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Summary: A story of a Tragedy between two siblings.
One was destined to fall, while the other was destined to protect him till her last breath.

This is the story of a mere Maid…
…Whose love for her brother knows no bounds.

Maid of Evil

{You are the Prince and I am just a Maid
Destiny divided, these sorrowful twins
In order to protect you, just for that
I will become an Evil

We were born under great expectations
the church bell blessed our arrival
but, due to selfish adults' circumstances
our destinies were torn apart}

A story that takes place in a land far, far away…

The sound of the church bells ringing signal the new arrival of two beautiful children, both born under great expectations by the people of their home land.

The siblings knew not of the tragic fate that awaits them, nor did it matter to either of them.
As long as they had each other, nothing is impossible to these two.

Each everyday they played, not a care in the world.
Brother and sister until the end, no one shall tear them apart.

But one day; two different families came…
One wanted to take the brother, the other wanted the sister.

The young boy cried at the thought of never seeing his beloved sister again, separation was indeed a cruel twist of fate.

The older sister slowly pulled her brother close; her tears were now slowly falling as well.

Two siblings, now part.

It was a sad day indeed.

But, destiny does not intend to keep them apart forever.

They will see each other again soon…
…So until then; a brother and a sister must wait.

{Even if the entire world
becomes your enemy
I will protect you so
please keep on smiling}

"Don't worry. I'll definitely come meet you again."

A few years have gone by, and at last the day has arrived.

And although they have both grown, the resemblance was what brought them together once again.

Her brother, now the Prince of the land, couldn't help but embrace his sister in happiness as soon as she walked through the door.

His sister, now a simple Maid, became his most loyal and trusted servant and best friend.

Both may have had a change in appearance, but the love between siblings has not changed at all.

Finally, they are reunited once more.

{You are the Prince and I am just a Maid
Destiny divided, these sorrowful twins
In order to protect you, just for that
I will become an Evil

When I visited the land across the sea
I saw that green person in the town
To that kind voice and smile,
I fell in love at first sight

But if the Prince wishes
for that person to disappear
I will answer to that
Why? My tears won't stop}

"I will belong to no one"

One day, while visiting the Country of Blue; the two were once again separated.

While searching for her beloved brother; the Maid had bumped into a man with hair as brown as chocolate and eyes as green as emeralds.

She fell in love with the man.

But their love was destined to end in tragedy.

Filled with rage, for reasons the servant herself did not know, the young Prince ordered for all the brown-haired and green-eyed men to be killed.

So many lives were lost, and so many were left in sadness.

But, the one who was devastated the most…

…Was the young Maid, whose heart shattered the moment the man she loved stopped breathing.

Her brother was the Prince of Evil indeed.

{You are the Prince and I am just a Maid
Destinies divided, these maddened twins}

"Today's snack is brioche"

{You laugh, laugh so innocently}

And although she was dying inside, the Maid simply cannot bear to hate him.

He was her brother, the one she swore to protect with her life.

Even if he was the one who ordered the death of the man she loved; he was still the only family she had left.

And she loves him, no matter what.

Even if the whole world was to turn against him; she will always be there to protect him, no matter what.

"For the citizens of the Silver and Green countries… And more importantly, for you."

{I will fight…!

This country is coming to an end
by the hands of the angry citizens
Even if this is our punishment
I will still go against it}

The people have had enough.

The Prince's evil rule must come to an end.

Too many lives have been taken, and so much sorrow has befallen the three Countries.
Now, it was time to make their stand.

Evil has no place in the world.

And so the Prince must fall.

"Here, borrow my clothes. Wear them and escape quickly. It's okay we're twins. No one can tell the difference."

{I am the Prince and you are the Runaway
Destiny divided, these sorrowful twins
If you are an Evil
Then I have the same blood running through my veins

A long, long time ago
there was an evil and tyrannical kingdom
and the person at the top was
my kind sibling}

"Please live on."

There was no other way…

She had to protect him, no matter what…

…Even if it meant sacrificing her own life to do it.

And so she lent him her clothes, and then wore his.

She quickly dyed her hair as crimson as blood and then dyed his as black as a starless night sky, using the ink she has hidden over the years of course.
The only difference between them now was; their eyes.

But, that was not much of a problem.
No one will dare to look into the eyes of evil.

Even if those eyes contained no evil at all.

As soon as they had finished; the sound of the front doors of the castle being broken down echoed throughout the entire place.
Thinking quickly; the sister pushed her brother into a nearby closet.

As they heard the footsteps getting closer, the younger brother began to cry.
Comforting words were heard as soon as his sister began to sing their childhood lullaby.

Suddenly; the door of the room they were both in was broken down.

And although he wanted to stop them; the true Prince of Evil could only watch helplessly in despair as his beloved sister was being dragged away in chains by the angry citizens.

She was going to pay for his mistakes…

…And there was nothing he could do about it.

{Even if the entire World
(And so, that time comes)
Becomes your enemy
(The church bell signal the end)

I will protect you so
(You ignore the citizens' stares)
Please, live on with a smile
(And say my line)}

"Ah, looks like its snack time."

{You are the Prince and I am just a Maid
Destiny divided, these tragic twins
In order to protect you, just for that
I will become an Evil

If we were ever reborn
let's play again}

And so the end draws near.

As the bell tolls, so do the cheers of the people.

With one swift movement of the blade; she was gone.
The girl who had sacrificed everything all for the sake of her brother…

…Finally, all her suffering has been put to an end.

The people rejoiced, oblivious to the fact that was right in front of them…
…The true Prince of Evil, was very much alive and even among them.

But unlike the crowd, the young lad did not rejoice.

Instead, he was the only one in tears.

Whether or not it was merely a trick of the wind, it didn't matter to him.
All that mattered now; was the sound of that melodic voice.

"If we could be reborn…Then I want to be with you again!"

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