Adventures In Babysitting

"I found it!"

All eyes swirled to the brightly smiling witch, quickly Misty lifted the book and pointed to a diagram.

"We can use this, it's an old gypsy spell—"

"What's with you and gypsies?" Dean interrupted.

"Gypsies are one of the oldest beings in the world, and were the second humans to learn how to use Earth magic, Native American being the first. My people believe we descended from them, and they from the Native American tribes"

The look on the witch's face told Dean he better not interrupt again before speaking again.

"Anyway, the spell requires the blood of a kin to work, so either Dean's or one of the Angels will do"

"That's it?" Dean asked.

"Pretty much, well we need to wait until the full moon"

"That's two days away"

"It's the best lead we got"

Finally the full moon was here, black ink eyes took in the large white hunk of rock before turning her attention to the alter that she had prepared, everything was laid out and ready for her all she needed now was Sam.

Admittedly she was worry about doing this so close to Lucifer, worried about what the fallen Angel would do to her if he found out what she was going to do to his vessel, it made her pause many times, made her reconsider the plan many time, but the desire to have the long awaited Apocalypse out ruled every doubt in her mind.

"What is taking that damn Angel so long?" the Demon thought with impatience.

On cue there was a loud bang, the sounds of shouting, with a grin Meg headed out the room. She stayed within the shadows as she made her way to her Master's room, she stopped short when the door of her master's room busted open and Lucifer strolled out, growling. The demon watched her Master disappear before entering the room.

The two guards were easy to get rid of, stepping over their charred bodies, Meg moved over to the cradle where Sam was asleep.

"Well isn't this just adorable" Meg sneered before sealing the door shut, "time to start" she then chuckled darkly.

"…..This doesn't look right"

The other four nodded in agreement to Dean's statement as they all watched from the inside of the Impala, at what could be only described as a war between Heaven and Hell. Demons and Angels were everywhere, fighting and bodies littered everywhere on the ground.

"My baby's in there?" Misty said, voice trembling with fear and…anger.

She wasn't alone, Dean's grip on the stirring wheel was tight, knuckles white as a fog, face hard and cold, Castiel's and Gabriel's eyes held a protective gleam in them, and Bobby was squirming in his seat.

"Alright" Dean finally said, "we're just winging it now, screw the plan"

"Works for me" Misty said before getting out of the car, finger crackling with magic, Max right behind her.

The four men watched her walk straight into the battle field with no hesitation, two demons came rushing up to her, with surprising ease Misty punched one demon in the face knocking it down and the other was flipped onto its back, with quick hand movements and murmured words both demons were then turned into dust.

"I think I'm in love" Gabriel said.

Dean rolled his eyes before getting out the car, Ruby's knife and Angel sword tucked securely, he turned around, blinking in surprise at the sight of Bobby out of the car…standing, the Hunter then looked at the two Angels.

"What? We need all of our players" Gabriel said with a grin.

Dean nodded before turning back to the battle that was playing out.

"Don't worry Sammy, we're coming"

The four then went into the battle field.

This wasn't right.

Something about this whole thing felt wrong.

Killing the Angel that got in his way, Lucifer took in the battle before him, trying to find out why all of this felt…wrong.

….There it was.

No leader.

There wasn't a higher ranking Angel in sight, not even one feather.

What was going on here, why….Sam!

With a growl he hurried back to the room, just as the screaming started.

They made it into house (Dean suspected because neither side expected to see Gabriel), and caught up with Misty, just in time to see Max tackle an Angel and rip out it's throat.

"Huh" Dean said a bit surprised, used to the puppy that was usually Max's personality, then again the dog was a Witch's familiar.

"What took you so long?" Misty asked as she pulled out an Angel's sword (that she stole) of a demon's body.

"Well some of us aren't Xena Warrior Princess"

Misty smirked, "So does that make you my Gabrielle?"

"Well you two stop flirting when need to find Sam" Bobby said.

Castiel opened his mouth to speak, when the screaming started, a familiar scream.


All five burst into a run, following the screams.

Meg ignored the painful screams coming from the alter as she continue speaking the spell, it was almost completed, just a little more….

The door exploded, wood splinters flying everywhere, there was a loud bang, a brief feel of pain stopping her mid-chant, she looked down at the hole in her stomach, then at the one in the doorway.

"Hello Bobby" Meg purred, eyes widening when a black and white dog flew past the man and tackled her down to the ground, sharp canines gleaming in her face.

"Got a new pet?"

"No, he's mine"

Bobby stepped aside to let Misty through, Dean behind her, Gabriel and Castiel were taking care of the demons and Angels that had followed started follow them.

"Hello Dean got a new girlfriend I see, I don't think Castiel will approve" Meg said, freezing for a moment when Max snapped his jaws at her.

With Bobby and Max keeping an eye on Meg (who tried to move the dog off her and was surprised when she couldn't), Dean and Misty moved over to Sam.

The baby's breath was rapid, and his limbs were twitching painfully.

Dean whirled around to Meg.

"Max move" the Hunter ordered.

Once the dog was out of the way, Dean grabbed the demon.

"What. Did. You. Do?" Dean growled.

For a moment Meg felt fear.

"Answer me!"


Suddenly all the humans went flying, and pinned to the wall.

"Hello Dean"

Meg got to her feet, and looked over at the Angel.

"Zachariah, you're late" she said.

"I was busy"

Meg rolled her eyes, said eyes going black and sending Max flying into the wall when the canine lunged at her.

"Max!" Misty cried.

Meg glared at the dog before turning back to the barely breathing baby.

"Finish it" Zachariah said.

Meg nodded, soon the screaming started back up.

Gabriel looked up one of his sisters he killed, his grace crying for a fallen sibling before looking at Castiel, covered in the blood of both demons and Angels.

Gabriel opened his mouth to tell his brother that they should get to the others, when he felt a familiar presence, and judging from the way Castiel tensed he felt it too.



The Archangel gave a small smile at the old nickname before turning to the youngest Angel.



"I'm assuming this wasn't your idea"

"Nope" Gabriel said, making the "p" pop.

Lucifer hummed.

Suddenly there was loud screaming, all three Angels froze for a just a moment, before all three were flying off.

"I'm going to fucking kill you!" Dean snarled over Sam's screaming.

"Now, now, Dean there is no need for violence" Zachariah said, moving over to the pinned Hunter.

Dean sneered at him.

"Stop it!" Misty cried.

Her voice had lost that harden tone that she had carried since the day Dean and Bobby had met her, now there was nothing but the begging of a broken mother.

"Stop it please!"

"Now you are an interesting thing" Zachariah mused as he moved over to the witch.

"Stay away from her!"

"You look like a human, but feel like something else. What are you exactly?"

Misty tore her eyes away from now glowing alter; she looked at the Angel and spit at him. Zachariah narrowed his eyes, wiping away the spit then waved his hand. Blood started leaking from the Witch's mouth.

As the alter started to glow brighter, Sam's screams if possible grew louder.



Everything froze at the sound of the voice that boomed like thunder, and all eyes turned to the doorway, where the three Angels stood.

"Meg" Lucifer said softly.

The demon whimpered at the soft, cold and deadly tone, behind her Zachariah's vessel paled when all three Angel's eyes turned his way.

"How dare you" Lucifer said as he took a step forward.

"M-My L-Lord p-please" Meg stuttered.


Meg closed her mouth, shrinking about in fear when the Devil stepped closer.

"Zachariah" Gabriel spoke, as Castiel moved over to the alter to check on the whimpering Sam, the two older Angels keeping themselves between the demon and other Angel.

"Gabriel…you're alive"

"And pissed"

"Brother, please listen I—"

There was a snap of fingers, all three humans slide off the wall, and Misty stopped choking on blood.

This was not how things were supposed to be! Everything was going wrong!

Zachariah inwardly cursed as he and Meg were being closed in, shivering in fear at the murderous gleam in many of the others eyes.

"He's not breathing" came Castiel's voice.

Things just got worse.

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