"So let's go dragon hunting," Jade commented as she summoned a corridor to take them to the park.

Meanwhile, in Uncle's shop, Jackie got smacked on his forehead.

Uncle lowered his finger as he yelled, "How could you let demon-dragon girl go alone onto the street!"

Knuckles just walked into the room, and seeing that Uncle was really cranky, walked over to Sonic.

"What's up with Uncle?" he asked the hedgehog, Sonic explaining why Uncle was upset.

"Oh, that's why," Knuckles said.

Everyone was still trying to find a way to remove the chi from Drago when they all heard someone drop a glass in the kitchen. Heading into the kitchen, they saw Reina standing there, shaking violently.

"Rita is in trouble," she said in trance like voice and stopped shaking. Jackie walked over to Reina.

"Now Reina, how can that be? I'm sure she is fine," he said.

"No, she isn't. My sister and I have a sixth sense for when one of us in trouble," Reina explained leaving Jackie silent in surprise.

"But how can you be sure?" Sonic asked her. As if on cue, Jackie's cell phone ringed.

As he picked it up, Captain Black, who was on the other end, said, "Jackie, Drago, Jade and the Shadowkhan are in the park, attacking Rita for some reason."

"Thank you, Captain Black," Jackie said ending the call and turned to everyone else in the shop while saying, "It appears Reina was right. Rita is being attacked by Drago and Jade."

Meanwhile, at said park, Rita was in dragon form fighting off numerous Razor Khan with her martial arts and dragon powers; she roasted ten, tail whipped another six, punched another three and clawed another seven.

"What does it take to wear this dragon out?" Drago snarled as he and Jade watched the scene; no matter how many Shadowkhan they sent in to try and weaken the red dragon, she defeated them all.

"Is this it?" Rita bragged as she continued pummeling Shadowkhan, "I thought you guys would be tougher than this."

"Trust me, we've got more where this came from," Jade said as she summoned thirty Sumo Khan to attack. Rita beat down about five of them, while another five tried to sneak up behind her.

Meanwhile, Jackie and company were rushing to the playground via car, while Sonic was racing ahead with super speed, holding Caliburn in the scabbard on his back.

"This makes no sense, Uncle," Jackie, who was driving said, "Why would Drago and Jade attack Rita?"

"Call it a wild guess, but I think that Rita probably absorbed the Wind Demon chi," Knuckles spoke up, much to the surprise of everyone else.

"Knuckles, are you sure about this?" Tohru asked the echidna, "What would make you suspect that the demon chi is within Rita?"

"Well if the chi were in Drago, then wouldn't we be hearing about tornadoes, firestorms or stuff like that?" Knuckles responded, " And wouldn't he look like a frog like his uncle Xiao Fung by now? And let us not forget that loud belch that Rita made back in Section 13."

"Knuckles may have a point," Reina said, "Demon chi also affects the host and turns them into the demon that the chi came from. In this case, if what Knuckles says about my sister is true, then she would be displaying frog like features and wind power by now."

"Rita must have absorbed the demon chi from the fan when we were at the car wash," Tails said.

"Aiiie Yaaah! We must hurry!" Uncle exclaimed, while working on the removal spell, "The longer Wind Demon chi stays within daughter of punk dragon, the more difficult it will be for Uncle to remove."

Back with Rita, she was still fighting against the sumo tribe of Shadowkhan and was starting to feel fatigue, but still managed to beat down another three sumo Khan. As she was about to strike against the rest of the Shadowkhan, she felt her stomach acting up again.

'Oh no, not now,' Rita thought as she held her stomach and then without warning let out a loud burp that had hurricane force winds, which blew the Sumo Khan to the ground and into pieces of shadow.

Drago and Jade, however, were standing to the side, so the loud belch hadn't affected them.

"I'll say one thing handsome," Jade said, "That dragon can belch loud."

"Just summon more Shadowkhan to keep her busy while I go get the chi," Drago responded as he made his move to go after Rita.

Rita, meanwhile, was looking a little different from that last belch, having turned a pale shade of green and taken on froglike characteristics.

"Hey, somebody's throwing a party and forgot to invite me?" Sonic asked as he sliced up what few Sumo Khan were left.

"Sonic, need I remind you that to prevail, one must focus on the task at hand?" Caliburn chided, before noticing Rita's new appearance, "Then again, you might want to check on your comrades."

Sonic turned to see that Rita wasn't looking or feeling like herself. Her dragon form was still mostly the same, only the scales were green, the claws and feet were webbed like a frog's, and her face was looking froglike. At this point, Sonic couldn't help himself and started laughing on the spot.

"Oh look, it's the frog princess," Sonic chuckled as he pointed and laughed at Rita, who tried to roast the hedgehog for that comment, but instead blew the hedgehog into a tree and knocked him into the fountain.

"What is so funny that you had to make a crack about me?" the red streaked martial artist demanded as she, for lack of a better term, hopped her way to the fountain and saw her reflection in the water.

"Rita, I believe that this is the side effect of the Wind Demon Chi you absorbed at the car wash yesterday," Caliburn deduced, "We must find a way to remove it from you or you will remain, as Sonic puts it, a 'Frog Princess'."

"Rita, behind you!" Sonic yelled just before the Shadowkhan smacked Sonic away, while Drago grabbed Rita and began draining the chi from her.

Jackie and the rest of the team arrived just then, to see Sonic flying right towards them; he would've hit the pavement if it weren't for Tails catching him.

"Thanks, little buddy," Sonic said, then turning serious he added, "Drago's in the park and he's trying to drain the chi from Rita."

"Aiiee Yaaah!" Uncle shouted, "Sonic, why did you not stop him?"

"The longer we sit here assigning blame, the more time Drago has to absorb the Wind Demon chi," Caliburn spoke up, and with that, everyone raced over to try and stop Drago.

Back with Rita, she was starting to feel the energy drain as her father to be continued to drain the Wind Demon chi from her.

'Well, at least I won't be a frog princess anymore,' Rita thought to herself as she continued to struggle to get out of her dad's grip. As she struggled, the red streaked martial artist failed to notice a blue blur slamming into Drago.

"Sis how are you feeling?" Reina asked, also in dragon form so that her parents to be wouldn't recognize her yet.

"I know this at least," Knuckles spoke up, "You're not the frog princess that Sonic told us about."

"Hey you're right, knucklehead. Rita isn't a frog anymore," Sonic commented, "But if that's the case, then where's the chi?"

"Now that's what I call some serious wind power," Drago said as he stood up, revealing he now had chubby cheeks and the frog like features of his uncle Xiao Fung.

"As much as I'd like to see you test your new powers," Jade advised as she prepared to summon a corridor to take them home, "I would suggest we leave now before Uncle removes the chi from you."

Drago considered his options about destroying Jackie Chan and that filthy rat, but he decided to listen to his girlfriend, and instead blew everyone far away from himself and the Dark Queen.

"This isn't over," he said, joining Jade by the fence of the playground, and both the Dark Queen and the son of Shendu escaped through a dark corridor.

"Yeah, then why are you running away?" Sonic and Knuckles taunted, and Tails smacked both of his friends on the back of their heads.

"Because Drago knows six other demons were defeated in ancient times," Tails explained as the twins nodded in confirmation at the questioning looks on Sonic and Knuckles' faces.

"Which means there are six more Immortal relics which have traces of demon chi in them," Tohru said.

"And Drago and Jade will be seeking them all," Jackie finished.

"So we'll just have to find them first, before Jade and Drago do," Sonic said, sounding as confident as usual, "Sounds like another world adventure to me. Let's rock. OW!"

"Were you not paying attention?" Uncle yelled after whacking Sonic on the head again, "We must find the chi before Drago and Jade absorb it, or entire planet will be under Drago's claws and Jade's hands!"

So the Hunt for the Immortal Relics begins Will the heroes find the relics or will the forces of Darkness take over. In the next chapter. The heroes all discover the meaning of Teamwork when they got to an Island looking for the next immortal Relic but with Drago and Jade on their tails things won't be easy. Please Read and Review thank you that is all.