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JPOV, Philadelphia, 1948

The rain is pouring. Peter and Charlotte have gone out taking Samuel with them. Today had started out as a cloudy day, that soon turned into a downpour. I duck into the diner to get out of it, taking a seat in a booth. The waitress isn't far off. She smiles and hands me a menu that I will not be using. I ask for a coffee and she brings it, leaving me alone yet again with a smile.

If Peter were here, he'd be laughing at me. He finds humans' attraction to us, fascinating. He still can't understand why they feel the danger, yet, they try to pursue us. He believes it's our unnatural sexual allure as he likes to call it, and this, intrigues him. I've found that women, and even a few men, have been attracted to me. It's sometimes shocking the amount lust I pick up from them before I try to deflect it by sending them a wave of calm. Peter, of course, finds this extremely funny or he does until it happens to him.

The world has changed since my time. There have been some great developments since the time of my human years to now. As a vampire, I'm still learning. I love the new as well as the old things. I want to educate myself on all of it as the years change and time goes on. There is a lot to adjust to while some things stay the same, such as my love for the woman who changed my entire being.

The heartbeats and pulse of the couple behind me makes my throat burn. I should go out and feed soon, but I have to stay and wait. Peter and I can hunt later. Charlotte and Samuel will surely be fed by the time they get back. The two of them have stuck to their animal diet, but Peter and I have stayed true to our diet. The only thing that has changed is our choices.

Humans are still my source. Their beating hearts are tempting and their pulses are alluring, but I am no longer a savage. My choices are now limited to the fiends that prey on society. Criminals. They are now the ones I go after. I am the last thing they see if they cross my path. The thought of their warm, fresh blood rushing through their veins fills my thoughts, but I resist. I have to wait. I promise to meet them all here.

Peter likes it when we hunt together. He sees it as a bonding experience. He has been a good brother, and an excellent second-in-command. My coven remains as it was from my time with Maria. I have not increased in our numbers nor have I been willing to change anyone else. I'm comfortable with the way things are. Maria is long gone. The wars have been squashed by a group of vampires I had no idea existed, The Volturi. My coven and I unknowingly came across their path when we first moved North.

Aro was very intrigued by me. He wanted to all about my time with Maria and my battles. He was fascinated by my many scars. Yet, beneath his intrigue and fascination, I felt something I was sure he didn't want the others around him to be aware of while he was in my presence, I felt his fear...of me. When he learned of my empathy, he offered me and my coven positions on what he called the Volturi guards, but we all declined. Nonetheless, Aro said the positions would remain open.

Nevertheless, I believe I've learned my lesson. She taught me. No more. No one will ever rule over me again. I am and will forever be my own master. I was already a leader. A sire. I didn't need power. I already have it.


My heart still seemingly skips a beat when I say her name. Bits of our human life together have become more clear over the years. It's wonderful to have such memories of a happier time. To see my family, alive and well in my thoughts, smiling and happy, not dead and gone is comforting. I miss them, but I now find solace when I think of my parents and sisters. I really loved them.

Mr. Swan. I still thank his spirit to this day for helping to bring such a beautiful soul as Bella into the world. None of this would've mattered without her. If it weren't for her, finding me even when I was lost to myself, I don't know how this would've turned out. I know that I wouldn't have been the same man. However, her love and devotion saved me.

I look away from the window as the rain slowly lets up. I pick up her scent, and immediately start to look around. She's like me, I can tell, and when our eyes meet, I watch her as she watches me. She smiles broadly and I return her sweet gesture with a small smile of my own. Her joyous emotion is puzzling. She hardly takes her eyes off of me.

I'm intrigued to say the least so I hold her gaze. She sees this as an open invitation, and gets up, making her way over to me. Her spiky, black hair stands out in contrast to the styles I've seen other women with. Although, she dresses the same as them, if not more flashy as Charlotte would've said.

She practically skips over to me, taking a seat. I'm baffled, does she see the scars? Does she not fear or feel disgusted by them?

I've come across other vampires over the years who have shied away from as much as looking at me directly because of them. Their disgust or fear are always the most pronounce of emotions upon meeting me. The scars on my neck and jaw were the first ones they fixated on. The ones on my hands, they would glance at, but this girl, she openly smiles as she sees nothing and sits down.

My Bella never feared them. She relished them. She saw them as my testament of dominance and survival. She saw them as my truth, and was proud to stand beside me.

"You've kept me waiting," she says, her tinkering little voice breaking my train of thought as I suddenly wonder if she doesn't smell it. If she doesn't sense that I belong to...

"Well, I'm sorry, Ma'am," I reply, wondering when she'll pick it up.

"That's alright, Jasper, you're here now," she says triumphantly.

Hmm…interesting. Let's see how this plays out.

"And you are, little lady?" I can feel her enthusiasm spike before she says…

"I'm Alice."

"Well, it's nice to meet you, Alice."

"Thank you, It's nice to meet you too, Jasper." She smiles.

"So how do you know..."

"I have visions. I can see things depending on your decision," she says.

"And you saw me?"

"Yes," she cheers. "Oh, Jasper you'll love where we're going."

Well, this is a shock. "And just are we going?"

She smiles and cocks her head to the side. "You know, you don't have to live off of that diet alone. Humans are not the only answer." My crimson eyes must've been intimidating as hers were like Charlotte and Samuel's...golden.

"I see that you don't," I comment.

"No, I found a new way and there is someone whom I'd love for you to meet," Her happiness peaks as she projects it on me almost bringing me to the point of laughter.

"Who is this person?" I ask, sending her a wave of calm.

"Oh! he's..." her eyes open wide when she feels it, and she comments, "You have a gift too?" She seems excited to learn this.


She grows silent and her eyes glaze over a bit. "You can feel the emotions of those around you and you can also manipulate them."

"Your visions tell you this?"

"Yes," she says proudly.

"So this person we have to meet..." I say bringing her back to the topic at hand.

"Oh! Carlisle. His name is Carlisle Cullen and he has a family, and we have to find them. Carlisle can help you find a new way of life."

"Can he now?"

"Yes," she says cheerfully. I send her another wave of calm to quiet her exuberance. She places her hand on mine, wrapping her tiny fingers around my hand as she says, "So, we have to go and mee..." The words die in her throat when she walks in. I turn to see her heading to my booth, smiling broadly. Her face just as beautiful as the first day I saw her.

Alice's hand has yet to move from mine, but all I see, is her. She sits next to me, both hands on the table, clasped. She looks down at Alice's hand then her face and says, "Hello, Alice, it's nice to meet you. I'm Jasper's wife and mate, Bella."

Alice looks dumbfounded as she removes her hand from mine. Her eyes move between us, her look, curious as a barge of emotions hit me; from shock to rage, panic, sadness and disappointment. She radiates it all, along with something else that I can't quite put a finger on. Bella's mood, on the other hand, is solemn yet laced with pride, but her need to mark her territory is vibrating through her.

"Well, this is different, I didn't see you with anyone." There is nothing but disappointment in Alice's voice.

"You have visions?" Bella asks, incredulously.

"Yes." Alice's voice is filled with contempt as she replies.

"You sound sad about that," Bella says, ignoring Alice's tone as she takes my hand, squeezing it. I wrap mine around hers tightly as I send her a wave of calm. Bella's temper is steadily rising. She looks at me, but says nothing before turning her attention back to Alice.

"No," Alice answers a little too quickly for my liking. Now, I can feel her deceit. "I'm just not used to getting the wrong vision."

"Nothing is wrong with a mistake," I say.

"I never make mistakes," Alice says. Her tone taking on a bit of anger. She looks Bella up and down then says, "You have the same scars as he does."

"Yes," Bella says nonchalantly. "And? Are they frightening you?"

Alice looks unnerved by Bella's lazy answer before she quietly says. "No."

"Well, that's good." Bella smiles. "I would hate to scare you."

Alice says nothing while I proudly look at my wife.

The day she opened her eyes to me after I begged her to drink was one of the happiest days of my life. Nothing else mattered, not even Maria and Lucy's burning pieces. All I saw was Bella. Alive and in my arms. The vampires scattered to the wind and my coven and I left. James had escaped and while I was sure I would see him again some day, I wasn't the least bit bothered. My beautiful mate was alive and well. She was scarred as I was, but still her beauty shone brightly from beneath them.

"Anyways, it was nice to meet you, Jasper. I will be seeing you again."

The spiky ravened hair little lady goes through the diner's door as fast as she can at a human pace. Not once did she look at my wife, or even acknowledge her, as she said her goodbyes.

Bella takes my hand with a smile, ordering a coffee she'll just ignore.

"Was it something I said?" she teases.

I smile. "I certainly hope not. By the way, you look lovely."

"Mmm," is her response as she plays with my fingers discreetly. Times have really changed. Although most things are still done discreetly, Bella and I can express ourselves, and our love, far more openly now. There is no need for supervision unlike back in our day.

"I missed you," I tell her, stopping her fingers so I can lace them into mine.

"As I missed you," she replies with a smile.

"I thought you were going…out," I say as the waitress walks by. Bella was suppose to go hunting with Charlotte and Samuel.

"No, wanted to see you and not that hungry," she says, drawing close enough to whisper. "Well, not hungry for that."

Bella has been quite insatiable for the last few years. She's had us exploring everything, including different ways to spice up our love life as she puts it.

When she suddenly looks toward the door with a smile, I can feel Peter's exuberance pulsing off of him on the other end of it. "We should go," I tell her.

"Okay." She smiles. I then paid for our unwanted coffee and we make our way out the door.

"Who was that?" Peter asks. Apparently, they have been here a lot longer than I thought.

"That was Alice," Bella answers. Peter was about to say something, but Bella cut him off. With her eyes solely on me, she says, "And we will be seeing her again, soon." A look passed between her and Peter before they smile and walk off ahead of myself and the others, carrying on a conversation too low and fast for us to hear.

Over the years, Peter and Bella have grown stronger. They learn to feed off of each other's gift, and both are a great commodity to my coven. Samuel has also become a stronger fighter. He's quite the observer with keen intellect. He always has his nose in a book since Bella spends most of her time teaching him. Bella looks at Samuel in a parental fashion. I watch her around him sometimes and I see the mother she'd yearned to be.

In our time together since Maria, we have even returned home. A visit to the Swan Estate and what stood of Whitlock Ranch was a solemn day. Bella and Peter charmed their ways into getting everything they wanted. It turned out no one knew of Peter's true paternity and in the event of the death of their father, Charles Swan, Peter and his sister inherited it all.

As time goes on, we have banked on that. With the many different gifts between all of us, we've been able to live comfortably.

"Did I lose you?" Charlotte says cheerily, wrapping her arm in mine.

"No, just thankful for you all." I smile.

"Hmm...you're right. What would you do without us?" Samuel smiles before he moves to catch up with Bella.

She looks back at me with a smile. Her happiness filling me with hope for more days, months, eternity by her side.

"So, this Alice?" Charlotte inquires.

"I have a feeling it's not the last time I will be dealing with her." As I say this to Charlotte, I realize the feeling I was looking before...that feeling that Alice was projecting was desire. But what's more disturbing was the sickening feeling of obsession laced within it.

Charlotte says nothing, but I feel as though we are being watched. I stop, looking behind me, up at a building not far from the diner as Bella makes her way back to me. Charlotte moves over to Peter.

"What is it?" Bella asks, following my line of sight.

"Someone is watching us."

Bella sighs, and I look at her in question. "I know."

"It's her."

"It's Alice," she says with a smile.

"I don't like it." I growl.

Bella runs her hands up and down my arms, soothing me. "I know, but everything will be alright in time." Her eyes take on a mischievous glint I've come to love.

I pull her in my arms, much to her laughter. "My, Mr. Whitlock, we are in public," she says, but makes no move to leave my embrace.

"Like it matters to you."

"You're right," she confesses.

"What are you up to, Bella?" I can beat around the bush, but why ruin my mate's fun.

She looks up at the building, and then me. "I think we should be leaving soon."

"You pick this time."

"Mmm..." The sound stirs my desire. Bella cocks a brow at me and goes on, "Somewhere small. Somewhere in Washington."

"Anywhere in particular, darlin'?"

"Forks...Forks, Washington." She smiles.


"I believe the Cullens will be very interesting." She pulls away then, but not before giving me a sweet kiss. Some women walking by gasp at our open display, but we don't care.

We pull away, smiling. "So we meet Carlisle, huh?"

"Why not?" She bites her lip in the most delicious way and suddenly hunger takes a back seat to my desire.

"Forever and always?"

She kisses me again and whispers, "Forever and always."


"So that's the special little vampire that got away?" I ask him with a smirk. "Doesn't look like much."

"She's more powerful than you think," James replies, coming up behind me, wrapping me in his arms. "But that will end soon, won't it, my mate?"

"Mmmm…they won't know what hit them."

"So…what's next?" he whispers, kissing along my neck and sending shivers down my spine.

Turning in his arms, I wrap my hands around his neck, and say, "I meet the Cullens."

"And our plans are set."

"Don't worry, my love, Jasper and Bella will learn their lesson soon."

The End...

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