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The twin suns was rising over the enchanting land of Mythia. This sunrise was greeted by the loud yet comforting roar of the Griffins that patrol the land's borders. The creatures of this land welcomed and were comforted by this sound, as it meant all was well in the land and that the Griffins would always keep them safe if the land was invaded. But the proud Dragons that fly through the sky always bring peace, prosperity and pureness to the land. The land was ruled by a council of Dragons, one from each of the many Dragon races in Mythia. The true rulers are Boron the Light Fury, Matron the Water Cat, Fiarae the Fire Princess and Cyril the Ice Prince. These four Dragons are the royal family who not only see to the council, but all the problems in Mythia.

Fiarae woke up this fine morning and looked outside. She saw the Mermaids and other sea creatures jumping out of the water like dolphins, all the flowers were in bloom, she even saw a Unicorn grazing nearby. These were signs that wall was well in Mythia. She smiled at the sight. "Fiarae! The council is assembling! We are also required to be there!" She heard her mother call to her. She groaned in annoyance, but came to her mother's call. "Why am I involved in this?" She thought. "I know I am the princess, but I barely understand anything we talk about. This will be more boring than ever!"

When they got to the secret waterfall gully where the council meets, she could see by the look in the council members' eyes that there was something very bad about to happen. Scarr, the dark war prince, was the first to speak. "My high royals," he began, "The time of the Western Shadows is approaching. My border patrol Griffins have sighted the black clouds coming in from the west. And we all know what the Western Shadows bring." He looked at the other members of the council, who muttered in agreement. This news made Fiarae nervous. Even she knew what that meant. The Western Shadows are very vicious Dragons of unknown origin. Their eyes are like flames, their scales black as night and strong as metal. Their claws are like poisonous swords and they breathe the dreaded shadow fire, which will burn and suffocate any who are caught in the black flames. They are extremely strong, and they stop at nothing. And worst of all, wherever they go, they turn that place into a barren, lifeless desert by setting fire to it and killing all the creatures. They kill for the pleasure of it.

"What should we do, Scarr?" Matron asked? The council started to murmur to each other. Scarr flashed his blood red, scarred wings, making them fall silent. "I'm afraid there is only one thing we can do." He said. Boron picked up on what he was saying. He faced Skortch, the royal blacksmith. "Skortch, sharpen the battle claws and shine the armor. Make sure every piece of armor and every shield is able to withstand the claws and flames of the Western Shadows." He told him. Skortch nodded. "To arms." Boron said. "To arms." The rest of the council replied.

The council disbanded. They all flew in different directions. Fiarae looked worried. She never liked wars, and since the foes were the Western Shadows, she knew that the casualties would be very high in number. "Father, please!" She begged Boron. "There must be another way!" "Princess!" He said to her. "The council has already made their decision. My mind is set. We will defeat the Western Shadows once and for all. Your mother and I will also be fighting in this war. So while we are gone, you and your brother must rule this kingdom." At this, Fiarae almost fell out of the sky. She didn't want to lose her caring parents in a war against the most ferocious beasts known to Mythians, but seeing as she couldn't argue, she lowered her head and closed her eyes. She quietly wept, fearing her parent's fates.

The next day, she still couldn't believe her parents would fight against the Western Shadows. She saw them preparing themselves for battle. Her father was clad in proud golden armor, encrusted with gemstones. He had a full set of battle claws on each foot, and he also had an axe blade fitted onto the end of his long tail. Her mother wore gleaming silver armor, encrusted with diamonds, emeralds and sapphires. Unlike her mate, she carried a long sword in each foot and had a lot of spikes at the end of her tail.

When the army of Mythia started to depart, the King and Queen proudly led them. "Onward, men! We must defend our kingdom against these foul beasts!" The king yelled. The army responded with one loud roar, all different voices blending together to form the loud roar.

Fiarae watched them fly out of sight. "Good bye, Mother and Father." She said. She put her head down and wept again, still fearing their fates. She then went to assume her duties as a temporary Queen.

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