Title: Talk on Corners

Characters: Tenten, Hyuuga Neji, Rock Lee, Maito Gai

Special Guests: N/A

Summary: Contrary to popular belief, Hyuuga Neji was, in fact, not Tenten's first crush.


Contrary to popular belief, Hyuuga Neji was, in fact, not Tenten's first crush.

Oh, but she got there.



Tenten laid eyes on the future Hyuuga prodigy for the first time during their first day in the Academy. He still had a father back then, and so appeared less bitter about life in general, although Tenten had read a certain degree of anger, and even sadness, behind his gray, almost lavender, eyes.

(She would later find out, much, much later, that it was because of the cursed mark forced upon his forehead.)


The young genius-in-the-making did not really leave an impression on the young girl. On the contrary, she completely forgot about him and his sad eyes until news spread of his father's death, a few weeks after the opening of classes.

The next time Tenten saw the young Hyuuga, his eyes reflected only anger and resentment.

(For the Hyuuga clan, she found out a few days after their genin team was formed).


He finally left an impression on her.

(It wasn't a very good one, though.)


From then on, Tenten was almost always aware of his presence whenever he was around, but not because she felt something for him. Or if she did, it was only a mild curiosity, coupled with a tinge of pity, because he seemed so alone.

(Later, when she mentioned it to him, almost in passing, while they were on their way home from one of their easier missions, Neji stopped dead on his tracks, looked at her with those expressionless eyes of his, and said not a single word until they reached the gates. Lee explained, much later, that Neji wasn't necessarily angry with her; it just didn't sit well with him that anyone, not even her, should pity him. He was a Hyuuga after all, and Hyuugas were a prideful people.)


She was a late bloomer, and she had her first crush months after she graduated from the Academy, while girls her age (and even those who were younger) were already proclaiming their undying love and affection for various goodlooking (and not-so-goodlooking) shinobis in their village. When she finally felt those weird, infamous butterflies in her stomach, it wasn't for the genius in her team.

Heck, Neji wasn't even in the running then.

(When Tenten accidentally told Neji about this, years after they received their Jounin status, the Hyuuga gentle fisted the unfortunate guy so hard during their next sparring session he had to brought to the hospital to get his ribs checked. Which, on hindsight, probably was a well-calculated move, because said guy spent the rest of the afternoon being cared for by the beautiful flower Sakura-san!)


Who was Tenten's first crush?

Why, it was Rock Lee, of course.

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