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Summary: A story of a Tragedy between two siblings.
One was destined to fall, while the other was destined to protect him till her last breath.

This is the story of a Prince…
…that was destined to fall.

The Prince of Evil

"Ah hahahaha now, bow down to me!"

{A long, long time ago
there was a kingdom of unspeakable inhumanity
and the person at the top was
a prince at the age of fourteen}

This story takes place in a land far, far away.
A land whose ruler was cruel and unforgiving; and its citizens have lived in fear and sorrow for many, many years.

The ruler was none other but a young Prince only fourteen years of age; but this young boy had a dark heart.

And so, he was feared rather than loved; by all but one person: a simple maid.

{He collected all the luxuries in the world
stood by his side was a servant with a like face
his lovely horse's name was Innovator
everything in the world belonged to him

If we're short on money
then squeeze it out from the citizens
anybody who opposes me
punish them!}

"Now, bow down to me"

The Prince was evil indeed.

His castle was filled with the greatest of riches, but all had come from the pain and suffering endured by the country's own citizens.

But did he care?

No, he did not.

And although so many have died under cruelty of this young lad, it was still not enough for him.
Neither were the riches that filled his castle.

Everyone hated this Prince.

Except one young maid, whose features resembled his in more ways than one.

These two were as close as family, and accepted one another amidst the differences in ranks.

But, love and compassion had no place in this Prince's evil heart.
If his collection of riches wasn't enough; he would have his soldiers invade the home of the innocent townsfolk just to take whatever valuable items they had.

And if they were not able to pay…
…Death shall be bestowed upon them.

What a cruel young man he was.

"Now, bow down to me"

{The evil flower, steadily blooms
with an array of colors
even the weeds that grew around it
became its fertilizer and died away

The tyrant prince was in love
with the blue-eyed girl in the neighboring country
but she was in love with
the green-eyed man from across the ocean}

One day, while the Prince and his loyal servant visited the Country of Blue; he fell madly in love at first sight, with the beautiful Princess of the said country no less.

Oh how his heart longed for this beautiful sapphire-eyed, brown-haired maiden; his heart has indeed been stolen by her.

But, to his disappointment; she was in love with another.
It was a brown-haired, emerald-eyed man from a country across the sea, oh how the Prince's heart shattered.

The feeling of jealousy and betrayal stabbed his heart like a thousand knives; the pain was far too great to bear.

But what angered the young Prince the most; was the fact that not only did this man steal the heart of his beloved…
…But also the heart of his most loyal servant.

{Torn with jealousy
he called upon one of his ministers
and he said with a soft voice}

"Destroy the Green country."

{Numerous houses were burned to the ground
numerous lives disappeared
the screams of pain from the citizens
doesn't reach the prince's ears}

Unable to contain the anger within, the Prince ordered for the Green Country's demise.
So many lives were lost, and so many families left in agony.

But did it matter to Prince?

No, it did not.

The Country of Green was no more.

And the man both his beloved and his servant had loved, was now gone as well.

But, did the Prince regret his actions?

No, he did not.

He was indeed the Prince of Evil.

"Oh it's snack time"

{The evil flower, steadily blooms
with an array of colors
although it's such a beautiful flower
there's so much thorns you can't touch it

In order to take down the evil prince
the people stood up
the person who led the wild mob was
a swordsman in red armor

The anger built over the years
quickly spread throughout the kingdom
the soldiers that were worn out from the war
stood no chance against them}

Enough is enough.

His reign of evil must be put to an end.

With a sword in hand, the red knight led the angry citizens towards the castle.
Many cheered as they watched the castle burn to the ground, all their anger and sadness was now slowly being expressed through the flames of the fire.

{Finally, the castle was surrounded
and all of the servants have already fled
the little fragile prince
was finally captured}

"You insolent man"

{The evil flower, steadily blooms
with a sorrowful array of colors
the paradise made for him
quickly disintegrated}

But, those cheers were not nearly as loud as when the red knight walked out of the castle along with the Prince in chains.

The citizens cheered.

The Prince; simply ignored them.
He had no right to be angry with them, nor did he have the right to despise them.
All their suffering was his own fault, after all; he was the one who had taken the lives of their love ones.

{A long, long time ago
there was a kingdom of unspeakable inhumanity
and the person at the top was
a prince at the age of fourteen

The time of execution was at 3 o' clock
the time when the church bell rang
a person that was once a prince
what does he think in his jail cell}

Alone the poor Prince sat in his prison.

Was he scared?

Was this really the end of his evil rule?

None of these mattered to him anymore.
Because once the sun rises; he will be sentenced to his death.

There was no turning back now.

But, if this was the only way to pay for his sins…
…Then so be it.

His sterling silver eyes; tomorrow will be lifeless and blank.

His crimson-red locks; tomorrow will be stained in his ruby-red blood.

Did this frighten him? Was he finally in regret?


The only thing that scared him was…

The simple fact that…

…No one will be there to protect his sibling anymore.

And because of this simple fact; the young lad cried in agony and fear.

By tomorrow, his sibling will be all alone in this world.

{The time finally came
the church bells signaled the end
without caring about the commoner's eyes
this is what he said}

"Oh, it's snack time"

{The evil flower, steadily withers
with an array of colors
the people afterwards all say}

"He was indeed the prince of evil"

The Church bells rang; the sounds that had once blessed him and his sibling when they were born, now signal his final moments on this earth.

Everyone gathered in the middle of town, hoping to see the Prince pay for all of his mistakes.

The people again cheered.

But just as before; the Prince ignored the townsfolk.

Instead, he locked his gaze with one person and one person alone.
It was his loyal servant, watching him with tears in her eyes.

The Prince smiled one last time before finally being sentenced to his death.

Amidst the cruel crowd who rejoiced after the Evil Prince's demise; only a single person cried.

This person; was the Prince's most precious loved one.
The only one who accepted him for who he was…

…His beloved sibling.

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