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This is set in Season 5, after Changing Channels.

Adventures In Babysitting

Misty Brown wasn't the most well-together person in the Witching Community; of course if you asked Hunters, they would tell you any witch wasn't all-together, but then again Hunters weren't all-together either, but who was keeping score?

Misty Brown wasn't even a bad witch, (some Hunters would disagree) in fact at one point she had lived happily with her young son Jimmy, who was the sweetest little boy in the world. The two lived in the typical white picket fence and even had a dog, named Max, and she would sit on her porch and watched Jimmy and Max play. In those days she a well-together person, in those days life was good.

Then came that day, that day Hunters found her.

And no matter how much she pleaded, how much she begged, they didn't spare her son, her little Jimmy, and when she had her chance neither did she spare them.

Some say watching her little boy be tortured and killed was what broke Misty.

A low whine made Misty frown and she turned to shush her companion.

"Shush Max" she said, "you'll give us away"

Max barked softly and wagged his tail, Misty giggled before going back to watching, scowling when her little boy entered the shady bar, along with the other man. Why her baby needed to go into such a nasty place was beyond her, and when she got her boy, she was going to make sure that her baby knew that under no circumstances was he ever to step in such a place again.

Max barked and licked her cheek.

"Down Max, not yet" she said petting his head.

Max huffed before jumping to the back of the car, curling in a circle on the seat, Misty reached over to pet his head, before going back to watching the bar, waiting patiently.

It was hours before her boy came out, this time alone, and she watched with disapproval as he began to make his way back to the motel on foot.

Another thing she was going to have to enforce.

"Alright Max, go on"

The back door opened and the dog hoped out, and ran up to her baby, her eyes warmed when her boy kneeled and petted Max. With some excitement, she got out the car.

"Max!" she called coming over to them, Max's ears perked up at her voice. "I'm sorry about him" she then apologized, her boy just smiled at her. Oh, how she missed that sweet smile.

"It's okay" her boy said, chuckling when Max licked at his cheek.

Misty smiled at the sight before glancing around her around her and when she saw no witness, she began mumbling the spell.

Her boy turned to her curiously, "What—" his eyes suddenly rolled back and he crumbled to the ground.

Max whined and nudged her boy's head, then looked up at his mistress.

"He'll be fine" Misty reassured, "now then" with surprising strength for a woman of her size, she lifted the body, and dragged him by the waist to the car, she carefully settled him in the back, as Max jumped into the front.

"Ready to go home Max?" Misty asked as she got in the car and started it.

Max barked and they drove off.

Waking up face to muzzle with a white and black spotted dog, wasn't the strangest thing Sam has woken up to, nor was the woman from last night currently sitting down next to his bed looking at him, (though the later seem more like a Dean thing, actually so did the dog thing, but Sam decided not to dwell on that).

No what was strange was that he wasn't tied down, because let's face it, every supernatural thing and crazy situations seem to have a bondage fetish when it came to him and his brother.

"Good morning" the woman greeted, petting the dog's head.

The woman was small, with black hair up in a bun and grey eyes that while gentle didn't seem quite right, nor did the aura surrounding the woman; the aura wasn't dark like most of the things Sam dealt with, it felt almost sad really.

"Uh, morning" Sam said hesitantly, sitting up.

Max wagged his tail happily at seeing Sam move, eagerly he grabbed the toy he brought and pushed it towards the young man's hand, wanting to play.

"Max, let Jimmy at least get out of bed first you silly thing" Misty scold gently, though there was an amused glint in her eye.

"Who's Jimmy?" Sam asked, though he had a good guess, if the screaming voice in his head suddenly started for him to RUN FORREST RUN! was anything to go by.

"Why you are dear" Misty giggled.

Yep, time for Forrest to get the running.

"Now, it's time for breakfast, how does scrambled eggs, toast, and sausage sounds" Misty didn't even wait for an answer; she stood up and headed for the door.

"Make sure Jimmy washes up Max" Misty said.

Max gave a muffled bark from the toy he had in his mouth, and soon as the door closed Sam was up out the bed and heading straight to the window, only to find it bared.

"Damn" Sam cursed, and when he reached for his phone and found it gone, cursed again. He then looked down when there was a tug on his jeans. Max had his jeans in-between his jaws and was trying to drag towards the door.

"Fine" Sam sighed, "I'll go wash up"

Max let go and bounced over to the door, tail wagging, and despite the fact that he had been kidnapped and was obviously being held captive by a woman who thought him to be Jimmy, he smiled.

Sam followed the dog to the bathroom, there he washed his face and hands, afterwards he went downstairs, Max right behind him.

"Right on time" Misty said taking the eggs out the pan and onto two plates, as Sam entered the kitchen, she frowned when her baby didn't sit down right away.

"Something wrong sweetie?" she asked.

Sam blinked, shook his head and sat down, Max laid at his feet.

Misty smiled before placing a plate in front of him; she went to the refrigerator and took out the orange juice that she made especially for her little Jimmy. She frowned when she saw her baby not eating.

"Jimmy, honey, is something wrong?" she asked as she poured a glass and set it on the table.

Her baby blinked at her.

"You're not eating, don't you like it?" Misty asked, she then placed her hand on his forehead. "Are you sick?"

It was obvious that this woman right in the head, and he tried to remember how she kidnapped him in the first place, and couldn't.


Sam looked up at the woman who had placed her hand on his forehead, he neither felt nor saw any kind of deception, signs of a demon and anything supernatural, all he saw was worry.

He suppose that was one of the reasons why he ate the breakfast.

"You can watch TV" Misty said as she cleared the now finished plates and placed it in the sink.

Sam nodded silently, wondering when he was going to have a chance to figure who this woman was, and how was going to get out of here. His felt a bit of guilt, the woman had been nothing but kind so far, in a crazy sort of way.

The opportunity to explore the house presented itself, when he was playing a game of tug-or-war with Max in the living room, when Misty came down stairs.

"I have to go to the store" she announced, and Sam noticed she looked nervous and almost fearful, "I'll only be gone for a few minutes, you'll be alright by yourself?"

Sam nodded and for good measures gave a small smile.

Misty smiled in return.

"Alright then, I'll be back soon"

Then she left.

As soon as the door closed, Sam took the time to really look at the room he was in, it was the typical living room, with a sofa, TV, and pictures.

Pictures of a woman and her little boy, a boy who had shaggy brown hair and big brown eyes, he looked like Sam did if he was five years old, and this whole situation was starting to make sense.

Max watched his new boy, following him when he went upstairs.

Sam went passed his room, and headed to the master room, nothing out of the ordinary here, and aside from the bars and bolted front door, oh and the crazy lady, everything was normal….until he went to the basement.

Filled with spell books, jars of things he didn't even want to think of.

He was staying in the house of a witch.

"Dean is going to be pissed"

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