Happy school year! This is your present. A (serious) Troy Fict.



All men want to be larger than life. Stronger that life, braver than life. Some are made so by gossip. Others by their own hands.

I knew a man who was truely larger than life.

And despite the sexist world there was a very couragous woman who, occasionaly bested him.

The only reason for these actions is to be remembred. To have your name passed on form generation to generation.

I lived in the time of warriors who fought for love.

Let them say I walked with giants. Men rise and fall like the winter wheat, but these names will never die. Let them say I lived in the time of Thallia, killer of men. Let them say I lived in the time of Achilles.

If you're ever in the Elysian Fields I'd tell you their story.
Thats accross the River Styx, through the Asphodel Fields, a right past Tartarus and you're there.
Just tell'm Jessamin sent you.

But as long as you're here I might as well tell you it anyway.

It might be ten years today. Or mabye twenty? Theres no real record of time in the underworld.

Achilles was a strong, arogant man. This was partly because his mother bathed him as a baby in the river styx and partly because... Well he is a man. She was trying to burn away his mortal half and make him immortal. His father found them and thought she was harming the baby.

So he snatched him away from his mother. The only part on Achilles body that could get harmed,thus killing him was his heal by which his father grabbed him from his mother.

Any way Achilles was in his twenties now and was teaching his cousin Patroclus how to become a better swordsman.

If you saw them from the back the only different feature would be their height. Even though Patroclus was younger and still had a boyish face, the two could have been twins.

On that particular day Odesseus was called on by King Menelus of Sparta to find more people for his army.
The first man he was sent to recrute was Achilles. I mean what King doesnt want an almost invincable man in his army?

"Odesseus, why are you here?" Achilles asked after making the introductions.

"Can't an old friend visit without a reason?" Was his coy reply.

"They can. But usualy they don't come dressed as an army offical."

Achilles cracked a smile and hugged the man.

"Now what's the reason you've come."

"Theres a war brewing, and they want you to fight."


Odesseus shook his head. "Well then if you will not fight for man fight for the gods."

Achilles scoffed. "No, what have the gods ever done for me?"

Odesseus was drawing a blank intil he remembred the back up plan.

"Fine then don't fight. There is another who has the same power as you and will be willing to serve." Odesseus turned to leave Achilles stopped him.

"No one can best me. I am the greatest killer there ever was, is and will be. Who is he?"

Odesseus smiled it was working. "She is Thalia of the islands. She has no king ruleing of her and no husband to command her. In her solitude she has become the greatest warrioir ever known. Now I must be off. It'll take some time to find her."

Odesseus was halfway down the path when Achilles walked up next to him with Patroclus trailing behind.

"We're coming with you." Achilles said. "I'd most like to meet this Thalia. If such a woman exists."

Odesseus fought off a smile. "The only way you're coming with me is if you're part of the Army."

"Fine." was his one word reply.

Odesseus shook his head and bit back a smile.