A sequel to 'Why', featuring Anton and his reaction to Steffan's drastic action.

Pt. 1: No Why's

He stared down the foamy water, trying to make out any sign of his lover who just moments before had taken one step out from the cliff and fallen to a sure death.

His gaze still fixed on the water he sunk to his knees, feeling something he had never felt before – that he had never allowed himself to feel before – feeling his heart breaking. Tears he had never shed for another living, or dead, being ran freely down his cheeks, to be snatched away by the howling wind.

He wished he knew, the reason, for why Steffan had done it. People didn't go dropping themselves from cliffs without reason. But what had his been? He'd thought that Steffan would have told him if there was something's wrong, but instead…

Finally taking his eyes of the water that had swallowed his one true love, Anton buried his face in his hands his body shaking uncontrollably with sobs.

He didn't know for how long he'd been sitting there, when a hand planted itself on his shoulder. Slowly, hesitating, and thinking that it was probably Bunchh that had come to check up on him (and how would he explain to her that Steffan was dead?), Anton looked over his shoulder and up at the face of the owner of the hand.

Long silver blonde hair, caught by the wind, blew around the golden face, which carried a worried expression upon its fair features as the light eyes gazed down at him. Anton's eyes widened as he stared at the young man who had come to join him. Wide-eyed and utterly confused he stared down over the edge of the cliff and then back at the man, and then repeating the motion. Was it really?...


"Is something wrong?" Philippe asked, referring to the tear streaked face of the other. Philippe had gone looking for Anton after he'd left him to check up on something, and had met someone who'd seen Anton go outside despite the stormy night.

When Anton didn't reply, but keep staring at Philippe's face his eyes glazed over, Philippe sunk down on the ground next to him and reached up a hand to wipe away the tears, though in vain as they were immediately replaced by new ones. But at least now Anton was smiling faintly and the sobs had almost completely ceased.

Philippe reached out and pulled Anton into an embrace and rested Anton's head on his shoulder, feeling the last of the sobs fade as they sat there holding each other.

When Philippe felt that Anton had come still, with the exception of the shivers that had more to do with the cold weather than sobs, and relaxed in his arms, he spoke softly:

"Let's go back inside now."

They got off of the ground, Anton being a little unsteady on his feet but he quickly regained control over his limbs and followed the other, heading back for the mansion.

Anton gazed at the young man walking next to him, incredulous yet happy beyond word. He'd seen it so clearly, or… He thoughthe'd seen it, it must have been an illusion. His Steffan wasn't dead, he hadn't fallen and been swallowed by the foamy waves, but was walking next to him as alive (and as beautiful, he noted) as ever.

There was no need for tears, no need to figure out motives of the demise. He hadn't ended his life and therefore there was no why's.

And for how long will that condition hold up; for days, weeks or maybe just till the morning after?...

Haven't decided yet :P