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Five things Austria and Hungary shared with the world,
Four moments they kept to themselves,
Three times they said nothing,
Two times Hungary needed Austria,
And one time Austria did something about it

Love's not Time's fool, though rosy lips and cheeks
Within his bending sickle's compass come:

One time Austria did something about it

21 October 1989

Roderich threw open the doors to the conference room, his heart racing. He wasn't going to wait, he couldn't wait, he couldn't do it any longer.

A long oval table filled the room, chairs scattered about, though no one sat. Different officials looked up at the sound of the doors being thrown open; none seemed pleased. But they weren't the ones he had come here looking for.

Her back had been to the door. She turned slowly, seemingly unsure, until she saw him. Within moments she seemed to weaken inside, her eyes widening, her face becoming pale, her body pulling in as if she were in pain. The sight of her brought him back to the night they had lost the baby; what horrors had it been this time?

When had she become that skinny?

Had her hair always been that dark?

How old was her uniform?

None of it mattered. He couldn't wait, and didn't; Roderich nearly ran across the room, sweeping Elizabeta up in his arm, his mouth devouring hers. Once upon a time Roderich hadn't even let the dogs see them kiss; now the leaders of her new government watched.

One armed slipped around her tiny waist, going farther around than ever before, as he pulled her close. The other slipped up her back into her hair, twisting the roots slightly, pushing her head into his. Her shaking arms grabbed the front of his shirt, and if he'd cared he would have noticed the struggle of pushing him away and pulling him closer. In the end, though, it had always been Roderich; she would always admit defeat to him. She snaked the pale arms around his neck before pulling back. He tried to follow her, but she broke the kiss, putting a hand to his mouth.

When he opened his eyes she had already turned her face from him. "Leave," she said. "We want to be alone." His heart raced a little bit faster until he realized she wasn't speaking to him: she was speaking to her officials.

"Héderváry." One of them stepped forward. "We cannot stop at a time like this."

"Take your papers," she continued, her voice starting to betray a hint of weakness. "You do not need me, to do such things. We will meet again tomorrow morning, as usual. Now go."

The once-proud Hungarian watched the men file out of the room. In the previous four days Hungary had become a republic once more, but there was still much work to do. So many things had to be done and quickly. She had to focus.

The last one closed the door, and Elizabeta finally turned back to Roderich. Her chest hurt to look at him. There was a sadness in his eyes as he took her in, a pity that she never thought she'd see. She looked dreadful and knew it; there had been so many more important things than worrying about herself, so many things she had stopped caring about while living with Ivan.

His one hand removed itself delicately from her hair to stroke her face. Eyes closed as she pushed her cheek into that soft hand she had missed. When she opened her eyes, he was still watching her, just as concerned. He didn't look any different than the last day she had seen him, physically at least.

But she could tell he had changed. She had changed too. How many wars had they gone through, wars waged on the battlefield that always seemed to leave more mental scars than physical ones? But this war had been different, quieter, more subtle.

Those violets quivered, searching her face for any scar, any bruise. Roderich had always been like this, inspecting her to make sure she was alright, that no one had touched his Elizabeta. Even after the divorce, she knew he was doing it. When he looked at her his eyes changed. These were eyes just for her.

Her hands touched his face, fingers stroking the jaw delicately as if he was a statue. "I needed you," she whispered. "I needed you so. Many. Times. And you weren't there. You weren't there." There was no point fighting the tears; they would come, and she was kidding no one if she pretended to be strong.

"I know." His arm went back around her head, pulling her close. "I know Erzsi, I know. I wanted to be there. I wanted to know you were ok."

"I wasn't!" she screamed, grabbing that stupid cravat he always wore. "I wasn't ok! I haven't been ok! Not since you left me, not since the divorce!" Roderich stiffened around her. "I loved you damn it, I still love you! You ungrateful, stupid little Austrian-"

Whatever word was meant to tumble from her lips next were lost when Roderich pushed her against the table, taking her mouth by force. His tongue begged entrance past her lips. Once granted, it swirled about inside her mouth, exploring places he once knew well. Her hips pressed into his as her upper body leaned back, the table pushing her into his growing erection. He lifted Elizabeta slightly so that she was sitting on the table, then forced her swiftly to lie back, pinning her arms above her head. She had long ago learned that when he did that, her arms were to stay up. As his hands traveled down the pale flesh, stay they did.

Her tongue met his as his hands came to her breasts. He caressed her through the uniform, trying to feel the soft curves and swells, but it was no good. Pulling back from her slightly, with a strength he didn't know he had, he ripped the shirt open, several buttons flying off. Erzsi moaned into his mouth, her hands disobeying and coming to rake through his hair.

It felt so much better now, pulling up the white undershirt from where it was tucked in to run his hands under it, up to that tender body part of his once-rival he had seen so long ago in the forest. As his hands found those swells he loved so much, he pushed his hips into hers, grinding against her, one knee coming up on the table to hit her at a better angle. He was delighted to find that she wasn't wearing a bra.

"So… naughty…" he managed between their kisses, before trailing down her neck.

"Need you," she whispered, bucking up against him, causing him to grow only harder.

"Patience," he managed, sucking on a spot on her neck that had always been so enticing. His hands pinched her nipples, rolling them, as his unoccupied fingers pressed and grazed her breasts. She bucked again.

Lips trailed kisses farther down before taking one nipple into his mouth, tongue swirling about the hardened bud. Her hands pulled at his hair in an almost-painful way, causing him to groan deeply, pushing into her pelvis with more force. Once his tongue finished with one breast, it moved to the other, lavishing it as equally. His kisses circled the nipple; her breasts had always been the softest part of her, the skin here the only part that was never touched by warfare. He bit into part of the flesh playfully as his hands began to move lower.

The frustrating thing about Roderich was that no matter what was going on, no matter the hurry, he was always slow and enticing, always ready for foreplay. He didn't need to be doing this, didn't need to be teasing her breasts, or teasing her, as his hands moved lower, fingers running along the top of her pants, grazing the skin. He just needed to stick it in, let her have the climax she had waited over 70 years for.

Fuck doing what he wanted. Elizabeta's hands scrambled to undress his upper body, pulling off that stupid cravat he had thrown over his shoulder, pushing down the jacket. His shirts hadn't changed in the least, which made it that much easier for her hands to work from memory, and soon enough, Roderich's chest was exposed as well.

The expert hands found her arms, pushing them over her head again. "Erzsi," he muttered against her skin, his breath warm. It went right to her center, her hips thrusting against his, which had her pinned to the table, one of her legs pushed up to give him room. "Erzsi, you are being naughty."

She pulled her arms from his hands, wrapped them around his neck, and pulled Roderich into a deep kiss. "Don't care," she muttered, biting on his lower lip, before pushing him to stand up. Taken back, he did as she wanted, which allowed her to sit up enough to remove her own jacket and shirt. When Elizabeta laid back down, a lustful look filled Roderich. He placed a hand on each side of her hips, grinding against her.

She always made his blood boil, doing things like that. God he needed her, needed to be buried inside her. But he liked to touch her, tease her, make her remember that he was in charge during sex. That she needed him as much as he needed her.

But as he thrust forward, her eyes closing, her arms laying over her head, it was too much. Her hair had splayed across the table, her legs had come up to lock around his waist. He couldn't keep this up, not for very much longer.

They both groaned as Roderich pushed her legs apart, removing himself from between her thighs. He had dreamed of this moment for years, of how he would make her cry out, shouting his name for all to hear. He hoped secretly there were still officials on the other side of the door, listening. He wanted the world to know Elizabeta Héderváry Edelstein was his and his alone.

Practiced fingers made quick work of the boot laces, removing them, then the socks, before Roderich stood to have at her belt. He took one last look at Erzsi, who still had her eyes closed, a look of ecstasy on her face, before kneeling before her, pushing her pants down the rest of the way, removing them completely.

He kissed her through her panties, watching her face for her reaction. Several fingers slipped under the band, pulling them down slowly. It was as excruciating for him as it seemed to be for her, but Roderich didn't mind. He had to hear something first, something he hadn't heard in so many years. Needed it.

"Tell me you love me," he muttered, laying butterfly kisses on her thighs, on her stomach, everywhere but where she wanted them. "Tell me Erzsi, tell me you love me."

"I-" she started, panting. Her hands had come down to lay on her chest, her back arching and falling with each breath. "I love-"

One finger was inserted. "Nein; say it in German." He inserted another. "Tell me you love me Erzsi."

His fingers curled inside her; her fingers curled in his hair to match. "Ich-" Breathing was becoming difficulty, the feeling in her center becoming too much. "Ich liebe dich," she finally managed. Saying it warranted a finger coming up to rub her clit, but it still wasn't enough. She wanted him to spoil her the way he used to, to lavish her with his tongue.

"Erzsi," he warned, kissing her inner thigh. "If you want more, tell me more." Curse Roderich being able to keep a straight face while teasing her!

"Ohne-" Each word she said was a struggle, but she kept at it, wanting her reward. "Ohne dich... kann ich... nicht leben." I can't live without you.

That seemed to be the magical phrase, because within moments fingers were replaced by the tongue that had been in her mouth not so long ago. It lapped at her, teasing her, that finger still rubbing her clit. Elizabeta pulled him to her, as close as he could come.

All too soon it was too much, and she came on the table, his tongue still teasing, his fingers still rubbing and tracing her, her legs thrown over his shoulders.

When she laid her back back down onto the table, sweat covering her skin, he finally relented, pulling back and rising. As good as all that had been, they both knew it wasn't enough. They both needed completion.

His hands undid his belt buckle, slowly, pushing pants and boxers down together. That Austrian erection stood up, a sight that never failed to make Elizabeta moan in anticipation.

Roderich leaned forward, an arm on each of her sides, scooping her up and kissing her shoulder. His erection brushed her inner thigh, but he didn't make to enter her. "Erzsi," he muttered, finding that spot on her neck again.

"Please Roderich." As she begged, tears started rolling down her cheeks. At that he stopped his teasing to look at her.

One hand brushed a single tear away. "Are you alright Elizabeta?" The predatory look was replaced with one of concern.

"Please," she repeated. "Please, I need you, need this. I haven't- I haven't since you left, I haven't been with a man. I couldn't, you're the one I love- the only one I've ever loved. Take me, Roderich, make me yours again. Küss mich!"

It was all the encouragement he needed, as he moved down to capture her lips in a devouring kiss. His hands readied her, and in one swift move, he had entered her.

The feeling… oh, how long had it been? She was so wet, so hot. She was tight, she had always been tight and Roderich loved it. Her legs came up to wrap around his hips, pulling him in even deeper, until he couldn't wait any more.

The Austrian pulled out to thrust in again, more roughly.

Erzsi's arms wrapped around his neck, mirroring her legs, holding him to her as close he could get. One hand of his moved up to cup a breast, to stroke her side, the way he knew she liked it. The gentle rhythm he created was matched by her, her hips coming to meet his. They sped up together until Roderich shifted, trying to hit that spot before he came himself. Her tightening around his neck seemed to indicate he had hit it.

The other hand came down to where they were joined, finding her clit. How many times had Roderich wanted her since the divorce? How many times had she looked so beautiful? Looked so lonely? He owed her all he could give her, all the pleasure and kisses and love he could ever muster, for all he had put her through, all he hadn't said. Roderich was done running away, done being weak. He had thought that if he left without looking back, it would be easier for her. She would move on. Find someone else.

But he was wrong, he knew he was wrong as soon as he had signed the divorce papers. Now was his chance to make up for it, to be the man she had married and always believed he was. If Elizabeta needed him to be strong, then by God, he was going to be the strongest country he could be.

"Lie- Liebling…" She was the one who broke the kiss, her body pressing up into his. Roderich pulled back enough to watch as she came, screaming in Hungarian, her hands pulling at his skin, nails digging in. Taking it as his cue he sped up, slamming into her, trying to come as quickly as he could, to join her in ecstasy.

"Erzsi!" He buried himself deep inside her, finding a release he hadn't been able to manage in decades. When he finished, he laid on her chest for a moment, her legs still wrapped around him. It was a kiss to the forehead that made him perk up.

There was a wide smile and a glint in the eyes of Elizabeta. His Elizabeta. "My Elizabeta." She laughed at that.

"Always your Elizabeta," she replied coyly, unwrapping her legs so that he could remove himself from her.

"Forever and ever?"

She sat up, her legs dangling from the edge of the table, and reached out a hand to stroke his cheek. The hand followed the line of his jaw to his neck, across his collarbone, then down his chest.

"Forever and ever."

Roderich pulled her close, wrapping both arms around her. Their skin felt awkward, all sweaty, as they pressed themselves together, but they hardly seemed to notice. Elizabeta's loving green eyes found his.

"What?" he asked, confused by the look of joy on her face. There was something there, something… mischievous to it.

"You've changed."

"How so?"

"You've never taken me like this before."

Maybe he had changed. Roderich knew that as countries, they rarely became aware of how much they changed until after it had happened. War always surprised the Austrian country, who always seemed to have missed failing relations. His marriage to Antonio… he hadn't even sorted out how he felt when it had been happy, and before he knew it they were divorced.

And Elizabeta. He took both sides of her face in his hands. When had he come to care for her so much? When had he come to love her? How many centuries ago had it been? After all they had been through, how could he still love her more each time he saw her?

Roderich remembered their wedding day, the way he had longed for her to look at him with love the way she had looked at her people. He remembered her squeezing his hand, her smile wide. But mostly it was the eyes he remembered, and as she looked at him, that same love in her eyes now as on that day, he knew he had finally gotten the only thing he had ever truly wanted. The only thing that was worth risking everything for.

"I love you." He whispered it, his eyes holding hers; she had to know how much he meant it. How much he loved her, how it made his heart ache to think about it.

"Yeah," she replied. "Yeah, I figured as much."

Her laugh sounded both familiar and foreign, full of joy like it had been during their marriage, but forgotten as well, as if she hadn't laughed in a while.

But it didn't matter. None of that mattered. Roderich found that he was laughing too. He stole a kiss, then two, before she finally admitted, "I love you Roderich."

"I love you Elizabeta."

"I love you."

"I love you."

There could never be enough kisses to express their love.

Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
But bears it out even to the edge of doom.