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What if Bella stayed as the Cullen's for the weekend without Edward? What if Bella had been down lately and they decided to cheer her up with some pranks? What if the pranks they did on Bella made upset that she runs to her identical twin sister? What if they both decide to have a little bit of fun with the Cullen's? What if Bella's sister was dating a vampire too?

Author's Note: I'm changing Bella's age a bit. Bella is now 18. Bella's birthday party was for her 17th. Edward now has been back for a whole year.

Chapter .1.

Bella's POV

This weekend had started of lousy then it had gotten worse. First Edward is away for the whole weekend hunting. So I'm staying at the Cullen's. Then Emmett decided to prank me. First he scared me when I got there and sent me into shock. Second I went for a nap and ended up sleeping through the rest of the day and night, and woke up with wipe cream all over me thanks to Jasper. I went for a shower and the water went cold after 5 minutes, I got out to find my clothes and the towels gone. Thanks to Rosalie. I went into Edward's room to get more to find to whole family there waiting for me. They all smiled at me and when I yelled at them to get out they just laughed. But they did anyway. I then went to the cupboard to get some of my clothes to find they have all been tore to shreds and new clothes in their place. One of those tops my sister gave me. I really wanted to cry. I bet this was Alice's doing. I quickly put on something I don't really care what and made my way down the stairs. As I hit the half way point something wet smashed down on my head. I looked at myself to find I was all wet. I can here them all laughing. I start to make the rest on the way down when I slip and I fall down the stairs…

Emmett's POV

This weekend has started out to be so much fun. We all decided that Bella needed cheering up. So we have played a few harmless pranks on her. Now she is coming down the stairs and I pull the cord that lets the waterfall on her. We all laugh at her expression. Am I the prank king or not? She starts to walk down the stairs again when she tripped and she falls the rest of the way down, hands out trying to catch herself. When she hits the floor she cries out in pain. That stops us all from laughing quickly. Carlisle goes to her side quickly but she flinches away from him.

"Don't touch me", she cries

We can all see the tears running down her cheeks.

"Bella sweetheart I have to check you out", Carlisle says trying to touch her again

"No", she yells quickly getting up and backing up towards the stairs again.

She was now cradling her wrist in her other hand.

"I don't want to play anymore. I'm going home", she says

"I'll drive you home", Alice says looking ashamed at herself

"No", she yells running up the stairs surprising not tripping once she slams the door to Edward's room.

We can all hear her crying now. After a minute we hear her taking on the phone.

"Edward", she cries

Oh crap we are in trouble now. She then begins to tell him everything. She is now sobbing.

"…Edward please come home. I don't want to play anymore", she cries out

We all wince when she says this. We all were just trying to have some fun.

"I love you too", she says crying

She begins to sob again. That makes us feel even worse. We are all going to be in trouble soon…

Bella's POV

I can't stop crying. My head hurts and so does my wrist. I'm pretty sure it is broken. I can hear my sister trying to contact me. We have always been able to talk in our mines and feel each others emotions. But now I'm too upset. I need Edward. I need him to make me feel safe. I stumble into Edward's room and slam the door and start to cry. I quickly grab the phone from the nightstand and dial Edward's number. He picks up one the second ring.

"Hello love"

"Edward", I cry

"Love what is it what's wrong? Why are you crying?" he asks panicked

"It has been horrible Edward. Emmett has been playing pranks on me all weekend…", I begin to explain everything that has happened including my probably broken wrist, "Edward please come home. I don't what to play anymore"

I start to cry again.

"Shh Love I will be there soon. I'll stop home quickly and get my car and I'll be there in twenty minutes. Just calm down. Everything will be all right. I love you", Edward says

I can all ready hear him running.

"I love you too", I say hanging up still crying

I need him to hurry. I need my Edward.

Edward's POV

I have just taken down a mountain lion when my phone rings. I she its my Bella

"Hello love", I say

"Edward", she cries

I can tell she is crying. What the hell has happened? I should never had left.

"Love what is it what's wrong? Why are you crying?" I ask panicked

"It has been horrible Edward. Emmett has been playing pranks on me all weekend…", she says and begins to explain everything that has happened including her probably broken wrist, "Edward please come home. I don't what to play anymore"

She begs. And starts to cry again. I'm going to kill my family.

"Shh Love I will be there soon. I'll be there in twenty minutes. Just calm down. Everything will be all right. I love you", I say trying to calm her down

After all she has been through it is bad to have her all worked up.

"I love you too", she says hanging up

I know she is still crying and probably won't stop till I'm there. I have got the hurry. One thing for sure I'm going to kill someone…

Jasper's POV

Bella called Edward 20 minutes ago and we are all now sitting in the living room feeling ashamed of ourselves. Suddenly I feel blinding rage coming from outside the house. Oh crap.

"Um guys Edward's back", I say

They all look at me then at each other. How are we going to explain this to him. Just when Carlisle was able to say something the front door smashes open and there stands Edward. His eyes black with rage.

"Do you know who I was just on the phone with?" he growls at us

We all look at him shocked. This is going to be bad. We all shake our heads. Even through we knew.

"I just got off the phone with Bella", he growls, "She called me in tears begging for me to come home", Edward growls

I try to calm him down but it is having little effect. His rage is too great.

"We're so…", Alice begins to say

"Save it", he snarls at us

He runs up the stairs to Bella. We can hear him trying to calm her done. After about 20 minutes he finally manages to do it. Minutes later he comes down the stairs with Bella cradled gently in his arms. He gives us one last glare and storms into the garage. Seconds later we hear his Volvo starting and screeching out of the driveway. We are in so much trouble…

Edward's POV

I can't believe they didn't that I will kill them. After I'm done with yelling at them I run up the stairs and into my bedroom to find her crumbled up on the floor crying holding her injured wrist. From here I can tell it is defiantly broken. I race to her and pick her up in my arms and begin to smooth her.

"Shh love I'm here. It is going to be ok", I cooed to her

After about 20 minutes I finally manage to calm her down.

"Let's get you to the hospital love", I say gently picking her up

I carry her down the stairs and with once last glare at my family I leave the house and put Bella in the car. We drive off in seconds.

"Edward can you please call Charlie", she whisperers

"Of course love", I say, "When we get to the hospital"

It only takes us 5 minutes to get to the hospital with my driving the whole time Bella was quiet and she looked like she was far away.

"Come on love. Let's get that wrist checked out", I say gently wrapping my arm around her waist.

I lead her into the waiting room and tell the nurse what happened. She quickly goes and gets a doctor.

"I will be back soon love. I'm just going to call your father", I say

"Please come back soon", she whisperers

"Always", I reply kissing her

I quickly go outside and call Charlie to say he was not happy was understatement. I quickly told him what happened. And why I wasn't there. I told him I came home as quick as I can to find her in tears. And I have taken her to the emergency room. He thanked me and told me is on his way.

20 minutes later Charlie arrives.

"They just took her into x-ray", I tell him

"Thank you for everything you have done Edward. I'm sorry I have been so hard on you. You came so quickly to my daughters aid when she needed you. Thanks. I won't like to apologies", Charlie says to me

I could tell by his thoughts he was being sincere.

"You don't need to apologies to me Chief Swan", I say

"Yes I do and it's Charlie by the way", Charlie says to me, "Now what are we going to do about your family?"

"I think we should leave it up to Bella", I say

That is not exactly the truth. I will be having words with my family when I get home.

"Mr Cullen, Chief Swan you can go in now", the doctor says

"How's my little girl?" Charlie asks him

"She has broken her left waist and hand. We have set it and put a cast on in. The cast will have to stay on for 6 weeks. Her has also sprained her right ankle. She is also in a bit of shock. With plenty of rest she will be fine. But she should take it easy for a few weeks", the doctor explains to us

"Thank you doctor", we both say

We quickly enter Bella's room. She is looking a little bit better but she still looks like she wants to cry. I quickly make my way over to her and pull her into my arms. Charlie doesn't even seemed fazed and goes to sit in the chair bedside the bed.

"Are you ok Bells?" he asks her

"I will be", she says

"What do you want to do about this?" Charlie asks

"We will stick by you what ever you decide", I add

She looks at the both of us a little confused.

"I want to visit my sister. I need to get away", she whisperers

Charlie doesn't seemed surprised. But I sure am.

"You don't have a sister", I say

"Yes I do. She is my twin sister. I just haven't gotten around to telling you all yet. I really want to see her", Bella says looking up at me

"Ok love", I reply kissing her temple

"Why don't you go with her Edward?" Charlie asks

Now that surprises the both of us.

"Really Dad?" Bella asks him

"Sure Bells. I realize now how much the both of you care for each other. I think it is time he meet your sister", Charlie replies smiling at her

"Thanks Daddy", she says

"No problem Bells. Go spend time with your sister. School is out for the rest of the week anyway. Go spend the week with your sister", Charlie continues coming over to us and kissing Bella on the forehead.

"Thanks Daddy. I love you", Bella says reaching out of my arms to hug him.

After Charlie leaves Bella looks up at me and says, "You really want to spend the week with my sister?"

I smile at her, "Of course love. I looking forward to meeting her"

I then give her a deep kiss. After the kiss she snuggles down on to my chest. She said she is going to take a nap while we wait for her to be discharged…

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