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Chapter 5

Thalia's face grew pale at the change in her sister. She had shown up less and less that day and the hours leading up to their departure. And when she did return, her eyes where still white. And Thalia felt as if she had just awoken only to blind herself by looking out on freshly fallen snow.

And the dark haired maiden wouldn't look at her sister. A part of her, knew why she could go down into the building. And that part hated Thalia more than any other person, in this world or any other.

The other members of their little legion didn't acknowledge or notice the change. Patroclus least of all. It seamed the young ladd couldn't move his eyes from was thankful the child kept his eyes at level and left his gazing at her sister at that.

Although Thalia didn't notice it, Achilles glanced over at her from time to time. Achilles didn't understand how she could feel cursed, in having her gift of murderous skill.

He had been born a demigod, directly from his goddess of a mother. But Thalia, her father was gifted with the blood of Ares, her mother the blood of Aphrodite(Althogh this was rummor to some, he felt it in his hear to be true). And she had been created a demigod combination of them both. Since trying to comfort the girl, he knew she was just as haunted by mortality as any common man.

These thing baffled Achilles so, that he thought mayhapse if he looked at her enough exolinations would crawl from her pores, answers leaking from her very essence. Butit the only thing made prominent by doing so, was the line of Aphrodite in her blood.

And time passed, as time does pass when one can't controll it as if one where a god. Odesseus eventually got them back to the rest of the army, with no help from anyone else except Thalias sister the few times they got lost.

And the reaction, was one to die for. All of these men who had gone from their families and lives, expecting no female contact for quite some time, and then two extraordinary women show up.

Everyone wanted to meet The Goddess ,(the nickname they provided for Thalia), and everyone wanted to see her fight.
She was an object of legend, and now upon seeing her, an object of lust.

A few drunken men grabed out at her and left a few unnessicary touches. "Oi!" She yelled pushing away a few men.
"Get yer' hands offa' me!" Thalia drew her blade threteningly.

Her sister smiled lightly and started laughing at the disheartned men that had wanted Thalia.

Odesseus spoke to Achilles, with disaproval.
"We should not have brought them. They cause too much of a distraction, and I fear my King's reaction. There's hardly a woman he doesn't desire, and take."

Achilles couldn't help hissing out his next words,
"If this was her intended puropse. Perhapse you wouldn't have acted so foolishly to bring her."

Odesseus was suprised by his friend's reaction, and held up a hand in protest.
"My friend, I say it is mearly a concern of my. I do not know her purpose only that, her requested you or her. And I have brought him both."

Achilles looked back over to Thalia, and back to his friend.
"I will not save her sister, if there is a choice between them. I will let the other fall."
Odesseus looked as if he would protest, but Achilles continued speaking, silencing him.
"And I expect you to fallow suit." Odesseus nodded in answer and the two men, went back to watching the object of their discussion.