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Chapter 4

It only took a matter of minutes for the first set of footsteps to echo off the stone walls.

Achilles thought that he might have been early, for he heard nothing.

Thalia's body was shaking, and the woman thought she might have a panic attack soon, if not worse. Her emotions gained full controll and she lost her sense.

Seeing the grotesque display of corpses, and watching Thalia fall appart broke something inside Achilles that was never ment to break.

It was as if his body and mind where acting on some other agenda when he walked over and sat on the ground with her. Thalia didn't stiffen at such an outside gesture, but accepted his comforting, and his whispered words of condolence.

After Thalia gained her composure Achilles helped her stand, and progressed to tell her how, none of his actions would change a "Damned thing" about how he saw her.

Thalia felt hurt in knowing he still saw her as something lesser than himself. But, she relished in knowing he didn't find her weak, and wouldn't recollect on the moment.

There would have been an awkward moment if the other men wouldn't have arrived at the bottom of the stairs at precisly the right time.

"I hope we did not keep you waitingmy dear friend got us lost." Odesseus said glaring at Patrocleus.

Thalia rolled her eyes, and started to say something insulting, but thought the better of it.

"Why isn't your sister here?" Patrocleus asked noticing the lack of his favored brunette.

Side stepping away from the coffins Thalia motioned for the boy towalk to them. "She is here. Don't you see?" Her tone was ruthless, her words meant to hurt.

In the bat of an eyelash Odesseus had too crossed the room and was taking in the grisly sight.

"Whenever she got her self killed, I was always around to pick up the body, and clean up her mess." Thalia watched as the boy paled, and started shaking.

"W-why are we down h-here?" He said with a quiver in his voice.

Before Thalia culd answer, Achilles did cutting her off.

"There are only two laws binding shade, one 'If you step completely out of the shaddow realm you are completely mortal', and two 'shades are forbidden to go near their past bodies'. It's completely impossible for her to be down here."

Odesseus turned to look at his hostess, "Which implies that you have an ulterior agenda."

She grinned, "Which I do". Her smirk radiated off of the stone walls and reflected from the coffins. "I want your words that if there ever is a choice between her life or mine, I want her kept safe."

Patrocleus was returning to his normal color with the idea of seeing such a beautiful maiden kept safe.

"That is entierly foolish." Achiles looked like he might strike the woman for being such and imbicile.
"You have powers that will ultimatly result in your long livity, and freedom. Your sister is nothing of special measure. Why would we agree to choose her, over you?"

"Are you saying I'm of 'special measure'? All I can do is kill. I hardly think of that as a power. No, is more of a curse."

Achilles scoffed, shaking his head.

"Think of it this way, wouldn't you rather Patrocleus' live, if there was a choice between your lives?"

At that refute the room grew eerily quiet, all side conversations ceased and all movement stoped existing.

Achilles nodded, sticking out his hand, "I believe we have an undestanding?"

Thalia nodded in a greement and shook his hand. She was astounded by the pure rush of some odd feeling rushing through her at their touch.

The two looked each other in the eyes wordlessly asking if the other felt the same thing. They unclasped hands, and the feeling was over.

"Thank you for meeting me here, but your presence is no longer required."

Patrocleus even noticed the softer tone to her voice.

As the others filtered out Thalia tried to gather her wits, she still had to speak with her sister.

Achilles followed his friends, offset by this queer emotion. But that didn't stop him from looking back at that girl as he walked away.

Thalia didn't have to look long. "Thalia!" Her sister's voice was loud enpough to shake the ground.

"You called?" Thalia asked, trying to change the negitivity flowing around them.

"Why cant I enter there? No, more importantly why is it there?"
The shade's eyes where a searing white, it's body movement ridgid.

"It doesn't matter. What does matter is that I was convinced. We both are leaving with them in the morning."
Thalia bit her lip trying not to fall apart. She had never seen her eyes go white before. Red once, but never white.